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... GE I Series GSS20IET

Fridge worked perfect for 3yrs, one day i took everything out of the fridge side (left freezer door closed) to clean it, left the fridge door open for about 30 minutes as i cleaned the shelves, cripser etc. Next day the fridge side stopped cooling but the freezer side was normal temp and making ice. Unplugged the unit for one day, plugged it back in and it worked perfect for 2 weeks, after that both sides (fridge and freezer) stopped working.

You may have a big problem not sopose have the door open so long better you call service ... Frigidaire PLHS267ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer is cool and the fridge is warm. Light comes on when I open door. Fridge about 6 yrs old. Condensation turns into frost on back wall of freezer. I clean it out and it comes right back. My food in fridge will have to be thrown out in a day or two. This happened about 2 days ago. I've turned it off for 8 hrs, then on again -- same thing - cool in freezer, warm in fridge

Your fridge likely has a defrost system problem. Either defrost heater, defrost thermostat, defrost timer is faulty or a connection is bad somewhere in the defrost circuit. Leave refrigerator running for a couple of hours before testing components, t ... Whirlpool ET1FTKXK Top Freezer Refrigerator

Not cold enough Freezer.. Barely... Answer Found door of Fridge ajar in morning.. Barely cold, with Water dripping into it: from freezer. Two... (More) Found door of Fridge ajar in morning.. Barely cold, with Water dripping into it: from freezer. Two Days later.. Fridge is still barely cool (food had to be tossed!) and freezer is cold, but ice is watery and bread is only semi frozen. This is aa 2005 Whirlpool, freezer on top fridge. Thanks!

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Our fridge freezer (Admiral GS20C63EV) stops cooling and needs to be turned off with doors open to difrost overnight. it works for a few days and again it stops cooling! both the fridge and freezer stops cooling, fridge gets warm but the freezer stays a bit cold sometines. any help would be appreciated.

Good day,\015\012Step one. Remove the light guard in the fresh food section and where the main thermostat is located is a slot where you can insert a screwdriver. This is where the timer is. With the machine running, turn the shaft cl ... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator


... Kenmore Refrigerators

My compact frigidaire (frt05lg3dwo) ices up behind the panel in the freezer and then will not cool the freezer or the fridge compartment. I'm sure there is no airflow once the ice builds up in the freezer so that is why it wont cool down but the question is why is ice building up so quickly? It usually builds up 3 or 4 days after I've completely defrosted it by unplugging the unit and letting it sit for a day or so. Isn't this a frost free regrigerator? perhaps something is wrong with the de

Mine does the same. Behind the panel in the freezer there is a sensor. The sensor should trigger the heating mechanism to melt the ice before it builds up. I believe the sensor/thermostat part number is KSD303A. I have tried to google but no such ... Refrigerators

I have a crosley conservator refrigerator, it says "twist air" on the bottom of the freezer door, and while the freezer works ok, the fan in the back of the freezer has seemed to have stopped working, like 3 days ago, and the refrigerator area wont' cool any longer. Of course, I opened the freezer door and pushed the button to see if the fan would come on, and it would not. So, the first thing I did, even though there was really no ice build-up at all, was to completely turn it off and defrost i

Replace the evaporator fan in the freezer. ... Refrigerators

I have a GE model # gss20iePD side by side . The freezer door was left a little open overnite and there was frost in the freezer . i unplugged the fridge for 12 hours and plugged it back in and it started to freeze but a day later the freezer doesnt seem to be getting as cold as beforeand the fridge doesnt feel cold at all . What should i do now ?

Empty everything out of the freezer and put it into the refrigerator compartment. Then, turn the unit off at the dial control. Then, leave the freezer door open overnight allowing the freezer compartment to reach room temperature. This way you'll kno ... Refrigerators

Fridge side wont cool unless the freezer door is open

The little fan motor in the freezer is defective.  It may only be stuck.   ... Whirlpool ED5VHGXM Side by Side Refrigerator

My LG fridge freezer is only two years old but all of the drawers at the bottom of the fridge have broken and the inside door selfs have broken. In both cases the plastic has cracked and then broken completly, also inside the ice maker something has snapped off and the ice now wont come out. I think the plastic it has been made out of must be really poor quality for it to had cracked and broken so much. What can i do? Regards Sam Worwood

... LG Refrigerators

I left the fridge door open overnight and now it wont cool and the freezer stopped working too. Kenmore Elite fridge with Freezer on the bottom

... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Amana Distinctions A few days back the water in the door stopped. Now we have noticed that the freezer & fridge are not cooling. The freezer is warm overall but cold at the very bottom. The fan on the back does run when in cooling mode. The compressor is warm to the touch. The coils are clean(now):)

Try cleaning the air intake on the bottom of the fridge, the compressor will be warm to the touch. Refrigerators usually do not need refrigerant and even still you would have to call a licensed plumber to do so. The only other option would be a bad ... Amana Refrigerators

My fridge is not cooling,it is a kenmore 596.58642890.we un pluged it for about 5 days with the doors open to try to defrost it,we checked the seals and they are ok,the compressor is running as well as the evaporator fan,we manually turned the defrost timer and the compressor stopped running.the coils aren't really dirty so how do i check the climate controls? if one climate control goes out would both the freezer and fridge not cool?

I have a little question about the defrost. Did you see frost build up on the rear panel of the freezer. Is there no hot line coming from com compressor to condenser coil or cold from evaporator? Waiting on your answer, Sea Breeze ... Refrigerators

The freezer on our kenmore fridge keeps freezing up and then the fridge doesn't cool. It's a bottom freezer style. We have to unplug it and let it unfreeze in order to get it working properly again but it freezes up again in a few days. The seal around the door seems perfectly fine. It is about 4 years old.

Defrost problem, check defrost thermostat on evap coil by removing the back panel in freezer for continuity, if open, replace. check heater in the same fasion, if open, replace. if both are ok, replace defrost timer, or adaptive defrost control. ... Refrigerators

My freezer and refrigerator started not cooling properly about 3 days ago. My freezer is 20* and my fridge is 53*. The fan in the back of the freezer that used to turn on if the freezer door was opened does not turn on anymore. I pulled it out and cleaned everything really good last night. It didn't seem to help.

Sounds like you may have already located your problem - the fan at the back of the freezer compartment.Figure out why it no longer is turning. Did the motor fail? Is an electrical connection disconnected? Is a ground wire connection di ... GE Refrigerators

LG GR431SCA fridge will not cool properly and top half of freezer and ice maker section will not freeze. The bottom half of the freezer (below the shelf) freezes well, but above the shelf and the ice cube making section will not freeze food at all. The fridge does not cool properly, it is coolish, but far from normal. I noticed that the vent in the fridge (that leads from the freezer) does not blow out any cold air when I have the fridge door open, yet when I open the freezer door at the same

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

2 problems Ok, I have 2 problems with my fridge. I guess it started a day or two ago. The freezer is frosting over if that makes sense. And the fridge is not getting cold enough. It's not hot but it's not where it normally is either. I thought maybe my 5 yr old left the door open over night, slightly cracked if you will. But my husband and I both noticed even after we made sure it was closed it wasn't improving. There doesn't seem to be condensation on any of the food or drinks. And I g

Mel,\015\012\015\012That's a great question, that I would like to have an answer too. I'm having the same problem and can't figure it out. I had it off for about a year and now it doesn't want to cool like it should.\015\012 ... Roper RT21SKXLQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a kenmore model no 53606201 made in 6/02 that is having problems with the refrigerator. Thefridge barley cools and when I have the Grand Children, the fridge cannot keep up. I had a repair person tell me it is a cracked door "vent" between the freezer and fridge. Are these available at Sears or ?? and are they easy to replace?

Hi,It should be available at sears and if it is not, you can check ereplacementparts.com for. I will suggest you let the repair person help you replace it because he i in best position to that and besides, he suggested the replacement of ... Refrigerators

I left the door cracked open overnight on my freezer. Now neither the freezer or refrigerator are working properly. I cleaned the coils. I can hear it running all day long, but neither side is cooling (or freezing) properly. Please help

... GE 25.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Black-on-Black

Magic Chef, Ewave 2 door mini fridge EWR402S wont cool fridge, freezer is fine, compressor is good, temp control works. Need to gain access to other parts. Inside has no screws, no openings. Out side

... Refrigerators

I have a single door GE apartment size refrigerator 10-11 cu ft freezer on the inside top, it worked perfectly until I unplugged it and moved it and 4 days later it won't cool at all, I hear the fridge go on and the light works but no cooling what could of happened it was mfg in 2004

... GE GMR06AAMWW Compact Refrigerator

After struggling with my Maytag side by side (model MZD2766GES) for the past week, I think I finally have my freezer working as it should. However, it's on its coldest setting because I'm trying to get my refrigerator to cool. It feels warm. Why isn't cold air flowing over from the freezer? My ice cube maker is'nt making ice. Could my ice maker be locked up because of a recent thaw from the door being cracked open for a couple days and it's affecting it's operation? I scraped away the buildup of

If the refrigerator is not cooling, and if there is no air circulation, ten the repair is done testing the damper motor, then replacing either damper motor or damper control ( ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer door wasn't closed properly overnight 2 nights ago and it still didn't cool properly after the whole day yesterday and today. There was a noise which I didn't recognize but now in retrospect may have been a fan working overtime. The fridge side was working though. There was frost on the back wall of the freezer which I thawed out today. Now both sides aren't working and the frost is back. Can anyone help? Thanks

Is RS261MDWP the correct model numbe ... Samsung / RS261MDWP

I have the whirlpool g15f saxvy01 fridge. The freezer door was accidentally left cracked open over night. The next day the freezer light didn't work. I changed the bulb and it still doesn't work. Any solutions??? Thanks

Check the door switch operation. ... Refrigerators

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