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My jenn air refrigerator has gone out for the 2nd time in a week. Various error messages have been displayed the most recent and most common being 'off' where the freezer and fridge temp reading would normally display. They replaced the control board last week and that helped til today when I got the say message back, any ideas?

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Obviously they need to do a through check after replacing it again (1 week old) should be warrented.

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My jenn air refrigerator has gone out for the 2nd time in a week. Various error messages have been displayed the most recent and most common being 'off' where the freezer and fridge temp reading would normally display. They replaced the control board last week and that helped til today when I got the say message back, any ideas?

Obviously they need to do a through check after replacing it again (1 week old) should be warrented. ... Jenn-Air JFC2089HE French Door Refrigerator

Ge model #gss201bpaww, fridge would not defrost, found a faulty heater, after a heater element and limit switch replacement still had a malfunction, replaced the control board but still does not defrost. the limit switch when testing at room temp is closed, has continuity, reading about these switches sounds like the are normally open at room temp but ge seems to do things a little wierd. does not look like this fride has a timer, guessing it is all contoled by the board. any help is appreciated

Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel , is the main control board . Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug from the board , with 3 larger wires going to it . Looking at the blue plug , the sequence will be wire1,wi ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi there. My GE GSL25JFPD side by side has major issues. The evaporator has completely frozen over. We called a technician twice. The first time he replaced the main electrical board. This fix lasted about 2 months before we had the same problem again. The tech came out again and tested various parts..All came back with normal readings so he replaced the main board again. Now, only 1 week later, we have the same frozen evaporator coils. I removed the panel, used a hair dryer to defrost to at lea

Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel , is the main control board .. Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug from the board , with 3 larger wires going to it . Looking at the blue plug , the sequence will be wire1,w ... GE Hotpoint Top-Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Thetford N112 that will not work. It is 3 years old and upto last week worked fine. I have powre to the power board. I have replaced the power board and replaced the control circuit board. I still have no display and cannot turn the fridge on. Have you any idea what this could be?

... Refrigerators

Defrost problem... I would like to know... My freezer is totally frozen behind the back panel, AND all the evap coils are covered in ice. I've been defrosting it with a hair dryer for the last 2 weeks...ugh Is there a method to manually engage defrost cycle, check if defrost heater is bad, or test the thermostat? The thermostat is CHEAP, and I'm considering replacing it just to see if this fixes it. Any and ALL advice welcomed...except advice to replace board, please? :-) At this point (before a

Check at front of fridge on bottom behind kick panel or at rear of fridge near compressor on some models you can manually engage defrost cycle,it looks like a small sometimes metal box with wires out of it,it will have either a protruding knob which ... Refrigerators

Jenn-Aire Refrigerator Model JCD2389GEW Last spring, it would not defrost and of course the refrigerator was warm. I replaced the Adaptive Defrost Control (ADC)and that solved the problem. This week, the defrost problem returned. I defrosted the freezer with a hair dryer and reassembled and turned the freezer and slid the freezer and refrigerator controls back to the middle. The compressor did not turn back on. (It was working before I defrosted.)I pulled the ADC to check for trouble cod

Hi Tom, I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012 If the 60 Deg thermostat or wiring has failed it will never come out of defrost. The thermostat is what tells the ADC that the defrost cycle is complete. When the thermostat never closes.... the circ ... Jenn-Air JCB2280HES Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore ultra was dishwasher 665.15829 lock on light flashing. Read the literature about how to unlock, it didn't work. Have replaced the electronic control board, checked thermal fuse (OK), continuity check on heat element (OK), disconnected the heat element and connected 110 VAC directly to heat element and it heated up. Unit is about 10 years old and worked beautifully until the day it quit. It would cost about $500 to $700 to replace it. I have $150 invested right now. Jim Foster Katy, TX

... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Have a Maytag MFC2061HES that has had comp replaced and control board replaced, still won't work. Would replace but is in motorhome so near impossible to get out. Any thoughts. Thanks Frank

Does the compressor kick on? ... Maytag MFC2061HES Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Maytag side by side model MSD2656GEW. The refrigerator is not staying cold. There is some ice build up on the back of the freezer compartment. I can unplug it overnight and then it will work fine for a few weeks before it starts having the same problem. After reading some, I think it is the defrost assembly (control board ) or something like it. I am not sure where it is located on this model and how to replace it.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigeratornot Cool ... Refrigerators

My small chest freezer stopped running last week & I had to replace the controller. This got it running again, but it doesn't cool down enough to freeze anything. I have the dial turned all the way up & the compressor is running. The model # is FFC05C2AW1. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.

When you say controller, do you mean the thermostat? If the compressor is running, do you mean it stays running and doesn't shut off and still no cooling? I can only assume you replaced the controler with an excact match, otherwise this could be part ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

OK History on refrigerator Kitchenaid counter deapth side by side 25cf do not have model# it is 10yrs old and has had the compressor replaced under warrenty (3yr old). First problem small amount of ice in freezer for week then not fully cooling in freezer (@40 deg) frig (@60 deg) Here is the sequince of events, repair tech came over replaced defrost control board in freezer, no change exept running quieter. Next time tech replaced temp control board on refrig, no change. Technition is stumped as

Hi,\015\012 \015\012The water shut-off valve may not be fully open, check to see if your refrigerator is connected to a water supply cold water\015\012line only) and that the water shut-o ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Electrolux EI26SS55GS0 I have a 4 year old stainless steel side by side model EI26SS55GS0. Unit stopped running (fridge and freezer). Customer service tells me I had a bad user interface and electronic board needed to be repalced. They sent a replacement user interface board and master control board indicating both would have to be replaced. I had a professional install both and the unit still will not run. Continue to get error codes on the control panel and fridge and freezer still wont w

... Electrolux Refrigerators

GE refrigerator Model No. GBS22KBSAWW A relay on the control board was clicking and the evaporator fan would try to start with each click. With the evaporator fan disconected the compressor runs, etc. I replaced the evaporator fan motor, and before I installed it, I pluged it in and the motor turned, but when I put the fan blade on, it would not turn, like the old one. Also, the condensor fan does not turn, but does not make the control board click.

This normally could be a bad start relay and over load for the compressor, dirty condenser coils need cleaning, condenser fan motor is not running or the compressor itself. The Relay needs to be replaced and checked.But if the problem is sa ... GE Refrigerators

Ge side by side (psh25sgsa 3 yrs old) and the ice melts every few weeks in the freezer. Empty out the ice and everything is fine again for a couple of weeks. Checked the coil underneath and everything is fine. The fan in the freezer is a little noiser than usual. Something tells me it's related to the main control board. I heard that GE had a recall for defective control boards, but cannot find anything on GE's website. Replaced thermistor #4 and #5 but problem continues.

Hello. It appears that you may indeed have a defective control board, or it could be your defrost thermometer, Read on please. As you know, the self-defrost system has three functional components: 1. Defrost timer\015\012\015\012\015\012\0 ... GE Refrigerators

My fridge compressor stopped working. After checking the main control board I found a burnt transformer.I replaced it with a new board. It still did not work. So I checked the cooling coil and found a burst thermostat sensor. I replaced it with a new one. I still have the same problem. Compressor, water dispensor, thermostat controls are not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try to check your compressor resistance using ommeter or connect one test prod to terminal of compressor and one test prod to the body of your ref, if the pointer move or you read resistance it means your compressor burn out need replacement. or try ... GE Refrigerators

The freezer keeps building up with excessive frost. A repairman has been to my house 3 times in 2 months. He replaced the control board and defrost control. It built up with frost within a week. He said they sent him the wrong model # and replaced the defrost control again. This time the frost built up in 2 days. He came again today and he has no idea. He and LG said they have never seen it. Hope you can help!!!!!

Check defrost heater and thermal fuse in series with it ... LG Refrigerators

I have had the Adaptive Defrost Control on my Jenn Air fridge replaced 3 times in the last 2 months, and it appears to be out again. Mdl JCD2389GES. This time the freezer side is frosted up in back but otherwise not cold. The fridge is not cold at all. I asked the last repairman if something else could be killing these circuit boards and he said no. He is due to come out again tomorrow and replace it again. What else could be wrong? I really cannot have this problem again!

... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

GE model #GSS201EMBWW is not defrosting, checked defrost heater and it was burned out. Replaced with new 2 heater design and now it burns all the time, which is most likely what burnt the other 1 out. Looking at forums it says this model does not have a defrost timer, instead has mother board that controls the defrost. I would think that if the mother board was bad it wouldn't heat at all. Any info you have would be helpful

This is how the defrost works . I have NEVER found a defrost problem associated with a bad main control board since these computerized GE's came out in 2000 . Lots of thermistor problems , lying to the board , causing different problems . \015\ ... GE GSS25SGMBS Side by Side Refrigerator

Purchased GE PFS22SISBSS french door bottom freezer four years ago. One year ago replaced mother board. Last week, replaced mother board again. Solved the clicking problem, improved cooling, but it still isn't cooling properly either in freezer or refrigerator. Everyday it works for a few hours, then freezer completely thaws and refridgerator warms to 50+ degrees F. No frost in freezer. Tech says he thinks I need a new compressor for > $600. Is it possible that it could be something less c

Re: then freezer completely thaws and refridgerator warms to 50+ degrees. If the unit is cooling, then the compressor is starting and working.More than a compressor it can be a problem with defrost system or with temperature control. ... Refrigerators

Where is the control board located ? To repair howling noise on GE side by side. I've read if the control board is replaced this will corect the problem.

Lower left rear corner behind rear cover on wall in plastic housing ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Maytag mod.#MSD2556 AE side by side refrigerator. It was not Auto defrosting. I replaced the defrost heater/thermostat assy. and it did not solve the problem. Where can I get circuit diagrams so that i can trouble shoot the problem. My guess is that I will need to replace the control board board but it would be nice if I could get circuit diagrams.

The defrost control sits under the palstic housing inside the fresh food section. Very common for the adaptive defrost to go bad with this model. The diagram should be in that housing area with the current defrost control. ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Dometic RM 7505 AES II fitted in my camper, which is now acting up. For the last two weeks it would not run on 240ac but on 12v and gas, but last night it made a lot of "clicking" sounds (like a relay not establishing itself) and the it seemed only to run on 12v. I cannot seem to be able to track down a detailed wiring diagramme so if you could suggest a likley bit to replace I would be very pleased.rnMany thanks, Robert

... Electrolux Refrigerators

For a few weeks the fridge was making a strange noise whereas it would sound like a small but power fan would start rotating. The sound would last for an hour or longer. Strangely, it would stop any time you open the door of the fridge part or simply push the button that controls the light on the fridge. Yesterday the sound would not longer start at all, but the fridge is getting warm, and the temperature sensor shows FF for the freezer (that is still holding the freeze) and ERR for the fridge p

... LG LRDC22744 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

PSS26NSTASS Side by side refrigerator. Freezer only cools to 15 and fridge to 42. Control panel in fridge has been replaced. Worked for two weeks after replacement and now same problem. Doesn't get much warmer but won't get colder either. Does the main board on back need replacing?

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... Refrigerators

Hello : My name is Sonia , I'm from Argentine . I have a refrigertor Hoover model GT15B2N3EV , the last week , the expert changed the control system no frost , but I saw the fresh food compartment is 18 ºC (centrigrate) with the fresh foof control in 5 and the freezer in - 11 ºC with the freezer control 5 . I would like know If theese temperature es correct with is settings ? Thanks you

Si...Yes,they are correct. ... Hoover Refrigerators

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