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Ice maker no make ice model 10656576400

\015 Kenmore refridgeator Model 56576 not make ice\015

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GE refrigerator ice maker model can9 stopped making ice. Also i need a wiring diagram for this can9 model ice maker. reply to [email protected] Have replaced the water a bad valve to the ice maker but still will not make ice. Will only make ice if you pour water directly in the ice maker.

The schematic to my CAN9 is cast into the front cover. ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker my ice maker wont make ice, makes clicking sound The ice maker will not make ice. The part that goes down to release ice just stays down. My icemaker has been making ice since I bought it and all of the sudden it quits making ice. It is Model 106.53532300. It feels like it has made ice but hasn't dropped it

Friend,ngfam1 At your service! There are many parts in this component that may be the culprit .One or more will need to be replaced.This is not easy to diagnose. I've seen service order parts 2 or 3 times till they completed t ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have model FPHN2899LF6 with an ice maker model JB ND-28. The ice maker has stopped making ice. It was working fine for 4 months but now is not making ice.

... Frigidaire Professional 22.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refr


Open the door and hold the door switch down and try the ice dispenser. Do you hear any thing.You should hear the ice door open and the augur motor turning to turn the augur which pushes the ice out the door. If the augur doesn't turn Take all the ice ... Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire refrigerator, model # FRS26R2AW8. Ice maker model # M! SA8868. The ice maker is taking longer to make ice, the freezer is very cold, but the ice maker when it cycles leaves all the ice cubes sitting on top of the ice maker. Sometimes I feel water in the ice maker and others it seems dry.

... Refrigerators

Ice maker does not make ice the ice maker will make one tray of ice and then not make any more. this on an admiral side by side model # HMG62164

This is probably your water vlave that has gone out. How old is your refrigerator? Normally the valves can go out after about 2 - 4 years depending on how your water is in your area and if the water is turned off in your city very often.\015\01 ... Refrigerators

I have a GE Monogram model #ZISW42DSB. The ice maker quit working, I had a repairman out, and without really looking at it, he said it was the diverter which is underneath the refrigerator, and he couldn't get to it, without pulling the frige out, which meant we would have to pull up tile. My son was fiddling around with the icemaker, and it started making ice again. Last night the ice maker started making a loud noise, and quit making ice. There is no water in the icemaker itself. Do you t

You will have to see if the ice maker itself is getting water,there is a valve,but it should be close to the ice maker,and see if it is the problem,the diverter valve has to do with more than one source,like water in the door for drinking,it redirect ... GE Refrigerators

I have a ge model GTS22KBMCC with a IM4 ice maker. the ice maker is not making ice. I checked the water line and it is flowing good . I hear it trying to pump water, but nothing goes in the ice tray. when I pour water in the ice tray, it makes ice.Is there a filter that could be clogged? If so , where is it and how do I clean thanks

Take the hose out and clean it with hot water replace and then try ... Refrigerators

I have a U-Line Corp model CO29 Combo Frig and Ice Maker. The Ice Maker will not make ice and we have water to the water value and to the ice unit. I suspect the unit maybe frozen. How can I advance the Ice Making Cycle to see if I get water. I was looking for the pins to short across to start the cycle but there does seem to be any. Any thoughts? Brian Kane

There is no real way to advance ice makers, there are just 2 parts to your ice maker..the valve and the maker which im sure you know...the best way i have found to check which one is faulty is by buying a cord with a plug top one end bare wires other ... Refrigerators

Model: Samsung RB215LABP Bottom freezer The ice maker is full of ice and seems to be frozen, as it won't release said ice. I heard to press a black button for a while to make it come out, but that has not done anything. How can I make my ice maker clear out and produce ice again?

Defrost the whole thing. Put everything in a cooler and turn the freezer to 0ff or zero. Open the doors to speed things up. ... Samsung RB215LASH

GE Refrigerator, model PSS26MGPBBB, stop making ice. Water dispensor works fine. Green light on ice maker is blinking. Have tried recycling power to ice maker no change. Have check to see if obstruction in ice tray, clear. At time sounds like is is trying to make ice but do not hear water valve come on.


I recently bought a Whirlpool refrigerator, side by side with an ice maker. Model No. ED2KHAXVQ01. I've only had it for 5 weeks and the ice maker makes ice, but it won't dispense through the door. When I push the lever in it makes a bad sound and no ice comes down. Also, I can't get the ice bin out, even pressing the button on the side. Help! It's too new to break already.

... Whirlpool 21.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with EZ-Change Ice and Water Filter

I have a whirlpool refrigerator model # ED5PBAXVB00 that is not producing ice. I replaced the water valve on it last July. The ice maker switch is on & red light is blinking. I poured water in the ice maker & it did not eject ice. The freezer seems to be cold enough . I got a new ice maker & installed it but that has not worked. I have water to the valve & water at door spout but do not have water through the valve to ice maker. I do not know if i have to reset something for the new ice make

... Refrigerators

I own a Kenmore Coldspot, Model 10657572790, Manuf. 7-97: I recently replace the dual-Valve Water Valve. Before I replaced the valve, the water function in the don't work, but it did make ice. Now, the water works, but it don't make ice now? I call the company where I purchased the valve, and the told me that I needed to bleed the line and still water travels through the tubing for the ice maker. I can pure water in the ice maker and it works great, but water isn't pumping from the new valve to

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore fridge model 596.72912200 that came with the townhouse I just bought and moved into this Saturday. The ice maker worked fine until today, it has stopped making ice. I tried lifting the arm to stop it and then put it back down, it did not work, still no ice. Also, it has started making this noise like a creaking sound today too. Both fridge and freezer are cold as they should be. How do I get the ice maker to start working again, and what is happening with the creaking noise and

Does your ice maker have the on off switch on the front of it? ... Refrigerators

I have a Hotpoint Refrigerator in which the ice maker broke. (Twice the ice maker didn't make cubes but just 'filled the freezer' with one big hung of ice. I'm wondering if I just shouldn't make ice cubes any more, (well I can't), or, if the ref. is old enough, maybe I should get a new one anyone. The Model #CTX18CIZALWW, Serial #TS-507357. Could you kindly telll me how old it is? Thank you for your comment.

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

I have an amana model AFD253DEW refrigerator. The ice maker recently stopped working. I shut it off while on vacation. When I returned and turned it back on it has yet to make ice. water dispenser on frig works. Ice maker will make and eject ice if I poor water in unit. I can hear hum of unit trying to receive water but none is being let in. What can I check and how do I check it?

The control arm on ice maker broke off ... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore Coldspot side by side model 106.52272202 with an icemaker model 106.626662. The ice maker won;t make ice. It won't run automatically, bu5t I can use a jumper to make the motor run, make it fill with water and make the heater mold work. I replaced the whole icemaker and everything is still the same. I have no idea what to do next.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

My ice maker stopped making ice frigidaire model plhs269zdb1 ice maker model number is GSI-26

The simple and most expensive solution is to replace the ice maker assembly. They sell for between 50 bux on e-bay to 150 bucks at Sears. From what I have seen most ice makers fit the same category and they look like they are all designed and b ... Frigidaire PLHS269ZD Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker LG Model 25960SW The ice maker will go through the system and reset when I press and hold the ice button size, once it makes one try the water don't refill on it's own. Why won't it make cube continusly.

... Refrigerators

I have a bottom freezer GE Fridge Model GDL20KCSABS. Bought the fridge brand new and after about a year the ice maker stopped making ice except for the occasional phantom ice that is makes like once ever month :) I have checked the water line and it is getting water. I called GE and they said to check the filter, but this model does not have a filter, so they wanted to send a repair guy out. We have very hard water, so I believe that there is some build up in the little blue bulb where the water

It is a simple solution you check your ice regulater and get it to normal from maximum ... Refrigerators

I have a Kitchenaid refridgerator model KSSC42QMS00. I recently had a repair done as the water valve failed in the open position cause water to continually drip into the ice maker. Now the ice maker fill with water, but won't eject the ice. I have removed the ice maker and cleaned the ice out, but it still makes ice but won't eject it.

Use this trouble chart below for your ice maker. It has so much detailed information it is easier to click onto the link than typing all the information out for you. I would also copy this infomation and save it for future use in your computer. ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side-by-side model number 106.53669300 with an automatic ice maker. The problem is the ice maker is not working. I have 120 volts at the receptacle, but only 34 volts at the harness for the ice maker. I am confused because I can jumper out the motor and make the bail turn. The resistance heater also seems to be working. Once it has been jumpered, it ejects the ice, then fills and ejects the ice after it is frozen once more. It fills and freezes again but doesn't even try to ejec

HI. These symptoms seem to point to a failed thermostat. During this type of failure, the ice maker will not be able to regulate the freezing of the ice. It may not be able to preform a complete cycle, as well. The successful jumping indicates that t ... Refrigerators

I have a Samsung refrigerator model #rf267abrs. the ice maker makes a constent poping noise. When I look at it I find a peice of ice stuck in between the arm and ice making slot always in the last hole towards the back of the unit. I break the ice and replace bin and then have to repeat process everytime the ice makes. How or what do I fix?

... Samsung Refrigerators

My Samaung refrogerator model RS275ACPN is very slow releasing the frozen ice. Cubs are frozen but the ice make holdes the for hours before making a new tray. As a result the ice holder nerver fills up. On the front of the ice makes there is a clear plastic panel which shows the electronics. On the botton the is a gasket. It there a way to adjust the timing where the ice maker will cycle faster? Tempature is not a problem and the power freeze mode does nothing to help.

... Samsung Refrigerators

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