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Kitchenaid Fan noise

\015 Noise when fan cuts off\015

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Kitchenaid Superba Model KSRA25IL5502. Refrigerator and freezer do not cool at all. The digital temperature readouts indicate correct refrigerator and freezer temperatures but are incorrect. I can here a fan noise from below the refrigerator (I think it is the condenser fan)but do not hear the compressor running. The evaporator fan discharge in the freezer and refrigerator are not moving any air. I unplugged the unit, waited a minute and plugged it back in incase it was something simple like a e

If the unit is not cooling - it can be a wide range of things... From a bad compressor - to a bad thermostat.It is the repairman's job to properly diagnose the problem and only replace the defective parts. If he needs to be let to the problem - ... Refrigerators

Kitchenaid Model #KFCS22EVBL00 fan makes a vibrating noise then a clicking since we purchased. Repairman has been out 3 times. They tell us it is the fan causing vibration against a metal panel. Th

... Refrigerators

Kitchenaid Fan noise

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

My KitchenAid Refrigerator model KTRS22M is making a loud rattling noise which seems to be coming from the top rear of the unit. I suspect it might be a fan problem, but don't know how to get to it. The large back panel doesn't have any screws. Dennis

Hi\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012for using FixYa. Three of the most common ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Our Kitchenaid frig model KSRS25FG is making a clicking sound every few minutes, sort of like a relay switching, at the bottom right behind the grill. The interior fan is running and seems to alternate between slowing and speeding up when the click occurs. The frig is almost 9 years old. Do you have any ideas what this new noise indicates?

... KitchenAid KSRS25FG

I have a KitchenAid Superba model: KSRG22FKWH04. I've had it 6 years and 1 one month. I noticed that the unit is making a humming noise every 40-60 seconds or so. I also noticed that the ice in the ice maker looks like it's melting yet the ice box is cold and the refrigerator part appears to be working; it's cold too. I can hear what I think the compressor and fan kicking on every now and then and water does come from the water dispenser. I found water dripping out of the ice shoot and a pud

... KitchenAid KSRG22FK Side by Side Refrigerator

I have model # RS2630WW Samsung regrigerator making a lot of noise that seems to be coming from the back panel area. When I remove the 8 screws, it's seems to be coming from the fan. (I disconnected the wire connecting the fan to the compressor and the noise stops.) It sounds like it could be the compressor, except for removing the wire connection. I tried moving the fan blades manually, and it seemed like the noise would come from the fan. Could any of the moving parts from the fan need lubr

Fan can not be lubricated and they can get noisy.\015\012however, a common reason is the fan blades hitting ice that has built up. check for this ... Refrigerators

I have a samsung side by side RS2630Sh and noticed a loud fan noise in the freezer. When I open the freezer door the fan noise stops. As soon as I close the door the fan noise starts again. What is

Remove the back panel and see if there is ice buildup on the coils. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

GE Profile tnx22pa---top frezzer---Ice maker leaked and froze up what sounded like a fan. Made a noise like fan was hitting ice and then fan stopped. Defrosted entire freezer and fixed filler tube. Frig off for 6 hrs and used hot water pans and hair dryer. Turned frig/freezer back on and neither section will get very cold. NO FAN NOISE at all. It would seen that fan is broken. Don't have repair manual so I don't know if fan is serviceable. any ideas??? Thanks--Bill G

The fan is at the bottom of the refrigerator beside the compressor.and you can see it easily be revoing the four screws out of the bach flap.\015\012for help as what part is located where click the link\015\012.if the fan is faulty get it ... Refrigerators

My kenmore fridge with bottom freezer about 6 years old is making a noise. i had a fan replaced about 6 months ago. The repair person said that the kenmore fans had been bought out by whirlpool. the fan I have in my Kenmore fridge is a whirlpool. The fan seems to be making a louder noise. Does this sound like kenmore fridge problem?? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Those fridges are made by whirlpool . As for the noise check that there is not a build up of frost and the fan is hitting it . ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Inglis Refridgerator Hello I have a new fridge that is 3 mos. old. Since it's arrival I have been dealing noise issues. The fan is TOO loud and runs for ever. I just put groceries in the fridge at 2:30pm and the fan has still not shut off. I had the same problem yesterday. The fan started at 3pm and stopped at 7:30pm. Is this normal? The noise just gives me total grief. Can I open the back of the freezer and remove the fan? Thank you. Linda.

No the fan must stay or your Fridge will not cool, I hear this same problem from a lot of people that have new Fridges. all new fridges are louder that the older ones, check to see what setting you have your control set at. Try turning it down to 3 o ... Frost Inglis 17.6 Cu. Ft. -Free Top-Mount Refrigerator - Silver - IT18SKXRD

Fridge noise 1) Will make a loud noise, like something is stuck in the motor or possible in fan (if there is one) . Once unplugged for a minute, back to normal. 2) Recently started to make small noise when ever motor is running, almost like a fan belt is going out on a car. Samea s before, unplugging stops noise. I don't want a fire to start, should I be worried? Bought model ED5GHEXNB00 2 1/2 years ago.

Some larger refrigeration units have fans, but typical domestic ones usually do not, only inside the fridge/freezer compartment as such, and is used to force cold air inside the unit to help keep the contents cold.As for the fire risk, an ... Refrigerators

GE Arctica refrigerator is making a noise like someone is knocking at the door for about 5 seconds, then it stops. I have narrowed it down to a fan at the bottom of one of the refrigerator doors on the inside....when the fan stops....this noise starts as the fan blades slow down. it doesnt appear stuck on anything either or being blocked

... Pds GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Drawer Refrigerator Energy Star 22.2 Cu. Ft. - PDS22MFS

Refrigerator stopped cooling. Compressor not turning on...No clicking or switch noises heard when attempting to actuate thermostat control- Fan does turn on and run when controlled by thermostat. Can also control fan by actuating pot in defrost timer. Do not hear "any" switch noise at compressor relay - even when attempting to control by actuating thermostat or defrost timer. There was no warning when fridge stopped cooling - no compressor noise or other odd sounds.

First, check to see if the light comes on or if there is any fan, motor, or other sound coming from the appliance? If so, the refrigerator isn't really completely stopped--go to the specific problem you are having. If not, try adjusting the thermosta ... Refrigerators


Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Maytag MZD2669KE Side by Side Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel E381T Fridge when the freezer or fridge doors are opened the noise stops but starts again when doors are closed, noise is coming from the top of fridge, sounds like a fan bearing, how can I check it, how do you get to the fan or fans?

... Refrigerators

Fan noise Fan is making a noise as though it is catching on something as it spins.Have had a problem with the ice maker making a hideous noise when we try to get ice

Go to partstore order part #DA97-01949A and fix i had the same then late motor not work and the center very hot i fix my ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My sub zero 650 freezer section making loud fan type noise this morning. It was 38 degrees, (maybe freezer drawer was left open last night?) now down to 24 degrees, still making noise. Could it be my evaporator fan motor going? Just had the fridge repaired for the common pipe leaks. Condensor clean fan works on fridge Temperture good.

... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Subzero fridge model 211RFD: The motor/fan noise used to stop when you openned the freezer drawer and start when you closed it. But now I notice there is no fan noise at all. The temp. is still zero, but did a fan motor blow out or something? It is an older one, but it has been so reliable. I just worry that a fan not blowing will case other things to go out.

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

My samsung fridge/freezer is only 2 years old, just started making loud noise, then when fridge is opened sounds like the fan making a loud noise that goes down and stops. Then not long after will start to do this again. It is still keeping everything cold however but the noise is very loud sounds as though something wrong with the fan.

Hello hope this helps , these guys realy help full with \015\012samsung fridge freezer problems ... Refrigerators

Fan makes noise on LG lsc26905tt,it has been making a knocking noise for a few days and then it made a loud noise, I checked on it a few minutes later and the fan stop working. Plus alot of ice builds up on side of walls.

... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Screeching Noise Hi I followed one of your suggestions. It seems its the fan making the noise because when I stall it the noise stops. I even sprayed some WD40 on it and that seemed to temporarily some the problem. What should I do with the fan? Thanks!!!

If you know that the fan is the culprit then it can be replaced. The motors are fairly cheap and easy to replace. ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Noise vibration I have a frigidaire side by side. We have been hearing a loud fan noise/vibration. Ice maker is working, not problems with temperatures. My husband thought there was something going on wiht the fan. There was a little bit of ice on the tubing in the inside of the freezer back by the ice maker. He was banging on the back of the frig by the condenser fan. Sounded like a little of something fell - we think it was some of the ice. It is a little quiter but still hear some noise

If you take the back panel of the freezer out you can get to the condenser fan they do have a habit of going bad and actually having the fan and shaft move forward on them usually when you start hearing the noise it is not long before it goes out com ... Frigidaire FRS26H5AS Side by Side Refrigerator

I own an LG up right refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. The unit is about three years old and we have been very happy with the frig. Lately the unit has been making a loud fan winding noise. although the noise stops when we open the ref.doors, top or bottom. We have spoken to two reps at LG with different salutions : one suggested that we turn the unit off for 4 to 5 hours in order to free the inside fan of ice and the second suggested that we raise the temp inside to stop the fan

\015\012i would just replace the fan motor $40\015\012they have bushings in them that sometimes make noise when the motor shaft moves to a certain position. when you open the door it disru ... LG Refrigerators

I have a True GDM-9 Beverage cooler 68gdm. >>it is working compresoer moter,,, condesor fan insid of cooler,,, radiatoer in front of fan,,, capacitoer and relay. >>But the current relay is making noise so many time after started compresoer.>>> and also the relay was Used lot's of the elecricity from Main line.... >>>My thinking of that the current relay was broken!!! that why using current a lots and a each time of noise are contacted start port made a big noise.

These beverage coolers have a compressor at the back. The compressor has a starter relay in its own black plastic box.In this box are 2 capacitors as well.. These 2 capacitors and starter relay are essential to the starting and running of the compres ... True GDM-9 Beverage Cooler

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