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New house, cooler bought 2006. doesn't seem to run, but light is on

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If the compressor is not running you will need to replace the "start relay" and the "run capacitor" on the compressor.
Here is the start relay to order.
Here is the capacitor to order.
Here is a diagram to show you the part locations.
The start relay is number 89 on the diagram and the capacitor is number 96.

The parts come with a 365 day, any part, any reason return policy.

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New house, cooler bought 2006. doesn't seem to run, but light is on

If the compressor is not running you will need to replace the "start relay" and the "run capacitor" on the compressor. ... GE ZDBC240NBS Beverage Cooler

I just bought a new house and it has an Amana fridge in it. It appears to be very new, as are many of the thngs in the house. However, it is not staying cold. The temp is turned all the way up and still it is just barely cold. It seems to be running all of the time as well. Model number ABD2533 any suggestions on what the problem might be or what I should do?

One thing to check is the condenser fan on the back by the compressor. Is the freezer cold enough? if so check the evaporator fan and defrost is working properly. Look for frost covering the back of the freezer if it is there it is a defrost problem ... Amana ABD2533DES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Yes I have a True 95 38 Beverage cooler and I bought it new 4 years ago , I have used it for 3 and 1 year it just sat not running , well I plugged it in the other day and it is only blowing warm inside and not getting cold , but the air is blowing out of the vents in the back and sides what could be causing it not to cool down and get cold inside ? I have checked the coils and they seem to be pretty much clean .

Could be many things... A bad thermostat, bad compressor, bad compressor start relay, refrigerant leak, moisture in the system, or even a blocked capillary tube. You would need a lot more information... mostly only the kind a technician can get by ge ... True TD-95-38-LT Beverage Cooler

HI, I bought a new Whirlpool side by side and it seems to run 15 or so minutes and off for about 10 or son minutes..it seems to run allot more than my old one did, can you tell me if this is normal, I may have to ask the retailer to take this unit back.??

You did not mention whether or not the temps in the freezer section and the food section are normal or not. If they are normal then everything is as stated in solution 1. If things like ice cream are not firm then there may be other issues. On a ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Refrigerator Hello, I bought 5 years ago a Fisher and Paykel refrigerator who doesn't refrigerate anymore ,this seems unusual for a rather recent model the fan still runs ,refrigerator still plugged ,alarm open door still functioning lights on inside crack sound of what seems to be an electrical relay every 10 to 15 minutes remark, opening of the doors, upper or bottom freezer deactivates the running of the fan fan is reactivated while closing them thanks for assistance

The compressor might have had it ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Doesn't sound like anything is running. Is compressor shot? Unplugged the unit for a couple minutes and plugged back in, but nothing seems to be running. All the lights work , but no blower, no compressor sounds at all. There is frost on the inside back of the freezer unit. A defrost timer was replaced last summer. any ideas? new Compressor? new Relay????? thanks

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. \012 \012If you are heari ... GE GSS22JFMWW Side by Side Refrigerator

I have bought a new Bosch Fridge freezer and the pump seems to be running a lot, the heat exchanger grill at the back of the freezer is warm while the pump is running indicating its trying to cool down. The doors are properly closed and the seal look good, i don't open the doors very long. My old freezer was hardly running in the same location. Any idea ?

Sounds normal to me. The compressor will run quite a bit until it cools the unit down. This could take a few days. The heat from inside the box has to go somewhere. The coils might be quite hot. If the unit maintains proper temperature...all is ... Bosch Refrigerators

Refrigiration my samsung refrigirator model RS26WUNS the card from the back was broken and I bought a new and changed it but it does not seem to work, theres light inside the fridge but is not sending current to start the compressor I checked for almost every thing and I dont seem to get it going any idea what would be the problem thank you

... Refrigerators

I have a new Continental ice maker - bought 2 years ago, but was plugged in for first time yesterday. Motor won't run. Added water to proper level. Plugged in. Set cube size. In one minute red water light comes on. Turn Off. Repeat proess. Same results.Repeat process 25 times. Same result 25 times. Moror don't run. No ice.

Check the water pump, I had the same problem, the water pump was bad but unable to find replacement parts at this point. The pump is a ZB-1200 made by Zhongboa Motor Factory, \015\012\015\012Good Luck ... Continental PortableCE-IM65151 Ice Maker In Stock

Whirlpool chest freezer when i bought it and had it delivered they dropped it messed up one corner in the back but seemed to be ok was cold didnt use it right away then when i put my food in it never did freeze anything. Well now it wont even get cold at all so wont freeze or get cold.All lights seem to work i hear it running i have tried diffrent temp settings nothing works.

Hello,Hindsight being 20/20, you should have refused it when the damage was apparent. My thoughts 1) would be that when the unit was dropped, a pinhole leak developed, and over time, the refrigerant has leaked out. ... Refrigerators

I have a whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator that came in house i just bought house was empty 2 years i plugged it in and the lights inside come on but the compressor doesnt run i tried turning the timer under it to see if it was in defrost cycle and it does click but doesnt turn compressor on

Okay, to say I'm an expert in this area is stretching it but I'm going to see if I can help. To the best of my knowledge, this is usually caused by a bad start relay/overload, dirty condenser coils, a bad compressor, control board has failed, lin ... Whirlpool GB9SHKXL Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We recently moved to a house with a Bosch KGV28V01GB fridge freezer outside but it doesn't seem to be working. Its plugged in and the light comes on when the door is opened. The switch is set to ON but the compressor doesn't seem to be working. The fridge freezer is outside and its been below zero lately at night. I'm not sure its an outdoor model so perhaps that has affected performance though I assumed it should keep working. Its cold enough that we don't need to have the fridge running b

Good day,\015\012Refrigerators are designed for indoor use only. The lowest temperature they will perform normally is 55 degrees.\015\012As the temperature drops below that it degades to the point of not working at all.\015\012P.S. ... Bosch Classixx KGV28323 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost timer My Kenmore model 62272100 MFG in 09-01 seems to stick in off positionafter defrost mode. Just tapping the casement with the defrost timergets it running till the next defrost cycle. I bought a new timer. Theoriginal part # 2188376, Spec FL-3001-00. The new part # 483212, SpecFL-3001-00 has the flying lead which i hooked up to 2nd connection#"1", same problem so i tried 1st connection #"2". Same problempersists, I tried another replacement timer with same result. Mightthis not be th

... Kenmore 44103 Side by Side Refrigerator

Slow icemaker Dear Sir or Ms. A month ago I bought a new Kenmore Side by Side Refrig, Model #106.50023 211. The ice maker seems to work very slowly-we keep running out of ice. Our last refrig was a kenmore & the bin would fill overnight. This bin has never filled. Is there an adjustment I can make? Thanks, Chris Burgess

... Kenmore Refrigerators

MODEL PBF2555HEW Maytag/Amana Fridge. Bought second hand 2 mos ago, only 20 months old today. Worked great until today. Lights are one,LCD's are not showing error code. Fridge & Freezer (bottom freezer draw) are not cooling. Fan seems to be running on the bottom of fridge. We were advised by a fridge repair man over the phone to unplug the unit and set a fan in front of it. Theory is/was that the computer (if there is one) will reset it self if we turn it back on in a few hours and the fa

... Refrigerators

Kenmore elite fridge side by side model number 253.4450960 door bumped into cabinet when opened and lights went out..fridge seems to have stoped running and no i get a flashing code that says e on one side and 7 on the other?..what happened and can i fix it or should i get a cooler with ice for overnight as sears repair services are closed

It appears your compressor has failed in this instance.For replacement parts - head on over to PartSelect.com or RepairClinic.com and enter in your full model number for a full parts listing.I recommend both sites because ... ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hello I'm trying to change the light bulb in the conus fridge. It has been out for maybe a month and a half and I bought a new bulb today, tried putting it in but doesn't seem to work. Have I got to turn the fridge off for awhile to install it or should it work straight away? Or what am I doin wrong?

If the bulb screws in fully, it must work, unless there is a problem with the door switch or the wiring to the light. Try wiggling the door switch first, something may have got onto the contacts. It that does not work, unplug the fridge and check t ... Refrigerators

We bought our home just about 3 1/2 years ago and the fridge came with the house. It seemed to be almost new when we moved in, but we were curious if it would still be under warranty? We are having issues keeping it cool?

Run a diagnostic test of the defrost cycle, that may be all you need to do to clear the ice buildup out of the freezer ... GE Refrigerators

New refridgerator ("KE" series) Istalled by technicians at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Still not cold. All sounds as if running, lights are on, and going down the trouble shooting list, all seems good to go. What do we need to do to make this thing work?

This may be a mojor problem. I have seen several refrigerators over the years which had a bad joint on the refrigerant tubing, and all the refrigerant leaked out. Try taking the back cover off and inspecting the area around the compressor. It shou ... GE Refrigerators

Problems with hotpoint refrigerator hss256fpjww making a clicking noise very much like a loud wind up clock. when it's running I don't seem to notice it. We bought it new three years ago and the ice maker went out several months ago,so we don't use it, but don't know how to unplug it.

... HP Refrigerators

Have a KitchenAid Superba side by side with ice maker. (Don't know year or model number, came with the house we bought two years ago.) We took off the back panel to vaccuum coils and wipe out drip pan (there was a terrible smell). Smell is all gone, but now entire unit will not cool. Everything seems to be running: fan blowing (room temp air). What might we have done in cleaning to cause this? And what can we do to fix it? Thank you.

Hi,\015\012\015\012It sounds like the compressor is not running.\015\012\015\012The compressor is the black metal dome shapped component in the back, it is about the size of a bowling ball. \015\012\015\012- With t ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezing problem Hi, I have got BEKO Aclass TDA 531 W freidge and it experiences problem with freezing. Food is destroyed very fast, specially milk (almost next day). It seems working, lights on, but either cooler is not strong enough or maybe cabel problem. I am really lost as landlord said it is new and we got it just 1 month ago. Please advice, Ada.

I am looking for a door bottle shelf for a bek-Fridge freezer CSB4606FFS ... Refrigerators

U-line CO 2075 refrigerator stopped working, only 3 years old. Service man said it needs new control board. I bought it and installed and still not running. Blinking light has indicated "open thermistor" before I changed the board, so now I am changing the thermistors. I pulled 2 thermistors out of back, but can't get the 3rd one loose. I don't want to pull too hard and rip the wires. Any suggestions? Will this likely solve my problem? Thanks!

OK I'm guessing you have a clear icemaker. Not a co2075. When you replace the board you MUST replace the thermistors that come with the board. The board and thermistors are calibrated together. What is your model number? A clear ice maker has thermi ... U-Line CO2075F-B Echelon Refrigerator Ice Maker Combination

HELP with AVANTI WC 600CL not cooling I have an avati wc600clWC601cl wine cooler that is not cooling, compresor is runing but get really hot, what you think tha the compresor die or only run out of freon, this cooler use 134a and i thinking about fixing because is 54 bottles and new ones runs around $500.00 is almost new condition eve have several years. probably worth invest in replace the compresor if that was the case. Thanks, Joe

... Avanti WCR5103SS Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

The light saying to change the filter came on so I bought a new filter and put it in and the light is still on. Is there a reset switch some where ? Ive never had this happen in the past. I would just put in a new filter and the light would go out on it's own.

\012How to reset the 'change filter' indicator light, at the front of your refrigerator. The procedure for resetting the change \012filter indicator light can vary from fridge to fridge. Typically, the indicator \012 ... Maytag MSD2432G Side by Side Refrigerator

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