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Where is the deforst timer for kenmore frig m/n 106.8609912

\015 Frig won't work if icemaker is unplugged\015

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Where is the deforst timer for kenmore frig m/n 106.8609912

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Kenmore Frig - Evalerator Fan issue. I have a 596.70003000 model and had an issue with the Evaperator Fan. I thought it failed but after replacing it still did not work. I review the scematic and found there is a Fan Delay bypass test plug so I connected a wire and bypassed it and now it works fine expect it never shuts off. The frig and freezer are both running a normal temps and I see no excessive frost in the freezer. I am suspecting the defrost timer or the door switch. I don't s

Hi,You are right it could be either the door switch or the defrost timer...but the only way to tell would be to actually ohm out the two and see which one it actually is...or become a parts changer which many techs are... and just change parts ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Fridge top, frezzer bottom kenmor model 59675932402. Frezzer working top not, read comments I belive it my be the deforst timer, but I read where you can turn it manually, but where can I find it?? An

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore SxS 106.9545711, The top portion of frig is warm, the defrost timer has been replaced and the thermocouple checks fine. The door lights don't come on when the door is opened, and the cooling fan does not run when the door is closed. The coils are cold but not frozen over with ice. I checked the switches and there is power to them. I jumped the switch to get the light to glow but that didn't work. What should I check next?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

We have a kenmore fridge with freezer on bottom,,no ice maker.. Problem is freezer is not cold and frig not cold.(actually NOT working).. Fan in freezer is running ,but we have NO ice build up on coil in freezer ... I hear a clicking from condenser and airflow from fans... I did take out thermostat and checked continunity at room temp = infinite ,,,put it in a cold freezer and continunity= 0 ohms... we too from here?

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Kenmore model# 253.54362409 frig. when it is turned (after being off) it will start fine. Once it reaches temp it shuts off, when it goes to restart it won't., the capacitor has been replaced, so has the defrost timer, and the temp sensor for the defrost. The defrost heater has been checked and shows resistance of 29 ohms.

If it cools then quits, the problem could be with the compressor start capacitor or the power board. ... Kenmore 54362 / 54364 / 54369 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore SS Freezer Icing Up - Frig Side warm.

Docjohn174,\015\012\015\012Thanks for the reply. Even though it is almost a year later . . . the really REALLY bizarre thing is that this JUST happened a week ago again!! Very strange . . . does docjohn have a remote for my fridge . . . So, I d ... Maytag 23 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator MSD2356

Kenmore model 25368842790 Neither the compressor or the fan will run. The light is on. When I turn the thermostat to zero the unit is dead silent. When I move the knob past zero there is a faint whirring /clicking sound coming from inside the control box. I opened the control box (part #17), and the whirring is coming from the timer (part #23). It sounds like the timer on my Kenmore dishwsher (only quieter). Is it supposed to do this, or is this the problem?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I saw your response to another Kenmore frig and I have a similar problem I want to ask you about. I have a Side-by-side Kenmore frig(model 106.9555722) that we've had for 16 years!! Other than r

I have seen this one other time in all my years of appliance repair and changing out the "water inlet valve" corrected the problem. I don't have an answer to why it did, but it did. ... Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

The engine is still running, but the frig is warm a friend turned the timer and the freezer is freezing now, but the frig is still warm. Do I need a new timer?

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Have a hotpoint frig how long should compressor run before defrost timer shuts it off? this frig has a module for a timer. how do you check it. the frezzer woirks the collects frost then the bottom frigerator does'nt cool. Help

... GE Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Sears Kenmore Elite purchased 1/2003 106.53606202, It does not cool.. I put it into the service diagnostic Mode. Step 1 the the FC said 0, RC said 1, water filter status indicator said 1. Step 2 the FC said 0, RC said 2, and the water filter status said 1. Step 3 the fan motor went on, FC said 0, RC said 3, no other numbers to the right. step 4, FC 0, RC 4, no other numbers to the right, I did not hear the compressor come on. Step 5, FC 0, RC 5, no other numbers to the right . I heard

... Refrigerators

Hi, I have Kenmore model 106, side by side. Yesterday evening it acted up by making a strange noise, like it had broken fan or belt. I thought perhaps the ice maker was causing problem and I disabled ice maker. It still made noise so I turned the frig control to off and it went away. Before this happen my wife had frig. open to stock up frig with food. Anyhow I left frig off for hour or two. When I turned frig On it started to make noise again and it went away after 30 seconds, and has run fine

It seems to be working fine, the noise usually come when the compressor in the fridge is trying to maintain the temperature inside. It does it's own calculations to keep the temperature consistent. Moverover as you say it is working fine now, so I'd ... Nor-Lake Norlake Refrigeration 4' x 6' Kold Locker Walk-In Cooler - 6' 7'' High w/Floor

Both frig and freezer are not getting cold enough. We had water which turned to large icicles dripping down the inside of the freezer from the top of the freezer compartment where the coil is. I turned off the frig and freezer using the controlls in the frig and let the coil fully defrost. Then now its been on for over 24 hours and it still hasn't gotten the frig or freezer to the correct temperature. Currently the freezer is set at 0 and is at 11, the frig is set for 35 and its at 50 de

Hello,Insufficient cooling is a fridge repair job that you can do without the help of a professional. Often the fridge has a frost-free failure, or the compressor is faulty but there are many other reasons for a fridge not cooling properl ... GE Monogram ZISS420NRSS 42" Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator (ZIS-S420NRSS, ZIS S420NRSS)

I have an OLD Kenmore Coldspot top mounted refriderator, model number 106.8679311. It started making noises approximately 12 hours apart and we suspected it's the defrost timer. I purchased a replacement timer. The first part of the directions to replace the timer say to determine which defrost cycle I have and offers three different locations to connect the black wire on the new timer. My problem is, I have no schematic to look at to determine this. The wires on the old timer are the follo

... Refrigerators

7 1/2 yr old Samsung frig RS2577SW overnight freezer meltdown and frig not holding temp. Freezer temp shows 0 degree and frig shows 34 degrees, however, frig & freezer not working, Did basic checks ie pwr on, lights works, etc. Panel will not let me adjust temp, freezer side. Frig side will let me adjust temp but seems to not cool down to 34 degrees. Help, please

Hi.The problem is usually a defective defrost control or defrost system, in some case the temp control may be faulty. The defrost system causing the problem is far more common.If this model has a temperature sensor for the freezer, ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore Frig Model 596.50392000 / MFG No P50392000WO / SN 0006287370 The Frig will run for 2 days and work fine. Then it will start to warm up (Frig and Freezer), and everything starts to melt, will get all the way to 70 degres in the frig - while you can hear it still running. Turn it off for a day or so, turn it back on - and you can repeat the cycle. I did previously pull it out clean it all, fan and coils the best I could with no difference.

... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by side Kenmore refrigerator /freezer is not defrosting. Heater has continuity, thermo disc is closed,defrost timer is electronic. Question can defrost timer be put into defrost ( like old fashioned mech. timer) and how does one troubleshoot this electrical timer Mod#253.57388602..... side question how can a company as large as sears not have any technical people to talk to

I cant post no links on here but i can help you with the technical questions and send parts. my website can easily be found on google for like whirlpool dryer heating element 4391960 im a few spots on top.\015\012\015\012Mark \015\0 ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore frig will not cool

If compressor is hot that means comp- is trying to start but the relay /overload is bad allow comp to cool down unplug from wall and replace with exact type 1/2hp 1/4hp 1/3hp etc make sure all wireing is correct and unplug before starting that model ... Refrigerators

I have a older Kenmore refrigerator I use just for overflow, to cool pop etc. When I put it to secondary use, I removed the ice maker. Since the defrost timer was part of the ice maker, I installed a defrost timer that plugged in to where the ice maker used to. It has been working great for some time. When I discovered recently it was not cooling and the compressor was not kicking in, I first checked the defrost timer. When I move the adjustment and hit the groove, it shuts off and when I tu

Hello,Welcome to FixYa.I suspect by your description the fridge indeed has a seized/lo ... Refrigerators

My frig and freezer are not cooling frig is at 44 supposed to be at 37 and freezer is 23 and is set at 0 this happened all of a sudden is there something dirty i can clean frig is 6 years old

... GE PDS22SCRRSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a sub zero model 532 and the freezer does not work. I have turned the defrost timer to reset. I have also removed the control and checked find with ohm meter switch is recognized when switching off and on. I have 0 volts to relay overload. The lights in the freezer work and if I set the defrost timer on the fan inside freezer works. I suspect that the defrost timer is still defective.

We ll see how u need to check the defrost timer....Before testing the defrost timer, unplug the freezer to avoid an electrical shock hazard.A mechanical defrost timer controls the defrost cycle of the appliance. In older models, the ... Sub-Zero 30.1 cu. ft. Cabinet Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator 632 / F

Have 16 yr old Kenmore model 106.9537622. The heater strip at the center divider between freezer and frig gets real hot for a period of time everyday and causing frig and freezer to be too warm. The strip has a hot spot about half way between top and bottom. I was appliance repairman 30 years ago but could not find wiring diagram on frig and having trouble getting trim off to get at controls or strip heater.

If this is a side by side refrigerator, then the space between the doors is not heated by an electric heater. it is heated by part of the condensing coil. so the excess heat is probably generated by a loss of adequate airflow under the mach ... Refrigerators

Defrost timer My Kenmore model 62272100 MFG in 09-01 seems to stick in off positionafter defrost mode. Just tapping the casement with the defrost timergets it running till the next defrost cycle. I bought a new timer. Theoriginal part # 2188376, Spec FL-3001-00. The new part # 483212, SpecFL-3001-00 has the flying lead which i hooked up to 2nd connection#"1", same problem so i tried 1st connection #"2". Same problempersists, I tried another replacement timer with same result. Mightthis not be th

... Kenmore 44103 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a sears kenmore side by side frig. the freezer is working but the frig appears to be warm.the temperature in the frig is reading 60 degrees.

Please keep in mind, I'm attempting to diagnose your appliance without being there and with very little information. Thanks\015\012Look inside the freezer at the back panel. See if there is ice or frost built up on it. It so, you have a defrost ... Refrigerators

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