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The food from the freezerator tastes like white gas

\015 Food that has been left in the freezerator has a very bad taste and has an aftertaste of white gas ( sternos) no one has ever heard of this. I have had to throw out tons of food- and everyone who tastes says ittastes like sterno fuel\015

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The food from the freezerator tastes like white gas

... Gladiator Freezerator Top Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer smell I have a GE fridge with the freezer part on top. The fridge is fine, but the cold air from the freezer is blowing out a bad smell and the food in the freezer tastes like that same bad smell. What's wrong with the freezer? Thanks.

Could be that your freezer is leaking gases some leaks are fixable but if its an internal leak you will have to replace the complete appliance ... Turbo Air TGM22RV

There is a strong odor coming from the freezer something like a fish smell or a burnt wire. The ice maker is working ok and the fan blows air just fine and the freezer and refrigerator are operating just fine but there is this very strong odor both top and botton....freezer on the bottom. I have checked many times and there is no bad food spoiling to make this odor and we keep the coils on the bottom clean so it runs as efficiently as possible. The odor is so far not affecting the taste of th

Hi,The smell could either be the fan motor or the defrost heating coil...Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer is not frezing foods, I can smell a gas like odor

Sounds like your freezer is leaking freon.may not be any easy or cheap fix.are there any cracks on the inside of the freezer? ... Westinghouse Refrigerators

I simply need a schematic for this unit. The freezer section is icing up and the fresh food section is not cool enough due to fan not working. It had worked earlier but stopped. It looks like some sort of stepper or PWM type motor. I have no way of knowing for sure whether the motor is actually defective or whether it's the driver circuit located on the board, I'm getting voltage between the white lead and three other leads but have no point of reference.


The filtered water tastes like iodine or plastic. The ice will not dispense because it is all stuck together. The food in the freezer is all frosted heavily.

... LG Refrigerators

Food tastes freezer burned

Turn down the temprature and use good storage bags. ... Refrigerators

Bought new fridge freezer yesterday and the freezers is reading -18 but the ice cream is melted I loaded it with not a lot of food - ice in top compartment is frozen perfectly, big box section food is not frozen and ice cream in bottom drawer is like milk I live in spain and the fridge is a KGN 39A10 THANKS

Your refrig is under warranty . I would suggest calling an authorized warranty repair company . ... Bosch KGU32124 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

What should the freezer and refrigerator controls be set to manual says set to 5 which is normal, but are foods and liquids are having ice in them, also after setting freezer at 5 ice machine isn't producing ice at the same rate seems like line is frozen or something like that

... GE Refrigeration 21.8 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator - GTS22JCP

I have side by side refrigerator. It does not want to cool properly. The food will stay frozen as long as it is in the bottom of the freezer. The refrigerator stays semi cool. The fans are running the compressor seems to be running. I did notice that it doesn't look like it is defrosting like it suppose to. The freezer was over packed at one time and I think that had something to do with it. How do I reset the mechanism that will let this defrost again and get it back on it timer

You can first try shutting it down for a day and let it defrost,but i believe if you remove the rear panel inside the freezer and it has a coating of frost and ice on it now,then your going to find that the defrost thermostat or defrost heater has go ... GE Refrigerators

I have an Amana bottom freezer frig. The freezer is starting to show frost inside and build up. Also I noticed some white snow looking stuff under on the front corner. Its not cold like ice but hard white stuff. I guess I am not sure whats going on.

The ref. is pulling in air from the gasket.check gasket by using a dollar bill.shut the freezer door with dollar bill between gasket and freezer.if you can pull the bill out wit ease then you must replace gasket.if frost is on back panel then you hav ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The air vent between my freezer compartment and fresh food compartment below is frozen over and as a result, the fresh foo d compartment gets too warm. I have a Frigidaire refrigerator, model FRT8B5EWA. The freezer temp setting is set in the middle and the fresh food compartment is set at 6. Setting it warmer or colder doesn't seem to help. What would make it freeze up like that abd how do I fix/prevent it.

You have a blockage in the drain tube, remove panel back of freezer..you will see ice build up...melt ice with hair dryer/heat gun...you will see a ... Frigidaire FRT8B5EW 30" 18.2 Cu. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/ 2 Clear Crispers, 2 Sliding Wire Shel...

We had a new oven put in 2 days ago, and the installer turned off the circuit breakers. Ever since he turned it back on my side by side has been making a clicking noise (like a relay). Then it will hum for about 30 seconds and stops and clicks again. Then it does it again a couple of minutes later. Last night I noticed that all of my freezer food is thawing. Seems like fridge is working but freezer isn't cooling.

Remove the bottom front panel of the fridge and locate the defrost timer. This is a small circular motor with a screw slot in the center. Turn the slot CLOCKWISE ONLY and listen for a click. As soon as you hear the click stop, wait about five minutes ... Refrigerators

I have a superba 42 and have a freezer problem. I noticed yesterday that the icemaker had stopped making ice so I dumped the frozen ice from the container thinking that it might be that, but after 12 hours nothing was happening. We have also had a problem recently keeping ice cream frozen. Then I noticed that some of the food in the freezer was defrosting. Mostly less dense foods like pasta and meatballs, but some of the things are still frozen. Any ideas? Thanks, Helene

... KitchenAid (KSRD22FKST) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Bosch Classixx KGV28V01GB fridge freezer. I defrosted it as there was a bog built up of ice in the freezer. I switched the fridge freezer back on today and have noticed that the fridge is not cooling my food. The freezer is ok. I have now also notice a bubble in the inner plastic lining of the fridge which sounds like air escaping through the bubble. Please help?

It will take at least 48 hours for a large fridge freezer to settle down after a complete defrost,so leave it alone with the door shut,set at you favourite temp.... ... Bosch Classixx KGV28323 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Our freezer was accidentally unplugged and the food inside thawed and spoiled. I have cleaned the inside and outside of the freezer and washed the floor of the garage with bleach. I still can't get rid of the "something died there" smell. Any suggestions? The inside of the freezer does not smell. It almost smells like it is coming from underneath the freezer.

You could try one of those ozone generating machines to take care of the lingering odor. The ozone will help reduce the odor and kill any microbes that might have been growing from the spoiled food. You could try renting a machine and it should be ab ... Refrigerators

Our Smeg SR640XA side by side refrigerator is making strange puffing noises at the bottom section of the freezer. It puffs four or five times and then it sounds like something is dribbling in the back of the freezer for a couple of seconds. Then it goes quiet again for 30 seconds or so and then the puffing/dribbling sounds start again. The lower part of the inside wall of the freezer is warm (but cold at the back of the top sections). The freezer is still very cold inside and all food is fro

It is the defrosting heating elements and sensors that has gone bad. Check for glowing light at bottom of the back panel. Turn the freezer section off and contact Smeg! ... Smeg FA561X Side by Side Refrigerator

Amana, bottom freezer, freezer not freezing and then refrigerator not keeping cool.. help Started with the ice maker not making ice, the sound of trying to pull water but never any ice. Then the freezer, all the food melted. You can hear the motor running almost non stop but nothing. Then last night, after we emptied the freezer, the fridge part started to warm up. Not it makes the odd buzzing sound like the compressor is trying but nothing is happening.

Hi\015\012Firstly put off the refrigerator before the compressor burns off.\015\012The problem is simple... the coling gas has leaked out.... put new coolong gas...BUT only after finding the place of leak... this will be needed to be fixe ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Would like to put older side by side refrigerator in our garage. I was told in the winter, when it gets cold the freezer side will not keep foods frozen. I had an older top freezer refrigerator in the garage for over 10 years and it worked fine. Is this true? We have an older freezer out there too and was hoping to eliminate the older freezer and just use the side by side.

It could be a problem depending on how cold your garage gets in the winter. Most refrigerators depend on the compressor turning on to cool the freezer section and that cold air is used to cool the refrigerator section. If your the temperature in your ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Fridge freezing hi there , have fridge freezer approx 12- 14 years old, fridge is freezing just like the freezer does , have already replaced the thermostate. twice just in case, compressor is running all the time, could it be low on gas...... this is afisher and pykel c240b fridge freezer....thanks ,

Your fan in the fridge is proberally going bad,, check your fan ... Refrigerators

The freezer sounds like it wants to "click" in and run, but doesn't. it waits a few seconds then goes through the cycle again. A service persona came nad told me it was the condensor--but never took the back panael off and looked at anything. The freezer is not keeping food frozen and there was and inch to 2 inbches of ice on the bottom of the freezer. Any other ideas. Coils and under the refriger are clean

... Amana ARB2205C Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Drain in freezer keeps getting plugged up and bottom of freezer has big, frozen sheet of ice. Have had repairman out twice. I'd like to know if I could fix it myself. Yesterday, I took the freezer door off, slid food trays out, and chipped off ice, but couldn't find drain hole. Do I need to take the back off? The repairman melted the drain hole ice with a blow dryer and then sucked guck out with a turkey baster. I could do that too if I could find the drain! Thank you. Candace Miller

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I have the top refrig with bottom freezer..i opened the freezer last nite to find snow like ( not ice) ( i can scrape the snow and make snowballs) on all my food in both baskets. My ref and freezer are on number 3

Snow is an indication of air leak caused by gasket not sealing properly. ... Refrigerators

My Sanyo refrigerator (model SR-4431S) isn't cooling like before and certainly will not make ice... While scraping ice from the freezer compartment up top, I accidentally made a small puncture in the back wall and heard gas coming out. After ten minutes, the sound of gas escaping stopped. I was able to plug up the small puncture, but it seems that the gas, or refridgerant, is missing... Can I replace the gas/refridgerant? Thanks.

Hi!\012\012Before you can refill the system, you need to have the leak fixed. They have to evacuate the system, weld shut the leak, vacuum the system for 30 min. and refill refrigerant to proper level. This is a job that by Federal Law has to ... Sanyo SR-4310 Compact Refrigerator

Chiping ice out of freezer section with chisle and entered a "cavity" under freezer shelf...seemed like freon gas came out of it. Is the refriderator toast? It is a Magic Chef mini-freezer.

Sound like you punctured one of the molded channels in the freezer shelf that carries the refrigerant.  Probably can't be fixed.  Possibly could be replaced.  Consult a service technician if the fridge is new enough to keep.  If i ... Refrigerators

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