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Custermer Services FFFL 180 P Type 34744510100 S/N 108204173

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I have a Sears Kenmore Elite purchased 1/2003 106.53606202, It does not cool.. I put it into the service diagnostic Mode. Step 1 the the FC said 0, RC said 1, water filter status indicator said 1. Step 2 the FC said 0, RC said 2, and the water filter status said 1. Step 3 the fan motor went on, FC said 0, RC said 3, no other numbers to the right. step 4, FC 0, RC 4, no other numbers to the right, I did not hear the compressor come on. Step 5, FC 0, RC 5, no other numbers to the right . I heard

... Refrigerators

Custermer Services FFFL 180 P Type 34744510100 S/N 108204173

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

We have a kitchen aid model KS SS 48QMW01- serial number QR4543044. The unit wasnt cooling well last night but we had just put a lot of groceries in it. By morning, the food was cool, but not cold. I put a thermometer in and it was about 47 degrees on max cool. I took the top plate off, vacuumed all the coils and the fan. I then took the service papers attached to the unit on top and took the area called " service diagnostic mode" steps 1-7 and set the display by the instructions. Mode 1 and 2 s

... KitchenAid Architect Series II 29.7 Cu. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

I have a GE dss25ksre ss model bought in 2006. Now it shown 2 problems starting from Dec 2009. 1. when freezer temp sets to 4 or colder (from 0 to 9, 9 is coldest), the compressor can not stop. The only thing I can stop it is to unplug and power, wait a while, then restart it and set the temp below 4. 2. The fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator compartment got frozen when the compressor can not stop. What I have tried is: 1. cleaned the dust around the coil at the rear side of the refrige

... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE refrigerator model number PSC25SG SA SS which has Problem that in every couple days the freezer and the refrigerator display panels display out of their setting ranges. For example, the freezer panel displays 9 degree (0 degree is normal and the setting is 0 degree) and refrigerator panel displays 44 degree (37 degree is normal and the setting is 37). I have to use turbo cool function to bring them back to their normal temp. 1) What is the problem? 2) How do I fix it?

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... GE PSC25SGSSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Our LG LBC22520ST will not make more ice. The plastic sensor bar is stuck in the position that makes the ice maker think the bin is full. We have turned of the ice maker but we cannot get the plastic sensor bar to release. The information you have below on the ice maker is for the Type 1 and not ours the Type 2. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much,

... LG LBC22520ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My fridge is freezing everything. I've received advice that I need to change the SENSOR and or the PCB which controls the temps. Does anyone one know where these components are located in the fridge. I intend to replace the parts myself as I have no easy access to service engineers. My thanks for any info, MW Liebherr Type 1 6206-4 KES 4260 INDEX 20/001 SERVICE NO. 9970 386-00.

... Liebherr KES4260 Refrigerator

Whirlpool side by side freezer side ok refrig side not cold - the temp set turns off fan, and turns fan on at about setting 1 or 2 will not keep cold at all. some water under the vegetable pan on the inside floor of refrig there is no water hook up available , so ice & water not part of the problem or solution refrigerator is 10 months in service i bought it for a rental house as scratch & dent no warranty no service manual

). A common problem cropping up in the last several years has been the air damper not opening up and allowing the cold air from the freezer to be blown into the fresh food section ( mostly on SxS refrigerators ). For many years the air damper w ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

GE GSS25SGPA SS Neither Freezer or Refer sections will regulate properly. Both are too cold at minimum (warmest) temp setting. Example: refer at warmest setting (1) temp will settle @ or> 40 deg,; change setting to 3 and temp will drop to 20 deg or lower. I would expect mid-range of 5 should be around 35 deg. Likewise the freezer has stabalized at near 0 at the warmest setting of 1. I would like to buy a tech service manual so I can logically eliminate each control component to isolate t

There should be a mini manual written on onion paper some where behind the front grill. But the part needed for your problem is the temp sensor which your model has two of them both in the freezer side. !st is located at the bottom left side toward t ... Refrigerators

I need to obtain user manuals for the following appliances Liebherr Freezer GNES 3323 INDEX 2/001 Service # 9987560-00 Appliance # 220303615 Liebherr Fridge Service # 9970418-00 Appliance# 220474643 Type 1 6206 4 KPes 4260 INDEX 20/001

... Liebherr Refrigerators

Ge profile PSS26MGP side by side installed in Oct 2008. Background: on 1-03-2011 freeze-refer temps approx 13 and 48, apples in top deli-fresh drawer were frozen. Ice maker not making ice, minimal water going to icemaker. on 1-20-2011 temps still approx 13 and 48 and icemaker still not getting water. Unplugged the unit. 2-1-2011 Plugged unit in, changed water filter, ran icemaker diagnostic test, unit started up, ran fine, in a few hours temps were 0 and 34 and icemaker had water and was makin

The most common fridge \012"not cooling" problem is a frost \012free failure. Remove the access panel in the freezer section to expose the \012evaporator coils. If the coils in the freezer section get plugged up with frost, this frost will ... Refrigerators

Hello, in my refrigerator Gorenje K336/2 P cooler temperature are too low, below 0. I turned button from 2 to 1, any way it freez and temperature are below 0. What could be problem? Thank you for your help! Sigitas

... Gorenje K337MLB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Amana ABB222DE is the overload/capacitor the same thing as the compressor relay? I just had the compressor relay replaced in amana bottom mount. Frig cools fine but every 2 days or so buzzing noise clicks on....same problem I had prior to the relay replacement. Last time I didnt unplug until the refrig stopped working/cooling entirely. (and relay burnt out) Now if I unplug 1/2 hour it works for another 1-2 days before buzzing starts. Ran the service tests and on test #2 compressor/conden

I have been doing refrigeration for over 30 years and I have never seen a compressor with a chip inside of it. Have you tried cleaning the condensor coils? I almost sounds like you have a weak start capacitor. Let me know if i can help you any futher ... Amana ABB2224DEW / ABB2224DEQ / ABB2224DEB Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Cold air is not circulating to the fridge section in my side-side ARS9167AW amana. Also lower freezer section is very cold. This problem happened 2 years ago and a fridge repair service fixed it for $200. All they did was replace a small simple little fan. I am almost certain its the same exact problem and I need to replace this fan again. Can someone tell me where this fan is located (that pushes air to the fridge from the freezer)and what type of fan it is and/or the part number. Thanks, --E

The evaporator fan is located behind the back cover in the freezer. Diagram 5 shows the parts.http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearc ... Refrigerators

Service man came to fit universal thermostat in my fridgemaster f/f. Fridge has letters i.e. g, h and the new thermostat had numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. He didn't know which wires to to connect. In the en

Don't seem like he is coming back. google the freezer model and put wire layout and you should find out how to wire it your self ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Dear Expert, My Amana refrigerator (bottom freezer) has a problem: the temperature in the refrigerator compartment is 63 F, even though I set the controller to the coolest (7). However, the freezer compartment (at the bottom) seems fine, the temperature is 0 F. I followed the manual troubleshooting suggestions: 1. cleaned the Rear Air Grills underneath the two drawers. 2. cleaned the dust for the coil inside of the vent (at the front, toe level of the refrigerator). I was suggested that it n

... Amana Refrigerators

1) motor type noise coming fron the freezer. could it be the fan?? 2) Should there be insulation padding attached to the bottom of the cooling fins at front of the refrig.? Please advise. Thanks

Hi,Here is a tip that I wrote about refrigerators and the fan noisethat they develop sometimes...RefrigeratorFan Noise\012heatman101 ... Refrigerators

The bearings are worn out which makes for a lot of noise-is this a warranted part in the 1 year parts and labor .A service guy came out and looked at the refrigerator and said it was not a covered part.The part is being ordered and it will take 2-3 days from today to come in.

Hi, you did not say what part has bad bearings. You have the evaporator fan motor in the freezer, the condenser fan motor in the lower back and the compressor which also has valves and bearings. The only part That is covered in the years warranty is ... Refrigerators

Fridge stopped working yesterday (no cooling); its 7.5 year old; I cleaned underneath and behind fridge and this did not work. Have a service appt with Sears for Monday. Like to know what might be the issue - compressor, temp valves, etc. and what it might cost me. Have option to get 1 yr warranty for $250 but what if it costs less to repair and repairs lasts more than one year? I recorded the buzzing noise that ends with a click after about 15 sec, and this occurs every 2 min 30 seconds.

Call me 843.425.5251 i try to help :) ... Kenmore 62232 / 62234 / 62239 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Liebherr Type 1 6206-4 KES 4260 INDEX 20/001 SERVICE NO. 9970 386-00. One Week ago I had need to adjust the fridge temperature, so followed the instructions detailed in the manual. Unfortunately the fridge has developed a fault where the temperature is no longer controllable. The temperature continues to get colder to the point where everything is freezing. After some investigation on the Internet I discovered the fridge temperature is not controlled by a thermostat but by a temperature control

... Liebherr Refrigerators

I pulled out my refrig to replace the drain hose after disconnecting the 120v/12v/gas service (slid straight out no more than 10 degree tilt). After reinstalling and completion of reconnects I do not get any power to the display panel. I have a model# RM2862. There is 12v power from plug to thermofuse and back to board but plug to display is dead. 120v is also available on board. Gas line reinstalled and burped air from line inside at stove. What should test wire (blue #2) from board indicate (1

... Dometic Refrigerators

Hi, I'm a service tech and I need a thermostat for a Randell salad prep unit. Does anyone have a part number for this unit m/n 9040K-7M. S/n T28302-1-3. Its got 1 door and 2 slide out drawers. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to get a compatible thermostat locally tomorrow the 31st if possible but don't know the part number or temp range. Thanks, Keith

... Randell 9040K-7

Kenmore refrigerator seemingly runs all the time. Defrost cycle must be working, because I find no frost on the evaporator. On a setting of 3, the recommended setting, the refrigerator is 40 degrees, the freezer 0 degrees. It seems that by turning the thermostat down, to, say, 2, or even 1, the compressor should shut off. Yet it doesn't. It will only shut off if I turn the knob to "off." So, the thermostat would appear to be defective, right?

Yes you are right the thermostat is not responding to switch off the compressor at the desired temperature setting. It stay "always on" position. Replace the thermostat to rectify this problem....................sodeepPS: low refrigerant gas co ... Refrigerators

1) The fridge I now have is a "Beaumark" model no. 30590-730. I just received this fridge yesterday...it looks like it's 10 years old if not older. There was no light bulb inside the fridge compartment. I tried to insert the common 40-watt fridge bulb, but when it refused to go in...that's when I realized that there was a notice just below the light socket which says that "only a Danby 10 watt bulb no. 25314" can be used. Where can I purchase this type of bulb in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada? 2)

Dont they have walmarts in ontario? or just unplug or set the temp of the freezer a bit higher ;) it'll defrost ... Danby Refrigerators

I see a red light like something is red hot behind the back panel in the freezer. I removed the panel and I see a coil with 2 clear tubes that have some type of spiral metal inside. There is 1 midways of the coil and the other is at the bottom. Only the bottom one is getting red hot. What is this?

Those are the defrost heaters and glows red hot when defrost action is active. It should turn off when defrosting is complete or when the temperature is about 46 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does not turn off, the freezer will not function properly or i ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

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