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The fridge has been stored for 6 months and will not cool down or the freezer.

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FF200L Fridge has been stored for 3 months. It's 2 yr old. The fridge will not cool. The freezer appears to be ok.

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Kitchenaid side by side KSRA25FKSS01 2004 fridge, have had for one year. Every three months (approx) the fridge stops cooling ... lights on, nothing running. Has happened three times. Once unplugged, mreplugged it starts to work again. Most recently, it stopped cooling while we were away. When we returned, we unplugged, replugged. Can hear fan, compressor running. Bottom of freezer cooled after 24 hrs, fridge has failed to cool. Why does fridge stop cooling every few months? Why is bo

You may have a failing condensor fan, This is what happend to me until it finally stopped colling the fridge alltoghather the condensor fan was the issue see after time of use the fan just gets intermittant due to temperator changes and what not. Ch ... Refrigerators

I have a Bosch fridge-freezer (frost-free; model kdn 32 X00) which is 13 months old. After six months the fridge wouldn't cool down despite the freezer working properly. The first time Bosch came out without charge and said we had left the freezer door open and then said the solution was to defrost the freezer. Recently the same thing has happened despite no one leaving the door open! Is this always going to happen or have we got a dodgy fridge-freezer? Please help!!!

... Bosch Evolution 500 B20CS50SNS

The fridge has been stored for 6 months and will not cool down or the freezer.

... Hotpoint FFA70 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hi, I have an LG refrigerator, the top freezer works fine but the fridge section has stopped cooling, I turned the unit off and next morning there was a large puddle of water on the floor, when I turned it back on fridge and freezer both worked fine for about a month then the fridge stopped cooling again. Any ideas.

When the fridge is not cooling that means the fan are not working or not working properly, need to replace or check if their is an ice bothering the fan to turn. ok ... Refrigerators

My hoover hca33fsk fridge freezer stopped working after moving house and being left in the garage for 12 months. When it was turned o nthe freezer only cools to a fridge temp and the fridge does not cool at all. I would be grateful for any advice please.

... Hoover HCA390FFK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer and Fridge not cooling. Was out of the country for a few months. It turns on with no problem, the light and fans are on and it sounds like it's cooling, air is being circulated and the coils are not dirty but it doesn't get very cold. If you touch the fridge and freezer it feels cool but it's not anywhere close to where it should be.

If compressor is working then open the back wall inside your freezer section, see if there is frost all over if there is not then you might have a gas leak problem. ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have GSS22SG and have issues with the ice maker. The ice maker has not worked for a while, followed over the last few months by gradual decline of cooling function until within the last week it could not cool either freezer or fridge. I found some great advice on this site and today I replaced the defrost heater and sensor, and the fridge is now cooling nicely again! However, the ice maker does not work - the green power light is on. When I switched the fridge on after replacing the defr

... GE GSS22SGM Side by Side Refrigerator

MODEL PBF2555HEW Maytag/Amana Fridge. Bought second hand 2 mos ago, only 20 months old today. Worked great until today. Lights are one,LCD's are not showing error code. Fridge & Freezer (bottom freezer draw) are not cooling. Fan seems to be running on the bottom of fridge. We were advised by a fridge repair man over the phone to unplug the unit and set a fan in front of it. Theory is/was that the computer (if there is one) will reset it self if we turn it back on in a few hours and the fa

... Refrigerators

Though Freezer is working fine, this model 64952 (6.5 yrs old; limited vacation home use only) has not properly cooled fridge portion for a few months. At first, it (also) wasn't defrosting, and water was leaking into fridge area, but I resolved this by de-icing (unplugged/hair dryer) and the water leaking went away. Defrost issue may be returning (beads of ice at top of freezer) but biggest issue is fridge stays in the 50s.

Have you checked to make sure there isn't a breach in the door seal anywhere. Even a slight breach could elevate temp. ... Kenmore 64952 / 64954 / 64959 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Our BR18VC model fridge is no longer cooling as it should. It does still run but the freezer section only gets down to about 30 degrees farenhiet. We purchased it here in Denver at a Lefty Martin Appliance store which is no longer in business so need the name and address or phone number of some one in the area who can check and repair our fridge. For added information, the refridgerator section is opperating at 40 with a setting of 5.5 and we have now set the freezer at 7. It had been at

Cooling is poor\015\012\015\012For\015\012an overall understanding of how refrigerators should work, read about\015\012refrigerators in the How Things Work section of our website. A\015\012refrigerator or freezer that is cooling, but co ... Amana Refrigerators

Screen is reading OF for both sides: the freezer temperature and the fridge temperature. I'm thinking it is "off" , but I know how it got this way. i was just getting water and ice and may have hit something wrong. someone said it's the in store display mode, but not sure.... because i tried holding in the freezer button and the fridge cool but did not work

... Samsung RS267TD

We have it in a summer home where power is off during the week. On the weedends, we turn on power and our fridge worked fine for the first month or so. Now the refrigerator portion does not cool down but the freezer section does just fine. It seems like there is little air flow in the fridge section and the freezer section has lots of air flow. Is there an easy fix for this?

The freezer takes first priority for cooling,then the fridge,the unit will take about 24 hours to reach optimum cooling even with the fast freeze button on.we used to have unit in garage with power on to unit permanently.using a power breaker in case ... Whirlpool 17.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Mount Refrigerator - White

I have an Electrolux ENB40400 Fridge Freezer. The fridge part has stopped working and is showing 16 degrees C whilst the compressor cooling radiator and freezer are working fine. Has anyone any ideas what is causing this. It is only 15 months old just out of warranty. Thanks.

... Refrigerators

No cooling lights are on cooling set to 7 in fridge and freezer. just gets hot inside Fridge is only 6 months old. Any ideas?

... Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ Top Freezer Side by Side Bottom Freezer Refrigerator French Door

My GE bottom freezer fridge has had a clicking sound coming from it for several months now. It's not a constant but happens several times a day and goes on for an hour or more before stopping. Recently, it stopped cooling, both the fridge and the freezer. We shut it off and unloaded it. Turned it back on later and it worked. The clicking has continued. Can you help??

If it stop freezing you have defrost problem ... GE GDS18LBR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Our refriderator (GE Profile) keeps losing its cool. Even though we have it set to -6 degrees for freezer and 34 degrees for fridge, every month or so it warms up to 45-50 degrees on the fridge and 25-30 degrees on the freezer

With a Profile the problem is most times the defrost heater has burned out.I have yet to see the control board be the reason. Look into rear of freezer on rear panel if not defrosting it will have a frost line creeping up the panel wall. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello I have a GE Profile refrigerator Model#PFS22SISBSS. About 9 months ago, I replaced the main board with the newer wr55x10942 part. It started working well and did so for several months until just recently it stopped cooling as well as it used to. Fridge temp=38 dergrees; Freezer=23 degrees and it is working all the time with a loud buzzing sound coming from behind (somewhere between the bottom of the fridge and the mother board. Has the motherboard gone bad again, or is it the compressor?

If you hear a buzzing noise from the compressor area then its not always that compressor is faulty and needs to be replaced.There are many other possibilities That has to be checked before ruling out the compressor faulty.\012Beside the compres ... Refrigerators

We have a 795.77306600 refrigerator, 3.5 yrs old. For past 2 months it would make a humming sound, off-n-on, but we never noticed anything failing. Looked online for similar problems and emptied freezer to take a look at icemaker thinking that was the problem. No visible problems so we left it alone. Two days ago the fridge stopped cooling and we got the ER FF code on the digital display. Fridge was warm but freezer still working. Called a repair person who said we need a new frost panel th

Hi. On Kenmore refrigerators Er FF is an error caused by evaporator fan malfunction.The humming noise was probably coming from the evaporator fanYou get Err FFbecause the fan motor is faulty, because the fan wiring is br ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire PLHS67EEsb7 side by side. Every couple of months, something happens that causes the coils in the freezer to freeze over and the fridge and freezer stop cooling altogether. I have to take everything out and use a hair dryer to defrost the coils. Once they're defrosted, it works again just fine...for a few months. I'm tired of this problem and would like to fix it once and for all! What's up?

Clean out all the vents,syringe the drain holes with clorine bleach,check the door seals for air tightness all round...after a full defrost(do not help it with a hairdryer as this only defrost the ice you can see....try to defrost it when you can lea ... Frigidaire PLHS67EESB Side by Side Refrigerator

It's not cold at all in the fridge and it's only cool enought to store vegetables in the freezer compartment.

... Refrigerators

Model #ei23bc36is3, Electrolux side by side fridge. Fridge section is not cooling, freezer is zero, about eighteen months old.

... Electrolux Refrigerators

I have a whirlpool fridge about 3.5 years old for which the freezer is working ok but fridge is not cooling. The alarm started beeping every now and then and we have to switch off the fridge and switch it on. The repairer has told that the sensor that kicks off the defrosting process is gone and for him to order the part and replace it, it will take a month. In the meantime how can I keep the fridge working by defrosting it myself. Model no is 6WMV35NW

Here is a tip that will help you with the online buying...How to Buy Appliance Parts Onlineheatman101 ... Whirlpool 21.0 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Top-Mount Refrigerator - White-on-White

My Sub-Zero 611/O is not cooling enough. The temp is 0 in the freezer and 46 in the fridge. I vacuumed very well the condenser. I can't tell which compressor is running. There are two, one larger than the other. The fan is running non stop. Last month there was every day a frosted area inside the fridge of about 6 inches in diameter and up to 1/4 in thick. I would remove it by just pulling it away from the rear panel of the fridge. There was a lot of moist and sometimes even some drips. The fros

You have a hole in your evap coil in your fridge. What your are going to have to do is call a authorized service company and get it fixed. you will need a evap coil and a filter dryer and depending on how long your unit has ... Sub-Zero 611 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Whirlpool fridge gb2shtxts00 is not cooling and there is ice build up in the freezer. I thawed the firdge out about 1 month ago for 2 days as this problem occured then. It started worked again, however it seems for a short while. ABout a year and a half ago, I had same problem and technician came to fix it. He changed some computer part and then it started working again. The fridge is only 3 years old and I never had so many problems with a fridge before. Did a buy a Lemon? I

Unfortunately it sounds as though the board went again. ... Whirlpool GB2SHKXL Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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