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I have a KitchenAid side by side and my icemaker is not working

\015 I have a KitchenAid side by side and my icemaker quit working after I repaired a waterline leak.It was working fine until then. I replaced the dual solenoid andnothing changed still no ice. The water dispenser works fine. Could something be frozen causing it not to work? I need help badly because the wife wants to call a repairman and usually I'm pretty good around the house...Thanks\015

Answers :

Check the black 2" fill hose going from the top of the freezer to the ice maker fill cup , to see if it's frozen up . Also check the optics system for proper operation . Open the freezer door and the laser should flash 2 times , pause , flash2 times , pause etc. Close the flap on the left side and the laser should go off . If the laser does not come on when the door is opened , then the ice maker is in the harvest ( dump ) mode . If it stays this way , then ice maker is bad .

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I have a KitchenAid side by side and my icemaker is not working

Check the black 2" fill hose going from the top of the freezer to the ice maker fill cup , to see if it's frozen up . Also check the optics system for proper operation . Open the freezer door and the laser should flash 2 times , pause , flash2 times ... KitchenAid KSRG25FK Side by Side Refrigerator

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I have a 2006 KitchenAid Model KSR125F side-by-side. The icemaker is not working. The switch on the inside top right panel of the freezer is "on" but their is a red light blinking. What is the problem? Help...thanks Brittany!

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First check to make sure the icemaker is on. Most icemakers have what looks like a wire that extends to the right. Down is on, up is off. If yours does not have this, there might be an on off switch on the icemaker itself. If the wire (bale) is on, ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

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Replace the water filter located in the upper right rear of the refrigerator section...push up on it and turn it counter clockwise to remove it (looking up at it from below as a reference for the turn direction) ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

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My icemaker is not working in my Kitchenaid Side by Side Refrigerator

HiInvestigate each of these two areas if your ice-maker is not working;1. Water Inlet Valve2. Defrost ThermostatWater Inlet Valve: Your ice maker's water inlet valve could be filled with ice. If it is, simply ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

I have an older kenmore (amana) side by side refridgerator freezer. My son was playing "hide the rock" and it got caught in the blades of the icemaker. Now the icemaker does not work, water will not come out of the dispenser in the door, and the freezer won't work. Surprisingly, the fridge side is working. What do I do?

You will have to remove the fan and get the rock out. It may have burnt the fan motor up. In that case you would have to replace the fan. ... Refrigerators

Here is my problem in its entirety. I have GE side by side, ice and water in the door. The issue is the supply tube inside the box feeding the icemaker is actually working it's way out of the freezer. I put it back in place last week and in 4 or 5 days it literally worked its way back out. Now the water comes on at night for the icemaker and is forming the water fall of ice so to speak. Also, when I got everything put back together in efforts to get the icemaker working again, for some reas

Thanks for the clarification. This will be the cause of a failed valve coupling assembly. The line pressure is to strong for the valve coupling device. it is not holding properly. i would inspect the entire ICE Making module for correct fit at the l ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side #52552. Water came pouring out of the icemaker, inside the freezer, and was leaking out through the dispenser. The water dispenser works fine The rake arms work fine Since cleaning everything up, no more water is getting to the icemaker. Also, the middle plate between the fridge and freezer is hot--but this has been true for awhile without disrupting the icemaker. Why is water getting to the dispenser but not to the icemaker? thanks patti

Hi Patti,A couple of things could be going on here. I will assist with trouble shooting if you are up for it.First of all, the hot rail between the freezer and fresh food sections concerns me. This is an indication that the co ... Kenmore 56539 / 56532 / 5653 / 656534 Side by Side Refrigerator

GE TPX24PPBE icemaker auger doesn?t work: I have an 11-year old GE side-by-side refrigerator (TPX24PPBEWW). The icemaker auger won't spin to dispense ice. I removed the ice tray and spun the auger by hand. It's not jammed. I held the door-closed-switch and then the ice-dispenser switch but the auger did not turn or make any noise (though the ice-crusher solenoid worked). I removed the icemaker and auger motor (Merkle-Orff #3728UP-525 115VAC, 60Hz) to check the connections and see if there was an

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I have a Whirlpool side by side fridge, model GC3PHEXNS02. The icemaker stopped working one week ago. I just replaced the dual water inlet valves, but the icemaker is still not working. The infrared switch is "ON"; it flashes when the beam is blocked (door open), and remains lit when exposed to the beam. The water dispenser on the door does work.

The general rule is to put 2/3 cup of water into icemaker , and if it dumps , but doesn't fill , replace the water inlet valve . If it doesn't dump , replace the icemaker Pt # 2198597 . Check the black fill tube above the icemaker fill cup , to see i ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Water dispenser will not work when the icemaker has ice made in bucket, the motor will run but no water, later the water will run without warning and overflow door reservoir. The water dispenser works perfect if the icemaker has been disabled. This is a model SXD26VW Amana side by side refrigerator.

Change the filter and test it. If still doesn't work, then take out the dual-solenoid assembly at the back and check voltages - both must be getting the signal. this must be a pure plumbing problem - the water valves controlled by the solenoids mus ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool ED2VHGXMQ00 side by side fridge: Just replaced my filter and noticed that icemaker is not working when arm is moved to downward position. Water is being dispensed though. What things can I check that would prevent the icemaker from working?

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We have a 5 year old Kenmore side by side refrigerator with water and ice dispensor. The icemaker stopped working about 6 months ago. The water dispenser works fine. We've checked to make sure the icemaker control arm is in the correct position and changed the filter. Thank yu for any advice you may provide. Semper Fi in SC

Hi! Once you figured that the control arm and filter are set in place, any change on performing the procedure? Is there any ice? just doesnt want to dispense? HOpe to know more. Thanks! ... Refrigerators

We have a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator (GLRS64ZEB6). The icemaker stopped working last year and my husband replaced the entire "ice making" piece (I'm sure there's a name for it, but I mean just the part the makes/dumps the ice, the bottom bucket and delivery system still work). Again, the icemaker has simply stopped making ice. My husband reports that he's checked the water supply line and it looks fine. I'd just buy another one, but we've only had this fridge for 4 years now and th

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Fridgidaire side by side model frs23lh5dst water dispenser working icemaker not working. thanks for your time

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I have a Maytag refrigerator (model MSD2454GR)side by side. It has two problem. We cannot keep the icemaker working. Ever since we bought it, the ice maker will stop working. When it was under warranty, it stopped and the company we bought it from sent someone out and they replaced the computer. Now it is no longer under warranty and it has stopped working again. We have replaced the pump but it still doesn't work and we've been told its not the computer?? Any ideas? Two, water is leaking is the

So how many times has the ice maker stopped working? seems like you are having bad luck with these ice makers. One of the problems is the electronic modules on those models do that but I really don't know what may be causing yours to go ... Refrigerators

Slow icemaker I have a Frigidaire Professional Series FRS26ZSH side-by-side. It's about 10 years old. The icemaker makes ice very slowly, but I have excellent water pressure through the water dispenser. I recently changed the water filter. It appears as though the ice cube tray is filling up fine with water. The icemaker was replaced about 1 year ago, and it has never worked properly. Our previous icemaker made ice 10 times as fast before it stopped. We're lucky if we get 2 batches of ice pe

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We have side by side kitchenaid refrigerator. The problem is the freezer side is working, but the vents in the other side (refrigerator) does not blow air. I think the diffuser is not working. Is that correct? Any suggestions. Thanks

Most likely defrost problem, check for evidence of frost on back of freezer panel, remove evap cover if nec. Make sure evap fan is working, if not, test for power to evap fan, if none, replace. if defrost problem, ohm out heater and defrost thermo, i ... Refrigerators

I have a kitchen aide side by side. Icemaker not working. Purchased new icemaker (Whirlpool 4322658A) and new optics. Old optics were bad, old icemaker mold heater burned out. New optics check out fine. Tried to run harvest cycle. Runs through cycle but won't fill with water. Water solenoid checks out fine (I'm an elect engr and just jumpered it it to test). The water line is not frozen. Its acting like the icemaker is not sending power to the fill solenoid. Any ideas?

Good day,Well your savvy, so, let's do it backwards.Pull the power plug off of the water valve, and insert both prongs from a vom meter set at 150 Ac or higher.Cycle the ice maker. You have time, fill is at the end of the cycle. ... Refrigerators

I have a side-by-side Kitchenaid superba refrigerator. The ice maker is working but the water dispenser is not working. The pressure was really low. Once it happened earlier. The water dispenser was not working. But after 3-4 days it started again. But this time it will not work.


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