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Model LSC26945TT Ice maker tray hangs down on the left end allowing the water to run over and into the freezer. It appears that something should be holding the "pin" on that end but cannot see what is missing.

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Model LSC26945TT Ice maker tray hangs down on the left end allowing the water to run over and into the freezer. It appears that something should be holding the "pin" on that end but cannot see what is missing.

... LG LRSC26920TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Need a crisper drawer support tab for front end of drawer frame. It fastens to inside of wall (my left as facing frig) and is square at base with round head that supports the frame that holds the crisper drawers in place. Cannot find the part number. I ordered part #6105050 (anchor support) but that was the wrong part. The tag lists model number as: (P)AFF2534FEW and the Serial # is 11093855NP if that helps. This frig is also missing the front-bottom kickplate. Can I order that also? I need the

Yes you can order the kick plate you can view a complete diagram of your ref at www.searspartsdirect.com you should be able to find what you need there ... Amana AFF2534FE Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Good Afternoon, I was given a Danby DCR34W mini fridge just recently. My dad had it in the back of his fifth wheel and thus it went through a few bumps while travelling up to my place (some 1300 kms away). I plugged in my fridge (the fridge is on level ground) and the compressor appears to be making a wierd "clicking" sound. It almost appears as if something is loose inside the compressor. The wierd thing is.....when I tilt the back end (compressor end) of the fridge, this clicking go

... Danby DCR34 Compact Refrigerator

I have a Maytag ED25DQ side-by-side.One of the freezer shelf supports broke (front peg, no screws). I have the replacement parts. One piece looks like an anchor with 2 metal pins. The peg part clips onto it. I couldn't get the old anchor out and I ended up just pushing it aside inside the freezer wall. When I put the new anchor in it won't hold at all. Am I supposed to twist it so the metal pins engage? They don't have anything to hold onto in the liner.

... Refrigerators

Freezer works but fridge wont cool past 50. Is there a diagram or something we can check to see if we are missing something that needs cleaning? We have unplugged and let warm up. No change.PTS25LBM

... GE PTS25LBM Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a beverage air model # sur72-18 that is not holding temperature of the necessary 40 degrees or below. Everything appears to be running. Is this a freon issue where there is no charge left or not enough to hold the correct temp. I am fairly mechanical inclined but I dont have any experience in refrigeration. I did see a black knob that unscrewed on the back of the unit. Is this where you check pressure and add freon if necessary. Is this a possible fix that I can do myself, and if there is

Is the evaporator fan in the freezer running. It blows cold\015\012air into the fridge side through a damper in the wall between the freezer and\015\012fridge. Make sure the damper is open.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Below the evapora ... Refrigerators

I keep seeing a puddle of water at the bottom of my GE Profile refrigerator. I traced the water line, and it is not coming out of that. I cannot locate any drain pan. However, I can see a 14 x 16 sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer compartment. It seems that something is leaking in there, going to the bottom, freezing, then melting and leaking out to the floor. Any ideas?

The drain is stopped it is just under the evaporator a hole in the center pull out draw you will see it. blow it out .may have to chip some ice away or use hair dryer to melt ... Hotpoint HSS25GFT 25.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with GE SmartWater Filtration, LightTouch

I have had the Adaptive Defrost Control on my Jenn Air fridge replaced 3 times in the last 2 months, and it appears to be out again. Mdl JCD2389GES. This time the freezer side is frosted up in back but otherwise not cold. The fridge is not cold at all. I asked the last repairman if something else could be killing these circuit boards and he said no. He is due to come out again tomorrow and replace it again. What else could be wrong? I really cannot have this problem again!

... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

My side by side refrigerator freezer will not hold the set temperature at "0" for freezer and "37" for refrigerator. I have unplugged and replugged the unit as suggested in the manual -- but no results. The manual says something about setting the temperature controls to off stops cooling but does not shut off the electrical power. I see no such on/off temperature controls. Model GSS25QSWASS

The settings are on the front panel on the left door. Do you not have a console like this\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012This is the standard ... GE Refrigerators

I have a GE refrigerator 197D3351P006. The door controls aren't working any more but the light will come on for each selected control (water, crushed, cubed). I pulled the panel off on the inside of the freezer near the light bulb and found a green wire hanging out with a metal clamp on the end of it. It appears that it's supposed to clamp onto something but I can't figure out where or what it clamps onto.

... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Piezo start on Electrolux caravan fridge does not appear to be activating gas flame. Cannot see any spark in viewing window. It is also possible that gas supply is not reaching burner as no gas smell apparent on trying to light it ??

... Electrolux Refrigerators

Unit is leaking water from the front, the water supply line for the ice maker has been disconnected so its not from that, appears to be coming from freezer somewhere cannot see it leaking, just does it every couple days and leaves a large puddle on the floor( one minute will be fine then next time i walk in kitchen theres a puddle on the floor.)

Ice cube getting blocked in the drain line and that is melting and water leaking.\015\012The problem you are experiencing is normally a blocked evaporator drain line.\015\012First of all, if there is an ice maker in your unit, this ... Frigidaire FRS26RBCW Side by Side Refrigerator

The water dispenser unit has a tube coming into the back of the fridge. Anytime you dispense water, it will also leak from this tube in the back. Also, about once a day or so, it will sound like water is running into the fridge to fill up something, but actually the water ends up on the floor. It also appears to come from this back tube.

The only solution for this is to replace all the tubing that comes from the water control valve. Sounds to me that you also have a leak in the ice maker tubing. Sea Breeze ... Jenn-Air JFC2087HRS Side by Side Refrigerator

Amana side by side model# SDI25GL bottom freezer door will not close completely. It feels like something is blocking it about 1 inch from closing. I have removed all shelves and wire baskets; looked for alignment of door and gaskets/seals; does not appear to be tweeked. What am I missing? Where else should I look?

Follow and check these steps :-If your refrigerator was recently installed, make sure all packaging has been removed. Some packaging used to avoid damage during shipping could keep the door from closing.-Remove and replace the doors accor ... Refrigerators

How do remove ice maker on modelMZD2766GEO? I removed one screw that I could see, but there seemed to be something else holding.

Their are 2 screws you just back out then lift up the ice maker and unplug the harness. Sometimes their are 3 and the bottom one def needs to be removed. Here's a secret tip: Sometimes you cannot get to the harness quick connect, if so just use a lit ... Maytag 25.6 cu. ft. Wide-By-Side Refrigerator with PuriClean II Ice and Water

We inherited a Roper refrigerator with the purchase of our house. There is freezing cold water dripping into the refrigerator section from the freezer section. Often times the water will freeze within the refrigerator section leaving plates of ice on our shelves. There are two holes going up to the freezer section from the refrigerator section and it appears as though a cap or something may be missing from these holes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Your evaporator coils frost up in normal use\015\012and every eight hours or so the entire unit shuts down and the defrost heater\015\012comes on to melt the frost. This cycle last about 20 minutes. The melted frost\015\012drips into a dr ... Refrigerators

I have GE PDS22SBPAR SS bottom freezer fridge. it has no ice maker installed, not connected to water. The water leaks from underneath. there is no drain that we can see... there IS NO hole in the bottom of the freezer to pour hot water in. There is no pan under the fridge. no wonder the defrosted stuff leaks out - it has nowhere to go! or did we miss something and the drain is somewhere? HELP.

... GE 22.3 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - White-on-White

I have a KitchenAid KTRC22E refrigerator, and I cannot for the life of me find the water filter. I'm a renter, so I did not install this fridge. I've searched the interior of the unit and there is no discernible filter. Am I missing something?

It is at the bottom on the outside front of the unit. ... KitchenAid KTRC22EM Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have model FRS26R4AB6 Serial # LA25102578 and was manufactured 12/2002. I ordered part # 241734301 Triple Water Inlet Valve which is the correct part for what I am needing to replace. However, the part I received appears to have a push-on water lines and mine has screw-on water lines. Am I missing something?

The new one is a push on connection. You cut the end of your existing tube off smooth. Then depress the blue ring and insert the tube all the way in and release the ring. Do this on all the connections. To remove the line depress the ring and pull th ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a GE side by side refrigerator GSH22JST and frig is cold but freezer is not cold enough (soft ice cream)...heavy frost is building up on bottom half of evaporator. I can force defrost mode through electronic diagnostic so know that heater is OK (see it glowing red)...thermistors check ok in diagnostic (P2, P3, P4) and get 2.2V (evap), 1.9v (freezer), 2,1V (fresh food) at pins on J1...I replaced motherboard to no avail and drain is clear.........am at wits end...Any ideas would be appreci

Okay,\015\012\015\012What is your Freezer temp rating?\015\012Did you check the refrigerant PSI rating?\015\012Is your condenser restricted?\015\012Let try adjust refrigerator to less cold and adjust more cold for freeze ... Refrigerators

Model # GSS20IEMB. I clearly have a defrost issue. I have defrosted the freezer coils behind the back panel once before only to have them frozen again two weeks later. I have done a little research and it appears that this model does not have an individual defrost timer - apparently is is part of the motherboard. So is my best bet to just buy a new defrost heater - and see how it goes or is there something else I should be looking at first. Thanks.

You are coorect that there is no timer in this model. The control board does all of the monitoring for defrost operation. The control board is the last thing I would suspect. However the dfrost heater in this model is the first ... GE Refrigerators

Kelvinator 330 impression series fridge leaks water internally and runs on to bottom shelf. I cannot see where it is dripping from, the drain rack is clear as is the cooling component. This is a regular occurance. Also it leaks externally , say once a week. The tray around the compressor is not full, and does not appear to be cracked. Can you please help

The drip tray is blocked, open your door, about half way down at the back you can see the drip try, on the Right hand side there is a hole where the water drains, poke a plastic straw down there to clear. ... Refrigerators

Honeywell fridge model 88031. Power cycles when plugged in. Light flickers and fans stutter but do not start. Appears to not be geting enough power. Suspect control board (or a resistor/capacitor) has failed. Is there any type of reset or hidden fuse that I cannot see? If not where can I purchase a new board or get this one repaired? I live in Edmonton, Canada. Postal code T8n 6P5. Thanks in advance Tim Hadden

Here we go folks, the problem is a failed capacitor on the circuit board.\015\012It is called C10 which is printed on the circuit board, it is located on the left side of the silver heat sink and above the doughnut shaped coil, you should repla ... Refrigerators

I have a LG Refrigerator Model No. GR-F258TS. We moved house and when we turned fridge back on it appeared to be in Fahrenheit (previously was in Celsius). I played around and turned it back to Celsius by holding the freezer button down, however the numbers in each display panel keep sequentially flashing as if it diagnosing or something. e.g. The freezer display number will flash a number of times, then it will roll to refrigerator number, flash a few times then onto the lock word flashing.

... LG Refrigerators

I have a Gallery Series Fridgidaire side by side with water and ice on the left door, model GLRSF266J. The icemaker works and the auger turns but the ice seems to pile up at the door end of the container and only an occasional cube fall out of the shute. Can you please provide a suggestion for repair? I recently replaced the container and the auger bushing. I am certain I got everything back together the same way, but maybe I missed something.

Check if any other ice cube blockage is obstructing the door flap to twist full.Is there any frozen ice got collected beside the door flap.Manually twist the door towards open position full.Remove the container out and see,is there any ice blockage ... Frigidaire Gallery Series GLHS269ZDB 36" 26.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ 7 Button Dispense...

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