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My coils have frozen up and the fan shut off on my ge profile fridge with the freezer on the bottom. we defrosted it with a hair dryer and the fan kicked back on - why would this happen?

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I would check the coils and make sure they are not too dirty with cobwebs and dust. If they are clean, make sure you do not have the unit enclosed too much where it cannot "breath", it needs to have ample air flow to vent the heat that is removed from the inside. If this is not your problem, you may need a service man to check the level of the refrigerant. \015\012
\015\012Good luck.

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My coils have frozen up and the fan shut off on my ge profile fridge with the freezer on the bottom. we defrosted it with a hair dryer and the fan kicked back on - why would this happen?

I would check the coils and make sure they are not too dirty with cobwebs and dust. If they are clean, make sure you do not have the unit enclosed too much where it cannot "breath", it needs to have ample air flow to vent the heat that is removed fr ... GE Refrigerators

GE Profile tnx22pa---top frezzer---Ice maker leaked and froze up what sounded like a fan. Made a noise like fan was hitting ice and then fan stopped. Defrosted entire freezer and fixed filler tube. Frig off for 6 hrs and used hot water pans and hair dryer. Turned frig/freezer back on and neither section will get very cold. NO FAN NOISE at all. It would seen that fan is broken. Don't have repair manual so I don't know if fan is serviceable. any ideas??? Thanks--Bill G

The fan is at the bottom of the refrigerator beside the compressor.and you can see it easily be revoing the four screws out of the bach flap.\015\012for help as what part is located where click the link\015\012.if the fan is faulty get it ... Refrigerators

Jenn-Aire Refrigerator Model JCD2389GEW Last spring, it would not defrost and of course the refrigerator was warm. I replaced the Adaptive Defrost Control (ADC)and that solved the problem. This week, the defrost problem returned. I defrosted the freezer with a hair dryer and reassembled and turned the freezer and slid the freezer and refrigerator controls back to the middle. The compressor did not turn back on. (It was working before I defrosted.)I pulled the ADC to check for trouble cod

Hi Tom, I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012 If the 60 Deg thermostat or wiring has failed it will never come out of defrost. The thermostat is what tells the ADC that the defrost cycle is complete. When the thermostat never closes.... the circ ... Jenn-Air JCB2280HES Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer part of my refrigerator was not cooling. The top part was getting warmer. I was told the fan my have frozen. I defrosted the freezer with a hair dryer. Water came puring down the back of the freezer wall were the coils are. Where does this water go? I could not find the drip pan. The fan is now working. How log does it take till the refrigerant and freezer to get to the right temperature?

8-12 hours and the water goes into a drain pan under the unit. The water will evaporate over time. ... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost Fan Hi I have a Hotpoint FF187MP with a warm fridge. I have been advised to defrost the fan by using a hair dryer all over the back for 10 minutes. I have done this but other than waiting a couple of hours to check temp, how can I check to see if it has worked? fan in freezer does seem to blowout but I can't feel it in the fridge (not sure I ever noticed if it did). Cheers.

If back is badly iced up it will take longer than 10 mins to defrost - iv'e known it to take an hour. the amount of air going up to the fridge is not great but you should be able to feel it thro the grid - wet you fingers and you will fee ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

We have kenmore freezer on bottom model #59676603600. Freezer very cold fridge very hot. No air blowing out into fridge. Had technician come but felt very uncomfortable with him. After hearing his cost... I thought Id try myself. I followed instructions for defrosting fast by removing back panel and using hair dryer. After defrosted fan is working and it actually appears to be cooling fridge .. But I understand that after 8 hours, if timer doesn't work, or thermometer doesn't work. We wil

... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Hotpoint HSS25GFPEWW side by side.....initially the ice maker stopped crushing and dispensing ice....then the freezer started to warm. I cleaned the condenser coils and confirmed the condenser fan and compressor were running....checked evaporator coils and they were frosted up, although the fan was running....cleaned out unit and defrosted evaporator coils with hair dryer...plugged in and evaporator coils iced up again....replaced defrost heater....unit would not cool at all....replace

Dead if the compressor is running and theres no cooling or frost on the evaporator you have leaked out all your freon only way to fix is call a pro about 600$ to fix ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire PLHS67EEsb7 side by side. Every couple of months, something happens that causes the coils in the freezer to freeze over and the fridge and freezer stop cooling altogether. I have to take everything out and use a hair dryer to defrost the coils. Once they're defrosted, it works again just fine...for a few months. I'm tired of this problem and would like to fix it once and for all! What's up?

Clean out all the vents,syringe the drain holes with clorine bleach,check the door seals for air tightness all round...after a full defrost(do not help it with a hairdryer as this only defrost the ice you can see....try to defrost it when you can lea ... Frigidaire PLHS67EESB Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator model #ER8AHKXPQ01. freezer would ice up in back and quite a bit of water would drip down into the refrigerator. i would turn it off, manually defrost and it would work fine for awhile. now fan blows but compressor won't kick on at all.

... Whirlpool 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator ET18PKXG

Defrost problem... I would like to know... My freezer is totally frozen behind the back panel, AND all the evap coils are covered in ice. I've been defrosting it with a hair dryer for the last 2 weeks...ugh Is there a method to manually engage defrost cycle, check if defrost heater is bad, or test the thermostat? The thermostat is CHEAP, and I'm considering replacing it just to see if this fixes it. Any and ALL advice welcomed...except advice to replace board, please? :-) At this point (before a

Check at front of fridge on bottom behind kick panel or at rear of fridge near compressor on some models you can manually engage defrost cycle,it looks like a small sometimes metal box with wires out of it,it will have either a protruding knob which ... Refrigerators

I have a Jenn-Air Model # JCB2388GRW. The freezer side frosts over on the coil and so the fridge side is warm - I can fix it by taking off some panels in the back of the freezer and defrosting with a hair dryer but it's happening every few days now - worth calling a repair person?

You could fix it yourself. You have a defrost component failure. Most likely the defrost thermostat or bad heater element. you should see these in the freezer compartment and can run some tests to find the problem. First you need to bypass the def ... Jenn-Air JCB2388G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have found this unit overheating multiple times. Each time the coils were not totally frosted, but defrosted them with hair dryer and restarted. Unit runs fine for weeks. Last time, discovered the fan in freezer was not running. Unplugged, plugged back in and unit cooled to setpoint. Is this a circuit board issue or fan problem.

... GE DSS25KGT Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer keeps building up ice and the food defrosts.I removed everything and defrosted it with a hair dryer. Worked well for about 2 ;months now the same thing has happened. It's a side by side mode; #UKF7002AXX. Have had to dispose of all defrosted meats. Your help would greatly appreciated. The one in the garage keeps on ticking even though it sounds as though a bird has been trapped inside. thank you

The one in the garage need a fan motor maybe . the defrost problem would be the heater or the defrost terminator or the a d c adaptive defrost control . . therminator is most common is in back of freezer behind plate and above t ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling properly.The motor seems to be running. There is the sound of a fan in the freeaer. I cleaned underneath with a vaccuum and my compressor. I was going to take the back out of the freezer to see if the coils were iced up but can't get the rack out. I was going to defrost them with a hair dryer if they were. There is no condensation on the interior walls of the freezer. I live in the tropics and the food is spoiling. Please help. Thanks

Either the defrost timer, defrost heater or defrost termination thermostat have failed. The rack and the sheet metal at the back of the inside of the freezer would have to come out to access the evaporator coil.\015\012Need your model # to be a ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

GSS25PGMF FREEZER NOT WORKING. This morning when I opened the freezer door, everything was defrosted. The ice tray was half water. Their was frost on the inside back of the refrig. The regrig side seemed fine. It is about 48 degrees now. From: kimberlyiman You have a defrost problem. You can defrost the unit down by removing the back panel and get a hair dryer and go back and forth over the defrost. Make sure that you don't get any of the coils too hot or you'll destroy your unit. But you'll nee

... GE Refrigerators

I am having the same probablem.. replaced the control board 2 weeks ago.. i unpluged my refrigerator for 30 mins.. hand run the hair dryer over the vent inside the freezer.. puggled it back in and its been an hour 1 1/2 and it hasnt kicked on..could it be in defrost mode?

Not that long.did you turn the controls on in the fridge side?also did you follow the instructions that came with the new board.if there's a wire in the second pin on j1 you have to cut it,then behind the inside freezer wall there's a sensor that yo ... GE GSS20IEPWW / GSS20IEPCC Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello Expert, Our Whirlpool Gold refrigerator model GB9SHDXPS01 is warm, but the freezer is just fine. Frost builds up on the back wall. I removed all the ice with a hair dryer, but about 6 days later, the ice builds up again. I understand that indicates that the defrost system is not working right. What should I do from there? Knowing that this problem occurs often, what is the most proba Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

The problem is most likely either the defrost timer, and/or the defrost heater element(s) are faulty. The problem is actually that the defrost heater elements are not functioning properly and the evaporator core is actually freezing up and blocking t ... Refrigerators


Low on freon ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a crosley conservator refrigerator, it says "twist air" on the bottom of the freezer door, and while the freezer works ok, the fan in the back of the freezer has seemed to have stopped working, like 3 days ago, and the refrigerator area wont' cool any longer. Of course, I opened the freezer door and pushed the button to see if the fan would come on, and it would not. So, the first thing I did, even though there was really no ice build-up at all, was to completely turn it off and defrost i

Replace the evaporator fan in the freezer. ... Refrigerators

3 year old kenmore top freezer, won t defrost ''no ice'' buildup behind the freezer panel I removed. no clicks on the defrost test, same result for method #2. The ice maker works ok when freezer is at zero. Naturally with no defrost it goes 5 to 10 below then no ice. The refrigerator runs about 45 deg. instead of its usual 40 deg. The water dispenser has no water, when the no defrost problem started. I tried a hair dryer for the freezer and the back of the freezer compartment. No change, the

Your freezer had a heater and a bi metal behind its pannel. if they won't work properly than you would face problem like this.......contact your service authority. it cannot be solved by your own ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Hotpoint Frige My water stoped working and the ice would not despence, however the fridge and freezer werwe still working fine. about 36 hours later I heard a ticking noise coming from the circut board in the back of the fridge. At this point the compressor would not kick on. I took the back panel of the unit and found a mouse body wedged in the fan I removed it and i'm getting the same clicking sound. I thought it was the fan gone bad, but after replacing the fan motor I still get the clicki

The main computer is bad. the small square panel axcess it. Had 2 do this same thing. ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

It appears that there is a problem with the auto defrost in my GE GSS22JEMA CC, it will be fine for a month and the fridge doesn't get real cold, the ice maker doesn't make ice and the freezer doesn't freeze. We take off the white cover inside the freezer and the coils are covered with ice/frost. We take a hair dryer to it and then turn the freezer back on and it works perfectly for about another month or until the frost builds back up.

... Refrigerators

I have a Side by Side Fridge Freezer WSE6100PA*1 which is just over 3 years old. Approx 1 week ago the Freezer Alarm went and food in the top of the freezer were soft. We turned the unit off for about 20 hours and back on again and it was working ok until yesterday (13/12/10). This morning I defrosted the coil with a hair dryer and it is back on now and running. Our neighbour who has the same fridge/freezer as we purchased them at the same time had this problem about 12 months ago and he did wha

... Refrigerators

When the freezer defrosts it partially melts the ice cubes, the ice builds up between the inside back and the outside back. This ice gets hit by the fan making an awful grinding noise water leaks out of the bottom of freezer onto the floor. and the bottom of the inside of the freezer fills up with ice. This happens at least once a week and we have to take it all apart and clean out all the ice and start over,and hope we are home to hear it grinding the next time and shut it off. It is only 1 yr

What is your model and brand ... Refrigerators

Ice forms in on the back panel in the freezer; freezer stays cold but frig not as cold; we defrosted it, took everything out of the freezer and relocated so as to keep items away from fan. Plugged it back in, and the same thing happens. What part do I need.

Make sure that when you have removed the ice you also cleaned out the unit especially the freezer and the drains. Clogging due to dirt is sometimes the cause of coils to freeze up. I would advise to have the thermistor checked. I am unsure if your ... Whirlpool Refrigeration 14.4 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/2 Full Width DuraWhite Wire Shelves ...

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