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The fridge is not cold and the freezer is not freezing. Already changed the temp to coldest.

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\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong.


If\012you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out the last two\012tips.

If your refrigerator is running but warm, then...

Check\012out these tips that I wrote about that... it is a great place to\012start trouble shooting your unit...and something that you can do\012rather then calling a repair person to do a simple thing for\012you...

Condenser\012Coil Cleaning\012Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator\012Troubleshooting\012Refrigerator Compressor

Refrigerator\012Compressor\012Start Capacitor and Start Relay

Refrigerator\012or Freezer not Cooling or Getting Cold


Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Refrigerators
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The fridge is not cold and the freezer is not freezing. Already changed the temp to coldest.

Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... GE GSS25SGMBS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool gb9shdxpq bottom freezer fridge. It stopped getting cold in the fridge part so i started troubleshooting. The freezer was still frozen and the frost is what was causing the fridge to not have any airflow. I used the force defrost through the control panel and that has fixed the problem but the freezer is freezing up again. Before i change the control panel what other testing should I do. i already know I can force it into defrost mode so what does that prove besides the elemen

Part 5 in this diagram is your electronic control which controls the defrost cycle. Like you said you know the heater and the defrost thermostat works. So the control is all that's left. ... Whirlpool GB9SHDXPS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Iam having problems with my samsung firdge the problem seems to be with control system.The temp on the fridge seems to get to cold, and freezes every thing but the freezer is al right, i cant seem to get the proper temp. on it, i would like to know wat is the correct temp for some reason when i try to change it switchs on me and becomes colder.the model type is RB195BSBB

Your model has a separate evaporator in the refrigerator department and separate fan motor. So from your description it seems that the fan motor is running even if the temperature is reached. The reasons for that is the following two.\015\01 ... Samsung Refrigerators

Frigidaire pure source plus freezer is fine very cold, fridge side top shelf to mid shelf not very cold on coldest setting. digital thermometer reads 64 degrees. Any ideas why? tried temp changes for last 6 days on lowest setting shelf goes to 68 degrees. on highest ie; 6 i get the 64 and overnight it will hit as low as 61.

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Refrigerator is not cooling enough even it is already set to the coldest. in a rare situation, the compressor and the fan motor will turn on for a few minutes and that's it... it won't cool the refrigerator enough. freezer still freezes the load. also, can't see any ice developing in the sides of the freezer and water keeps on dripping down below the fridge... what could be the problem? thermocouple? temp controller? or anything else?

Need that model number. \015\012Sound like a defrost problem and the defrost timer or the defrost heater and defrost thermostat is defective. I need you model number could you send that so I can help you better? Thanks, Sea Breeze ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have a Whirlpool fridge/frezzer, model WRN38*WG6, its about 8 years old but until recently has worked perfectly. There is some water dripping from the grid under the freezer into the main part of the fridge. I changed the temp to be the coldest but this only made the food in the fridge freeze! so I've put it back to half way in between. Any ideas on what might be causing it?

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that the refrigerator side of our Kenmore Model #596.51673100 was not very cold, we turned up the temp and no increase, still kind of warm. Then today we noticed our freezer side is not very cold (enough for a freezer). We've cleaned behind and under the fridge, cleaned out the inside to see if anything was blocking the cold air, changed the temp settings, etc. Nothing changes it. It sounds like it's working but it never gets as cold as it should. What's goi

Kenmore side by side freezer is cold and freezing, fridge is not cooling about 60 degrees. Two weeks ago we removed panel in back of freezer, defrosted coils, and it ran well, now it isn't cooling again. ... Refrigerators

Indesit BA139 fridge freezer with very thick frosting on back wall, but not very cold fridge section (despite changing the temp control to max) and normal very cold freezer section. When temp control turned down compressor turns off as it should. Have recently defrosted/de-iced freezer section (was quite thick), but has not made much difference... Need help, baby arriving next week!

... Refrigerators

Hi , i have a kitchenaid Superba fridge model # yktrs20kbw00 with freezer up top. Freezer started losing temp. Is still cold but not freezing and fan has not come on since last night. Wondering if the fan is located in the bottom of the fridge or in the freezer behind the removable panel ? Both fridge and freezer are cold. i am thinking either the fan, fan control or the defrost timer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Bought a brand new LG bottom freezer fridge a couple of months ago. I like the refridgerator part to be cold, so we keep the fridge temp on 6 (1-7 are temp choices. 7 being the coldest). We had the freezer part set at 4 - which is the recommened temp. Well everything started frosting up and getting freezer burn. So I turned it down to 2 which makes the temp warmer and things still frost up. New things get frost and burned and old things get more frost. Any suggestions? This was the whole reason

If designed as most combination units, one of the two controls influences the temperature directly, the other only determines how much of the generated cold air is allowed to enter the other compartment.\012The typical arrangement is that setting the ... LG LBN22515 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a GE side by side GS25LGM. The fridge side gets too cold that it freezes the vegetables. There is a humidity control on the vegetable bin. It didn't matter if I set it to high or low it still freezes the vegetables. There are no dampers in the fridge that I can adjust the temp. The temp is already set to the lowest level #1 and it is still cold.

Try turning down the thermostat for the freezer side some times the controls seem backward. However most fridges are desighned for thwe freezer side with some thought giving to pushing some air to the refrige side. in most cases it easier to start ba ... GE GSS25LGM Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer is not freezing, it seems cold, but not freezing, the setting is on the highest and nothing changes, apparently after someone cleaned the fridge, turned of somehow the controls of the fridge and freezer, then we turned back on, but the freezer is not freezing, Edgar L.

Hi\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. In a self-defrosting freezer,\015\012poor cooling often results from a heavy frost build-up on the evaporator coils.\015\ ... LG LRBN22514ST Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Maytag bottom freezer fridge model # MBB2256GEW the fridge part is not cold. The freezer is freezing just fine; the fridge is not cold at all. We noticed this two days ago. I have turned the temp dial to as cold as it can go yet it is not responding. It is more than the recommended 1/2 inch away from the wall. Can you tell me what might be wrong and how to fix if it is something the owner can do? Thanks. Paul Thompson

Hi, these are the possible cause of the problem, you have to check one after the other to proffer the solution.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Vents be ... Maytag MBB2256G Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Fridge is cold and freezing up no matter what the temp control is set, and freezer is also overly cold freezing even stored liquor

It sounds like the thermostat. but check the defrosthing element also ... Kenmore 56832 / 56834 / 56839

Whirlpool gold fridge gr9shkxkb00. moved the fridge and now freezer defrost waste water freezes blocking cold vents into fridge. ultimately, freezer frosts over, fridge gets warm and fills with dripping water from the melting ice blocking the cold vents. already tried running a metal piece into drain hole attached to coil to keep warm and free from ice. doesn't work. seems coil doesn't get warm either.

HI. There are two causes here, in this situation. The most common will be a faulty defrost timer, or adaptive defrost control board. The defrost mechanism will vary form unit to unit. Most newer units will be equipped with an defrost control board. T ... Refrigerators

Hi, We have a whirlpool eb22dkxfw01 bottom-freezer refrigerator. The freezer part is working OK, compressor is running, but the refrigerator part is getting rather close to room temperature, and some milk spoiled yesterday. I turned the fridge temp control to coldest, but still basically no cold air comes out in the fridge section. Freezer seems OK, cold air there. How to fix?

Need to check for ice build up in air vent. if not make sure you hear your evap fan blowing in the freezer section. this blows your cold air into the fresh food side. do you have ice build up on rear wall of freezer section? ... Refrigerators

Auto defrost seems to not be working because the drip tray is dry is it supposed to be like this or wet most of the time freezer is cold but not freezing and fridge isnt cold i have temp gaugers in both fridge and freezer one is at -4 and the other is at 13 (fridge) does this mean auto defrost isnt working because when we defrosted it it worked well but now not good at all please help thanks

Either un plug the fridge and let it defrost manually, or empty and flush out drain line with a hose or hot water. when it goes into the defrost mode, water should drip into the pan.. ... Whirlpool 25.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/Thru-the-Door Ice & Water - Satina Stainless-Look

My dometic fridge, (3 Way) for the past couple years takes quite a while to reach it's normal operating temp. I'm talking anywhere from 10 to 15 hours. Once it reaches it normal temp it stays cold until we shut it off. Freezer seams to get cold fairly quickly, but the fridge part takes for ever. I have always run a fridge fan, but something seems to have changed. Got any idea's.

Have you tried running it without the fan? I know it sounds funny but it has to get hot (outside the fridge) to get cold inside. Shut fan off and see what happens. Also, keep in mind the more items you put in it that are already cold, or frozen, the ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a fridge-freezer. the fridge is working fine but the freezer isn't very cold, its about the same temp as the fridge. I have changed the temp dial but this makes no difference.

I Have a fridge-freezer, the freezer is now filled with ice/frost on sides and top, as if it were not frost free. I addition, the fridge is not very cold ... Refrigerators

Have a Whirlpool Gold fridge manufactured in 2000 according to the sticker inside fridge. Same sticker says model# is GT22DA or GT22DC. Freezer is working fine. Fridge part is not keeping food cold and in fact some food is spoiling as the temp inside fridge seems to be near to room temp. Water is condensing in fridge and pooling in bottom of fridge floor. The fridge thermostat is set to coldest setting. Any things I can check or clean? What is the most likely fault?

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My Daewoo No Frost Multi Flow fridge freezer has stopped working, if you turn the freezer temp to super freeze the light comes on but does not get cold, the fridge has also stopped working, the motor is working as you can hear it but does not get cold. Please help

... Daewoo Refrigerators

Freezer extremly cold, some frost on items. The fridge is also too cold, freezing food in the bottom crisper bin. Kenmore Elite side by side model # 5320902. We have the temperatures set higher to regulate the stability of temps. Fridge set at 41 and the freezer at 5.

The compressor is cycled on/off by the fresh food temperature setting. The freezer setting controls a panel, or door if you will, that allows cold air to be blown into the freezer.\015\012\015\012Since both compartments are getting too co ... Refrigerators

I have G E side by side fridge that is one year old. It has suddenly stopped being cold enough to freeze and fridge doesnt seem cold enough. It has a setting on the outside that you can change the temp but once you try to reset it, it just changes back to whatever it wants to

Change to a lower temperature and save the settings ..by pressing save ..or whatever it sais...if you just made the change but not confirm the saving of the new setting it is normal to get back to the old value..Im dont know the exact model nam ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a bottom freezer refrigerator .. model #596 62832200. We bought it with our current home 6 months ago, and first the freezer stopped freezing, and now the fridge is not cold even on coldest

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Ice maker works great, cubes are hollow in the center. Have already tried adjusting freezer temp down a few degrees thinking the freezer was so cold the temp was flash freezing the water in the tray to quickly. This did not help, even after allowing severl days for the temp to equalize. ge profile refrigerator 10YEARS OLD model# TPX24BRBB BB serial# AV217126

If your icemaker is producing small cubes, hollow cubes, huge cubes, or a solid \015\012slab of ice, one of the first things you want to check is the fill level. And \015\012it's not as difficult as you might think. ... Refrigerators

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