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Kenmore Top Freezer not getting cold (freezer or refrigerator), fan works. Occasional click down by compressor? Any advice appreciated. Trying to fix cheap as this is an 8 year old 2nd frigerator we keep in the garage. Thanks

Answers :

Check your compressor relay- \015\012http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/check/compressorrelay.php
\015\012\015\012. Cut everything off for a few minutes then turn it back on\015\012and listen for a click from the compressor relay as the compressor tries to\015\012start.
\015\012\015\012Is the compressor motor running.If no check starter/overload\015\012relay.

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Kenmore Top Freezer not getting cold (freezer or refrigerator), fan works. Occasional click down by compressor? Any advice appreciated. Trying to fix cheap as this is an 8 year old 2nd frigerator we keep in the garage. Thanks

Check your compressor relay- \015\012http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/check/compressorrelay.ph ... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Need Help! Hello! I have a Frigidaire Refrigerator # FRT21LR7AW about five years old. The problem is that it's not cooling the lower part and the top freezer is freezing the coils and blocks the vent that lets the air circulate down. I have to keep melting the ice with hair dryer in order for bottom part to get cool. Can someone help me with this problem with any advice or parts that may need to be replaced. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! mjpagan

I would really have to say yor thermostat is faulty now \015\012if its freezing up top and not down low ... Frigidaire FRT21P5A Top Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer freezes up, refrigerator stays at 58 degrees. When defrosted with a hairdryer and put back, freezer works for half-day, makes 1 load of ice, then freezes up again. Had 4 different repair men try and fix it. They replace parts, but the fix only lasted a few days each time. This Samsung is only 3 years old. Samsung couldn't fix it when it was in warranty !

HI, you will need to inspect the compressor to make sure it is cycling in intervals. if the compressor is not cycling, this will confirm compressor failure. The evaporator fan blows cold air into the freezer and from there it vents into the refrigera ... Refrigerators

My fridgedaire side by side freezer's condensor is freezing over and warming the fridge side, I defrosted it the fridge side is keep cool enough to keep food but the freezer side will not get cold to freeze items nor make ice. The fan for the evaporator works but the ice maker no longer turns I thought it might be the thermostat but I just wanted to get some advice before trying to fix it myself or calling a repairman

Hello,\012This is a type of faulty you can handle yourself, most times this is a bad cold control, but there are other things to check for. Make sure the condenser fan is working and the coils are not covered with dust. A separated heat exchanger ( ... Refrigerators

LG refrigerator/freezer LFD 25860ST: After a year of design-flaw problems related to the bottom freezer, the freezer drawer has now fallen off the hinges! We've closed it as best we can until we find someone willing to come to fix it (several attempts; so far no one willing to come), but cold air leaks out. (We replaced the $250 seal a year ago; unit is abt 3 yrs old.) Any advice?

... LG LFD25860 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Hi, My Amana Refirg is about 30 years old-refrig on bottom freezer w/ice maker on top. The ice maker was skipping and would not stop by raising the arm. Consequently is ceased, now however the freezer is not keeping things frozen, and water in the ice maker is not freezing. Freezer is cold, but not freezing. Refrig is staying adequitely cold. How do we fix the freezer?

Do you see alot of frost on the rear panel of the frzer if so it has failed to defrost and repair is req or do a manual defrost until a tech can get to you if no frost sorry sounds like you have a weak tired compressor or leak of freon and being 30 y ... Amana Refrigerators

Refrigerator is not keeping food cold. Temp is set to 38. Freezer temp is set to -2. Freezer is working fine. Food in the refrigerator is begining to spoil. Problem started a week ago. We cleaned entire outside and underneith to remove any dust. Appliance is year and a half old. Samsung RF 266 Series bottom chest freezer. Model RF266ABBP We've tried the "power freeze" and "power cool" settings as well as turning down the temperatures in both the freezer and refrigerator. Problem still pe

Most refrigerators have the evaporator in the freezer and use air flow to cool down the refrigerator compartment. Can you tell if the defrost cycle is working, IS there ice on the evaporator. Can you defrost it. Try taking it off the power freeze cyc ... Samsung RF266AE (260 cu ft) Refrigerator

We have a FRN-U201 side by side fridge freezer from Daewoo. Over the last week first the poer cool in the freezer seemed to have gone and now that has been followed by the fridge as well. The lower half of the freexer is still in working order and is keeping the freezer cold. Is there anything I can do to fix it or do I really have to call out an engineer? Oh the appliance is about 3-4 years old.

... Daewoo Refrigerators

2 year old lg french door bottom freezer. freezer indicator pops to 6 7 with no setting on refrigerator. we normally keep 4 setting each side. :Pulling the plug on elec fixes for short time then freezer goes back to 6 7 and no setting on refrig. Any help?

Hi,For clraification of your problem, may I know what exactly the unit model/maker?Thanks ... LG LRBC22544 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We have quite an old (7 years) Maytag (GC2327PEDW/21) Side by Side type no Ice maker. Freezer seems to be working really hard and the refrigerator not as cold as normal some ice is on the inside of the freezer area. I think that the freezer supplies cold air - do I need to defrost, I thought it was self defrosting? Any help much appreciated before I callout out engineer if it is straightforward to fix?

... Maytag 21.7 Cu. Ft. Top-Mount Refrigerator - White

Hi there, Happy Xmas. My silver Miele KFN12823SD Fridge Freezer is 2 1/2 years old. I have never cleaned the inner workings propperly. It keeps filling up with water at the bottom - something is blocked???? AND the 'door open' alarm keeps going off even when the door is closed (in the middle of the night-very annoying). I would appreciate your help in this matter. Many thanks, Tess

... Refrigerators

Our Kenmore is a side by side with ice maker. It's about 6 years old. The ice maker quit making ice about a year ago. We didn't get it fixed. Now our refridgerator section won't cool. The freezer works perfect. We have unplugged the refridgerater for 36 hrs. then plugged back in...still no cooling. Temp is around 60 degrees. We baught a sensor for it around 5 bucks trying to start slow/cheap before getting into somthing bigger. What do we need to do.

Find the vent in the refrig that gets the air blown in from the freezer. When the unit is running you should feel air coming out of it. If not then you have a problem with the damper door. you can manually open the damper door but you might have t ... Refrigerators

Hi, My fridge ( 420 ltrs) Top Freezer making constant humming noise ( like a dieasl car engine)like the engine keeps running and try to cool the fridge. 1 year old. When I open the freezer or the fridge door the noise stops. When I close the doors the noise starts again. Thank You Alex

Hi,The noise is the fan hitting ice build up on the coils... it is no defrosting properly...\012\012Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Samsung Refrigerators

Viking upright free-standing freezer. Approximately 20+ years old. It appears that it is only keeping the top and 2nd shelf frozen. The lower part of the freezer is not cold or freezing anything. What is the problem? Is it worth getting fixed?

... Viking VCSF036SS 36" Professional Free Standing Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer - Stainless Steel

I have a Kenmore top freezer refrigerator model # 970-605625 (Sears website says it doesn't exist) It is 3 years old. The freezer has stopped working and the fridge is on the coldest setting and is not cold enough. I have avoided calling Sears due to the fact I didn't buy an ''Extended Warranty''. Any advice on this problem would be appreciated. Thanks.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a 30 year old fridgidere top freezer refridgerator and the fan in the freezer keeps stopping first it sounds like it is hitting something then it stops and if I turn off the fridge for a day and turn it back on it works for a couple weeks and then the fan starts hitting something again and the fridge stops freezing and cooling. I can not even find out how to get to that fan to check it. Any help would be appreciated

This is a pure case of the AUTO DEFROST timer having a fault or the THERMOSTAT being weak. \012The fan is hitting onthe frost that is building up after a couple of days.When you shut the fridge all frost goes off to clear the fan , the frost th ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I set the fridge side colder but it doesnt keep my milk real cold its just over a year old i set both sides all the way cold and then i tried settting both sides midway i feel the fridge side should be colder .i tried freezer side midway and fridge side all the way cold

Unplug unit overnight and let defrost , return air ducts could be iced up. is the freezer working,? ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a hotpoint refrigerator with model number: HSS25GFTA BB. It's 3 years old, about 1 year ago the freezer seems to slightly melt and refreeze and keep cycling the same thing. To cause ice to build up on everything pretty continuously. And causes the ice maker to freeze over making it unuseable. If i could get any input on this would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

You have a defrost problem. No biggie. Check your heaters first, then your t-stat and timer. After a year, you may need to repalce all three parts as after time, the ice takes out other parts if they are not changed right away. You will need to make ... Refrigerators

Our Sub-Zero is a 532. It is I believe about 23 years old. It came with the house. First the refrigerator was not cooling/working properly, & the technician who came out cleaned the coils. Then, 10 days later, our freezer goes out, and we get a new compressor. Now, we're back to the fridge not cooling properly and ice building up, and the technician says that now needs a new compressor and evaporator coil...and now the freezer, which was just "fixed", keeps warming up and is not staying at freez

Hi the simple answer is no, From what you are describing the tech that came out was an *** and should be working at a car wash not messing around with refridgerators...your problem is with the defrost system..Im going to give you directions on what t ... Sub-Zero 690 Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig cooling Unit loosing cooling in freezer and most likely main compartment too. No iceing up, coils were dirty, cleaned them. It does cool correctly for a while then stops blowing cold air before everything is frozen. Compressor seems to be ok. I think is may be a temp sensor. Old unit, maybe 15 years old, used in the garage for extra storage. Unless it's a cheap part I don't see the use in repairing it. Your thoughts?

Suggest turn off, defrost overnight with the doors open restart following day should work within 24hrs, if not possible refrigerant gas leaked out and probably not worth re-gassing at that age of unit.\015\012Regards\015\012Advisor ... Refrigerators

AMA BX21 7 years old Came home found freezer warm and thoughted, top referigator was still almost cold, have bben gone 5 days---the compressor keeps trying too start but cuts off after 30 seconds , fan still runing Help

Look inside the fresh food compartment. Behind the temp. control cover is a defrost timer. Yours may have a small opening that you can put a pencil eraser in and turn clockwise. When you do that the refrigerator should begin cooling agai ... Amana ARB8057CSR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Chemical odor I have started noticing a chemical smell from the refrigerator and freezer. The appliance is a GE Profile side by side and is approx. 10 years old. We keep our Grandson's bottles of milk and teething toys in there...is this harmful? The ice tastes like plastic sometimes. I saw a lot of posting that others have had this problem also, but no solutions??? I can't believe this isn't something a repairman can't fix or pinpoint??? It sounds like it's a common problem with older models?

This can be a result of chemical reaction in internal parts. If you notice it is faint the keep orange peels to get off the smell. It could be the freon. It is kind of like your a.c. in your car. It is the gas that makes it cold. You might have a lea ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

Our 10 year old Amana fridge (side by side) cannot keep a constant temperature. Some days the alarm will beep that both the refridgerator and freezer temperatures are warm. You can see that the ice cube tray is melting and any items on the top shelf are warm. Other days the carrots in the refridgerator crisper freeze even if we do not alter the temperature settings. Please help . We have had two service people in, paid over $270 and have tried a new fan. The problem still exists. Please help!

If the fan is turning like it is supposed to, either the temp sensor or temp control may be faulty. You can test them with an ohmmeter to make sure they are receiving and sending power. ... Amana Refrigerators

My 10 year old Roper fridge stpped keeping the fridge part cold but the freezer is working fine. Is it worth fixing?

Sure it's worth fixing, in fact you can probably do this yourself. This is usually caused by either a broken defrost heater, defrost thermostat, or defrost timer/control. Take all the food out of your freezer and remove any shelving that might be in ... Roper RT21AKXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

My amana arb2202cb bottom freezer and top refridgerator is not working. It 8 years old and the compressor is warm to the touch and trying to turn on. What could it be. Is it worth fixing as I may need to pay a tech.?

... Refrigerators

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