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The coils keep on freezing up. I have replaced the circut board twice already. What is the next step? Moded is : GSS25KGMC

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The coils keep on freezing up. I have replaced the circut board twice already. What is the next step? Moded is : GSS25KGMC

... GE GSS25KGMBB / GSS25KGMWW / GSS25KGMCC Side by Side Refrigerator

Coil freezes This fridge is 1 1/2 years old. The coil keeps freezing up. I had repair company out twice. First time replaced main computer board. Started freezing up within a week. Second time replaced heater and bimetal. Started freezing up in a week. He says he has replaced everything in the defrost cycle and has no idea what to do now. Any ideas??????? Please????!!!!!

Hello zellerdude,It most likely that the contacts in the cold control (thermostat) have fused together keeping the\015\012compressor running all the time and freezing everything. You need to ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

My Ref Keep Freezing up after I manual defrosted it I checked the defrosting elements and they checked good, what is the next step to solving the problem?

... Samsung RS2530BBP (25 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

Model QD0802A , S/N 030963494 Will freeze and harvest for 2 or 3 cycles, then on next freeze cycle, machine will stop for about 10 minutes before it will start up again. No lights come on on the board. Tried turning off then back on to freeze cycle, but it doesn't always come back on. Cleaned condenser. seems to be ok on refrigerant, it will make two or three batches, then stop after 2 or 3 minutes into the next freeze cycle. What to test or look for?

... Manitowoc Refrigerators

Refrigerator keeps freezing up. Replaced defraust heater still froze up in about 4 weeks. Tried to replace main board WR55X10037 WITH WR55X10656 BUT THE NEW BOARD DOES NOT KICK MY COMPRESSOR ON. GE SIDE BY SIDE MODEL3 GSS25JFPCC WHEN I PUT THE OTHER BOARD BACK IN IT WORKS FINE UNTIL IT FREEZES UP AGAIN IN ABOUT 4 WEEKS.

Please contact the service authority because this is beyond your limit. to solve your problem, the back panel has to remove and only the service engineer knows the skill.......................sorry friend! ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

The drain hole in the freezer keeps freezing up. We've thawed it out and got water to drain out twice but keeps freezing up again after a week or so. Any ideas whats wrong?

Check to make sure the thermostat behind the cooling element is not touching. If it is place some foam between them. ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

GE Profile Artica Refrigerator model # PSC25NSTASS: control board shows 58 degress in the refrigerator but water is freezing in filter and milk is freezing, technicians have replaced the motherboard and the the inverter for the compressor, freezer works great!!! Why does it keep freezing in the refrigerator?

Bad damper in fresh food side. Door breaks causeing cold air to flow constantly into fridge ... GE Refrigerators

Our GSL25JFPD BS unit was installed 7/5/04 and in early 2009, we experienced water dispenser failure due to water line freeze-up, according to service technician. The freeze-ups resumed in February, 2010 (three times this month) and the remedy (blow dryer thawing on the freezer door outside surface) does not seem to work on the most recent (2/25/2010) freeze-up. A new filter has been installed and re-checked 2/26/2010. Filter is OK. What should my next step be?

I found that when I used the crushed ice option, the lines would freeze \015\012up. Cubes were ok. Take everything out, including the ice, and turn it \015\012off for about 12 \015\012hours. Then check to see if it works again. If not, wait a little ... GE Refrigerators

Is the heater timer on ge refrigerators with computer boards, locayed in the computer board? does the whole board have to be changed also? the heater and the thermostat have been changed but, the evaporator coil keeps freezing up.

There are four things that will cause this problem and they are the defrost thermostat, defrost heater, evaporator thermistor and the main board. This page will help ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a streamline spa thoroughbred 1900 and it keeps flashing cool econ and i need to know how to get it to regular mode. if you could please just give me step by step instructions that would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

... Refrigerators

The drain hole in my Samsung refrigerator keeps freezing over (on the freezer side). I have cleaned it twice and a repairman did also, adding a heating strip, but it re-freezes in 2-3 wks again. Everything else works fine. Is there anything else that I can do?

... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Replaced ice maker in kenmore elite last year. stopped working again.replaced ice control sensor boards,still nothing.replaced module,poured some water in tray,freezes,rake starts down,hits ice then does nothing.have done this twice,now on third try. led blinking twice when door is opened,push flapper in light steady,push door light switch led goes out

The rakes can only move the ice if the tray has been heated .. there is a heater mounted on the tray that may be bad or not getting power . here is the sequence that should happen\015\012\015\012the water solonoid operates to fill the tra ... Refrigerators

Accelerator switch My "accelerator" keeps coming on and off on its own, it freezes the water that comes out of the dispenser. The ice maker keeps working. Do you think it may be a faulty computer circuit board?

Yes, that would be a good guess as it controls how the "buttons" work. ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer fan freezer compartment freezes ok, Fan will not come on while evaporator in back is 'healthy' i.e. no ice build up, freezing to the touch, sports the frosty look it should have. Fridge portion cools nominaly only, to be expected I suppose due to no Freezer fan activity. Next step? Thank you very much in advance!

Actually, freezer fan has to come on otherwise how is the fridge supposed to cool.(fridge draws off from the freezer compartment). check if there is power to the fan. if freezer is nice and cold and fan does not run(assuming there is no power to th ... Kenmore 72293 - Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

The freezer seems to go into defrost mode and stays in it. The ice maker does not freeze the cubes as well. Unpluged the unit and cleaned coils and such. Plugged back in and it worked for a day then went into defrost mode and stayed there. The quick ice button does not work as well as it does not turn on the fan in the freezer side. I am thinking it is the mother board as the fan in the back of the unit behind the silver grill/panel works. Is there a diagnostic procedure I can do to make sure it

... GE Profile PSF26PGS

The drain hole in the freezer keeps freezing solid so ice accumulates on the bottom of the freezer. I have de-thawed it twice but it keeps happening, it is clear after I thaw it out

Either it is slightly blocked or you could try putting a piece of metal wire on the bottom of the defrost heater to act as a heat sink to stop it from over icing. ... Refrigerators

My Samsung RS2534WW Refridgerator does not cool below 50. Power cool does not seem to have and effect. I checked the compressor it is ok, The Freezer is ok. Cools to -4 ok. Power Freeze Works ok. The condensers(?) on the back oare clean No dust build up. The fan next to the compressor works. I downloaded the service manual. I did the manual diagnostic check and it is ok, no blinking or illuminated LED segments. The next step I am going to try is to remove the plastic from inside the fridge and s

... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

GE model #GSS25WGPE BB Freezer coils freezing and making fridge warm. I have defrosted it twice and it keeps freezing over and making the fridge too warm for food. Is it the Defrost timer, heater, or thermostat?

... GE GSS25SGMBS Side by Side Refrigerator

Our freezer keeps freezing up and leaving the fridge hot. the freezer fan, circuit board on top of the freezer and the circuit board on the front of the door have all been replaced but the problem is still there. could it be the thermostat not working.

Yes , it seems that the thermostat is not working, please check the lines from the thermostat to the control board as frost in due course can effect the connections.\012Also make sure that the Auto defrost section is also working w ... Refrigerators

I have a ge gss23wsta ss side by side refrigerator and it is 3 years old i think and it keeps freezing up.Inside the freezer area and around the coils freezes up until the whole back of freezer is iced up. i have change out the mother board already.I take a blow dryer and unthaw it and it is froze up again in a few days.

The defrost heating element or defrost timer may be bad. Have them looked at and/or replaced ... Refrigerators

The evaporator ices up enough to get ice to the circulating fan. as the ice begins to touch the fan it begins to make a lot of noise. then when the ice stops the fan no more cooling. the drain is also freezing. i have replaced the circulating fan once and have to watch it very close so that it doesn't burn out again. how do i test the continuity on the defroster element and if that isn't the problem what is the next step? This is a bottom freezer unit.

CLICK HERE for expanded blowout views of your fridge.\015\012\015\012You could be talki ... Refrigerators

I have an lg model tfx2965sb and it keeps freezing in the refrigerator section. I have ohmed out the damper and watched it physically function. I have replaced the main pcb, and the thermister. I have checked every ground and ran all diagnostic tests the owners manual and service techs manual have and see every part working the way it should. I am at a loss for what next to check...

Have you checked the cold control for the food compartment? This has a bi-metal probe on it. When they start acting up they either make the unit run to cold or to hot. The common name in the field for that is the cold control. I was not able to c ... LG LFX25960 Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The fridge section of my Miele fridge/freezer keeps freezing all my food! I put it on 'holiday mode' to defrost and within 24 hours of turning on again, it has frozen up.I don't hear the motor switching off at any time.

HI\015\012Most likely problem is NTC, which is behind cover at rear of light.You will require torx screwdriver to remove. It's the one with green markings on screwed to the back wall of the fridge. Part no.7323301 it a ... Miele KFN8762SDED Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


... Whirlpool (ET8FTEXSQ) Top Freezer Refrigerator

The fridge section of my Miele fridge/freezer keeps freezing all my food! I put it on 'holiday mode' to defrost and within 24 hours of turning on again it has frozen up.i don't hear the motor switching off at any time.

You require NTC for fridge evaporator. Part no.7323301. It is the one screwed to the back wall of the fridge with a green band on it.Behind the cover at the rear of the light. ... Miele KFN8762SDED Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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