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My kenmore elite french door fridge is leaning back by a few degrees. ive tried to adjust the legs on the front but no luck. are there any legs on the back? i cant see them. the leaning back causes my doors to slam to the sides when you open the fridge. please help.

Answers :

There should be two set screws in the front of the refrigerator behind the long vent cover remove it and the screws should be in each corner. take a socket that's the right side and turn them and it should level the frige.

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My kenmore elite french door fridge is leaning back by a few degrees. ive tried to adjust the legs on the front but no luck. are there any legs on the back? i cant see them. the leaning back causes my doors to slam to the sides when you open the fridge. please help.

There should be two set screws in the front of the refrigerator behind the long vent cover remove it and the screws should be in each corner. take a socket that's the right side and turn them and it should level the frige. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Hotpoint htm17bbssa and the front rollers allow the fridge to lean too far back causing the doors to slam shut with a force that knocks stuff off the door. Is there any way to lower the front roller so the fridge is not so far out of level?

... Hotpoint HTM17BBSSA Top Freezer Refrigerator

Adjust front legs of fridge to lean back a bit so door will shut on its own

Simply lift the fridge slightly and turn the foot piece to your left.Some models have an adjustable roller rather than a foot, in which case there is an adjusting screw in front just above the roller. ... Crosley Refrigerators

I think i have a grounding problem with my Kitchenaid side-by-side fridge. I feel a shock when i touch the freezer door if i'm not wearing any shoes. Also i just checked the back of the unit and i get a shock from touching the back even with shoes on! I've checked the wall receptacle and that's working fine, so it's definitely something in the fridge. Can someone suggest possible causes or where i hould check to find the cause? Thanks, Andre Simons

I would buy a tester and check the wall receptacle to make sure the ground is right, they are like 5 dollars.Then yes you have a loose ground somewhere check the compressor first . ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Fisher & Pykel C38OB Fridge freezer, the back of the fridge freezes up and I have removed the cover on the back of the fridge revealing the cooling plate behind it and there is a blue and white wire that has come off and I cant see where it connects to and I am not sure how to remove the cooling plate to look behind or if it can be removed, could the blue and white wire be the reason for it freezing and if so what does it connect to and how would I go about connecting it again

... Refrigerators

Amana BR22VW, P1321505WW Fridge is warm, Freezer is cold Some frost in the freezer, none in the fridge Air is blowing constantly in freezer, a little air in fridge (but not cold) Cooler air blows in fridge when freezer door is open. I checked the fridge air return (back bottom right) and there is some frost, but the vent looks quite open. Can't see much more than a couple of inches before it turns. I turned the defrost timer (?) until I heard a click - located under the front of

... Refrigerators

I just purchased a GE profile counter depth french door refrigerator. It seems fine except that the doors (both top and the freezer door) do not swing shut. They have to be pushed to close properly. We tried adjusting the legs and have even overcompensated by having it lean a bit towards the back, but we still have the same issue. Any thoughts? Are these doors supposed to swing shut normally?

The doors are out of alignment.pretty tricky to get right - and professional help is suggested.\015\012Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question. ... GE Refrigerators

Have a 6 - 7 year old Samsung RS2534WW from Best Buy. The back interior wall of the fridge is bulging forward/inward for quite some time now. We had to remove some shelving in order to be able to close the door. Help! What causes this and how can we fix it? The fridge still cools well and the freezer side is not affected.

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I have a old unit but works great i removed the doors to move to my new house and cant remember how to put the bottom door (refridgerator) back on at the bottom. I have the steel bracket and screws with the plastic piece that covers the bracket where can i see a schematic of the assembly model number is tz19qw

You can see the schematic at slect-parts.com / you will need a complete model # . mm ... Refrigerators

Wire on icemaker came loose. I can't secure it back in to unit since it came loose on the door side and I cant see where it goes back in

Good day,\015\012Suggest you remove ice maker. 3 screws(clips on top maybe), and the electrical plug. \015\012Stretch the wire slightly and re-install the wire. If the action up and down seems normal re-install. ... Whirlpool 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator ET18PKXG

Kenmore side by side refrigerator leaking at elbow joint on freezer side door. This joint connects tube from back of fridge to a tube that runs up the inside of the door. Any trick to getting elbow joint off without mangeling the tubes? Any ideas as to the cause?

Hello, This connection is what they call a pushfit connection...The way to get um off without mangling the tube is press down on the lip at the edge hard and pull the tube at the same time...should slide right out. These fittings do tend to start lea ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Fridge was beeping with the door close, when i open the door the back panel was flashing and i cant stop it can anyone help me with this problem.

... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Just got back from vacation opened fridge door and wow, was greeted with god awful smell everything hot, i noticed the freezer temp was on zero, possible due to my four yr old but know cant get the compressor to kick back on any suggestions would help. thks phill

If the freezer is at o then the compressor is working and frost buildup in freezer back panel check to make sure the cooling fan is working on the compressor area ... GE Refrigerators

Hotpoint ff40x fridge freezer had door left ajar and so caused it ti beep and the yellow lights to flash i have turned it off as described in the manual and back on but it is not kicking back in and the light for the freezer is still flashing

... Refrigerators

My fridge freezer is broken. There is a lot of bubbling noise around the back - and abnormal amount. Meanwhile the fridge cools just fine, but the freezer section below is not cooling at all. I have removed the plastic panel behind the freezer section but cant see anything unusual. Please help!

Hi, you have to examine the cooling unit. If the refrigerator makes a bubbling sound, the cooling unit is leaking or the hydrogen has escaped which is why you are having problem with the freezer section not cooling and as time goes on the fridge sect ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Kitchenaid KSCS25INSS It's brand new and a little beep-beep-beep alram goes off intermittently. Also the interior lights in the freezer and the fridge don't stay on for longer than a half hour. We've had 2 repair calls made and it didn't help. Also, when the freezer door makea s whoosh sound(caused by a vacuum I'm told), sometimes the lights goe back on but then for only about 10 minutes and the bbeping starts again.

Im not sure about the alarm but im going to assume its a door ajar alarm tilt the fridge back using the adjusters on the front wheels till you can open the doors about 1/4 let them go and it will close its self fridges are a ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Ive got a beko frost free frige freezer,the fridge is at the right temp but the freezer has all of a sudden started to warm up? the fan is going round and blowing out cool air but not cold enough to freeze.ive looked at the back and cant see any of the pipes frozen? any sugestions?

All working fine now, i took everything out of the freezer and turnerd it off for an hour then i cleaned it out and hoovered round the back and swiched it back on and straight away it was blowing freezing cold air, its still going now so i think its ... Refrigerators

The control panel does not seem to work on the door. None of the switches work, ice,water, options, alarm. The change filter sign on the main display is highlighted. I tried turning the refrigerator off and back on to see if something would reset but it did not. Would the change filter cause the control panel to not work? Other than that the machine is working.

Yes the filter needs to be changed after the change filter light is indicated.After changing the filter the unit has to be reseted.The reset procedure is as follows:---\015\012press and hold the Water Filter Reset button for 5 seconds. Newer mo ... Siemens KA62DV50GB Side by Side Refrigerator

My two door fridge freezer works well untill it goes through a defrost then it wont start back up i have replaced the sensors both defrost and room in the freezer and it still does the same thing what could be causing this problem please

Hi,\012Then it is the main control or the defrost control board...\012Iwould look up the part for you but the model number given here comes up as an oven..\012\012heatman101 ... Samsung RF265AA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a side by side with water and ice dispenser. Every now and then a stream of water will leak down and cause the condensor tray to overflow in about 3-5 days requiring me to empty it before it overflows. When I once heard the flow of water I looked and saw the stream towards the back of the fridge flowing steadily into the tray for abbout 5 seconds. I did not have time to see exactly where it was originating.Any ideas? Ray

When the water filter is full some are designed for the water to go to the evaporator pan. Check to see if the filter is stopped up. ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

My Bosch upright fridge is not defrosting & has a wall of ice on the back. The fan does not appear to be working either. Is that the problem? - cant remember how often I see the fan working now!Thanks

I kind of doubt that the fan is the problem. On my refrigerator, when it goes on defrost, the fan shuts off. They don't want it blowing heated air on the milk. Yours might be different.I don't know this particular frig, but evidently t ... Bosch Refrigerators


There is a bolt that you'll need it to remove, actually most of whirlpool model can be access in the front. ... Refrigerators

I have a Samsung Twin cooling french door fridge with the freezer drawer at the bottom. I notice that in the vents in the back cover where the cooling fans are you can see styrofoam. I am afraid that it wasn't unpacked correctly and the foam was supposed to be removed. Anyone know if that is the case or if the foam is supposed to be there?

This is normal, the vents are lined with styrofoam to help minimize loss of cooling when the air is circulated from the freezer section into the fridge section.\015\012\015\012Most of the vent and cold air channels are made entirely from ... Refrigerators

Ice Maker and water dispenser is not receiving water. I installed a new filter to see if that was the problem, but that didn't help. I unplugged the water line going to the water dispenser under the door, pressed the water dispenser, and the water came out the line very slowly (almost to a drip). I'm going to check the water line in the back of the fridge, but not sure where to start. Any suggestions on what to check and how?

First does the auger motor turn when to press the paddle for ice also does the light come on...and the beverage center is turned on ...if yes to alL then I would say you have a frozen water line or frozen water tank..if you have lights no motor, no ... GE Profile PSF26NGW Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, my GE Profile PSG22SI series 2 door fridge has a hose broken at the back and itdisappears into some sort of solid device where you can move the hose up and down a little bit, but can't disconnect it, or even see where it is connected at the other end. Any ideas on how to fix? thanks much. Keith

... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

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