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I need to turn off my refrigerator before I move. How can I turn it off?

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All you have to do is pull the plug and then plug it back in...


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My Welbilt Refrigerator w1100 is too cold. The freezer is fine but the refrigerator is freezing everything too. I just moved in and there is no manual. I need help on where to adjust the dial. I can turn it off because I hear the compressor click off...but when I just barely turn it back on it starts freezing again.

Replace the temperature cold control.\015\012That is the on/off control. ... Refrigerators

I moved the timer dial and need to know how far to turn it once the refrigerator compressor fan turns on when you turn the timer completely clockwise to turn the unit off ,then turn it further until the compressor fan comes on again.

It is the defrost timer. Once you hear the compressor running, just let it go. It will go into defrost about every 16 - 24 hours, depending on the model. ... Amana SXD524VW Side by Side Refrigerator

No IceCubes Moved in, the ice maker was not making ice and when we turned it on it was leaking water behind the refrigerator.  Replaced filter and line and turned it back on and still not getting any ice cubes?  What else do I need to check or do?

Simply we disconnected and reconnected and then left it alone, it finally began making ice cubes. Thanks for all your assistance. ... Whirlpool GS6NBEXR Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana ARB2557 that was moved and when hooking up the copper water supply I realized there was no brass nut or sleeve to connect the water to the Refrigerator. I have tried a standard 1/4" compression nut and sleeve but it doesn't seem to fit and won't screw down tight (so it leaks as soon as the water is turned on). Does anyone know if I need a special brass nut....otherwise I am afraid maybe the fitting on the refrigerator was cross threaded. Thanks

Think your right most likely the fitting is stripped. but if its a plastic hose you need the compression ring the nut and a sleeve to slid in the plastic line. that prevents the plastic line from collapsing and is what the ring compresses to. without ... Amana ARB2557CSR / ARB2557CSL Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I need to turn off my refrigerator before I move. How can I turn it off?

Hi,All you have to do is pull the plug and then plug it back in...heatman101 ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Not cooling I just moved into a new place, the whirlpool refrigerator is plugged in and the interior light (and water system) works but it isn't cold and there isn't any sound from any fans or motors. Is there a second switch somewhere to turn on the cooling system? Or is there more likely a bigger problem and it needs to be repaired? I've looked for switches, adjusted the cooling temperature knobs and unplugged and replugged in the unit, still nothing. If there was a way for the previous t

Hi, With the information you supplied I’m going to assume there is an ice build up at the rear of the freezer. Your problem is going to ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I moved, and my french door Maytag refrigerator will not dispense water. I had it plugged in for a few days prior to being able to connect the water supply line. I did not turn the ice maker off. Any clues as to what I need to do to fix the problem?

Check plug to water valve icemaker ... Maytag MFD2561HE Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My sub-zero refrigerator setting was on 7 when i moved into my home 4 years ago and I noticed recently it was not cooling enough so first i cleaned the filter area but it still seamed not to be as cool as it should be so i turned dial to 8. 8 seams to be ok but does it mean there is a problem because i need the setting to be so high?

Good day,\015\012The important thing is to make sure the condenser coil is cleaned properly.\015\012It is critical to the operation of the machine.\015\012The coil is too thick to be vacuumed or brushed out. ... Sub-Zero 561 / F

Amana refrigerator, Model SZD23VW purchased 10/02/1999 stopped cooling. The contents have been moved to another refrigerator. It turns out that the beverage chiller control had been inadvertently turned to the coolest setting. We turned the control back to the middle position, the refrigerator started to work again. Without my knowledge, the beverage chiller control was turned to the warmest setting and the refrigerator stopped cooling again. I have cleaned all the coils and the entire ref

... Amana Refrigerators

I need information about the defrost thermostat. I have thoroughly cleaned all coils, under the refrigerator and in the freezer. I had to do this because ice was building up in the freezer and the refrigerator was running constantly. I have turned off and unplugged the refrigerator for an hour and plugged it back in and turned it on. I am now letting it hopefully chill and turn off. If it does not turn off, what's next and can I do it myself?

This info applies to all fridges. If you need additional info, just post a comment.\015\012\015\012Just click on the links.\015\012\015\012Defrost heater replacement\015\012 ... Roper RT18HDXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a RFG287AARS side-by-side refrigerator. We just moved into a house and the refrigerator came with the house so I know nothing about it. The ice maker was full of ice cubes when we moved in but it stopped producing ice now. Is there a simple solution? Did we accidentally turn the ice-maker off? The "turn icemaker off" light on the front of the door is not lit.

... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

After moving the refrigerator from one house to another, the refrigerator no longer runs properly. When I plug in the refrigerator and turn it on, there is the sound of liquid moving through the icebox, but the refrigerator remains the same temperature, even after a full day of running. Any ideas?

Fridge may take 48hours to settle(you have a bubble in the gas system).nothing you can do but wait. ... Sanyo Midsize Compact Refrigerator - Metallic

My Kenmore refrigerator (model: 106.57713700)in-door icemaker stopped dispensing ice about two weeks ago. The auger was not turning in the unit, and I can assume that the auger motor is shot and will need replaced. This morning,water was pouring from the back of the refrigerator from the water entry point to the refrigerator. It appears that the water is not being "turned off" by the icemaking unit. Any thoughts? Can you give me a rough idea how much is usually charged to do repairs for problems

The water valve must be tested to be sure IT is the problem, and not the timer or control board in your unit.If its getting the signal to close - the valve is at fault. Typically this would be about $125 repair (depending on your location ... Refrigerators

Model 550 Refrigerator constantly running. Had a Subzero repairman in and he said the evaporator coil is leaking and the refrigerator compressor is running constantly to keep up to temperature. I have it set at 5 and the temperature is 38 degrees. I decided to turn the freezer control to off (to make sure that compressor was not running) so I could move the refrigerator control warmer to see if it cycled off. When I turned the freezer off, the entire unit went silent; it apparently was the freez

If its as warm as you say and the refrigerant is R134A his estimate of the pressure (4# is low for 38'F) is correct.As for the leak I can only assume he sees something to make him believe its the evaporator. As to the warranty ... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Norcold refrigerator N842 model refrigerator. After running for about 40 minutes, when vehicle was turned off, and back on, the control panel began beeping with NO CO in the window. After attempting to turn off and then on again it still says NO CO. I understand it may need to be hard reset, in the wiring box outside. I do not have the wiring diagram to know which wires to unplug, and then replug, and which to use the jump wire to short across. How do I know which wires to use for this model

... Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool Gold 23.1cf counter depth side-by-side refrigerator purchased 3/2009 (model #GC3NHAXVB) that is suddenly leaking from the back. I tried to move the refrigerator to see where the leak was coming from, but it's too heavy for me to move. I turned the ice maker control to "off" and that seemed to stem the water flow. Has the ice maker sprung a leak? or what?

Unfortunantly , the refrig WILL have to be pulled out to find the leak . Possibly only needs the fitting tightened on the water valve , or , the ice maker fill tube has " popped " out of the retainer going to the ice maker fill tube ( which means rep ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I need to move my refrigerator, and to get it through the kitchen door I have to remove the frig and freezer doors from my Amana refrigerator (model # ARB2214CW) and then put them back on. Can you send me instructions how to do so? The doors need to be off on Tuesday August 26th so there is some urgency to this request. Thanks Kate

You will need to remove the freezer door first. 1.you will need to reach the top of the fridge. there is a cover there that will need to be removed. there might be a screw in the middle of it. if not than it just pops off. 2. ... Amana Refrigerators

No, I need a manual for my samsung refrigerator. when we got it. It didn't have a manual with it and the store didn't know where it was. So we don't know how to turn the frezzer down it is set on -2, we just need a manual to know how to set the frezzer and refrigerator. could you please help me. it is a samsung modle # rb215labp.

Here is the complet repair manual. It has the information and more but I will need to search for a users manual. Have a look at this and let me know if this is helpful or you want me to continue my search. Thank You Sea Breeze ... Samsung RB215LASH

I have a LG Refrigerator Model No. GR-F258TS. We moved house and when we turned fridge back on it appeared to be in Fahrenheit (previously was in Celsius). I played around and turned it back to Celsius by holding the freezer button down, however the numbers in each display panel keep sequentially flashing as if it diagnosing or something. e.g. The freezer display number will flash a number of times, then it will roll to refrigerator number, flash a few times then onto the lock word flashing.

... LG Refrigerators

Samsung Refrigerator I have 1 year old samsung side by side refrigerator. one morning I woke up and the food inside the refrigerator are warm. The refrigerator is still working but not cooling. I tried lowering the temp by pressing the digital button outside but it did not work. I turned off for about 12 hours with doors open and still did not work. Although, the water filter indicator needs to be replace. Do you think the water filter has something to do with the refrigerator not cooling? I am

This unit has a history of problems on the refrigerator side. the basic reset is press and hold down the 2 middle buttons on the freezer at the same time. As a general rule the number one problem is in the mother board. usually you can replace it ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, we have an RSW2400E. We recently moved and took our refrigerator with us. We left the refrigerator off for 24 hours and then turned it on. The refrigerator does not get very cold and the food in the bottom of the freezer began defrosting. The panel that splits the refrigerator from the freezer is extremely hot. Is this fixable? Thank you.

This sounds like someone may have knocked the condensor fan motor connector loose or bent a fan blade on the condensor fan in the process of moving it. Open the back of the unit and check the fan blade to see if it turns freely. Clear any obstructi ... Maytag Refrigerators

Our bottom freezer, frenchdoor whirpoolgold 2008 refrigerator stopped cooling the refrigerator last night. The freezer works fine. What do I need to do. I emptied the refrigerator, vacumnned off the compressor and all that underneath., turned it off and on, once. Checked vents, doors, tried increasing the cold setting. Then left it on, shut the doors until this morning. Refrigerator still not working. Freezer drawer is fine.

It has a motor mounted above the evaporator that pushes air up into the fresh food compartment. That fan motor might not be working. To get to it you need to remove the bottom door and get the food out. Remove the ice maker and shelves and then the r ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator- Kenmore Elite 795.77573600 Error "error if" appeared on display panel. I believe this is related to the ice maker fan. Unplugged freezer and turned ice maker off. Turned refrig. on, and error message does not come back. Error message reappears within 5 minutes if I turn ice maker back on. Refrig has been working without ice maker turned on for several weeks; however, the freezer has alot ice built up on the top and back of freezer. Do I need part number 1463582 (dc

The freezer ice is probably building up because of a 'defrost cycle' issue. I have looked up the 'if' code for your machine. There is no mention of that fault. It is an LG right? Made for Kenmore. I have a service manual that is close, but not that s ... Refrigerators

Original Post: Refrigerator- Kenmore Elite 795.77573600 Error "error if" appeared on display panel. I believe this is related to the ice maker fan. Unplugged freezer and turned ice maker off. Turned refrig. on, and error message does not come back. Error message reappears within 5 minutes if I turn ice maker back on. Refrig has been working without ice maker turned on for several weeks; however, the freezer has alot ice built up on the top and back of freezer. Do I need part number 1463582 (d

This error you are getting is coming from an issue with the fan you may call it freezer fan or evaporator fan, you stated that you change it however it still give you the same error that relate to the fan…first make sure when you connected all ... Refrigerators

My ice maker stopped working. It will drop a few cubes and then stop. I have cleaned the area, reset the temp. Unpluged the refrigerator waited and plugged it back in turned off the ice maker waited turned it back on and still only a few cubes of ice. I moved the ice lever and turned off the ice maker. It comes on for a few minutes and then nothing.

Hi\015\012 \015\012Please check the link regarding your query…\015\012h ... GE Refrigerators

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