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Hi, I have a GE GSS25L WW Side-by-Side and was wondering if there is a reset button for the compressor on the circuit board. In addition, I was wondering if the unit is able to be recharged with freon. The fan runs, but the compressor does not kick-in. Thanks.

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No their is not, and yes the unit can be recharged, if that's the issue.

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Hi, I have a GE GSS25L WW Side-by-Side and was wondering if there is a reset button for the compressor on the circuit board. In addition, I was wondering if the unit is able to be recharged with freon. The fan runs, but the compressor does not kick-in. Thanks.

No their is not, and yes the unit can be recharged, if that's the issue.Please rate/vote the response Thanks ... GE Refrigerators

Wheelshot, We have a Sub-Zero 532. A couple of days ago, we discovered that the refrigerator side was only reading 60 degrees. I deiced the condenser coil behind the back panel, checked the compressor and fan for the ref side and they are both running. I also tested the 'cold control' and it would turn on and off. However, the temperature will still only get down to around 50 degrees. Could it need a recharge? What kind of freon does this model need?

The Sub-Zero 532 model uses two different refrigerants (R12 or R-134a), in four different quantities, depending on the serial number of your unit. ... Refrigerators

I purchased a used GE Profile TFX22PP Side by Siide which was working perfectly. I transported the item to my home, cleaned it, vaccummed the borrom coil and plugged it in. The unit has been running for about 14 hours and it is not cooling. The fan comes on, I believe I hear the compressor kick-in but the thermometer I placed into the Fridge (1 in the freezer side and one in the main side) are reading 78 Degrees. Lights come on, Fan is running and I believe the compressor also. What now?

... GE Refrigerators

I have a tecumsee compressor for a cold tray Mod # aea2410yxa. Its showing 60 psi on the high and low side. It tries to run for about 10 sec. the kicks out. the power keeps the cond. fan running and it has 120 to the common side of the compressor but shows nothing on the run or start sides. i replaced the relay and the overload, could the compressor be bad?

The compressor is kicking the thermal overload for some reason. Look on the compressor label. There is an LRA number there which is for "locked rotor amperage." 1 1/4 hp compressor for example has an LRA of 13.7 up to 16.9 amps depending on manufa ... Refrigerators

Ge side by side refrigerator........the fridge stopped working, there is power...i removed the bottom back panel and the fan that cools the compressor was making a clicking noise and the fan blade was barely moving (kinda like a clock ticking)....i thought it was probably the motor..... i disconnected the wired plug that goes from the motor to (i think) the compressor, then i reconnected and the motor (and fan) and the compressor kicked on and began to run normally........this also happe

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Make sure the condenser coil in front of the fan is clean. Also, make sure the fan is working strong, not just barely moving. The whole area can be cleaned using a vacuum with a brush adapter. When doing the condenser coil ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool Gold side-by-side model GD5YH8XNLOO not cooling. Fan runs and compressor tries to kick on a couple of seconds but immediately kicks off. Have tried shutting off for a few hours and then back on with no success. Do I need new compressor or refidgerator charge and can I put it on myself if fairly mechanically inclined. I've successfully recently fixed my ice maker by replacing the water regulator and ice maker timer. The compressor looks good and i keep the fridge maintained. It is about

I have phone support and can tell you how. ... Refrigerators

25 year old Whirlpool side by side fridge not cooling. Thermostat OK, both fans running, relay OK, overload protector stays closed 10 seconds or so then kicks out for a minute or so then closes again and repeats cycle. Power to overload is 122 Vac when overload is open but drops to 114 when compressor runs for short time. Has the compressor gone belly up causing a heavy load on power. This is garage fridge, formerly kitchen fridge. Is it time to get a new whirlpool for kitchen and move kitchen u

Hi try out the following settings....Check your temperature setting.- Check if no ice present in the evaporator, try the defrosting- Check vents if air is present if no then check your blower if running or icing evaporator.- ... Whirlpool ES5FHAXS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a side kick refrigerator model el87trrrv02 that was cooling last night and is not cooling this morning. The compressor is running and the fan is running. The coil is clean. The compressor is hot to the touch but the refirgerator is still not cool. Do i have a refrigerant leak?

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I need a schematic for the Samsung RS2530BB side-by-side. The fan is out in the bottom. The compressor kicks in but the fan won't run. I can't figure out how to take it out and need a part number. Thank you

Http://www.appliancepartspros.com/partsearch/model.aspx?model_id=5172300&diagram_id=28522678#d28522678 ... Samsung Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side model 52569100 that is not cooling. Fan is running but not the compressor. Compressor is not trying to come on. Was wondering if it could have gone into defrost and not come out. Any suggestions?

If the compressor is not turning on you might want to check the relay switch.The switch is located on the side of the compressor usually with two wires running to it. To check unplug the fridge remove the switch and shake it, if it rattles you need t ... Kenmore Refrigerators

My refrigerator, Kenmore Model 253.71832104, was put into storage for about a year and a half. I took it out of storage and plugged it in, the lights come on, the fan runs, but I do not hear the compressor kick on, and it does not cool. . . the coils on the back also do not get warm. Is there a way for me to trouble shoot this before I do a service call. . . ie. if it leaked freon, would the compressor try to kick on, or would that be an obvious different problem. . . I have located the ca

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Amana side by side model szde25kbw on the fridge side has quit cooling the compressor is running and the fan the freezer side is working fine would it be a freon issue ?

... Amana Refrigerators

My admiral gc2224ekb started playing up first the fridge side freezed up, i heard a tingling noise from a fan and thought that was the problem,iwas told to defrost the freezer which i did now the freezer now only works sometimes ive noticed that the compressor and fan at the bottom only kick in when i open the fridge door as soon as i shut it they go off,then you only hear the freezer fan running

... Admiral Refrigerators

The fridge is a side by side Kitchen Aid that is about 10 years old. It suddenly stopped cooling, first the freezer side then the fridge side. I pulled the unit away from the wall and removed the lower panel, the fan was running and the compressor was very warm to the touch but didn't appear to be running. I unplugged the unit and it was off for about 12 hours. Before I plugged it back in I checked the compressor and it was no longer warm at all. I notice that the blower fan runs continuosly a

I have reviewed your problem and have the fallowing for you to aces.\015\012First, the condenser fan motor, should run continually. This will keep a constant air flow across the condenser coil and ci ... Refrigerators

I have a Samsung RS2556WW side by side refrigerator. It suddenly stopped running altogether. The lights inside come on, but the compressor and fan does not kick in.

... Refrigerators

Whirlpool Refridgerator side by side is only 8 years old and has had good preventive maintainence. Was working great when one day... just wasn't cold any more. The compressor and fan run. All seems normal. Everything still looks new. I am confused as to what might be wrong. Could it possible have a slow leak.? And if so how do I find it, repair it, how and where do I recharge it.?

Hi,\012Yes, it does sound like you have a leak...\012\012Here is a tip that I wrote about how to add refrigerant to a air conditioner orcooling systemHow to a ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Maytag/Mod MSB2354GR SER # JSU18X156A0A compressor kicks on but kicks off again. after 2 or 3 seconds . on again/off again No cooling in either side Cooling fan runs all the time

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing thencheck out the last two tips. ... Maytag MSB2354G Side by Side Refrigerator

My whirlpool side by side is not cooling right. Freezer at 20 degrees. Compressor runs, coils frost up good, all of them, defrost mode kicks in and defrosts coils. light goes off with door closed. The front edge between fridge and freezer is hot. Both fans are blowing. There is an almost full tray of water in the drip pan, which it has not done before.

The fan which cools the compressor is bad (condensor motor ) . ... Refrigerators

Fan is running but compressor not kicking on - KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

This will take a little one on one and if you like, let me know when you are ready, Sea Breeze ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Everything works on fridge, compressor running fans, timer. The problem is it has to run constantly except for defrost cycle and freezer only gets to 25 degrees. Fridge side is about 40 but both thermostats are tuned up all the way. Recharge? I read this is uncommon but can/ ,t think of any other problem.

I had this fixed and it was the Defrost heater and the part that makes it come on he had to splice it in so I am glad I didn't try to do it my self parts and labor my bill was $168.00 ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Cat number ED25TEXHW00, side by side, Whirlpool Refrigerator. Neither fridg or freezer will cool. Lights turn on & condens fan runs. Compressor will not kick in. What to look for???

If the compressor will not kick on what you have is either a bad compressor or a bad starting device. Generally the unit will try and start and after 8 seconds or so you will hear a loud tick. That indicates the relay is bad. If the compressor is bad ... Whirlpool 25.3 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White-on-White

The fan in our freezer of our Maytag refrigerator freezer keeps starting every 15 min. or so, and it runs for about 15 min when it starts. Then after @15 min it starts again for about 15 min, then stops... We haven't heard the compressor kick in though. We were wondering if the fact that we have 2-20# turkeys in the freezer is the reason for this to be happening, or is something happening to the fan?

What is you model and brand.\015\012Also what is the temperatures in freezer and refrigerator ... Maytag Refrigerators

About 36 hours ago our Whirlpool 25.2 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator ED25CQXFW02 was not cooling (frozen was thawing, and refrigerator was not cold) the compressor and fan were running, I cleaned the coils underneath, and set the controls to startup normal. Within a couple of hours I could tell that it was cooling well again. Today this has happened again, the compressor and fan were not running, I shut it off for a few minuets and restarted it. Now the compressor and fan are on again, and it

Depending on your model. if its just a reg, side by side, you more than likely need a relay/ overload which is located on the compressor,the relay only works after it cools down. unplug ref from wall, remove rear cover to see and touch compressor to ... Whirlpool 25.2 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator GD25DFXF

I have a Figidaire side by side FRS26H5ASBA freezer side is not cold enough to freeze and the refrig side is too warm. The compressor fan is not running the compressor is not vibrating and cool to the touch and there is no frost or ice on the evaporator coils and the evaporator fan is running. Can you give me some guidance in this case?

... Frigidaire FRS26H5AS Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore 51069100 side by side not cooling: The compressor seems to be running (it's hot), the compressor cooling fan is running, the freezer circulation fan is running, but not the least bit cool anywhere.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

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