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My refridgerator stop getting cold over night but the frezzer still worked, I cleaned all the filter and vacuumed underneath, then i made sure the place where the air blows through was clear it was covered with ice at the bottom but i cleaned it.I couldnt hear the compressor but then after opening both doors it kick in

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You need to check the back of the freezer for frost build up... most of the time when that happens you have a defrost problem or your fan is not working or its blocked, check that by taking off the back panel in your freezer.... should see several screws behind the selves.

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My refridgerator stop getting cold over night but the frezzer still worked, I cleaned all the filter and vacuumed underneath, then i made sure the place where the air blows through was clear it was covered with ice at the bottom but i cleaned it.I couldnt hear the compressor but then after opening both doors it kick in

You need to check the back of the freezer for frost build up... most of the time when that happens you have a defrost problem or your fa ... GALAXY Microsystems 25.4 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

Maytag msd2454gr back in Oct of 2010 I had my start relay kit replaced part #12002784. Since then I have had an accumulation of ice build-up on the bottom floor of the feezer. On numberous occations I have removed the back panel to find ice incasing the coils on the right side and the drain hole covered with ice. I have gone thru the steps of defosting and clearing the drain. Just to have this occur again and again. Any ideas what is causing this? I have cleaned around the gaskets on the door to

Is everything running fine except for the blocked drain?just melting out the ice isn't good enough,you have to clear the block in the drain.i use a steemer to blow out the drain but if you don't have one you can try a turkey baster to blow through th ... Maytag MSD2454G Side by Side Refrigerator

A few days ago I noticed that the bottom of my freezer side of the fridge was covered in about 1/2 inch of ice. It goes all the way from the back of the freezer up to where the door seals...and the door is the only thing keeping the water back. Well, I cleaned out the freezer completely, emptied the ice compartment, and dumped it in the sink, and chunked all the ice out of the bottom. While doing that I noticed that there was a little round hole on the bottom left of the freezer that was clogg

Its not doing a defrost by itself you need to replace the defrost heater/defrost termination sensor/thermostat/defrost timer could be any one of these parts causing this problem you need to test each part with a multi-meter to determine what needs re ... GE GSH25SGRSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

We have side by side Kenmore and on freezer side we are getting prozen water under the slide out drawers on the bottom on interior. We have cleaned it out and it refreezes and when we turned off water to ice maker we still found small amount of water frozen on bottom. Took silver cover off and fan is turning and see small drops of water falling off very bottom bar below coils. Looks like bottom half coils show more frosty look but water is still off ice maker. Could water in bottom come fro

Your drain line is frozen and not allowing the defrost water to drain to the pan below. The drain hole is at the bottom of the evaporator coil in the freezer behind the metal rear panel. You may need to remove the panel to access it. You can use hot ... Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

19 cubic foot admiral fridge .PROBLEM .Fridge leaks water from freezer.This is what I did : defrost fridge remove evaporator cover ,drain hole and channel was found to be clogged with ice,clean drain hole and pour water water down to make sure passage way is clear ,Fridge worked well for one month then leaking reappeared .Reexamine drain hole and drain channel both area was found to be iced up clean area from ice replace thermal defrost disk and defrost timer .Fridge worked well for month then

The issue is there is nothing to defrost the drain hole they do make a small piece of metal that wraps around the defrost heater and then points down the hole which causes the hole to defrost when ever the heater kicks on you can also construct somet ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

GE tfx22r leaks water out bottom of freezer door. Bottom of freezer covered with ice. Vacuumed and cleaned evaporator and coils. ice maker water is shutoff. Water seems to be coming out from behind crisper tray. Any suggestions?

Defrost drain is clogged, remove back panel, and pour hot water down drain and blow it out with pressure of some sort until water passes freely ... Refrigerators

I have water standing inside the crispers, shelves and bottom of frig. water freezes on the bottom of frig. i was told the drain my be bloked in the freezer, but i can seem to find a drain hole. i have removed cover and clean out ice under cover. help, where is the drain i should be looking for.

I beleive that your thermostat is faulty which is causing an excessive build up of ice. ... Whirlpool ET1FHTXM Top Freezer Refrigerator

Amana BH2055W I cleaned the elements at the bottom of our BH2055W on Saturday, 6 June, with a vacuum and some wire to reach some clumps of dust that were otherwise inaccessible. Everything continued to work fine for a little less than a day -- a 1 1/2 litre bottle I'd put in the freezer was solid the following (Sunday) morning. Later in the day, though, we noticed dripping from the freezer door, and then discovered that the ice in the ice trays was partially melted. Clearly something had happene

Well, first check your compressor current ( you can check current draws by using clamp ampere). Compare the reading with your owner manual. If they are quite lot difference : your compressor is dead or relay is not work or your cable is loosen due to ... GE GSS25JFPCC / GSS25JFPWW Side by Side Refrigerator

The fridge was leaking water under the freezer door. There was a thick layer of ice at the bottom of the freezer. There was a lot of congealed 'muck' around the drainage hole and under the metal tray surrounding the drainage hole. I cleared all the 'muck' out and using a small paintbrush cleaned out the drainage hole. I have switched the freezer back on. However, the bottom part of the actual freezer door seems to be continually wet, and water is continuing to drip from the bolt that holds the b

Hi Garth, did you clean out the drain hole where it goes into the catch pan? It will drain when the freezer goes into its defrost mode, this is where the water will come from. Try and use compressed air if available, or run hot water down the hole to ... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator not getting cold over last several days. The bottom of it gets full of water. I took the rear plate of of inside the freezer, fan is working, compressor is blowing & it didnt seem like the vent was clogged or frozen. I cleaned all of the ice from teh bottom of the freezer jsut to be sure. Whats next?

Hi !Very simple... the Gas has definitely leaked... Get it fixed ASAP as the compressor will burn out by over running.RegardsBerry ... Refrigerators

Fixya My frezer is working but fridge side is not.It iced over and I used a hair drier to defrost the ice. Is the fridge cooled by the frezer side ,threw the holes in the bottom left back side.Their seems to be no fan blowing in the frige side. What is up with this! The hole enters the coils about 2x2 hole. The paper work is not real clear on operation of this apliance. I have been trouble shooting it my self. It will be a month before I can get a technition.

I called a repair man. I was charged $150.00 . It was the box at the botom left side of the fridge,under fridge. It's fixed .It took about 5min. to replace it. I could have done it my self. Reading FixYa pointed me in the right direction. Reading pos ... Kenmore 52632 / 52634 / 52639 Side by Side Refrigerator

There is a strong odor coming from the freezer something like a fish smell or a burnt wire. The ice maker is working ok and the fan blows air just fine and the freezer and refrigerator are operating just fine but there is this very strong odor both top and botton....freezer on the bottom. I have checked many times and there is no bad food spoiling to make this odor and we keep the coils on the bottom clean so it runs as efficiently as possible. The odor is so far not affecting the taste of th

Hi,The smell could either be the fan motor or the defrost heating coil...Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both sides warming up. Refrigerator freezes bottom half, drawers and door. Warms up to 50 plus degrees top half. Freezer warms up on top half as well. Melts all ice from ice maker. Cleaned Compressor by vacuuming adn blowing with compressor. Worked for a day, then doing it again. UGHH just threw away $200 of groceries yesterday and now am going to have to do it again. This thing sucks!!!

How old is the fridge? It sounds like the compressor itself is going bad. If you think it may\015\012still be under warranty please contact the manufacturer to file an\015\012RMA. If you happened to purchase the fridge with a major credit card (no ... GE Adora DSS25KSTSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi - I'm looking for a Liebherr engineer who covers south west london area to service a frost free fridge freezer. Ice is building up underneath the bottom freezer tray which normally suggests a standard service and clean out of built up ice is required. Thanks

... Liebherr C1650 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Whirlpool 25.4 cu. ft. ED5FHAXS000 refrigerator knocks in a sequence of approx. 7-9 knocks about every hour; repairman helped us blow out dust, clean bottom area from dust and also replaced the fan on the condenser, but said ice maker is fine and condenser is find; cannot find what would be making noise, but appears to come from top, not bottom. Only 4 years old and we are getting ready to throw it out the door; won't recommend to anyone to buy - can you help.

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Amana refridgerator i live in harvey, la... after katrina i had to replace my refridgerator. i bought an amana bottom freezer fridge... so far the fan that blows air to the refridgerator has gone out... it was covered under warranty since it was just past the time and the repair man said they used cheap plastic fans from the factory at that time... now the water has stopped in the dispencer and the ice maker... i replaced the filter... which i didn't think was the problem... and as it turns out.

Water valve is in the rear on the right side at the bottom\015\012unbolt it from the ref frame and pull it outward remove the hoses the white plastic ones place a pan under the valve and depress the qater in the door paddle if water comes out ... Refrigerators

I have a Kitchenaid Model KBLC36MHS00 Bottom Refrigerator that the freezer works fine but the refrigerator on top doesn't cool stays about 67 degrees (F). The coils on top of the Refrigerator are clean and the fan in the freezer section is running. The freezer section has a lot of frost on the aluminum panel that covers the freezer coils and where the evap fan is located. There is no air from the evap fan blowing into the refrigerator section. What could be wrong?

Hiit is the compressor problem itself,,,due to over heating by thermostat ..check it///thank u..//please rate it ... KitchenAid KBLC36FK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigeration i have an upright single door freezor, hobart make, with R502. Not freezing. unit is at 25 degrees. Evap. coil is icing on bottom, very little.. condensor coil clean, and condensor and evap fans running. put unit into defrost and took unit out. seemed to get to 25 degrees......i need some mediate assistance....i noticed on my high side port there was no cap covering it, and on the low side port it seemed as if at one time it was leaking and they put leak lock on it....im thinking l

Your pressure sound pretty good. I would check the thermostat and the relay on the compressor. If you are getting no frost on your coil, that is usually a tall-tall sign of a bad compressor then it would be better to just replace the unit. ... Frigidaire FRT21H8 Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Jenn-air jcd2389de** The freezer side drips water (about 3 oz.) each day. The bottom of the freezer had excess ice buildup, which i cleaned out. I also noticed a clay-like substanced had deterated above the coils inside the back inside cover, but it still leaks! Do you know the problem? Bill

Hi, When the freezer defrosts all of the water flows into a tray in the rear of the freezer, behind the sheet metal, and then is supposed to drain d ... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

I have a GE GSH25JSTA SS refrigerator. The main problem is that its not cooling enough, both freezer and fridge. Now ive been reading alot and i still have alot of questions. Things I've done so far: last night i vacuumed and cleaned dust behind and under the fridge but nothing. Now today i took everything out of the freezer and removed panel behind the freezer and the coils are covered with ice. Blow dried it and received helpful assistance from a pro in this site. Located heater part and term

Check the condenser fan does it run? Does the fan turn on if not replace the fan itself you be so happy you did.\015\012\015\012\015\012Let us know, please od click the accept button for my efforts. ... Refrigerators

GE TFX22PRXB, stopped cooling. Cleaned coils underneath, cleared blockage in freezer drain tube. Still would not cool. Removed panel from freezer and found lower set of coils frozen solid. Removed all ice with hair dryer, reassembled and still doesn't cool. Checked freezer this morning and lower coils were starting to freeze again, but only down the tube on the left side and the bottom two loops of the lower coil. What do I need to do?

... Refrigerators

I have a Maytag Side by side MSD2356AEW unit. Everything was OK for years till the maid cleaned it. Afterwards we noticed water under the bottom drawer on the refrigerator side. Slowly in the course of 2 weeks the refrigerator stopped cooling - freezer is still working. I noticed an opening between the refrigerator and freezer being all filled up with ice. Is that the root of the problem? Is that opening supposed to be covered up with glass - in my case it is wide open. Please help! Thanks!

Do a manual defrost overnight by unplugging and leaving the doors open the opening should not be frozen. Alot of humidity or constantly opening the door sometimes causes the frostup. ... Maytag MSD2651 HE Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore coldspot model 106 9555711 ice maker is working but ice is built up over dispenser chute and on bottom of ice bin also sometimes there is water and ice in dispenser chute and it has to be cleaned out we have tried not using the dispenser but ice still forms on bottom of ice bin and shelfs beloe ice bin in freezer

... Kenmore Refrigerators

You helped me with quick response to my french door fridge icing up. You gave me advise to clean drain in bottom of freezer. Is this still the case, because my icing is in the refridge part, not the freezer.....this sight also does not recognize my type of samsung.. I have a # E3CE56CF french door. The leaking comes out the door, drips down to the floor. Also if there is a drain in bottom of freezer, is it visible to clean out? Thanks for the help, Michael

... Samsung RF217ABRS (197 cu ft) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Roper by whirlpool side by side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser, how do I take apart the casing on the dispensers to clean them? Up underneath is a clear plastic cylinder where the ice comes through, both ice and water have togels, over time, juice has been splashed and I can't get at it to clean, I don't want to break them, but there must be a way to remove them to clean and put them back.

... Kenmore 53542 / 53544 Side by Side Refrigerator

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