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Remove panel in back of freezer frigidaire FRT045GM

\015 How do you remove the panel in back of freezer frigidaire FRT045GM\015

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Remove panel in back of freezer frigidaire FRT045GM

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire Model FRS26ZNH Side by Side. Refrigerator side not cooling (no air flow from top). Freezer side fine, however back panel and coils are freezing up. If I turn off the freezer side and remove back panel and use a fan to thaw out the coils in back of freezer, unit will run fine for a few days until it freezes up again. Fan motor was running constant, however when I went to unfreeze the coils again today, the fan motor was not running at all. Any suggestions!!

... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore Coldspot 106-52609100 side by side is not working, freezer is only cold at the bottom and the refrigerator is not as cold as it should be. I opened the freezer to get something out and noticed the ice bucket was full of water and items on the top two shelves were thawing out. I cleaned everything out of both sides and cleaned the inside. I then removed both front panel and the back panel and cleaned all the coils with a shop vac. I noticed frost build-up on the back panel, I removed

No theres nothing else in line before the fan motor. If you have 120vac at the fan motor and its not running then either the bearings are tied up or your windings are open. Replacing the fan motor will correct the problem. Without that fan motor runn ... Refrigerators

Hello, I have an Amana bottom freezer refrgerator. We noticed the freezer was not freezing that well. There was a fair bit of frost on the back panel inside the fridge. I removed the panel and in behind was a huge block of ice/frost covering everything tons of ice. I unplugged fridge and melted ice. I plugged fridge back in after all ice was gone and fridge worked fine for about 10 days till we noticed freezer not freezing that well again. I just pulled back panel inside fridge off again t

Either defrost heater is bad, defrost t-stat or the defrost control. Usually the t-stat is the first problem which is connected to the evaporator coils with one lead going to the heater. Hope this helps. Rick ... Amana Refrigerators

Our fridge drips water from inside the its shell. It works just fine, and there is no water pooling underneath it. I removed the back panel from the freezer side and the defrost heater coils are frosted over, and the drain below it is stopped with frozen water. Its a frigidaire side by side model frs23r

Looks like your pretty handy . so what you need to do is run the drain with a cable and clean it out . it will have a build up of slime init causing the water not to drain . very common problem . i use a speed ometer ca ... Refrigerators

FRIGIDAIRE PLHS69EESS2 - Both sides not cold enough. Removed freezer inside back panel and found an ice ball on top of evaporator (where the tubing ends and becomes a much smaller tube/wire - it was encased in ice. Manually defrosted and am waiting to see. Is this indicative of a major problem?

... Frigidaire 22.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

Refrigerator not cooling and freezer has ice on back wall. This is a Kenmore Freezer top unit. The model number is 363.9735728. Condenser coils underneath and in back were covered with dust 1/4 inch of dust. Used vacuum and broom to remove. Waiting for ice to melt. How do you remove the panel in the back of the freezer to see the evaporator coils? Besides dust what else could be wrong? Thanks

... Refrigerators

Amanda afd2535deq loose left side handle on bottom freezer door. inside of freezer on the door there are two screws that are holding a support, but, under the support on the back door panel itself are two additional phillip head screws. if these two screws are taken off the back inside panel would that able the back panel to be removed and thus exposing the handle screws??? please advise. Mike Yermal

Mike,\015\012\015\012I would give you an idea for making sure what the screws are for without doing things you cant undo later. \015\012\015\012What you do is loosen on of these screws and check the handle. If the handle has started movin ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore model 36350222000, S/N: 04326207, that recently (about 2 weeks ago) quit cooling. I found that the freezer side had frosted over so I emptied the contents and unplugged it for about 9 hours. Once defrosted, it began cooling again. This morning I found that it had frosted up again. I removed the unit from the wall, remove the back panel and vacuumed cooling coils in the front and back. Then, I removed the inside rear cover of the freezer and found the cooling coils completel

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How to remove back panel of freezer in Admiral fridge freezer

... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

I have a N510T Fridge/freezer. It developed a large block of ice at the back of the fridge just below the freezer section. I have removed this block of ice but want to check behind the plastic panel between the back of the shelves and the fridge wall to check and make sure there is no ice left in this space. Is it possible to remove this plastic panel and how do I do it? Thanks Stuart

... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

We bought a GE PFSS6PKXASS about 2 years aand it worked fine until we noticed water leaking out from the back interior wall of the refrigerator section... it collects on the bottom of the fridge, partially freezes, then drips out along the freezer door. It is not coming from the icemaker but appears to be from the auto-defrost cycle. I tried to remove the back panel in the fridge to get access to the evaporator but once the screws were removed the panel would not come off. Also tried to clean ou

... GE Refrigerators

Remove panel I have a Kenmore bottom freezer model no.795-77564600. Need information on how to remove the back & bottom panel in the freezer. Thank you

The freezer panel has 2 fan motors, one for the i/m area and the other for cooling. there is 1 screw in the center of the panel, remove it and then the panel will have to be wedged out. it may seem like it is tight but go ahead and pull on the panel ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Ice maker not making ice. Arm on ice maker is down. I removed the bottom panel at the bottom of the back of the fridge and removed the supply lines from the valve in the panel (both the one coming from the wall and the one going up to the freezer)....water is flowing to the valve under the back of the appliance, no water is coming out the other side of the valve. Is this valve malfunctioning or is it electrical? Is this a part that I can order and replace? Thanks, ED

... Maytag Top Mount Refrigerator w/Cool Flow Factory Ice - MTF2193AR - W/Q/B/S

We have a GE Profile refrigerator, french doors & bottom freezer (pfs22mbsbww). The freezer stopped getting really cold months ago, stays around 30. We have a chest freezer so we didn't really worry about it (less than smart). This morning the fridge and freezer compartments both started warming up, they're at 65 now. We checked the fan in back near the compressor & it was moving very slowly (at a dead stop now). I removed the back panel cover and aimed a box fan at it and it didn't help at all

The evaporator and fan are behind the rear panel inside the freezer usually held in by a few screws up the sides. The evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wall inside the freezer will ice up under normal conditions. Every 8 to 10 ... GE Profile Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser 22.2 Cu. Ft. - PFS22MIS

We have a frigidaire side by side fridge. Tonight I opened the freezer and everything was iced over. We removed the ice tray and blew hot air using a hair dryer into the square hole in the back. (we were told to do that before when the freezer was stuck on chipped ice. We were able to remove all the ice that flowed into the freezer, but now there is a slow drip of water coming out of the front of the freezer just under the water/ice despenser on the door. Why do you think this is happening

What is your model ... Refrigerators

GE TPH21PRSM Both fridge and freezer not staying cold. About 2 months ago, freezer not staying cold. I removed back freezer panel and defrosted a block of ice. I am starting on the fridge first today. What should the "W" shaped plasstic tube look like. Should it be clear, filled with fluid, or as it is, opaquish in the bottom third of both sides? If I need to remove in/out plastic tubes, is it okay to just yank them, or is there a trick to it? Thanks. Bob

You will need to defrost again. When you do, you should see the heater at the bottom of both section of coil. They are glass tubes with a heating coil inside. I think you will find the coil broken in one or both. They are sold as a pair. ... GE Refrigerators

My Kenmore Freezer Model # 596.722 has problem with bottom freezer it is icing up in the back. The fridge top half isn't as cool as it should be. My husband has used a hair dryer to de-ice it, removed the inside back panel and had to de-ice the coils. This helped and our refrigerator was cool and freezer worked. However only for 2 weeks. Help .

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Have GE TFX25PRY side-side refrig. Makes ice but the refig and freezer are not cold enough, even on lowest setting. Found ice accumulating along the back inside of freezer and removed. Took back freezer panel off and found ice along evaporator coils from the bottom up to about the last foot of coils. What should I look for? Dudley

Look for the evap fan not spinning or spinning slowly. Also check the freezer-to-fridge damper for proper operation.Also - check for a leak in the coil at the frozen/thawed transition point.Thanks for using FixYA!! ... Refrigerators

GSS25PGMF FREEZER NOT WORKING. This morning when I opened the freezer door, everything was defrosted. The ice tray was half water. Their was frost on the inside back of the refrig. The regrig side seemed fine. It is about 48 degrees now. From: kimberlyiman You have a defrost problem. You can defrost the unit down by removing the back panel and get a hair dryer and go back and forth over the defrost. Make sure that you don't get any of the coils too hot or you'll destroy your unit. But you'll nee

... GE Refrigerators

I have an Admiral LTF2112ARZ refrigerator. Water is leaking from the ice maker fill tube down into the bottom of the freezer at the beginning of each ice cycle. The ice maker itself seems to be fine. I want to have a look at the fill tube and valve, but I don't know how to access them. There is a small removable panel at the bottom of the back of the fridge and one large panel covering the rest of the back. When I took all of the screws off, the large panel remained stuck to the fridge. It

... Maytag Admiral Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost problem problem first started when the door to the freezer was left open all night.. i shut it down for over 24 hrs.. and let it completely defrost.. frost built up on the back wall of freezer.. after plugging back in and letting run.. it does fine for about 4 or 5 days.. then i notice the back wall frosting up again... after removing the inside panel.. the whole unit is frozen solid.. it seems to be an auto defrost problem... is there anyway to reset..?? fans are working good.. fridge

No there is nothing to reset. It could be one of three things. Let the unit defrost completley. Take the same back pannel off. Check to see if your heater at the bottom is discolored or if you can see thats its broken inside. The next thing it could ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Ge side by side I have to keep defrosting the freezer every 2 months or so the temperature starts going up the fridge runs more often when we remove the back panel within the freezer it is built up with ice to get the freezer back to running right and the correct temperature we have to defrost. Is this the temperature sensor gone?

Do this when the refrig starts to warm up . Don't defrost before this test .\015\012Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel , is the main control board . Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug from the board , ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore 21, bottom freezer. Model # 106.9631611. Over the last few months, it's noise level has increased. I took off the panel at the lower back side and cleaned it No problem there. Next I remove the rear metal panel in the freezer unit. Everything seemed OK there. The noise seems to be coming from behind and above the freezer unit.There doesn't appear to be access to that area, that I can see. Can you help?

I have the exact same problem. Did you figure this out yet? ... Kenmore 62232 / 62234 / 62239 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

F&P Active Smart E521TRE Removing freezer back panel

My fridge (E440T but I believe the E522B is similar) had a broken fan wire and i had to pull off the rear panel and re-solder a wire. I created a document for others to follow that shows the rear panel removal if interested at http://www.accentis.com ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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