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Frigidaire 154544201 manual - Frigidaire Refrigerators

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My side by side refrigerator freezer will not hold the set temperature at "0" for freezer and "37" for refrigerator. I have unplugged and replugged the unit as suggested in the manual -- but no results. The manual says something about setting the temperature controls to off stops cooling but does not shut off the electrical power. I see no such on/off temperature controls. Model GSS25QSWASS

The settings are on the front panel on the left door. Do you not have a console like this\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012This is the standard ... GE Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire model PHSC39EESS5. The freezer seems to maintain temperature fine, but the refrigerator is too warm. I checked the cooling coils and they are iced up. If I melt the ice, the refrigerator works fine for a while and then warms up again. When I checked, the coils were iced up again. I can't find anything in the owner's manual except a suggestion to turn the temperature down for the refrigerator section, which doesn't work.

... Frigidaire Model: PHSC39EHSS

Dear Expert, My Amana refrigerator (bottom freezer) has a problem: the temperature in the refrigerator compartment is 63 F, even though I set the controller to the coolest (7). However, the freezer compartment (at the bottom) seems fine, the temperature is 0 F. I followed the manual troubleshooting suggestions: 1. cleaned the Rear Air Grills underneath the two drawers. 2. cleaned the dust for the coil inside of the vent (at the front, toe level of the refrigerator). I was suggested that it n

... Amana Refrigerators

Frigidaire refrigerator our side by side refrigerator is running almost all of the time and we can't make it stop by changing the temperature dial. The refrigerator section is staying at 34 degrees and the freezer is staying at 0. What do we need to do?

Friend,ngfam1 At your service!Sounds like your thermostat is malfunctioning.Do not let it keep going like this without service or it will burn out the compressor soon by running non stop.How old is the fridge???? ... Refrigerators

Need Owner's manual for Frigidaire Refrigerator

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

(Frigidair refrigerator R134a system) 3 months after a new compressor was installed it stopped cooling, it leaked. I found and repaired the leak. Then bought some automotive R134a it had dye,conditioner, and stop leak in it. I don't think it was made to be put in a refrigerator as at 175psi. high side and 10 psi. on the low side gave me about 10 inches of frost across the top of the evaperator. at lower pressure 150-90psi I get 0-5in of vacuum on the low side. and about 1 to 3 in. of frost on th

The stop leak probably stopped up your cap tube system and the filter drier.You can try by replacing the filter drier, vacuum the system to 500 microns and recharge.The automotive 134a is the same as any other 134a. ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I need a repairs manual for my refrigerator - Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello Norman Rose - Typically if you are looking for a guide to repair your unit that information is not provided to consumers by any manufacturer. ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer side works perfecty on a double door refrigerator. The fresh food side remains at 55 degrees no matter how high you set the control. Manual defrost, and changing filters makes no difference This is a 2002: PLHS267ZABO Frigidaire refrigerator.

The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper) between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air through it. Make sure this fan is running. You may have to hold the door switch in for it to run. There is a flap y ... Refrigerators

Free Appliance Manuals - Frigidaire FPHB2899LF Refrigeration : Refrigerator : French door

... Frigidaire FPHB2899LF Refrigeration : Refrigerator : French door

Frigidaire RFS22ZRF repair manual - Frigidaire FSC23F7D Side by Side Refrigerator

... Frigidaire FSC23F7D Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire PLHS69EGSS stainless stell side by side refrigerator that I just bought used. The man I bought it from said that the freezer would only cool to 18 degrees (not cold enough he said) but the refrigerator would cool to 34 degrees (cold enough). Well we bought it and found that neither one gets very cold despite setting them on low temps (set fridge 34 and freezer 0). The sometimes read low temps that are close to what we set (although it never feels really super cold) but most o

... Frigidaire PLHS69EGSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF2 manual - Frigidaire Refrigerators

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire manual - Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Http://www.frigidaire.com/manuals ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, we own a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator model FRS3R5EMBE. We recently hooked up a water line to the unit to make ice cubes & drinking water. The problem is that when initially water flowed into the regrig, there is LEAKAGEfrom the filter unit inside the refrigerator. I lost the product manual and am in the dark as how to resolve the problem....so, is there a solution to the leakage? We await your answer. Thank you, John, Monrovia California

Very unlikely the couplings are loose, but i think the cartridge is not screwed in properly (all the way). Take the cartridge out again and inspect if seal is in good order. Almost certain problem is there.(screw nice and firm). ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

Sears Kenmore Trio refrigerator with bottom freezer Model 596.76529500 My refrigerator alarm is beeping every 60 seconds even when we unplug the power cord! We have read the manual and done everything it tells us to do. We have checked all the temps and doors. Doors are shut tight - I even wiped down all the seals with a rag. Temps read in the normal range - 0 for freezer and 40 for fridge. Nothing we do will make it stop. What is wrong? Please help if you can.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Frigidaire 154544201 manual - Frigidaire Refrigerators

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire GLHS68EE temperature controls are 17F on the freezer and 50F on refrigerator. Should be 0 F and 37 F .

... Frigidaire GLHS68EE Side by Side Refrigerator

User manual for Frigidaire FVE2199B - Refrigerators

... Refrigerators

Frigidaire FRT16CRH manual - Refrigerators

... Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire refrigerator that I bought used 29 years ago. I did not get manuals. The cover over the fan inthe freezer compartment that has the temerature control on it broke. Is there any possibility of getting replacement parts for a unti that old. It still works otherwise and is very reliable. Where can I find the model and serial number on the unit. Thanks

Does it just need the knob or has it broken so far that it's not working at all? In any event even if you cant get the exact thermostat there are many others that could probably be grafted in. If it just needs a knob then have a knob put on it ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire refrigerator is dripping water inside. tried manual defrost and cleaning the drains but still drips.

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Frigidaire FRS26R4CW1, buzzes. When I noticed that the freezer was warm the unit was unplugged. The refrigerator was left unplugged for about 20 hours. When it was plugged back in it was ran, was quiet and the freezer temperature quickly dropped to 0 degrees F. It ran for about 4 1/2 hours and then the buzzing started again and the temperature began to rise. After being unplugged for about 10 minutes, it was plugged in and again ran fine. Is it possible that the start capacitor or PTC starter is

Yes, what you are asking is possible. It is also possible that the compressor motor has a flat spot or is even siezing up when hot. If you are comfortable changing the cap. then I would do that first a see what happens. Changing the compressor will b ... Refrigerators

GE side-by-side My new refrigerator holds 0 & 36 degrees most of the time. I have noticed that the freezer will indicate -9 for a short period of time every couple days. Is this a normal cycle? I've been unable to find anything about this in the owner's manual. -thanks

It is getting too cold if that is your inquiry. i guessed they could even go down up to -10 F. i think it is normal unless the freezer would build up ice then the temp would shoot up.\015\012\015\012cheers,\015\012\015\012drc ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I own a Frigidaire Professional Series Refrigerator Model JSI-26.I bought it from Sears about a year ago or less . It did not come with a manual . I changed out the water filter but I need to know how to reset the light that tells when the filter needs changing . How do I do that ?

... Refrigerators

I need to know how to manually put a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator Model FRS26W2BSB0 in defrost.

Here is link to the complete service manual for your appliance. It will cover the defrost procedure and also any other troubleshooting elements you need help with. Within the manual, you will also find exploded parts diagrams to further assist you. ... Frigidaire FRT17G4B Top Freezer Refrigerator

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