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Water or ice from door will not shut off

\015 Pressing the bar with a glass of water will turn water on, then water keeps running, unless I open door. I can switch from water to ice, but every time the door is closed, the ice auger or water keep on running.\015

Answers :

You will need to replace the dispenser control pad. Here is that part to order.

All\012parts come with a 365 day, any part, any reason return policy

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Model #795.7757. Kenmore Elite Trio. Ice forms around the inside of the ice maker door. It freezes shut and you cannot open the door. Water freezes around the inside of door somehow and freezes the door shut and you cannot access the ice bin inside. There is also condensation that forms above the ice maker on the roof of the refrigerator when the door is shut.

First thing to do is grab a hair dryer and defrost all the ice. Following this you would look at the rear of the actual icemaker to assure that when the water is coming into the unit that it is going into the icemaker tray and not overfilling the tra ... Refrigerators

I've got a GE side by side refrigerator that's approx.7 years old. This past weekend, I resolved the problem of not getting water out of the cold water dispenser. After replacing the two-way water solenoid valve, I realized that the downstream water line inside the freezer door upstream of the dispenser was also plugged with ice. After shutting down the refrigerator for some time and warming up the door, the water pressure was able to blow out the ice plug. I restarted the refrigerator and was a

Check around the door gasket to see if gasket pulls off or is it held on by screws if there are screws you can separate the door and insulate the tube if no screws than replacing the door is the only repair. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

No water d from door, although ice maker works fine . i shut water off in townhouse and trun ocemaker off when we leave. when we retur, i turn water back on and ice maker works but water does not come from door.

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How do you shut off the water to the refrigerator? Water suddenly began running out of both the automatic ice cube dispenser water port as well as the water dispenser in the door. Neither would stop flowing. We would like to find the shuttoff on the water system within the unit so that we do not have to shut the water off at the pipe. Is there a shut off in the refrigerator's water system and if so, where?

Find the valve where the 1/4 inch feeder tube taps into a larger cold water line. Usually in the basement, sometimes under the sink. J. ... Admiral Refrigerators

I have a Maytag 25 cu ft french door bottom freezer refigerator with ice and water on the upper door. We are shutting the heat off in our vacation home in Maine for the winter. Our plumber has concerns about winterizing the ice maker and dispenser. Do you have information about that? We know we will have to diconnect the water line, but what about the internal pipes in the fridge ? I have called Maytag's help line and the store at which it was purchased , bu was not able to get any informat

... Maytag MFI2569VE Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool Gold side by side Model GD5SHAXNS00. Two days ago after the ice cubes emptied into the cube holder on door, the water did not shut off, and ran for about 30-45 seconds until I shut off the icemaker. A friend said the problem may be in a selinoid switch the turns the water on and off. Since then I have turned the maker back on, but it seems to have overfilled and now is frozen solid so that the ice maker no longer even recycles. What do you think the problem is? I would l

The water inlet valve may be staying open too long and slow to close because of wear.. You can swap the wires on the dual water inlet valve and disconnect the water line at the valve which goes to the ice maker. When you try the water dispenser the w ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

First, items in refrigerator started to freeze, finally noticed ice maker was making too much ice and water was dripping into frige and down into freezer and onto floor. Emptied ice and saw that ice had blocked the ice maker shut off from rising. Now, we get water through the dispensor, it does not make ice anymore, and things are still freezing in the refrigerator even after adjusting digital temp settings on door.

... Maytag Ice2O 19.8 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - White

I have a GE side by side refrigerator. Model#GSS25VGMD and every day I have to chip an inch of ice off the bottom of the freezer. I noticed water on the inside bottom of the freezer and thought it was the ice maker so I shut it off and turned the water line to it off and that was not the problem cuz everyday I open the freezer door and there is a puddle of water in the bottom that later freezes and turns into a thick layer of ice. Help please!! -STEVE-

You have a blocked drain,when the freezer defrosts the water should go down drain but yours is blocked,i use a steamer to do this and you can get one for 40 bucks it's a shark super steamer,look at the back wall at the bottom you will see the drain h ... GE GSS25VGMWW / GSS25VGMCC Side by Side Refrigerator

This involves the Whirlpool ed22dq side by side. I have a through door ice and water dispenser. The ice maker makes ice fine and does shut off with the proper level of ice in the bin. The problem is the ice continues to come out the front dispenser even when the lever is not tripped. I went in and pulled the wire off the motor which stopped the action. However even then when the switch on the door is on "cube"a part of the unit still runs. I can switch it to "crushed" and the action stops. I rea

... Whirlpool 21.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with EZ-Change Ice and Water Filter

I have a Jenn-air refrigerator model JFI2589AES. We bought it new four years ago. The panel on the outside of the door that controls water and ice is "shorting" out. It looks and sounds like the ice despenser opens and closes repeatedly for an hour or so- no ice comes out. During this time the whole panel looks like its shut down and no water or ice comes out-- but it makes a sound like ice is trying to come out. After an hour or so the it starts up again and the panel states "freezer max temp

... Refrigerators

Mdl# RFG297/AARS french door refrig. ice maker only makes ice when IT wants too. Ice maker area temp is about 13 deg, freezer is at -2 and frig is at 34. water supply is good, doors stay shut (just myself and wife) but won't make enough ice to even cover the augar. Any suggestions? Thanks

... Samsung Refrigerators

14 yr old amana has always worked perfectly but we discovered a very small leak on the back where the water goes in. Removed old clamp looked at the tubing for flaws, cleaned and smoothed end, reinserted and no more leak. But nest day saw no water was going into the ice maker tray. Thought may have frozen shut so turned off power to thaw and still no water runs in but now water is dripping out of the bottom of the freezer door. Not the tube itself butbehind the gasket as if inside the door. A

Good day,\015\012Not the standard complaint, but your series of events seems to indicate the water for the fill cycle is going in between the inner and outer walls.\015\012If so, I'd shut the supply off for now, and find ... Amana 22.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with FrontFill Ice and Water

I have a Kitchenaid Side By Side model KSR25FKWH05. The ice maker is not working, but the water still comes out of the water dispensor on the door. I did have the water to the entire house off last weekend draining my water heater and wonder if this might have cause some problem since I did not think to shut off the ice maker during this time. Any suggestions?

Check to see if there is ice in the icemaker, if not, put a small amount of water, like 6 ounces in it with a glass. if it kicks out some cubes, you have a bad watervalve. ... Refrigerators

I have a 1993 kenmore 27 sxs ice make problem. I have water getting to my fridge at the bottome where the valve is. but no water getting to my ice maker and water in door. it seems that the water is shut off some how on the fridge. thanks

Take the two lines off the valve and try the dispenser to see if water comes out and if you hear the valve click when you try it. If you hear it but no water comes out then the valve didn't open. There is a screen filter in the line before the valve ... Refrigerators

Water was shut off due to a leak. When water was turned back on, ice maker no longer working. Water in door works but water not going in to make ice.

Cycle several large glasses of water through the dispenser to rid lines of air ... Frigidaire FRS6R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

GE Profile refrigerator side by side, water and ice through door. Ice maker works fine, water will not shut off. Had to turn water to frig off.

The water inlet valve on the back where the water supply connects to the unit is stuck open. You may can clean the valve out and get it to closing or just replace it. ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung RF265ABBP french door bottom freezer. Not making ice. In 2009 the following work done under warranty: new thermister installed, new water valve installed and icemaker replaced. Then in 1-2010 the warranty covered a new evaporator, condenser and compressor. All was working great for about 12 months. Now no ice again! . The reset button causes the tray to turn over but the valve appears not to shuts off too soon. No water in the tray. We have checked the water pressure to the unit and it i

No, the valve is automatically controlled by the PCB panel. You must find out if the valve is commanded by measuring the voltage across it. \012\012\012If the voltage is there then the valve has failed again and it will have to be replaced. Her ... Refrigerators

Refrigerators problem problem with my refrigerator and freezer is dont give me any water or ice .it just stop ,but light on door is "on' when you swithching from water to Ice and getting brigther and then shuts off. still making ice and everything else work fine. if you please can give me any idea what going , which part I need order to fix this thank you

What model and make is this unit? It could still be in the door switch as it may think the door is still open. The switch that changes from ice to water could still be at fault. On some there is a cutoff switch up under the lip of the opening where y ... Refrigerators

1997 ge 21 inch side-by-side and ice dispensor is not working. We shut house water off while on vacation for a month and it has not worked since we got back. I have cleaned out bin, unplugged refrig and plugged back in after 30 seconds but have not been able to get ice maker to recycle. It feels like there are ice cubes in the maker but have not seen teeth remove them. I also have dispensed water from the drink dispenser in door and it is coming out fine.

... GE Profile 21.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX22PRBWW

Dispense Ice dispenser will not shut off I unhooked the wires to the switches that are activated when you push in the Ice and Water levers However it still dispensed Ice when I shut the Freezer Door.

Http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/ ... Frigidaire FSC23F7D Side by Side Refrigerator

The water leaks out of the front of the door. It did this once and a thought it was the kids playing with it. Then it did it again in the middle of the night. Then it did it again and I actually saw it running out of the ice dispancer and out through the front of the door and on the floor. It was not dripping but actually running. So I shut the water off and it's been off ever since. I wonder if a good defrost and clean would help? or if it's something that needs a part replaced.

A slow dribble would indicate a defective water valve, a steady stream would mean that most likely the water dispenser switch is shorting out and it thinks you are using the water. ... Frigidaire PLHS267ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

RS2534WW There are several things that happened within a couple of days and it is making it hard to figure out what the problem is. First the temperature on the freezer side started to blink as if someone had left the door opened. I made sure it was shut and waited a day or so for it to stop but it didn't. Then the ice maker stopped producing ice but I can still get water out of the water side so I don't think the line is clogged. The temperature of the freezer stays around 58 degrees. On occasi

I just had the exact same problem with my Samsung RS2534WW Fridge from Best Buy. I think the freezer seal was not totally shut and something inside was pushing against the door, so it couldn't close tightly, but was not open enough to trigger the ch ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

I haVE KITCHENAID suprabra KSCS25INSS00. The ice maker has stopped workiing, The sensor lights stay on when the door is closed (or the spring loaded cover is held shut), the water flows through the tap, there is no blockage in the ice maker (I removed it and checked). I do need a new water filter. Is this all that is wrong? Thanks John

Oh this model if the filter indicator is tripped it will stop producing ice, so that very well may be what is wrong. However when you say the sensor lights stay on when the door is closed, what do you mean? Some lights on the front of the unit? Or ... Refrigerators

Water or ice from door will not shut off

You will need to replace the dispenser control pad. ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

KSBS 25IN kitchenaid. 5 yrs old. A few months ago I woke up to water on the floor under the refrigerator. It was enough to cause some warping in our hardwood floor. I cleaned up, shut off water supply to the fridge until I could spend some time with it. Last week I turned the water supply back on. No leaks. The door water worked fine but now no water is flowing to the ice maker. Any suggestions?

Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012Here is a quick way to determine if the problem is the water valve or circuits in the refrigerator. Open the fiber board cover that covers the back bottom of the refriger ... KitchenAid KSBS25IN Side by Side Refrigerator

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