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Refrigerator stopped running.

\015 Model TBX18CHB Serial TT 584944\015\012Refrigerator was running fine.We replaced the door gasket (took about 2 hrs.).Refrigerator (& freezer) worked for about one day after but slowly gained temperature.Refrigerator stopped completely after about one day after replacing gasket.Vacumned coils under & behind refrigerator but that did not help.\015

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Icemaker stopped producing ice. Refrigerator runs and runs and doesn't shut off. What was in icemaker tray has now frozen solid. I shut off refrigerator 5 minutes ago because it didn't stop itself as usual. I will turn it back on soon. What should I do about icemaker and that refrigerator kept running for longer time than usual?

Temp control sensor is probably bad, consistantly calling for cold air. ... Refrigerators

I have a German specs Liebherr UKSD 4302 standing refrigerator (no freezer). The fan has stopped running and I've noted some condensation on the back wall. The refrigerator is still running and cooling, however, not quite as cool as before. It is an circulating air cooled refrigerator so something is wrong with the fan, fan motor, etc. I've had the refrigerator about 5 years. It is all European specs so I'm running it off a 2000 watt transformer. It has been operating this way for about 1

Hi, Answer a little bit long,you can use this link and get the solution .(applianceaid.com/refrigerator.html)Take care. ... Liebherr Refrigerators

GSS25 side by side refrigerator stopped freezing first and now refrigerator part doesn't stay cold. sounds like a fan is running but when I open the door the fan or whatever is running stops

Is there frost on the back panel in the freezer, If so change the defrost heater. If not is there anything running? ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Runs almost non-stop. Refrigerator is a 14 year old Whirlpool. I've tried cleaning coils and turning it down. Only stops for about 10-13 minutes after running for more than 2 hours. Refrigerator temp. shows okay.

That means the relay is gone. Needs a change. As you say the temp is OK. Shows the temp guage is fine. So, the only thing left is the relay that starts and stops the motor. Continuous running is bad for the health of the motor and the compressor and ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Refrigerator i have to tap the refrigerator control part to get it to run. it runs for about 1 hour then i have to do it again because it stops running. i replaced the cold control and the defrost thermostat. the model number is 106.9555711

There is probably a cracked solder joint or broken component. Go over the board with a fine toothed comb and resolder any components that are loose. ... Kenmore 50522 / 50524 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE model GSS25YGNA side-by-side refrigerator freezer that has stopped cooling. The freezer stopped cooling first, then a few hours later the refridgerator stopped cooling. The compressor appears to be running, the refrigerant tank is also warm to the touch. I found a solder joint that was bad on the main control board on one of the main power relays that has a N.O. and N.C. contact. I re-soldered the post to the circuit board, but it still is not cooling.

... GE Refrigerators

I have a GE Adora Problem with the GE DSS25KSTB Side by Side Refrigerator I have a GE Adora refrigerator side by side for over 4 year now and since more than a year I have this problem.It all start by once in a month to at least every other day my refrigerator stop working for no reason.I can hear it running but the temperature goes down until the ice in my bin melted and make a big mess in the freezer and freeze the whole thing back in a block of ice.I stop using my ice maker since a while now

... GE Adora DSS25KSTSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My son has a ED25PQ refrigerator and it stopped running. He turned it off and then back on and it ran but by next morning it had stopped running again. Did the same thing and it started running again. Ideas?

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator side by side, Model# GC5SHEXNS05 Both side of the refrigerator stop make cooling, whenever I adjust the temperature back to recommended setting or whichever I prefer, it simply swith back to -70F for the freezer, and 70F for the cooler sider. try the quick cool setting, same result. the motor on the back is running, you can hear it running whenever I turn on the power on the temperture control setting module. any input is highly appreciated. you can always reac

Replace the control board part# 4334000 appliance parts pros the board goes bad if light bulbs blow out and theres a surge, but freezer still freezes ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire refrigerator Hi.  I've noticed all your post and all are very helpful.  My Frigidaire refrigerator model# FRS26KF7Aw6 stopped running.  The condenser fan runs, but the compressor won't.  Not getting cold at all.  When I plug in the power cord, after a few seconds I get about 15 amps at the compressor wires for about 10 seconds, than a relay or overload protector clicks and looses power.  This will happen over and over.  I'm guessing the starter or bad compressor.  If the starter is ba

Check the overload, take it loose and inspect it for a burnt spot shake it if it rattles replace the relay\015\012you either have a relay bad or a stuck compressor\015\012the compressor has a 5 year warranty on the part, the relay 1 ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE Adora refrigerator side by side for over 4 year now and since more than a year I have this problem.It all start by once in a month to at least every other day my refrigerator stop working for no reason.I can hear it running but the temperature goes down until the ice in my bin melted and make a big mess in the freezer and freeze the whole thing back in a block of ice.I stop using my ice maker since a while now because of that.This morning my temperature was 10 degre in the freezer an

From your description we understand that the problem with your refrigerator is during the defrost. The defrosting is control from a defrost thermostat that does not leave the temperature during defrost not to go very high like in your case. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore model 106.58964700 that both the freezer and refrigerator stopped working. The service technician said it was the start relay (Sears part number 2319792). I replaced the part with one from a local appliace parts store and after running from approximately 45 minutes, the temperature is 0 and 36 for the freezer and refrigerator, respectively. I also noticed that the compressor and copper tubbing running into the compressor is very hot (so hot it would instantly burn me if touch

Daleb870, Compressors on referigators run hot to the touch. You are experinceing a couple diffrent issues. First off 0 and 36 is a very ideal temp. The compressor and tubing are most likely hotter than normal as it was trying to cool down a fridg ... Refrigerators

The compressor is over-heating ater refrigerator runs for about 10 minutes causing the curcuit breaker to break and the refrigerator stop running.

Check the fan at the bottom of fridge in the back. ... Maytag Refrigerators

Kenmore Refrigerator - The refrigerator, which as purchased in 2002, stopped working yesterday. We had a cleaner clean the house - she pulled out the fridge, and cleaned under and inside fridge - we noticed it has stopped working after she left. The fan is running, and the compressor feels hot to the touch, but the freezer and fridge are room temperature (we turned temp control to lowest level).

Good checks,\015\012 one or two more\015\012is the fan next to the compressor working\015\012ar the coils by the comprssor clean\015\012 and one lasrt thing\015\012there is a block on the compressor, unplug the unit p ... Refrigerators

My refrigerator will run great for 48 hours and then it is like a oven when you open the door to the refrigerator or freezer, it is like a blast of hot air. I can upplug it and then plug back up and it will run fine for a while and then will stop cooling again.

Hi,My guess would be that the defrost is sticking on...\012Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

The refrigerator part stopped running . The freezer is still running and the food is cold in freezer. What is the problem? Refrigerator is 12 years old..w whirlpool gold model #GB22DK.

... Whirlpool GB2SHDXP Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator freezer and the fan will not stop running. The refrigerator is cooling fine but the fan is running continuously.

The fan must run otherwise the temp. cant be correctly distributed. If temp. is correct, leave alone. If temp. to cold, turn it down untill correct. Fan will very possibly switch off then. ... Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, I was just given a Kitchenaid Superba side by side refrigerator/freezer. I can't find the serial number, but it looks like the picture I saw for this refrigerator (KSR525IL). I plugged it in last evening, and It worked (all night I think?!?...it was cold inside of it this morning). I was standing there with the door open, to put things in it, and the control panel lights went off and with that, the refrigerator stopped running. Then trying to get it to run (unplugging and re-plugging it

... KitchenAid KSRS25ILSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Stopped cooling My Whirlpool Refrigerator just all of a sudden stopped cooling and all of our food was ruined. The refrigerator was still running so it was not a breaker that had flipped. I didn't see any ice on coils that needed to be defrosted. What would be my next step?

First, check to see if the light comes on or if there is any fan, motor, or other sound coming from the appliance? If so, the refrigerator isn't really completely stopped--go to the specific problem you are having. If not, try adjusting the thermosta ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator stops running and everything gets warm. If we hit the top of the fridge, it starts to run. Once it stops, it won't start again until we hit it. Any suggestions?

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All of a sudden our refrigerator freezer and refrigerator stopped freezing and cooling.. The fan is working, cleaned the coils, but when the compressor kicks on it only runs for about 10-15 seconds before kicking back off and makes a loud noise when running.. Is our compressor going out, and if so can I replace it myself..

UNPLUG and remove the compressor relay...if it rattles when you shake it..its bad, if not, it could be the compressor..it takes alot of specialized training and tools and material to replace a compressor. Its not a job that can be done by the average ... Maytag MBR2256KES / MBL2256KES

The lights in the refrigerator suddenly stopped working even though the refrigerator is running. Tried replacing the bulbs, it is not the bulbs. Why would the lights stop working?

Dear espa8,I'm sorry to hear that the lights in your Sub-zero unit are not working. It is unlikely that all the bulbs went out at the same time. You most likely have a bad light switch. If you ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

My lg french refrigerator does not cool and its condenser runs burt stops immediately then it runs and stops again in a minute or two intervals.

... LG LFX25971ST Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Hi i have a kenmore model # 106.55526400 side by side refrigerator with major temperature problems. First the freezer stopped freezing , all food melted and then of corse the refrigerator side stopped working. Inside of both is cool but no where close to keeping food from spoiling. I first checked both fans and the are both running properly , then I unplugged it and let it sit over night to make sure the coils were not frozen. When I plugged back in still not cool or freezing! I now have taken

... Refrigerators

DA59-00314A MY refrigerator stopped cooling on both sides. Has bad odor. The fans and condenser run when plugged in. When it is plugged in i noticed that only the first two/three coils get cold and the rest are not. Seems to be me the coils may have a leak or the thermostat is not registering for enough refrigerant to flow. The evaporator fan does come on and run. Any help diagnosing will be appreciated.

Perhaps a low refridgerent situation, call for service ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

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