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PSS25S side by side is freezing vegetables. We

\015 PSS25S side by side is freezing vegetables. We keep increasing the temp on the refrigerator controls but it keeps freezing food.\015

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Sir,\015\012To solve this problem, you must open the compressor area at the back bottom of the refrigerator and chek the temperature of the pressure line. If the temperature is between 55celcius to 60 than its ok. Or else you need to change the refrigerant.\015\012I suggest you to contact the service authority. \015\012
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PSS25S side by side is freezing vegetables. We

Sir,\015\012To solve this problem, you must open the compressor area at the back bottom of the refrigerator and chek the temperature of the pressure line. If the temperature is between 55celcius to 60 than its ok. Or else you need to change the refri ... GE Profile¿ Arctica® Energy Star® 25.5 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser, PSS26MSRSS

I have a Samsung RS2555SW Side by Side Fridge. Recently the cooling side quit cooling and i had the defrost heating unit replaced which had iced up and quit working. That solved a problem for a while. Then the cooling side started freezing everything even though the temp indicated 4 degrees. The thermostat or temp sensor was checked and appeared to be working ok. It stopped freezing and worked ok for a week or so and then started freezing everything again. It stopped freezing things but now app

Hello,Your fridge not working is a fridge repair job that you can do without the help of a professional. Often the fridge has a frost-free failure, or the compressor is faulty but there are many other reasons for a fridge not cooling properly. ... Samsung Refrigerators

Top of refrigerator is warm and bottom freezes everything it is a side by side refrigerator and the top two shelves of the freezer(along with the icemaker) thaw and melt but the bottom freezes and the top shelf in the refrigerator side stays warm while everything in the bottom of the refrigerator freezes GE Side by Side LSS25XSTB SS

Poss answer is drain hole/vent blocked,as unit auto defrosts water/vapour collects at bottom and when unit swiches back on it freezes,poke out drain with thin wire with a small piece of cloth dipped in clorine bleach or blow out with air hose.do not ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator Freezing I have a Sear's Side by Side Refrigerator 106.50542001 made by Whirlpool. The Refrigerator side has been freezing since replacing the Condenser fan unit with a universal motor. I then replaced the Thermostat control unit. The Refrigerator compartment unit is still freezing. The Freezer section goes below -27 and the Refrigerator section goes to 10 to 18 degrees very quickly. I have to shut the unit off to warm it up. Changing the Temperature settings in any direction

The damper is stuck in the open position that freezes the top compartment and freezes the water lines and filter on the top shelf and will crack it. Move things down lower and shut off water till you fix. ... Refrigerators

My fridgedaire side by side freezer's condensor is freezing over and warming the fridge side, I defrosted it the fridge side is keep cool enough to keep food but the freezer side will not get cold to freeze items nor make ice. The fan for the evaporator works but the ice maker no longer turns I thought it might be the thermostat but I just wanted to get some advice before trying to fix it myself or calling a repairman

Hello,\012This is a type of faulty you can handle yourself, most times this is a bad cold control, but there are other things to check for. Make sure the condenser fan is working and the coils are not covered with dust. A separated heat exchanger ( ... Refrigerators

I have a 3 yr old side-by-side. The freezer is freezing ice cream solid even though it's turned all the way down. Food in the bottom two drawers on the refigerator side are freezing. Water has dripped under the fridge and has ruined my 80 yr. old hardwood floors. The freezer side is full of frost...even on the ceiling. I have turned the icemaker off and the leaking (underneath) seems to have stopped.   The vent on the fridge side, left of the top drawer, has ice on it.  The wall below it

Hi, this problem is going to be with the running thermostat. (cold Control). It has gone bad and stays open which in turn will keep the compressor runnin ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Refrigerator freezes Side by side unit. Refrigerator side freezes. Freezer side seems ok. Damper closes when set to "0" but still about 20 degrees in frig side.

Sounds like might be the Temperature Control Thermostat or some sensor in the circuitry telling the compressor and cooling parts to keep running because it thinks it isn't cold enough. There is probably a circulation fan to blow the cold air through ... Electrolux Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire Model FRS26ZNH Side by Side. Refrigerator side not cooling (no air flow from top). Freezer side fine, however back panel and coils are freezing up. If I turn off the freezer side and remove back panel and use a fan to thaw out the coils in back of freezer, unit will run fine for a few days until it freezes up again. Fan motor was running constant, however when I went to unfreeze the coils again today, the fan motor was not running at all. Any suggestions!!

... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Defrost issues I have a GE gss20Iephww , side by side the fresh food side is not cold ,the freezer side is freezing up at the evaporator, i cut it off unplugged it and rinse the ice out of it. but still it freezes again lasted about 3 days to a week. helppppp

If it's around 2-3 years old, my first guess would be the heater is bad. The GSS models have problems with the heater almost always about that time.Test the heater and the defrost thermostat for continuity with a multimeter. Whichever o ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have the Kenmore side by side refriegerator. The fridge section is freezing. Milk, juices all of them are freezing even after keeping the temp in the low setting. Here is the model Kenmore side by side Model No: 253.54343300 Please help. Thanks

Check the water line in the fridge section.Is it working properly or got blocked.The water line runs through the fridge side to cool it down so if the water isn't working the line is probably frozen.\015\012Also as you mentioned th ... Refrigerators

3 problems. 1, vegetibles are freezing. 2, water dispenser on out side of door sometimes works and sometimes does not, and 3, water leaking on left side of ice maker or at least i see water freezing down the left side of the freezer starting from between the side of the freezer and ice maker. in regards to first issue, i did take the damper apart and the door seems to be work. it has resestance from the motor when i move it. thank for any ideas. rob

... GE PSS26LSRSS Side by Side Refrigerator

My side by side Samsung rs2556bb was not freezing on the top section of the freezer(bottom part was freezing). I removed the interior panel of freezer and saw a thick layer of ice covering the bottom section. I melted the ice with a hair dryer and reinstalled the panel and solved the problem. 1 week later the refrigerator side(right) was not cooling properly. I performed the same procedure as the freezer side and found the same thick layer of ice, so I melted that the same as the freezer sid

I guess the freon gas is not circulating properly on the cooling tubes...check for any blockage or damage in the cooling tubes... ... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE side by side GS25LGM. The fridge side gets too cold that it freezes the vegetables. There is a humidity control on the vegetable bin. It didn't matter if I set it to high or low it still freezes the vegetables. There are no dampers in the fridge that I can adjust the temp. The temp is already set to the lowest level #1 and it is still cold.

Try turning down the thermostat for the freezer side some times the controls seem backward. However most fridges are desighned for thwe freezer side with some thought giving to pushing some air to the refrige side. in most cases it easier to start ba ... GE GSS25LGM Side by Side Refrigerator

My fridge side is freezing everything and l do mean everything. We have the fridge side turned to 1 and the freezer side to 3 and every liquid freezes solid milk, juice,sour cream you get the picture. HELP

Directions for testing a refrigerator defrost timer. ... GE Refrigerators

We have a ge model GSS25tgm side by side refridgerator that recently the fridge side has been freezing things, we turned the temp down to a 4 setting and still things freezing. We do have dogs so we pulled it out and cleaned all the dog hair out from behind the panel. Still temp too cold. Any suggestions

... GE Caf? 25.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

Our GSL25JFTFBS side by side is freezing food on the fresh food side. it is set to the lowest setting and still freezing the food (especially on the top shelf)

You need to turn the thermostat up to a 'higher' setting.\015\012\015\012good luck! ... GE CleanSteel GSL25JFTBS

Top back of my frigidaire gallery side by side, 4mo old, freezes on top, back of the air filter on frigerator side. anything you put there freezes.

Most refrigerators have vents from the freezer section to the refrigerator section,usually near the top and bottom.Try turning down your freezer a little.I tried searching for some info about your refrigerator to try to locate the vents,side by sides ... Refrigerators

I have a GE double side refrigerator with knob control dials at the top of fridge side. The top of the freezer does not freeze, while the bottom takes long to freeze water. The fridge side is barely cold. Milk spoiled. Both temp control dials are set at highest but didn't solve anything. Please help.

Replace the thermistor ... GE Monogram ZISS420NRSS 42" Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator (ZIS-S420NRSS, ZIS S420NRSS)

Refridgerator problem I have a side by side kenmore m#25351624103 the food on the door and top shelf of the refidgerator side is freezing.the settings on the temps have been on the middle setting since new(o-10 it's on 5). SAME PROBLEM ALL FOOD/WATER IN WATER FILTER FREEZES EVEN AT LOWER TEMP. FRESH VEG./FRUITS FREEZES

Not sure about your model, but most of these style side by side refridgerators use the cold air from the freezer to cool the refridgerator. Sounds like your "flapper" valve is broken. At the top left in the refridgerator there should be plastic shro ... Frigidaire FRS26H5AS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a frigidaire side by side fridge, FRS23R4AW9. It recently started freezing the fridge side, mostly at the top but everything will eventually freeze. Also froze the water dispenser line. How can I tell if it is the air damper or the thermostat? Is there a way to test each one?

... Electrolux Refrigerators

Refrigerator side - bottom bin "Convertible Vegetable/Meat freezes produce solid. Temp controls are set on the recommended settings - have tried to adjust but nothing stops the freezing problem. Serial number = SU4239733, Model number ED2FHAXS004 Side by Side

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Hi. our kenmore side by side is not fully freezing up. the refrigerator side is fine and the freezer has some ice but not rock hard. we took the back panel out the the coils are not frozen up and the fan is spinning. there is not freezing on the coils however. not sure what the issues might be? would love to have some possible ideas. THANKS.

Ck the coils underneath and if dirty clean them and make sure the fan under is working . if they are . it may be low or refergent . htis would cause poor cooling . mm ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

The water tube in my GE (side by side refrig) ice maker keeps freezing. When the ice tray does not get the water, it calls for more. the water ends up spraying all over the inside and freezing because the tube keeps freezing up. If I take the tube out once a day I can sometimes prevent this. I can never leave the ice maker on for extended periods of time. I have lowered the freezer temp and reduced the water feed to try and help but this has not helped.

I'd say that micbeth1981 has some good thoughts on this one. I'd also suggest checking to make sure the tube that extends from the exterior of the freezer into the icem ... Refrigerators

My KitchenAid (KSRS25FGWH02)side by side ice maker freezes up in the inlet tube. We have thawed with hair dryer but within hours, it is frozen again. It seems to freeze in the cube-maker compartment, and then it tries to fill water again when the cubes dump, but apparently it is still frozen somewhere, blocking the water. The water then runs into the dump bin, and then also freezes up the water inlet tube. It's a mess!!! Why?

... KitchenAid Superba KSRG25FK Side by Side Refrigerator

My Maytag side by side refrigerator [mod. #MSD2656KES, Serial #50518503JL] is freezing everything on the frig side on the two top shelves. Coils have been cleaned. Temp set:Freez=3, Frig=2. One week ago both temps [Freez/Frig] were found to be on "7". These settings were not set by me. I have continually low both settings, but problem continues. This Maytag was purchased Sep 2006. Please advise.

I have this same refrigerator, also purchased in 2006. Same exact problem. Fridge freezes, starting actually in the water line, you will notice water on door does not work, then top two shelves start to freeze. Lasts for a few days, then prob does no ... Maytag 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White

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