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Freezing is not staying cold. Things in freezer are not staying frozen. Freezer was working fine until it was moved to the garage. Items with little bulk (like freezy pops) are not staying frozen. Larger items like a turkey appear to still be frozen.

Answers :

You have a defrosting issue.
Do you see a large buildup of ice on the freezer back wall.
This is a very common problem, a list of things that may go wrong

1. defrost heat coil defective
2. defrost timer failed
3. defrost sensor failed
4. 30 % chance fan not blowing gold air into refrig...

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Freezing is not staying cold. Things in freezer are not staying frozen. Freezer was working fine until it was moved to the garage. Items with little bulk (like freezy pops) are not staying frozen. Larger items like a turkey appear to still be frozen.

You have a defrosting issue.Do you see a large buildup of ice on the freezer back wall.This is a very common problem, a list of things that may go wrong1. defrost heat coil defective2. defrost timer failed3. defros ... GALAXY Microsystems 55622

Refrig side doesn't cool like it did, changed the overload relay and nothing was diffrent, and the compressor is hot to the touch. is this common? i now have the freezer side set on the middel setting and the frig side all the way up, we stuck a freezer pop in the freezer and it is still frozen and we stuck a warm soda can in the frig side and it is cold now and we have cold air coming out the top left side vent in side the frig side of the unit, its not a fast cold blast but its cold. This prob

Why is there a fee for your solution, but you want me to add my own solution for free, i guess you guys are just like so many others out there complaining about the problems we have here in the US.\015\012 Stop thinking about the money all the ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Ice maker quit working and I feel that it is not getting as cold as it should (i.e. ice cream melts but other items like vegetables stay frozen).

Clean the coil behind the fridge or under the fridge (where ever they are) and make sure both fans are running, the one in the freezer and the one underneath or low freon from factory or small hole in system ... Amana 22.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with FrontFill Ice and Water

Seems the top portion of the refrigerator is not staying cool and the unit seems to be running all the time. Not sure if the freezer section is having the same problem since all items are still frozen. I turned up the internal setting to 5 from 4 which is what I usually have it set on. Is there a reset button or should I put the interior temp to 6>

... KitchenAid KBLS19KTSS Refrigerator

Fridge Water keeps appearing in the freezer and then drips into refrigerator.It looks like the water will freeze and build up in vents.I have no water hooked up to unit and the setting is set to what is recommended.The food in freezer is fine it stays frozen. I have cleaned the ice off but the water keeps coming back and I also checked seal on door. Thanks Mark

Ok pull the cover off the back wall of the freezer compartment where the evaporator fan is after look under the evaporator should see an aluminum pan with a hole there that's the drain hole for the defrost syste ... Refrigerators

My amana french-door fridge is giving me trouble. The freezer drawer appears to not shut right--it looks like its shut, but frequently there is snow in the freezer and I am knocking off chunks of ice from inside the freezer walls, so I assume its not? I've taken all of the items out from inside and cleaned out any snow and ice, then put everything back but its still happens. Any advice?

... Amana ABC2037DES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

1991 Whirlpool M/N ET18RKXYW00 refrigerator w/icebox no longer keeps items cold. Selector controls are maxed out. I know I'm pushing it as far as the age of the fridge, but we store our water, pop, etc. in it and would still like to keep it around if not to costly to repair.

The condenser fan motor is probably the cause of the failure. is this unit in the garage? if so, mice have figured out the defrost pan is a good source of water and have either gotten there heads stuck in fan blade or have chewed the wires going to t ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

TFX26ZPDA ww-- refrig is n't staying cold on "9" setting lucke warm. Mile soured x2 in the past 1 1/2 weeks. cleaned coils in front. moved items in freezer around to ensure good circulation. no obstructions in the freezer. freezer appears to be keeping things frozen. help! This is an elderly 81 yr. Old female with a lazy son so I the caregiver am trying to help out.

... Refrigerators

I have a GE Model PSC23MG Refrigerator. The freezer section does not get cold enough. Starting several months ago the refrigerator was noiser than normal. I appeared that the noise was coming from the evaporator fan in the freezer section. The excessive noise stopped a month or so ago but it sounds like the evoporator fan is still running. The temperature in the freezer is barely cold enough to freeze items in the freezer. This also has caused problems with the ice maker because the ice pa

... GE Refrigerators

Freezer has an alarm that stays on. Still freezes, seems like the freezer stays just warm enough for the alarm to sound. I have turned the temp up to clear the alarm but it comes back. But like I said the freezer is still freezing. What could the problem be? Kenmore 253.9138582

Hi, It could be a couple of things.\015\012First check if you have a little fan and coild that could be blocks with dust and dirt.\015\012The other problen could be that you have a small freon leak. If that happens it will steadily get wo ... Refrigerators

We have a side by side Amana Refrigerator Freezer. It is model SXD22S2L. We started noticing that the things in the door of the freezer were not frozen solid. Like cans of frozen jucie were not frozen, just liquid. The meats, etc. are still frozen but some bags of frozen blueberries, biscuits, anything soft, is not freezing. It is also not making any ice. The water dispenser for drinking still has water coming out. The refrigerator seems to be fine. What do you suggest?

... Amana SXD524VW Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer works, but not as cold. Frozen meat is staying frozen, but frozen bread and ice cream are cold but soft when both are usually hard. Also ice maker has stopped working. First it was working slower (lower production), but now it appears to have shut down. I suspect that the ice maker has stopped because the freezer temperature is too high. Also, changing the freezer temperature control knob appears to be ineffective following 24-hour waits between changes.

How old is this unit? it may be a faulty temp sensor or needs a good thawing. ... Refrigerators

Freezer is not staying cold. The freezer is on but its not staying cold enough to keep the food frozen. The Ice maker switch is turned on but ice is still melting. Turned the control to coldest but still no difference.

Sounds like the evap. fan motor is not turning. What is the freezer temp. have you measured it ? What about the fresh food section, (fridge compartment). \015\012\015\012Anyway, try this. Hold the door switch in the closed position with t ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator


... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The defrost fan continues to run,cleaned coils yesterday been over 24 hrs. it isn't cooling like it was. The freezer is still frozen and the bottom is still cooling but the freezer isnt freezing like it should (ice feels wet). The unit is about 8 or 9 yrs old. Freezer on top. Thanks for your time

Change the defrost timer !! swampratt200 ... Kenmore 63142 / 63144 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Items in my Sub-Zero 650/S crisper are frozen. I turn down the temperature but the items in the crisper are still frozen. What could be causing this?

Check to see if the fan at the top near the light is working. Remove any large items touching the top panel. Your cold air is not circulating. This happened to mine last year. ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

AMANA SD125E side by side old refrigerator .. still looks good and works good .. except, the main door, refrigerator side, does not close with the zest it used to (and the two freezer doors still do). This door you have to make sure the magnetic gasket touches or it will be open slightly. There appears, I looked at the upper hinge, it has what I'd call a kind of compression like cam mechanism that rolls on a roller till the roller 'finds' the open slot in the vertical plastic cam. This appears t

... Refrigerators

I have side by side refrigerator. It does not want to cool properly. The food will stay frozen as long as it is in the bottom of the freezer. The refrigerator stays semi cool. The fans are running the compressor seems to be running. I did notice that it doesn't look like it is defrosting like it suppose to. The freezer was over packed at one time and I think that had something to do with it. How do I reset the mechanism that will let this defrost again and get it back on it timer

You can first try shutting it down for a day and let it defrost,but i believe if you remove the rear panel inside the freezer and it has a coating of frost and ice on it now,then your going to find that the defrost thermostat or defrost heater has go ... GE Refrigerators

I have a superba 42 and have a freezer problem. I noticed yesterday that the icemaker had stopped making ice so I dumped the frozen ice from the container thinking that it might be that, but after 12 hours nothing was happening. We have also had a problem recently keeping ice cream frozen. Then I noticed that some of the food in the freezer was defrosting. Mostly less dense foods like pasta and meatballs, but some of the things are still frozen. Any ideas? Thanks, Helene

... KitchenAid (KSRD22FKST) Side by Side Refrigerator

My side by side is not cooling well on either the freezer side on the refrigerator side...have both sides jacked up to nine ...it is still cooling but not cold enough!! The ice cream is soft, but the meats and other items are still frozen. Seals are great...the refrigerator is still running...dumped the ice container, maybe thinking that may be it.

Clean the coil behind the fridge or under the fridge (where ever they are) and make sure both fans are running, the one in the freezer and the one underneath ... Refrigerators

Our whirlpool refrigerator is leaking water out the back. We have turned off the water source but there still appears to be water leaking from somewhere. Everything is still frozen and the freezer is at minus 4 degrees so we don't think it is defrosting. It is only two years old. Is it easy to disconnect the water line from the back to make sure the water line is not still letting water in?

Hi, The defrost drain behind the rear freezer panel is plugged. Remove the rear panel and clear the ice away from the drain. Then you will need to flush the drain hole with hot water to make sure it is open.Some models require an after market d ... Refrigerators

Our fridge / freezer is freezing everything, milk is frozen. Thermostat knob is down to warmist (number 1) and still everything stays frozen. We emptied out, defrosted and left off overnight, turned back on next morning, by mid afternoon the milk had frozen again.

Our fridge is old but is freessing every thingit is on the lowest tempture ... Hoover HCA300FK Top Freezer Refrigerator

My frigidaire refrigerator pops the GFI cricuit breaker. I already change out the GFI and it still pops. I've cleaned the coils.When I plug it in I hear the compressor working then a min. later it pops again. What else can I check? It's a side by side refrigerator/freezer..The Ice maker is not in use. This frig stays in the garage.

Refrigerators do not work well on gfci protected outlets. Plug it in to an outlet that is not gfci protected and it should work fine. ... Frigidaire FRS26ZSG

I have a ge side by side gss20ie part of the freezer side works like the 2 middle shelves are still frozen the fridge side is still cool if turn up all the way. I cleaned the fan in back and cleaned out under it wasn't really dirty.

... GE GSS20IEP Side by Side Refrigerator

Maytag MSD2756GEW went from hollow ice to no ice. Water dispenser works fine, good pressure, new filter, etc., fill line doesn't appear frozen. Replaced water valve to icemaker. When refrigerator plugged back in, icemaker cycled and dumped remaining ice but no hum with water refilling icemaker -- icemaker appears to work fine, other than NOT refilling with water and making ice. :) Also, waited a couple of hours, still no ice. Jumpered ''T'' & ''H'' to force cycle, arm rotated as did dial on fron

I assume the water valve you replaced is the fill valve located within the refigerator.\015\012\015\012If so, I suggest that you check the saddle needle valve on your water supply pipe - (generally in the basement). It may have finally c ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

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