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Refrigerator does not cool . freezed working . Had

\015 Refrigerator does not cool . freezer working . Had a control board installed last may . Could that be the problem?\015

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Does the evaporator fan work? Is it getting a frost buildup in the freezer?Those would be signs of this problem

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GE model TFX24ZR Refrigerator stopped freezing and cooling. Has been working fine. When opened door to get eggs, found the refrigerator and freezer had stopped freezing and cooling. Has power but quit working.

... GE Refrigerators

The freezing and refrigerator compartments of my Whirlpool refrigerator began to warm up yesterday, and there is essentially no cooling today. The interior light works, and the fan on the lower par of the refrigerator in back works, but the air blowing out the back is rather cool and not warm like you would expect. The refrigerator is a Whirlpool Designerstyle 20. Any suggestions?

Greetings fjehlert,\015\012\015\012Usually this is indicative of a freon or compressor problem. I would suggest contacting a repair center as soon as possible. \015\012\015\012Thanks,\015\012\015\012Dorothy\0 ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator and freezer were working properly before an extended vacation. Cleaned both refrigerator and freezer, unplugged, and left doors open. Upon return plugged in and have waited 72 hours. Water dispenser works fine, light goes on, refrigerator is cool but not cold. No ice being made, freezer shelf is not cold, freezer is a bit cool but not freezing water, seems too quiet. Thanks

Hi,\012\012Let's think this through a bit....\012You say it is cooling but it seems too quiet.... is the compressor runing but the condenser fan is not??? that would make it cool but not cold and also make it more quiet...\012 ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi i have a kenmore model # 106.55526400 side by side refrigerator with major temperature problems. First the freezer stopped freezing , all food melted and then of corse the refrigerator side stopped working. Inside of both is cool but no where close to keeping food from spoiling. I first checked both fans and the are both running properly , then I unplugged it and let it sit over night to make sure the coils were not frozen. When I plugged back in still not cool or freezing! I now have taken

... Refrigerators

The digital display resets to 0 F for BOTH the Freezer and Refrigerator after I change the temps (for eg to -4F for the freezer and 34F for the refrigerator) Also the the refrigerator and freezer are definitely not cooling properly nor is the icecube maker working. Alll the other functions "seem" to remain as set. (the power freeze, the power cool however they are not doing the cooling) I have twice tried resetting the unit but unplugging for 15min.

The OF OF display is the OFF setting, used for display purposes, so the light and controls light, but the refrigerator does not run while it is on display at a dealer. Try pushing in and holding the top two buttons on the left side of the display fo ... Samsung RFG297AARS (285 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Amana refrigerator is cooling in the bottom freezer, ABB2222FEW, the coils are clean, everything works fine,no obstructions, the evaporator coils freeze up, but the fan runs, the control damper opens but no cool air flows through,in the refrigerator??? this thing has a control board , but I just got introduced to control boards, haven't much experience with them just need to get refrigerator back in the cool, can anyone help. thank you.

The "evaporator" (cooling) coil is behind a panel at the rear, inside of the freezer compartment. That is the first thing I would check. When a defrost problem occurs frost will build up in that evaporator coil sometimes to the point where frost wi ... Refrigerators

Accidentally I left the refrigerator doors open for almost 3 weeks (on vacation). The refrigerator was warm due to the lights inside, but the freezer was working fine. I unplug the fridge and start again. The refrigerator is still not working but the freeze is OK. However the outside of the refrigerator doors feel cool, but not inside. Any solution?

Shut it off 4 hours with both doors open, let it fully defrost, put your frozen stuff in a cooler, then re start it, the evaporator coils make be frozen up ... Maytag MFF2557HES Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator, model G555HAXNB00 SERIAL SR2046030. Unit runs for 4 to 6hrs then the unit quite freezing and cooling. them I unplug unit for 30mins and unit start cooling and freezing. Them cooling for awhile and I have to unplug unit to get it work again, Thanks for info you can give Rodney

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... Whirlpool GD2SHGX Refrigerator

The dispenser doesn't work and cooling controls don't though. My refrigerator cools and freezes fine. If I try to use the water/ice dispenser(pushing the paddle) or even try using the panel in the refrigerator side, the unit loses power and restarts. Also, every other day or so, the refrigerator clicks and sounds like the fan is having a tough time starting up. It eventually runs though. What is my problem?

Did it work before or you just got it installed to a new location (just bought it) and it behaves like this? ... Refrigerators

Our Whirlpool refrigerator (ED0GTQ) is cooling and freezing somewhat on the bottom, but it doesn't seem to be circulating the cold air to the top. The icemaker won't work because it is too warm at the top and anything on the top shelf on the refrigerator side is staying warm. When we checked the fan and compressor, they are both working. (We located it at the back bottom of the fridge) Is there another fan at the top that may not be working? Any suggestions?

... Refrigerators

I have purchased LG Refrigerator model no Gl-254am4 on 24th april 2011 ....It is not cooling properly.....Even last year LG makes an anoucement publicely in india to contact LG for enhancing its cooling procedure and on dec 2012 they put some fluid on back of my fridge......but last week all of sudden it stop working....yesterday its freezer section startred working but freeze is still warm....not cooling

... Refrigerators

My refrigerator worked great until I had to unplug it for a little over a month. Now the freeze is not freezing.. its getting cold but not freezing and my refrigerator is cool but not cold.. any suggestions? I'm not real sure of the model or anything right now.. its not a side by side.

Normally the refrigerator should be run continuously as taking only 0.5 to 1.2 amphs maximum.Once it's switched off for more than 2 days, there are chances to get chocked. Replace the gas after flush out the system. ... Maytag Refrigerators

My refrigerator worked great until I had to unplug it for a little over a month. Now the freeze is not freezing.. its getting cold but not freezing and my refrigerator is cool but not cold.. any suggestions? I'm not real sure of the model or anything right now.. its not a side by side.

May be system chocked. Refill the gas after flush out the system. Don't keep any refrigerator off position for long time. ... Maytag Refrigerators

Toshiba Refrigerator Toshiba GR-NF505CK Refrigerator stopped working. No interior lights and the LCD display flashes the characters ''HLL''. There is some cooling and the interior fan blows softly but the temp is not low enough and the freezer section is above freezing temp. Ice maker also not working.

... Refrigerators

Maytag MTB1891AR Top Freezer Refrigerator Freezer is Freezing too well.. and fridge is not cooling. Took off back bottom panel fan is working? Why is there no cool air being sent to refrigerator? Please Help. Thank You

Air is not blown into a refridgerator ,the most likely cause is a faulty thermostat ,or another reason is lack of gas causing the problem ,when the gas is low their is no back pressure already in the pipe so the restriction valve cools too quick caus ... Maytag MTB1891AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Refrigerator is still running and is mildly cool and part of the freezer freezes, but, it is not freezing or cooling like it should. It just did it all at once. It was working fine and then this happened. Cleaned the coils on the bottom....compressor and there does not appear to be a freon leak. Help.....???? The frigde is less than 5 years old.

Hi,\015\012\015\012heres a link to repair clinic evap fan video, check the fan and when you have that internal freezer cover off look for an ice dam in there too. other links within repair clinics videos should get you going...jm\015\012 ... Roper RS22AQXKQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I h.ave a GE Profile side-by-side, model TFX28PPDA BB. It had to be replaced a year after we bought it after it broke down while we were on vacation. Neither my refrigerator nor freezer are cooling or freezing adequately. I have adjusted the temp controls, but it's still not working. I have to keep everything 'cool' in the freezer side. It is 10 years old. About 2 years ago the water dispenser stopped working. The GE repairman said it couldn't be repaired because the door ( where the water/ice d

... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a maytag MZD 2766GEB refrigerator. The other day it was not running. Checked breaker and it had been thrown. reset breaker and refrigerator came back on. Now it will not freeze or cool. Sounds like fan and compressor is working, but will not freeze or get cold.

... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

GE refrigerator TDX11SNYAWH. Light in frig. works. Refrigerator section not cooling. Freezer section (top) not freezing. Compressor not working. Compressor relay was replaced with not change. What do I check next?

Check your defrost timer and see if it is stuck in defrost. ... Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerator model 253.60722001. Freezerless. Unit cools but lower shelves freeze while upper shelves only cool slightly. It seems that air is not circulating properly even when completely empty. Fan behind the interior back panel is 115 volts and works when I take it out. It does not seem to ever run in the refrigerator. Unit is only 17 months old.

... Kenmore 60721 Refrigerator

The freeze of my Maytag plus refrigerator is still working but seems weak. The refrigerator prtion is not working at all. It does not cool down even if I turned to the max.

If the refrig.is old you must call a local refrig.repairman to refill it with freon,nothing you can do your self,needed special tools. ... Maytag MSD2758G Side by Side Refrigerator

My G E refrigerator is not cooling. I is 60 degrees inside. The freezer part is working fine as far as freezing but the motor is running all the time and there is no cool air running into the refrigerator part.

Sounds like a defrost problem. remove back freezer panel and look for ice on coils which restricts air to the Ref.\012Take your mod number to an appliance parts store and they will sell the parts to fix the defrost system. Most all parts are in ... General Electric Refrigerators


It sounds like the compressor is on its way out do you hear the compressor running if it is then it could be needing a new thermostat ... Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore bottom freezer type refrigerator freezes vegetables...About a year ago the 'thermostat' was replaced because it was not cooling enough. Now it cools too much. I tried a work-around of turning the freezer temp down but then that gets too warm it doesn't keep ice cream frozen. How do I keep it from freezing vegetables?

Sounds to me like you need to replace the thermostat again,. ... Kenmore 62232 / 62234 / 62239 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigerator bottom became less cool over the last 3 days. I clearned the coils from the front access, and it seemed to help some, But today, once again it is not cooling in the refrigerator part, yet the freezer top is freezing and working good. Please give me directions on what to do.

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

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