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How do I reset the high and low limits for the alarms?

\015 It is the thermometer you are showing in this email.\015

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How do I reset the high and low limits for the alarms?

... Fisher Scientific Traceable Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm Thermometer,

Refrigerator--KBF042FTX purchased April 2010 The freezer door does not always completely shut. On 3 occasions we have come back to find it open. The last time it stayed open long enough for ice cream to completely melt. The red light in the refrigerator was on alerting us to the fact that temp was too high in freezer. However, we never heard an ALARM. We read the owner's manual again and reset the alarm. How do we check to be sure this alarm is working properly? Should it come on auto

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

The Alarm is sounding every couple of hours. The red indicator light is on under HIGH TEMP. I believe the problem is with the freezer because the ice has not been as frozen as normal over the past couple of days. Also the only way i can get the alarm to cut off is to reset the circuit breaker in the electrical panel.

Your freezer will be frost free. Remove everything from the freezer and look to see if the back is frozen up. Also check the fan is running by opening the door and holding in the door switch, this should activate the fan. If its not working then you ... Viking Professional Series VCBB36 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

VCBB362L Freezer temp goes up to 40 and temp alarm goes off - and has only gotten worse since defrost limit was replaced (repairman's only solution). Before the repairman came, we completely defrosted the freezer - and it seemed to be working okay. After he left, the back of the freezer completely frosted up in a matter of hours - and now the refrigerator temp is high (50), too.

... Viking VCBB363L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I need instructions to reset code and set alarm of MM23062 as low battery light won't go off.

There is a bit of a cockup re the description \015\012\015\012I am assuming that it is a wireless alarm system you are having problems with not a cooler ?\015\012\015\012Currently Micromarks support site is down and you cannot ... Micromark England Microcooler Plus Compact Refrigerator


... Beverage-Air MT17 Refrigerator Commercial

My thermo-electric refrigerator has a control dial inside the refrigerator with a low and high setting, there is also a small light at each setting. Tha dial is on high but the Low LCD light is flashing rapidly. What does this mean? I do not know the Manufacturer I only have the model # WT-T16 1.6 cu. ft., 70 Watts, manufactured in 2006

... Refrigerators

Two-beep alarm is activated. Freezer temp/refrige temp/filter percent remaining LEDs all flashing. No other lights are on (over temp reset, call service). Pressing over temp reset results in a beep, followed by no change in alarm or flashing LEDs. Cannot enter diagnostic mode. Condenser fan not running. Unit seems to be holding cold temp OK. I suspect condenser fan is inop, but don't know how to confirm I don't have a different issue. Also, if fan replacement is necessary, where can I get a repl

Its the fan issue.the fan is not working so the beep is indicating to replace the fan.But Check if there is any blockage to the fan.If some thing is obstructing the fan from spinning then cleaning the fan dirt should help.But if you are able to spin ... KitchenAid KSSC48QMS Side by Side Refrigerator

First the fridge side was not cooling well for the last week. now the freezer is getting warmer. both are turned onto highest setting. The back of the the frezzer wall has frost build up. before this happend for what seems many years the fan speed would cycle from high to low with a frequency of high to low in 2-4 seconds and visa-versa. sounds liek a ghost howling. now when the fan is running it is one constant lower speed

The not cooling well is due to defrost issue. All the cooling for both sections takes place behind the back wall of the freezer on the evaporator coils. The fan you hear inside moves air from these coils to the freezer and refrigerator. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Bottom freezer temperature rises as high as 35 degrees and drops only to a low of 15 degrees continually. ongoing for a month now. french doors fridge now has temp. fluxes within this past week. temp. goes as high as 45 to a low of 30. is something i can do or is this in need of a technician. my model # is PFS22MISBBB. bought in 2007

Check the defrost thermostat , and any temp sensor that can determine the freezer temperature.If this fridge temperature is electronically controlled, the freezer control board must also be tested. ... GE Profile PFS22MBW French Door Refrigerator

I have a MFI2568AEW Maytag refrigerator that started flashing the door alarm today even though the doors are shut. After 3-4 minutes, the lights on the inside of the refrigerator stop working. Everything but the lights appears to be working fine for now i.e. it still appears to be cooling, etc. A reset of the power on the refrigerator resets the door alarm but 5 minutes later, it starts flashing/beeping again. Can someone tell me what the problem might be and how I might resolve it?

Sounds like the switch that activates the light on and off is either out of adjustment or broken. ... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool fridge/freezer and the temperature dial has low and high settings - I am confused as to whether low is the lowest temperature setting and high is a warmer setting or vise versa.. please help

... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore Freezer model #253.23082101. And the high temp alarm keeps going off every 8 to 12 hours for 4 weeks now. I have replaced battery with 5 different 9volt batteries and it does not have a on off switch for alarm. How do I fix this. Tired of waking up at 2 am to shut alarm off. Food is frozen and ice cream is like a brick. Temp gauge i put in freezer reads 0 degrees any where in freezer.

... Refrigerators

Samet Combi 15/18 fridge freezer makes a continuous high-pitched sonic noise, quite loud. The cmopressor and everything else works (except the green neon). Like a jammed alarm... but there is no mention in the maker's instructions of an audible alarm. I have checked at the back that nothing is vibrating against anything else. Here's the bit: switching off the power supply does not stop it! If there is an alarm, then the back-up battery is continually recharging.

... Refrigerators

I replaced the compressor on my refrigerator. There were no tags as to how much freon the system takes. So I added enough to bring the low side to 72 psi w/ a cabinet temp of 70 degrees. The high side pressure was about 100 psi and it was producing liquid. The low side psi I got off a pressure chart for 134a. The unit started to cool but only got down to 64 degrees. When the temp dropped the low side droped to about 60 psi. Before I charged the system I evacuated the system a couple of times. Th

**** boy. 72 psi on the low side?\015\012 It ain't an air conditioner. The low side should be never over 5 PSI. The whole system holds only arounf 4 ounces. What were ya thankin?\015\012LOL\015\012WOW you will be lucky if the reed valves ain't blown ... Refrigerators

The damn thing works fine except sometimes after defrost (+17C spike over 0.5 hr) the freezer will not cool down low enough, leveling off at around -5C, after 2hrs at this temperature the alarm goes off . After 3.25 hrs & -5C after defrost it starts to cool again and works fine. When it works fine, does not alarm, the defrost spike is the same, but the freezer cools to approx. -15C in two hours. What prevents it from cooling below -5C in the alarm condition?

The defrost cycle is not running on time and its taking bit more time to defrost,.There is bit more ice got collected on the coils.The coils are bit over friezed.Try manual defrost procedure to defrost all ice then see.\015\012\015\012The ma ... Viking DDBB363 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My westinghouse upside down fridge model BJ513VR has been alarming past 3 weeks.can switch it off by pressing reset but keeps alarming later that day(or night)fridge and freezer both seem cold and frozen.have tried altering temp settings but still alarms.have had fridge since august 2006,fridge is mounted appropriately on incline and fridge doors always remain shut and sealed but alarm still keeps ringing,any simple fix,or other suggestions?thanks

Hi an welcome to FixYa. I am Kelly. \015\012\015\012First off I want to say that your model number as posted for some reason is not crossing. If your respond inthe future please state whether the model number is correct or provide the c ... Refrigerators

I have a Sears Kenmore freezer Model #2539260411. The Temp Alarm goes off every 12 hours (4:40 AM or PM) and when I reset it, the alarm goes off. The freezer interior temp is fine. I believe the alarm is falsely reacting to the defrost cycle. What is wrong and how do I fix this? Thank you.

... Refrigerators

Filter reset The control panel does nos respond. Light on water filter is on "change". I have changed the water filter , and press filter reset for 2 seconds and the light did not turn from change to good. After a while the alarm sound starts. If I presse the temperature reset the control board does not respond. Also I can not change the temperateure. what to do? thanks

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Hello I have a little problem with one alarm on UPS Gallasy 5000 of alarm says end of Warranty, how can I reset this alarm ... THANKS

... GALAXY Microsystems 55622

High temp alarm going off

... Refrigerators

High temp alarm keeps going off

... Refrigerators

I have a subzero 501r (refrigerator only no freezer) i am having ice build up on the back. i had a repair man come out yesturday and he said that i needed more freeon? the low psi was 5. so i paid him 200 to add it. before he left he scrached his head and now the low psi is 17 and the high is 200? i still have ice on the back of the frig.

... Refrigerators

Amana Refrigerator Not working. One repair guy said it is the low volt pc board; which is no longer in production. He is not 100% sure, but cant think of anything else. Other guy said it is the compressor which is leaking coolant and has low flow. Symptoms: lost cooling capacity, freezer completely defrosted, bottom back of freezer was iced over, alarm was sounding off.

You answered my question with this post. I really appreciate it and so\015\012does the elderly lady with the 8 year old Amana. You helped me convince\015\012her it was more worhtwhile to purchace a more energy efficient unit\015\012instead of throwin ... Refrigerators

Suction low low high side - Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Good day,\015\012Is that a question or a statement???\015\012If it's a question, then 0 to 4 lbs low, 125 to 140 lbs high depending on the ambient temperature.\015\012If it's a statement, then it's either low ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

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