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Water doesn't discharge after replacing filter

\015 GE GSS25SGSD SS water dispenser not working (and not making any ice either). Replaced water filter with MWF equivalent (not GE brand), but still no results.\015

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I have a GE Refriderator about 3 years old. Recently the water dispenser stopped working, and the ice maker stopped as well. The ice maker seems to freeze up as it dispenses water in the tray to make ice. The water line just doesnt work. I checked a bunch of things and still no success. I removed the filter and replaced, and water seems to trickle for a bit, but then stops again. I dont think the line is frozen, but possible i guess. Any ideas?

Are you having any cooling problems whatsoever, anywhere? Is there any area in the unit that you dont put food for cooling reasons? if cooling is fine, check the water pressure as it comes into the refrigerator, you wil have to disconnect the water l ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig doesnt make ice or dispense cold water. Replaced the ice & water valves. Also bypassed the water filter. Help!

To access the rear of the dispenser - it is done from the inside.First remove about 30\015\012screws w/nutdriver that are hidden under door seal then inside of\015\012freezer door will come off. Second remove about 10 sc ... GE Refrigerators

Water doesn't discharge after replacing filter

... GE GSS25SGMBS Side by Side Refrigerator

After replacing the water filter on my ge side by side fridge, water still doesnt come out.

These units have a problem with the water line freezing inside the dispenser area.they have a repair kit for this problem.it is a tape type of heater that gets put into the dispenser area. it will take a few days to warm up and then it wi ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a GE Profile french door refrigerator with water filter and inside water dispenser; bottom freezer with icemaker. The water dispenser and ice maker have never worked since we got the refrigerator. The water pressure has been checked; the filter has been replaced; the housing unit that holds the filter has been replaced; and now the store where we bought it has to install something else since we have a water softner. At this point I say we have a lemon and it needs to be replaced. A

Hello. This refrigerator is indeed a dud. Go directly to the manufacturer and complain. \015\012 GE Answer Center®1-800-626-2005Mon ... GE Profile PFS22 33" Artica French Door Refrigerator w/ 22.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity, ClimateKeeper System ...

When replacing the water filter on GE, built-in, side-by-side, monogram ZISB420DMC the water started spewing out, like a hose. I had to turn the water off and was able to replace the filter. I tried taking the filter off again and again the water started spewing out. I have had this refrigerator for 7 years and have never had this problem. It appears to be fine as long as the filter is installed, but the water should not spew out when the filter is removed. What is wrong?

... GE Monogram ZISS420NRSS 42" Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator (ZIS-S420NRSS, ZIS S420NRSS)

After replacing the water filter on teh feeder pipe to teh fridge/freezer the ice maker has not re filled with water. It was full of ice and in the on position when the water filter was replaced. The fridge was left on while the water filter was replaced. I have read a suggetsion that it may be a problem with the solenoid but i can not identify it at the back of teh ice maker

If it is an inline filter make sure the directional arrow is pointing towards the ice maker. If it is a bowl type filter make sure the gasket is in place and is not twisted or not seated in groove properly. You may need to "cycle" the ice maker manua ... Refrigerators

I replaced the filter after 6 months, worked fine no problems. I replaced filter after another 6 months and now have no water no ice?????? All was working perfectly until I replaced the filter. I now have removed filter and still have no water nor ice. My husband thinks maybe the line is frozen but I can't believe the timing would be such that all was fine until I replaced the filter and then voila the line froze? Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks

My suggestion , would be to reinstall your old filter or use the bypass piece which came with the refrig . You only need to replace the filter when the water flow starts to slow down or the ice cubes get smaller . Not when the red light comes on tell ... GE Adora (DSF25KGTBG) Side by Side Refrigerator

Maytag MFD2561HES Hi all. I have MaytagMFD2561HES french door and water dispencer doesn't work. I replaced the filter(was year old) but it didn't work. I hear the motor running and when I replaced the filter water was running from the bottom of the freezer. But it was stopped after few mins. My ice dispencer doens't work, door alarm doesn't work and water filter and replace indicator doesn't work. Both freezer and refregerator works fine. Display shows correct temp, vacation mode, and other funt

Texas, sounds like your water reservoir is frozen up. Remove your 2 cripser drawers, you will see the reservoir behind them. Take a hair dryer and go over the tank and tubing ends. See if the water starts flowing. I find a lot of frozen water reserv ... Maytag MFD2561HE Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

GXRM 10 GBL 02 under the sink RO water filter - Replaced all three filters and now water does not fill up the reserve tank. After several hours, the water only flows for about 20 seconds before running out. I can hear the trickly off into the drain from the RO filter. Did I switch lines from the RO filter cartidge when I replaced the Flow Control and screen on the one 1/4" tubing line? Am I supposed to bleed air out somewhere?

No on the air bleed out, probably so on the water line reversed suspicion ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a GE fridge. The model is GSH22JSTA SS. Two days ago the door water stream was getting weaker and weaker and finally stopped. I then replaced with a new filter inside the fridge, SmartWater filter to be exact. But there is still no water coming out the door vent. Also while I replacing the filter there was water shooting out from the filter base too. I wish it is not some major problem.

Checking the filter would be the first thing and you did that. If you have water at the ice maker that means at least the water is getting to the refrigerator. It could be that it has two fill valves. One for the ice maker and another one for the wat ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Water filter is leaking when ice maker or water despencer is in use. Replaced water filter but still making puddles. I think my water pressure might be to strong? I have had a part replaced in the past in the filter area, but dont know where or what part. Thanks, Mike

Yes it can be possible that pressure of water is very strong and this is causing the water to leak from filter.------\015\012The household water pressure is too high for the shut off valve in the ice-maker.When you use water dispe ... Refrigerators

Water doesnt come out after replacing filter modGSS23WGTA

This is possibly one side of your=> WR57X10032 Dual Water Control Valve ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

How do I replace kitchenaid superba KSCS25FKSS00 water filter. When I try to turn counterclockwise with my hand it doesnt budge? I have never done it in 5 years

Here are some instructions for you.. it is important to press the ejection button and pull the filter straight out before turning counter clockwise..\015\012 \015\0121.Press the eject button to ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

My icemaker doesnt make ice even after i replaced the filter and pushed the accelerator ice. Water does come out just not making ice.

Check the ice maker water fill tube. It is probably frozen inside. Remove it. Thaw it. Dry it and re-insert it. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Water dispensing problem.origional filter worked for 8 months. installed new filter unit worked properly for 1 month. replaced filter again filter unit worked for 3 days. replaced filter again. filter dispensed opprox. 3 gal of water. i do not have a kinked line. ice output has decreased also. any thoughts

Is there a filter on the back of the refrigerator that the water line hooks to? I can't remember if all of them have one or not. It sounds like either your water line is clogged or the valve feeding the line might have been turned way down. I wo ... LG LFX21971ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile side by side. Water flow at door dispenser is slooooow. Replaced filter - no joy, replaced solenoid, still slow. Now I have narrowed the problem down to the feed/return lines to/from & the water filter itself. When I attach the house feed line direct to solenoid, water to door is full force. Which leads me to this question … What, if anything, can/does typically go wrong with the filter's "auto shut-off" valve?

Your water line could be frozen in the door. You can disconnect the line at the bottom before it goes into the door at the bottom hinge. Push the dispenser button and see if it comes out there. If it does, leave the door open till it thaws. ... GE Refrigerators

I have a EI23CS55GS1 Electrolux Fridge and I have just replaced the water and air filter for the first time. I followed the instructions of holding down the air filter and water filter buttons for 3 seconds to see if the replace light goes off and the good light come back on in green. The good green lights up for a second but then disappears and the red replacement light continues to stay on. I was told by Electrolux to shut off the fridge from the breaker but this hasn't made a difference at al

... Electrolux E23CS75DSS Stainless Steel

Water runs out of the water filter housing. I believe the filter is overdue for changing. Could replacing the filter solve the problem, or should I plan on replacing the filter and the filter housing?

Both...Yes...It's probably clogged or filthy. It can easily be replaced or cleaned. ... Refrigerators

Water is leaking at the water filter connection and dripping inside the refrigerator. It started leaking after changing the water filter. I replaced the first new filter with a second new filter and no difference. It appears to be leaking from the housing and not the water filter connection. I checked the o-ring seals around the filter connection and they look fine. I made sure the filter was fully seated (quarter turn connection).

... Jenn-Air JCD2295KE Side by Side Refrigerator

The water filter in my GE Profile Refrigerator leaked a large amount of water until we turned off the water to the refrigerator. We did not see any warnings on the LCD. It seems to me that if the filter is clogged the water should just stop and not leak around the filter. I removed and replaced the same filter and turned the water back on. It leaked. Will putting a new filter in solve the problem?

Hi\015\012 \015\012The defrost heater in the freezer section melts the frost and changes it to water, this water is suppose to flow down a drain system. If this drain system is restricted or plugged the wat ... GE Refrigerators

Kenmore 106.565324 with in grill water filter. Water leaks when filter is removed. Not when filter is in. I thought this was a bad valve but i replaced the valve and it is still doing this. Also replaced the filter..

... Whirlpool GD2SHGX Refrigerator

The water in our area was flushed after the flushing we replaced the water filter because the water tasted foul. Well now the ice still taste foul. We have dumped the ice container serveral times and replaced the water filter again withour the ice tasteing any better. Please advise what we can do to correct the problem. Sharon Dale Foley AL

Did you flush the refrigerator at all? Run water through it for about 10 minutes and that should do 2 things breakin your filter so it doesnt taste so foul. Also clear out any rust, dirt, or other contaminents that may be in your system after they fl ... GE Refrigerators

Gsh25jfxj cc ice maker making a constant clock winding sound and hasn't made ice for 6 months. The water trickles out of the door water. I checked the water line copper tubing and water is getting to the hose connected to the smart water filtration system. When I disconnect the line coming back from the filter, it has a trickle of water. The filter has not been replaced since we bought it. Can the filter system be not working? What if I bypass the filter and connect the copper tubing directl

... GE GSS25JFM Side by Side Refrigerator

Water flow to ice maker and water dispenser has stopped. we replaced the water filter still no flow. checked water pressure and flow on line to the rear of frig and it was strong. loosed the water filter to see if water was getting there with filter off no flow but there was a build up of air pressure when the filter was backed off. What next?

Hi.... you have a bad water valve ... Hotpoint HSS25IFMCC / HSS25IFMWW Side by Side Refrigerator

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