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Kenmore refrigerator-- freezer is working fine. Refrigerator is freezing food. I changed the temp dials to send coldest air to freezer. Food is still freezing any suggestions.

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I need the model number that Sears put on the fresh food section door to confirm. Until I know which model you have I need to assume that it has an electrically controlled damper between the freezer and 2 temperature controls. I also have to assume that they both are connected by their wiring to a Adaptive Defrost Control. If one of the three things listed is not working then that part will need replaced. Now there are cases when the damper door becomes stuck and you would need to unplug the power and open the rear panel in the back of freezer to see if frost or ice has the damper stuck wide open. Sears numbers look like this for example 231.564897 bottom of fresh food door behind door seal and near floor kick plate, Let me know what you find and I will be happy to help you, Thanks, Sea Breeze

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Kenmore refrigerator-- freezer is working fine. Refrigerator is freezing food. I changed the temp dials to send coldest air to freezer. Food is still freezing any suggestions.

I need the model number that Sears put on the fresh food section door to confirm. Until I know which model you have I need to assume that it has an electrically controlled damper between the freezer and 2 temperature controls. I also have to assume t ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator (Model #FRT21TNGWO) and the Freezer is not freezing properly. I turned the temp to coldest setting and my food was still soft. There is cold air blowing out of the vents in the back of the freezer but just doesn't seem to be keeping it cold enough to keep food froze solid.

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I have an Amana bottom freezer refrigerator. The refrigerator is freezing food. We turned all the way down to 1 and still same problem maybe even freezes worse. What do you suggest?

Hi,\012There can be many reasons why your refrigerator is freezingyour food. To see what could be happening and to figure out how to possibly fixyour problem. Take a look at this tip which contains many of the causes andsolutions to fix the problems. ... Refrigerators

Hi there our LG GN-315FW refrigerator has stopped working. It is still producing some cold at freezer and chilled area. But no cold at refrigerator area for food & vegies. Freeze is just cold but not freezing the things...so all food items in freezer has soften, surprisingly it still produces ICE. Can you please provide any solution which I can fix? I appreciate all help. Thanking you in advance. LG User

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. \012 \012If you are heari ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator. It has two sets of coils inside the unit, one in the freezer and one in refrigerator so there is no air flow between the two areas. I have replaced the front PCB panel which i believe controls both temperatures and all the sensors in the refrigerator but it has not stopped the refrigerator from freezing my food. The problem comes and goes. It primarily starts freezing food after it rains (I have noticed this on several occasions). What could it be? S

... Samsung RB215LASH

Refrigerator is not keeping food cold. Temp is set to 38. Freezer temp is set to -2. Freezer is working fine. Food in the refrigerator is begining to spoil. Problem started a week ago. We cleaned entire outside and underneith to remove any dust. Appliance is year and a half old. Samsung RF 266 Series bottom chest freezer. Model RF266ABBP We've tried the "power freeze" and "power cool" settings as well as turning down the temperatures in both the freezer and refrigerator. Problem still pe

Most refrigerators have the evaporator in the freezer and use air flow to cool down the refrigerator compartment. Can you tell if the defrost cycle is working, IS there ice on the evaporator. Can you defrost it. Try taking it off the power freeze cyc ... Samsung RF266AE (260 cu ft) Refrigerator

I have a Jenn aire JRS229 model. It is about 15yrs old. The refrigerator side is not getting that cold anymore even when set on the coldest setting. The freezer still freezes, but not as cold as it used to. Any ideas and is it easy to do it yourself? Please help if anyone can. Thanks.

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We have a Westinghouse WSE6100SA - side by side fridge freezer. Still under warranty. The repair guys have been twice now to temp fix the freezer, to no avail. the freezer is not freezing or I should say it stops freezing because the vent where the air flows through block with solid ice and when the defrosting cycle starts(warm air is pumped through the freezer) it doesnt stop and all the food defrosts. The purchaser, Repairer and Westinghouse/Electrolux are not fulfilling their warranty obliga

This could also be an issue with simply too much food in the fridge blocking some of the air channels or that there are containers in there which are uncovered which contribute to high humidity in the box.The unit may also be left open too much. &nbs ... Refrigerators

My refrigerator freezer is not freezing nor is the food in the refrigerator being cooled. I hear the motor running and fans blowing but there is still no cooling or freezing action. We have vacuumed the dust from the bottom of the refrigerator in the back. We have also removed the back panel in the freezer and see no evidence of icing on any of the parts. What could be wrong?

Get A NEW FREEZER ... Refrigerators

Hi, We have a whirlpool eb22dkxfw01 bottom-freezer refrigerator. The freezer part is working OK, compressor is running, but the refrigerator part is getting rather close to room temperature, and some milk spoiled yesterday. I turned the fridge temp control to coldest, but still basically no cold air comes out in the fridge section. Freezer seems OK, cold air there. How to fix?

Need to check for ice build up in air vent. if not make sure you hear your evap fan blowing in the freezer section. this blows your cold air into the fresh food side. do you have ice build up on rear wall of freezer section? ... Refrigerators

Hi i have a kenmore model # 106.55526400 side by side refrigerator with major temperature problems. First the freezer stopped freezing , all food melted and then of corse the refrigerator side stopped working. Inside of both is cool but no where close to keeping food from spoiling. I first checked both fans and the are both running properly , then I unplugged it and let it sit over night to make sure the coils were not frozen. When I plugged back in still not cool or freezing! I now have taken

... Refrigerators

We have a side by side Amana Refrigerator Freezer. It is model SXD22S2L. We started noticing that the things in the door of the freezer were not frozen solid. Like cans of frozen jucie were not frozen, just liquid. The meats, etc. are still frozen but some bags of frozen blueberries, biscuits, anything soft, is not freezing. It is also not making any ice. The water dispenser for drinking still has water coming out. The refrigerator seems to be fine. What do you suggest?

... Amana SXD524VW Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator (HTV15WNCWW) freezes fine but the refrigerator freezes everything also. I made about 2-3 inches of space in front of the freezer vents, still same problem. When the freezer is pumping air out the frig is too.

... Haier Refrigerators

The refrigerator was running too cold and freezing everything on the top shelf so I moved the dial from the coldest setting all the way to the right, to the least cold on the left. Now the refrigerator is not keeping anything cold even though the lights are still on and the freezer is fine. I moved the dial all the way back to the coldest setting but it still isnt cold.

... Jenn-Air Jenn Air Side by Side Counter depth Refrigerator 22 Cu. Ft. - JCB2280HE

Not getting enough cool in the referigerator side. Foods are getting bad within 24 hrs. What should I do? Could you help me please? I have side by side about 22 ft amana referigerator. I got a resolution to put freezer to the warmer and this will divert cold air to the referigerator. I followed this suggestion- referigerator area was cold on the first day. But now again not enough cold air in referigerator. The freezer temp is still in the warm settings. What else should I do? Food became bad

Clean the refrigerator underneath where the fan blows on the condenser.Remove all dirt and dust.Anything that is blocking air movement,and check the condenser coil to see that it is clean,and not blocked in the coils.The vent in the front,and the bac ... Refrigerators

I have a two year old GE Profile with bottom freezer. I have the fridge set at 36 and freezer at 0. This morning the freezer was at 12, and things were thawing. The fridge is still at 36-37, and 10 hours later, the freezer is now at 16. The fan runs because I can feel cold air blow into the freezer, just not freezing cold air. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi,\015\012Here is a tip that I wrote about the problems you are having with your refrigerator not keeping temperature. There can be numerous different causes but the most common is a dirty condenser coil...\015\012\015\012As the ... GE Profile Stainless Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser 22.2 Cu. Ft. - PFS22SIS

I would like to ask for some info and troubleshooting techniques in which my refrigerator samsung model number RT22S. I noticed that the water inside the water bottle container is freezing and most likely some fo the foods are also freezing. And also the control knob of temperature in refrigerator is not functioning I think it is clogged up. Now both the freezer and refrigerator are not functioning anymore but the refrigerator light bulb is still functioning but I couldn't hear the condenser mot

Its not normal.The problem is related to defrost.Unplug unit from power outlet for 12 hours and then reconnect it and start.These resets the refrigerator.But its not working even after reset then internal defrost assembly and condenser/ compressor ne ... Refrigerators

After recent power outages and freezing temperatures in our vacation home the refrigerator portion of our refrigerator stopped cooling, but the freezer still works. Our refrigerator is a 4 year old Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator. Do you have any suggestions of troubleshooting?

Sounds like one of two problems. Either the fan motor that pushes the cold air from the freezer is not turning (Burned out) or stuck with ice because of an incomplete defrost of frost. Check to make sure the fan is running (any time the fridge is run ... Maytag Refrigerators

My Kitchenaid refrigerator stop freezing. It still gets cold on both sides. But the freezer does not freeze anymore. I was told that it was the coils need cleaning, so I blew them ouy with my air compressor and I also cleaned the drain tray. It still does not freeze. What else could it be?

It could be a freon leak, or the compressor is not staying on.  If you can hear a clicking sound coming from the back every couple of minutes, your compressor overload is kicking off.  More than likely you either have a freon leak, or a def ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire Model FRS26ZNH Side by Side. Refrigerator side not cooling (no air flow from top). Freezer side fine, however back panel and coils are freezing up. If I turn off the freezer side and remove back panel and use a fan to thaw out the coils in back of freezer, unit will run fine for a few days until it freezes up again. Fan motor was running constant, however when I went to unfreeze the coils again today, the fan motor was not running at all. Any suggestions!!

... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Jenn-Air side by side Model #JCD2389DES. We noticed freezer was only doing a soft freeze..we removed several items which we thought were blocking vents in freezer...next we noticed refrigerator side was not cooling at all...we had it jam packed with Thanksgiving leftovers...next I turned up the Refrigerator side and flipped little slider switch from cool to cold...to no avail...next I noticed a fan is continuously running...I unloaded some of items in refrigerator side...still nothing and also o

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a side by side refirgerator, model # GSH25JFXBCC. the refrigerator has too much humidity. the food in the refrigerator is wet and moist. the food (fruit/vegs) in the bins is wet with moisture. food is deteriorating quickly. I have today reset the frig to 6 from 5. the freezer is still at 5. any suggestions? P.Pratcher

Please check your door seal this the the number 1 cause of high humidity in refrigerators. make sure the door closes completely as well ... GE Refrigerators

My refrigerator was warm when we opened it this morning. The freezer side is still working as normal. Last night,before we went to bed, we noticed the main light had gone out, though lights lower in the frige were still on. The fridge was especially full because of holiday food, and may have bloked the air vents in the back. We epmtied it of all food and it began to cool again. Is there something wrong? or was it just too full?

Sounds like you toke care ov the problem. ... Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Factory Installed Ice Maker

We have an Amana refrigerator with bottom (frost free) freezer drawer. There is ice build up inside the freezer on the back wall and food is not freezing. The refrigerator is about 6 years old. any suggestions.

Your fridge is probably suffering from a defrost circuit failure. One (or possibly more) of the following components has failed: 1) the defrost terminator or sensor, 2) the defrost heating elementor 3) the defrost controller / timer. Items 1 & ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator gets too cold and freezes food, regardless of temperature setting. First problem I noticed was the refrigerator was not getting cool air from freezer, the vents were blocked by ice, so I defrosted. Everything was fine for about a week, and then it froze the food in the fridge.

... Haier HTE18WAA Top Freezer Refrigerator

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