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Have a kenmore fridge, model # 461 90032, serial # 0108090200342. fridge is getting cold but not cold. does the thermostat actually vary temp. or is it just an on off switch. what else should i check? there is power going in to the thermostat and coming out.thanks for your help. dimitri

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Have a kenmore fridge, model # 461 90032, serial # 0108090200342. fridge is getting cold but not cold. does the thermostat actually vary temp. or is it just an on off switch. what else should i check? there is power going in to the thermostat and coming out.thanks for your help. dimitri

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I have a Sharp model SJ-39F8W fridge it is an Australian model. lately the freezer is working perfectly but the fridge is not getting very cold at all. The thermostat in the fridge has no wiring it only closes a small door leading up to the freezer cabinet. I checked the thermostatic cut out on the compressor & that is still closed but the power has been cut to the compressor at intervals. On the top rear outside of the fridge there is a small plastic unit with 3 copper terminals inside which ha

As you noted there is a vent the cold air from the freezer comes through to cool the fridge and I assume it is open. The fan in the freezer blows the air through it.There is also a return vent at the bottom which allows for complete circulation. Make ... Refrigerators

Suddenly our rv fridge won't switch from gas to electric. My husband is an electrician, and the power supply to the rig is adequate, no circuit tripped, no fuse blown. Any suggestions for what else to check? I'm unsure of the model # but it is Dometic rv fridge, top freezer, in 2005 Sunnybrook 5th wheel.

If there is a timer fitted check to see if this is working correctly ... Dometic RGE400 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Samet Combi 15/18 fridge freezer makes a continuous high-pitched sonic noise, quite loud. The cmopressor and everything else works (except the green neon). Like a jammed alarm... but there is no mention in the maker's instructions of an audible alarm. I have checked at the back that nothing is vibrating against anything else. Here's the bit: switching off the power supply does not stop it! If there is an alarm, then the back-up battery is continually recharging.

... Refrigerators


... Haier HSA04WNC Compact Refrigerator

My mafirol fridge model number 4920nn010288 wont blow out cold air, and its in my sandwich shop, so at minute i carnt put meats in and stuff, ive had an electrician out he checked that power was there for me, which it is. so could it b the air-con.... or something else....

... Refrigerators

HI wondering if you can help i have a porkka kf75 which has been running fine till one day i switched it on but did not notice a kink in the water feed pipe and the machine run for maybe 3 mins without water it made a noise before switching off then sorted water feed out switched on and worked for 10 mins then cut out i have a gree light on front panel power switch but nothing else would you have any idea what to check or a curcuit diagram with some testing points to check for power .

... Refrigerators

Hello Expert, I have this close to 20 year old Frigidaire Fridge/Freezer with the freezer department on top and fridge on the bottom. The problem is that the fridge department is not getting cooled down even if I turn the fridge's thermostat full to 'cold'. However the fan is working fine as I shut the door, but no air to the fridge. If i disconnect the fridge for about 1 hour, and reconnect to power there is cold air to the fridge, but soon will begin to not blow cold air into the fridge depar

... Frigidaire FRT18P6BS Top Freezer Refrigerator

We have a Dometic RM2611 Fridge/Freezer in a 1995 Kodiak 5th Wheel. The campground we were staying in shut down the power for a couple of hours. When the power came back on our fridge quit working. No lights come on, we checked all fuses & they are OK. We have power at the plug on the back of the fridge, so there is power coming into the fridge. What do you think could be the problem. The other thing that quit working was the stereo. Everything else works. What do you think the problem could be

... Dometic Refrigerators

Had a power blackout for several hours, power back on. fridge starts, freezer appears to be working as normal but the fridge section is not as cold as it used to be, have the thermostat cranked to max. has made a difference but should be colder i believe. Would it be a faulty thermostat or compressor?

Since everything was fine before blackout, there would not be any major problem. probably the temperature sensor malfunctions ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire plht189sska top freezer fridge problem. Freezer is cold, fridge is warm. About a month ago, had the problem of frost build up in freezer, water pooling under veggie bins, warm fridge. Defrosted for 2 days, cleaned up water, found a clogged drain pipe. Plugged in, worked fine up until now. Warm fridge again, only this time no frost build up, no water leak. What to check next- timer, defrost thermostat, fan, condenser? should I check them in a particular order? Fridge is only 3 1/

If the defrost heating element, defrost timer or evaporater fan weren't working, you'd develop a block of ice on the evaporator. Is the compressor running? If it is, it might have bad valves from the frost buildup scenario. Liquid refrigerant coul ... Frigidaire PLHT189CSB Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung SR-S20ntd Hi, I've got a side by side fridge freezer, Samsung SR-S20NTD. Fridge cools, but freezer is freezing, but display is all over the place. Opened it up, took the inned panels off. Compressor turns on, but fans don't do anything (fridge nor freezer fan). checked the fans and on a separate power source, they both go. No voltage on the fan connector inside the fridge, nor freezer. Wanted to check the thermostats, but can't seem to find them. (was looking for the small cylinder

... Refrigerators

Westinghouse RJ532S both freezer and fridge compartments too cold as thermostat not switching fridge off even on least cold setting. It runs continuously and fridge gets down to -8C; ice cream freezes in the freezer section.

... Refrigerators

Kenmore SxS 106.9545711, The top portion of frig is warm, the defrost timer has been replaced and the thermocouple checks fine. The door lights don't come on when the door is opened, and the cooling fan does not run when the door is closed. The coils are cold but not frozen over with ice. I checked the switches and there is power to them. I jumped the switch to get the light to glow but that didn't work. What should I check next?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

How do I replace or check the refrigerator light switch? I tried replacing the bulb and checked the switch button and neither fixed the no light problem. There is no power in the socket. Or is there something else that should be checked?

This is a good tutorial on How to Test the Door Switch. ... Frigidaire Refrigerator Light Switch - 5303289051

Have a Whirlpool Gold fridge manufactured in 2000 according to the sticker inside fridge. Same sticker says model# is GT22DA or GT22DC. Freezer is working fine. Fridge part is not keeping food cold and in fact some food is spoiling as the temp inside fridge seems to be near to room temp. Water is condensing in fridge and pooling in bottom of fridge floor. The fridge thermostat is set to coldest setting. Any things I can check or clean? What is the most likely fault?

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Both light bulbs blew out in the refridgerator compartment at the same time. Replaced both bulbs still both do not light up, also replaced the switch (part #1118894)and still no lights. However the freezer light works, everything else seems to be working (i.e., has cold air; refridge, freezer, and condenser fan working, ice maker working). I checked all connections and they seem fine. Not sure what else to check? Please help!

Check the control board in the rear area of the refrigerator for a bad printed circuit trace ... Refrigerators

Freezer workig fridge not cold checked fan wires intact when you open fridge door then close it you can hear fan operate for short time temp control light flashing will let you sit temp from warm to cold but after a few seconds temp light will switch off and when you press temp control again temp light comes on but temp will not stay as requested

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Coo ... Refrigerators

I have a kemore coldspot side by side maufacture date 04/07 that is not cooling properly. Freezer gets cold but won't freeze and fridge section gets cool. I have checked condenser fan runs and compressor runs (humming and vibrating identical to my whirlpool fridge with same compressor), large line stays cool, small line gets hot so implies is pumping. I have checked out defrost circuit fan and timer runs, heater gets hot and defrost thermostat turns heater on and off. I have verified this by p

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

2 year old Br15a larder fridge is never switching off now, even with thermostat turned down to number 1. Fridge is very cold and back panel covered in frost at the top. Door seal is fine. Is this the thermostat faulty? Many thanks

THERMOSTAT FAULTY ... Baumatic BR15A Compact Refrigerator

Power cool hi my fridge doesnt cool my drinks properly, how to i make the setting stay on power cool, when i set it at that it goes back down again. my coke aint cold i mean its ok but not ice cold like everyone elses

... Samsung RM255LASH Side by Side Refrigerator

Follow-up... Mr. Mike, Thank you for your response... I tried defrosting the fridge, and came to the point in which i have to check the fan and it is working. I turned the fridge side switch all the way to off to see if the fan will come off but it did not turn the fan off. I am not an electrician, so is there any suggestion on what else do i have to check? I really do appreciate any info that you can give me... Again, thanks in advance... Rowel

Set the temp.setting back to where they where,pen freezer door and find the freezer door button,push that in and see if the fan goes off,mike ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

NOT OPERATING... I now use this fridge as a garage/beer fridge. The power was lost for a few hours and now it won't cool. I have checked the fan, running. I have checked the compressor, don't know if it is running but it is hot. I even called Whirlpool. They told me to they would send out a Service Tech, they would cover parts, but not labor. When I asked about the labor charges they told me to call the Service Tech. The air blowing out of the vents is cool but nowhere near cold. Help me please.

\015\012 i would first thoroughly clean the coils under the machine and make sure the airflow is not obstructed in any way.\015\012 a hot compressor means 2 things, ... Whirlpool ED2FHGX Side by Side Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-42-WH self-defrosting fridge. Freezer works fine, but fridge doesn't cool down - no airflow to fridge. 1. Damper working perfectly and not jambed in closed position. 2. Fan working perfectly 3. Thermostat in freezer fine 4. Evaporator fine - no ice build up, so auto-defrost seems to be working. Turned fridge off and left doors open overnight. Did find water on the floor. Switched it back on....it worked fine for 2 weeks, but problem is back - no airflow to fridge - checked damp

I recently had exactly the same problme with this model refrigerator. I found the problem to be the defrost timer. It is located behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator where the mains cord is located, you will need to replace it with the ex ... Refrigerators

Hi, i have a fridge freezer, and the fridge is too cold. it is freezing the food inside and the back wall of the fridge is now covered in ice. i have defrosted it twice but it freezes up quite quickly. i have adjusted the thermostat but this did not help. the fridge is not that old (out of warrantee though) it is a caple Ri731. the freezer part is working just fine. I have checked the door and i think it is closing and sealing fine.

I have the exact same issue on the same fridge\\freezer - did you find out what the issue was?\012\012thanks ... Refrigerators

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