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Left door not aligned

\015 Left door will not sit right on the hinge causing it to not be level with refer\015

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Left door not closing properly because it doesn't align with latch in refrig. This happened before, & the tech added an additional plastic washer to lift the door so it better aligns with catch, but now the washer has worn down again. Defect? Are my juices in the door too heavy? Replace with another washer again?

See if the bottom hinge is bent or for loose screws. you can add another washer, but it's going to wear again. ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My refrigerator door is not aligned properly. There is a small opening in the upper left corner. Is there a way to realign the door?

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I cannot get the freezer door to close all the way. The left side will close and fit snuggly but the right side is still ajar about 1/4 of an inch. I have removed anything that I thought might be "blocking" the door. It looks like it is not aligned properly. Is there a way to adjust the drawer?

There are ways to adjust the door. It depends on your skill level. How many baskets are on rollers? Check the alignment of the top basket if you have one, it could be interfering with the closure. Put a video camera in the drawer with the lights on w ... Whirlpool GB2SHDXP Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

How do you align the left door on the Kitchenaid Architect French door refigerator

Sometimes the problem is not the door hinge alignment but the refrigerator is not sitting level.You may be able to get the doors aligned with the leveling legs on the unit. ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Left door not aligned

... LG LFC25760 French Door Refrigerator

I have a Haier refrigerator HTE18WAAWW.Someone dropped it on the front left corner.Everything works fine but I cannot properly align the doors,Using a square the rear of the cabinet is sq but the front is not.I'm very mechanical.Any advice apprecated.

If the unit was dropped on the front most likely the hinges have bent remove both doors and check to see if the hinges even have a slight bend also you stated that the rear is square but the front of the cabinet is not in order to get that to go back ... Refrigerators

Double doors at different heights how do i adjust the height of the doors while moving my refrigerator my left door became higher than the left door. now the door is not sealing in the cold air and i am building up ice in the bottom of the freezer portion. where is the adjustment screws or what do i need to do to raise up the right door to match the height of the left door

Remove the kick plate on both ends of the fridge ther are two bolts adjust the right bolt ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

When the produce door is aligned with the freezer door, the adjustment changes after the produce door is opened a few time allowing the produce door to drop causing the the freezer door to rub on the filler strip at the top of the doors. This makes the doors hard to close. How do I keep the produce door aligned with the freezer drawer? Also, do I need the filler strip and what is its purpose? Is the freezer door adjustable. It seems to high causing it to hit the filler strip. Thanks, Dan B

Hello Dan Brock, the freezer door opens a few times it drops because the door has not been properly fitted. The door drops because of this. The door needs to be tightened to enable it stay firm if it has been removed before. Usually there are small r ... GE Refrigerators

We have this model westinghouse fridge which currently opens to the right but are moving house and the fridge needs to open to the left. I can see holes on the left side with white plugs in them so it looks the door could hinge on the left but there are no holes on the top surface. Als the door handles are fixed so would we need to flip the doors (its upper fridge/lower freezer model) completely upside down? If so, instead of the handles being were the fridge and freezer door meet - they would a

Yes depending on age. once changed doors never seal properly. because cabinet warps and seals flatten on one side. suggest to sell and buy another. you will never be happy if converted. ... Refrigerators

I have a RF197ABPN French-Door Refrigerator. The two left/right french door panel was dinged when I got the refrigerator, so the company I bought the refrigerator from sent me one set of doors. However, it seems that I need to take the handle bracket and silicon door packing off of the current door. I can do that, but I have another part that is on the left door. This is a long plastic piece that has a hinge attached to the top, middle and bottom of the left door, which folds and unfolds when yo

Those are most likely cap covers - using a thin bladed knife pop the plastic covers off to reveal the screw or bolts. Best of it ... Samsung Refrigerators

Hello, my fridge door is off kilter. I can see that is starting not to seal properly with the box. We've removed as much weight as we can off of the door. I've also tried to slide a shim underneath the left side on the floor to help. It didn't help much. Any thoughts? The hinge is on the left. The freezer is on the top and the fridge is on the bottom. The gap is on the fridge door in the top left corner.  Thanks!

The lower hinge on each door may have a door closing cam. It raises the door up ¼ inch when opening and this assist in closing the door. If it’s wore out and doesn’t work the door may not seal and the gasket can be damaged. Watch t ... Refrigerators

I have a frigidaire refrigerator with top freezer. model frt21nfrd2. About 12 years old. With a light inside you can see light in the top right of the refrigerator door. Seems to seal good every where else. The freezer door was eazy to align, but how do you align the bottom door. I loosened two bolts at the bottom hinge and had someone try and lift the door but did not help. I did not know how much pressure to put on the door--can't afford to buy one right now--and I did not want to take the bol

Good day,If you need to lift the main door, first remove all product from both doors. Shut off the machine. Too much stress on the compressor running with no doors.Remove top cabinet bracket for the freezer door and lift freezer door off. ... Refrigerators

RB217ABPN problems after switch door opening from right to left

... Samsung Refrigerators

Water leaking from door: top left door of my french door fridge (with freezer on bottom)--water leaking from the very bottom right corner of that left side door

Your drain is clogged. if ice isbuilt up in the freezeer floor. when the freezer defrosts and the drain is clogged it has no where else to go other than ouot the front. pull everything out of the freezer and check twards the rear at the bottom. remov ... Refrigerators

We bought a new Maytag refrigerator on 3/8/08. The hinged seal on the left door has broken so that it does not fold inward when the left door is openED or seal automatically when both doors are closed. The hinged seal has to be manually fed into the slot at the top of the door. The Model # is MF12266AEU. The Serial # is 10360334NC.

Warranty will take care of this ... Refrigerators

The ice and/or water won't stop coming out the door when the back soft panel area is pressed. Either ice or water keep coming out when the back is pressed with a glass until door is opened. When the door is closed it sometimes continues. The button at top inside seems to be working, i.e. it can be pressed up and down. I took top of ice maker out and put it back in and readjusted the ice that was left in the bin. If the freezer door is left open the flow eventually stops. This has happened the

It sounds like the actuator for your dispenser switch is sticking. To fix it you will need to get inside the dispenser housing, which involves removing the decorative front panel on the dispenser. \015\012\015\012It's kinda tricky to ge ... LG LRSC-26922 Side by Side Refrigerator

My left door won't stay closed. It appears that a part is missing in the top left corner of the left door. Looking for replacement part number and installation directions. Is this the left hinge cam?

... LG 22 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator, LRFC22750

Right door flap not hugging door when ioening left door with right door already open

The doors have to be adjusted. They may have moved out of their intended alignment over time ... Frigidaire FGHG2344MF Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a Subzero. I left the butter door open and tried to shut the door. The butter door knocked off the cover to the lights. It took me a few minutes to get the cover back on. Of course, the lights went off. I left it shut for 3 hours and it never reset. I tried turning the circuit breaker on and off and that didn't work. The refrigerator is only 2 years old. The lights are not burned out. Please advise of any other ways to reset this. I hear no noise from the unit.

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

LG bottom freezer single fridge door on top model LDC22720ST . Refrigerator came with door handle on left and hinges on right. Moved hinges to the left side. Now the top left side of the freezer drawer hits the bottom of the fridge hinge. Any suggestions?

... LG LDC22720ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Our FFa91P model is 6 years old and the fridge is not working. The freezer is working fine. I have to admit they both have been very full and unfortunately both doors have been left open over the warm weekend and lots of ice built up on the freezer drawers and at the back. We have since turned it all off and left it for 21 hrs, cleaned and dried off with the doors open. Just started it up and the fridge still doesn't appear to be working, although the freezer is. Should we have left it long

... Refrigerators

Just received a Beko Larder Fridge LA 620.Changed door from right opening to left opening.I am left with a small plastic cap which "fell out" when I removed the bottom left hinge bracket. Can't see where it fits on door swap over. Can you advise?

The cap probably goes on the the hinge part, most likely on the top just for looks. ... Beko Refrigerators

Hi, I have a samsung refrigerator M# RF268ABWP/XAN and the ice door is constantly opening and closing at any given time to stop this I open the left door it stops but after awhile it will start again.any thoughts as to what might be going on ? will only stop when left door is opened. thanks for your help

... Samsung RF267ABWP (25.5 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Hi, I have a samsung refrigerator M# RF268ABWP/XAN and the ice door is constantly opening and closing at any given time to stop this I open the left door it stops but after awhile it will start again.any thoughts as to what might be going on ? will only stop when left door is opened. thanks for your help

... Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerator mfi2568aes, freezer door out of alignment on

... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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