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Kenmore refrigerator 106-72862 101 ice/frost build up at drain hole in freezer for every 2-3 months

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Take a wire clothes hanger and cut it to about 3-4 inches wrap it around the defrost element and run it into the drain hole . make sure that the line is free of debris as well . use a turkey baster to push VERY hot water down the hole.

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I have had my SANTO 75438 KG just over a year for the last 4-6 months I have to remove the large salad/vegetable container every morning to remove the layer of ice that builds up on the floor of the fridge, the drain hole is permanetly iced up also the ceiling and the back of the freezer is thick ice. We had an engineer in via John Lewis from service force he spent 1-2 hours removed the caseing on the ceiling and back of the freezer and removed ice build up on the fan and drain outlet, he said

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Kenmore refrigerator 106-72862 101 ice/frost build up at drain hole in freezer for every 2-3 months

Take a wire clothes hanger and cut it to about 3-4 inches wrap it around the defrost element and run it into the drain hole . make sure that the line is free of debris as well . use a turkey baster to push VERY hot water down the hole. ... Kenmore 18.3 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator w/Through-the-Door Water Dispenser

I have an older 363.9552414. Water appears periodically on the floor in front of the refrigerator. It is hard to see just where it is coming from. There does not seem to be a drain hole in the refrigerator part, but there is a drain hole in the freezer section. There is a buildup of ice around the drain hole, and a thin sheet of ice on the floor of the freezer section. So my guess is the freezer drain hole is blocked, perhaps by ice, and water is building up and then leaking out the front p

You are pretty good at diag the problem . want a job? mm the ice build up on the bottom of freezer floor is because it didn't go down the drain because it's full of ice. ( you did good . ) so you need to deice the ... Refrigerators

I have a Liebherr SBSes 7051 side by side refrigerator with Biofresh and Freezer on one side. The floor of the freezer cabinet develops a sheet of ice approx 6-8 mm thick every week or so and this has to be physically removed. There does not appear to be a drain hole in the freezer as there is in the refrigerator side. Can you advise what the problem may be and also advise how the water is drained from the freezer in the defrost mode.

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I have a GE refrigerator model number PSC25SG SA SS which has Problem that in every couple days the freezer and the refrigerator display panels display out of their setting ranges. For example, the freezer panel displays 9 degree (0 degree is normal and the setting is 0 degree) and refrigerator panel displays 44 degree (37 degree is normal and the setting is 37). I have to use turbo cool function to bring them back to their normal temp. 1) What is the problem? 2) How do I fix it?

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... GE PSC25SGSSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My GE refrigerator, freezer is a side by side, model # TFH30PR - 1994 purchase. Sudenly I am getting ice build up on the freezer floor. My research suggests a plugged drain hole - but I cannot find the drain hole. Any suggestions?

Remove the food from the freezer from the icemaker down . Remove the 6 (?) screws holding the rear panel on . At the bottom below the coils , there is a drain hole . Start from the center below the coils , defrosting with a hair dryer . Eventually yo ... Refrigerators

Kenmore Model 78862891 freezer defrost drain keeps freezing up every month.

It can be issue with water valve its clogged and not letting the water to stop running and that is causing the overflow of water and that is getting freezed and then clogged.Before going to buy any parts\012directly.\012Go through this t ... Refrigerators

Water flowing into refrigerator. Ice build up behind freezer back wall. Will clearing ice from drains suffice or do I need a new heater? Foam drains to fridge are open. There is a small hole under coils in freezer, on the metal tray under the coils. I can't tell if this is a drain or not. It had ice but is not draining.

Hello again,part 2 of the answer,the metal pan is the drain in the center of it is where the drain is blocked,the foam vents are the vents where the air from the freezer flows into the fresh food compartment,GENTLYclear that small hole so as no ... Roper RT16DKXK Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire plht189sska top freezer fridge problem. Freezer is cold, fridge is warm. About a month ago, had the problem of frost build up in freezer, water pooling under veggie bins, warm fridge. Defrosted for 2 days, cleaned up water, found a clogged drain pipe. Plugged in, worked fine up until now. Warm fridge again, only this time no frost build up, no water leak. What to check next- timer, defrost thermostat, fan, condenser? should I check them in a particular order? Fridge is only 3 1/

If the defrost heating element, defrost timer or evaporater fan weren't working, you'd develop a block of ice on the evaporator. Is the compressor running? If it is, it might have bad valves from the frost buildup scenario. Liquid refrigerant coul ... Frigidaire PLHT189CSB Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 106.5 refrigerator freezer is too cold and ice is building up from drain hole

... Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

Ever since I've owned my fridge (coming up on 4 years), the freezer would build up into a big chunk of ice causing the freezer temp to drop and the fridge temp to rise. I would melt the chunk of ice and then drain the water from the back of the fridge. It would work properly for a few months and then start happening again. Now, its happening with more frequency. Currently, the freezer temp is holding around 0 and the fridge temp is up around 55-60.

Your defrost thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced.\015\012Here is a link.. your freezer is located differently but you can still use this video. ... GE Energy Star PDS22SIS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a maytag refrigerator madel msd2456ge that I had serviced this srping for a problem that seems to have come back. The bottom of the freezer has a tray in the back that seems to collect water and the evaprate. Well the repair man said there is a drain hose there that can get clogged. He cleared it and has not been a problem for a few months. Now it seems to be building up ice in the bottom of the freezer again. how do Ifind that hose and can I just use my compressor with a blower on i

The hose and drain pan at back btm of frz. should all be froze up. i would first clear all ice visible in back pan in frz. after that we use hot water to defrost any ice in hose. once that is done then yes u can blow it out with a vacuumm or compress ... Refrigerators

Maytag MF12569yem0 Hi, Water is leaking underneath the refrigerator. There is a huge build up of ice in the freezer as well. I can't find a drain hole in the freezer and I'm not sure where the water is coming from. Please help!

... Refrigerators

The freezer side of my refrigerator steadily builds up deposits of ice. I have checked the drain and it is clear. I have checked the door seals and they are AOK. The temperature varies between -20C and 0 or even +4C, so icecream melts or is very soft and water drips off items in the freezer. The compressor seems to run a very large proportion of the time. Could it be that the defrost heating element is not working?

Most refrigerators would build up ice in their panels sooner or later depending on the use and how it is maintained. It would be best that this the ice ice removed or defrosted once build up is seen and do the cleaning at the same time. Ice may ac ... Refrigerators

Top freezer model 106.64232400 builds up ice by the drain hole in the freezer causing the water to leak inside the refrigerator.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Ice covers the drain hole on the freezer side of my whirlpool Gold model GC5SHEXN003 and water appears on the floor surrounding the refrigerator. I have cleared the ice covering the drain hole with hot water .... I pour about 3 cups of a bleach-water solution down the drain hole and can hear it gurgling thru the drain hole to the drain pan beneath the refrigerator. Two or 3 weeks later the same routine has to be done because water is on the floor surrounding the refrigerator. This routine

The procedure of this unit\015\012is as follows: --- The compressor starts then it cools the freezer section.\015\012When the freezer reaches its cooling level the defrost cycle starts functioning.\015\012In this cycle the fan in the freezer se ... Refrigerators

GE TFX24e side by side and a small pool of water runs out from under the freezer side on to the floor we sop it up with a sponge. I noticed the drain hole, water will not go through, it builds ice in the area - posted in Refrigerators

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not Cooling ... GE Profile 25.5 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - Black

I have LG refrigerator model GN-M602YLQ made in Indonesia sold by LG Pakistani dealership. The freezer section is set to dial "1" position while the refrigerator section is set to 1 degC, even then the brand new refrigerator is not cooling properly and food items like milk and juices are rotten in the refrigerator section. The freezer section is working OK but the refrigerator section is not cooling even as low as 0 degC setting. Refrigerator is located to allow air circulation around it. Please

... LG Refrigerators

Bottom freezer has ice building up because when it defrosts it will not drain out through the back. Ice builds up to a point where I have water draining out the front of the freezer all over the floor. Drip pan remains dry all the time. Had repairman out twice he couldn't figure it out. Boyfriend tried to fix a year ago and the part where the drain was had rotted out and the drip pan worked for the first time since purchased in2004. Drained for a few months and now I am back to the original free

I suppose the ice is building up in the drain trough under the evaporator (inside the freezer). There are two ways used to keep the trough from ice build up. It either has a heater built into it, or the defrost heater is close enough to the trough ... Viking Professional Series VCBB36 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Kenmore 25371462100 I have a 2001 kenmore refrigerator that is leaking water from the freezer onto the top shelf and under the produce baskets at the bottom of the fridge. This model does not have a drain hole in the freezer that runs directly into any drainage system. This one has a hole on the back wall of the refrigerator and the water collects into a small tray connected to the ceiling of the refrigerator where the light bulb is. The tray has a small plastic tube at the back like a straw the

... Refrigerators

I have a maytag side by side refrigerator, model no mff2258veb3 every couple of months the refrigerator stops cooling. The freezer still works. After defrosting the freezer the refrigerator works again for a couple of months. Should I replace the defrost thermostat?

... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

The drain in my freezer appears plugged. When i pour water in it, none comes out the bottom into the pan. Ice has been building up in the freezer for sometime and water leaks onto my floor. Tonight I removed the rear access panel, the drain pan was FULL of water. I sponged it out, then I tipped the fridge sideways and removed the bottom panel. I vacuumed the condenser grille. Then I tested the drain by pouring water into the freezer drain hole but the level isn't going down. I tried pushing a co


Fisher & Paykel E521T Fridge Ice Build up behind Freezer compartment. I have had my fridge for about 7 years and ever since I bought this fridge I have to defrost it every 6-8 months because water starts seeping out the bottom under the crisper basket. I have found that this is due to a build up of ice behind the freezer compartment on the top of the fridge. I have had a technician replace nearly every part but it still doesn't seem to resolve the problem. Does anyone know how to rectify

... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore 74810 Top Freezer Refrigerator located in my weekend house. A few months back I arrived to find that it had lost power and as a result I had a mess with rotten food. In an attempt to save the unit, I cleaned out all the food and stripped down the refrigerator and freezer as far a I could in order to clean every nook and cranny. In addition, I let the unit air out for a couple of months. I recently went to put the unit back together and got to the last few pieces to realize somet

... Kenmore 74810 / 74813 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Ice is forming in the bottom of my freezer, blocking the drain hole, and dripping water into the refrigerator. We defrosted it, and it worked fine for 2 weeks. Now it's doing it again. The drain hole is not clogged, it just freezes up. It's also not a case of the freezer being too cold. We already tried that. It is a Roper model rt21lmxkq02

Defrost the drain again and use an aluminum wire , maybe 14-16 guage ,inserted into the drain hole approx 4 inches and wrap about 1 turn of the top end of the wire around the calrod defrost heater , This wire , will transfer heat from the heater to t ... Refrigerators

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