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The freezer doesn't get cold enough. Even when setting it colder, it doesn't freeze all the food.

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The freezer doesn't get cold enough. Even when setting it colder, it doesn't freeze all the food.

... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both the freezer and lower section of refrigerator does not get very cold even at the highest settings. The motor seems to be running all the time and is noisy. Yesterday though I noticed it not running at all and found the food in the freezer starting to thaw. After awhile the motor started again, but still doesnt get very cold. A bottle of water will freeze if left overnight and it will make ice, but ice cream does not get hard. Any ideas?

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My GE side by side fridge model GSH22JFTA BB stopped making ice a few months ago. Water is fine. Haven't had a chance to get it fixed, but now both freezer and fridge side do not get cold even on highest setting. This started about a week ago. Doesn't seem like the fan is blowing any air around either. There is some frost on the back of the freezer wall, but it is not cold enough to freeze any food. Bottom drawer of fridge is the only really cold area. It's only 2 years old - is this an ex

Find a parts supplier (usually service providers can order or may stock the part you need) and get a defrost heater assembly, part number WR51X10101 for your refrigerator. Unload the freezer and unplug refrigerator from power. Take out the fr ... Refrigerators

Why does my ice maker not get cold enough to produce ice? I have a Samsung RFG297AAWP French Door refrigerator that I just bought and installed May 9th. Everything is functioning except for the ice maker. Water is getting into the ice maker but it never freezes the water. I can tell by feeling inside that it isn't getting cold at all. The fridge temp is set at 40 degrees and the freezer is at 0 degrees. I have even tried 38 and -4 with the power freeze mode on. Still no ice. When I depress

... Samsung RFG297HDRS Stainless Steel

Doesnt get cold enough ,thermastat gets to 42 degrees but i dont think its cold enough ,can it be set to get colder

Check the recirc vents on the freezer part of the fridge , sometimes they condensate and freeze plugging these ports for cold air to circulate ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool chest freezer when i bought it and had it delivered they dropped it messed up one corner in the back but seemed to be ok was cold didnt use it right away then when i put my food in it never did freeze anything. Well now it wont even get cold at all so wont freeze or get cold.All lights seem to work i hear it running i have tried diffrent temp settings nothing works.

Hello,Hindsight being 20/20, you should have refused it when the damage was apparent. My thoughts 1) would be that when the unit was dropped, a pinhole leak developed, and over time, the refrigerant has leaked out. ... Refrigerators

Hi. I have a Fogel FLP - 27 - 8 sandwich prep fridge. It has started getting colder all of a sudden and is freezing. The temp gets down to 25 or so even tho I have the setting set on 1 now in an attempt to get it back up to 41. It will fluctuate though and is causing food loss. Is this a simple thermostat problem or could there be a larger problem. Also where can I get parts for this model?

... Fogel FLP-278 Commercial Refrigerator

Hi, my Hotpoint ff200e fridge freezer is cooling but not freezing, compressor wires are warm and compressor itself is quite warm, top fridge is not cooling enough, then the lights on control panel start going off and on ,fridge sounds and behaves like everything is normal, but food in the fridge is not cold enough even I set the highest setting. What shall I do?Our fridge is about 3 years old and only just started behaving like this in last 4 days. Please help if you can.Thanks.My fridge is rui

... Hotpoint HTM17BBSSA Top Freezer Refrigerator

Food freezes in fridge. wont stop getting cold at set temperature. Temperature is set at 38 and fridge goes down to 20. Is there a way to reset this so it won't keep getting colder??

... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a gts18eb ( i believe thats the model #) GE fridge/freezer with freezer on top. lately, the freezer doesnt get cold enough to freeze and every now and then i find some meat is defrosting to the point its a little squishy. Also some stuff in there gets a find layer of frost on it. the fridge also gets some water dripping inside it from the freezer which is molding some food in my fridge. I am guessing it is a defrost issue? I just took the back panel in the freezer off and noticed a b

... GE GTS18 18 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Upfront Illuminated Temperature Controls & Spillpr...

Hi there I have a jenn air fridge jc2228pehb I have had expense and problems and the repair man told me that I need a new motherboard that tells the fridge to defrost. The freezer is getting frosty in about 1-2 weeks and fridge then is not cold enough. When I do a manual defrost I (turn off and let stand, most inconvenient), it is then often too cold in vegetable draws and freezes the produce. Even on coolest setting. The technician who I am no longer using told me it would be 500 dollars

That would be the first $500.00 defrost control board I have ever heard of in my life! Look if you want to do this yourself I will give you step by step directions. Click Here=> ... Refrigerators

Sub zero 211 rfd refrigrertor/freezer (on bottom) does not get cold enough to freeze bottom unless you turn the thermostat to a colder setting. Then the refrigerator (top) starts freezing contents as well. Is the bottom freezer fan supposed to run when the top fan is running (it is not running)? If so, I think the freezer motor may not be turning on. Are there any other fixes besides replacing the freezer motor ?

... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hi I have a problem with my Daewoo FRS-U20DCB fridge freezer. The problem is that the Freezer compartment is not getting cold enough to freeze the food. I have noticed that if you turn the appliance off for a while then back on it seems to get colder for a little while but then goes back to not freezomg again.

\015\012Check the temperature setting \015\012Assure that there is enough roo ... Daewoo Refrigerators

With the dial set to the coldest setting it doesnt get very cold it does a little but not enough to keep food from spoiling in about two days

How old is your appliance? I don't think is safe to keep storing food in the appliance as you may get sick for food poisoning.This may be caused by a dirty condenser. You may need to clean the back of the fridge. Be sure to remov ... Admiral Refrigerators

Not getting enough cool in the referigerator side. Foods are getting bad within 24 hrs. What should I do? Could you help me please? I have side by side about 22 ft amana referigerator. I got a resolution to put freezer to the warmer and this will divert cold air to the referigerator. I followed this suggestion- referigerator area was cold on the first day. But now again not enough cold air in referigerator. The freezer temp is still in the warm settings. What else should I do? Food became bad

Clean the refrigerator underneath where the fan blows on the condenser.Remove all dirt and dust.Anything that is blocking air movement,and check the condenser coil to see that it is clean,and not blocked in the coils.The vent in the front,and the bac ... Refrigerators

Two issues Ice maker makes loud crashing sounds but makes almost no ice. I thought someone was breaking in once evening, it's that loud! The upper compartment freezes soda cans,it freezes just about everything even set at 40. The deli tray is OK it hasn't frozen food so far, sometimes the veggie crispers freeze also. Frig started out not cooling enough even when set at 34, that was 14 months ago. It freezes almost all the time now. Any ideas? This is a French door RF265AABP, purchased in July 07

Well here is How I fixed My French Door Ice Maker, It made the same loud crashing sounds, and seldom put out much ice. To the point that it made no ice at all. First, Make sure you can get water out of the front, if not, your water l ... Samsung RF265AA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a GE model GSS22JERFWW S/N AL243114.The freezer portion doesn't freeze the ice trays and the refrigerator portion doesnt keep anything cold as it should even tuned up to 9 whereas it used to almost freezer food products at that setting.

Things to check: does the compressor run? Does the fan close to the compressor run? Does the inside fan run? Is the rear wall inside the freezer covered with frost? That would indicate that it is not going into defrost which will have the same res ... GE Refrigerators


HOTPOINT (made by G.E--enough said). Do you already have food loaded into the unit? If so, how warm is it, and do you have it packed up to the vent? ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator


The defrost system consist of a defrost heater, a defrost thermostat and a defrost timer or adaptive defrost control depending on the model you have. If yours didn't freeze from the start you need to see if both fans are running. One at the compresso ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Hello, My name is James My problems has to do with not being cold enough, regardless of the temperature set. My present holding temp of my refrigerator is around 49 degrees even though I have it set at the factory setting of 37 degrees. My freezer is holding at 22 derees even though I have is set at zero. I tried the turbo setting in hope to get results, but no change has occured. What should I do? Thanks

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The air vent between my freezer compartment and fresh food compartment below is frozen over and as a result, the fresh foo d compartment gets too warm. I have a Frigidaire refrigerator, model FRT8B5EWA. The freezer temp setting is set in the middle and the fresh food compartment is set at 6. Setting it warmer or colder doesn't seem to help. What would make it freeze up like that abd how do I fix/prevent it.

You have a blockage in the drain tube, remove panel back of freezer..you will see ice build up...melt ice with hair dryer/heat gun...you will see a ... Frigidaire FRT8B5EW 30" 18.2 Cu. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerator w/ 2 Clear Crispers, 2 Sliding Wire Shel...

Temperatures not staying cold, then getting too cold. First everything in freezer thawed out. Then, fridge wasn't cold enough. We moved everything to freezer just to keep colder (not to freeze). Then, days later, things froze. Fridge side still not cold enough. Fan also not working. tried fixing motor in fan but not the problem.

Assuming fan now working. clean out vents/ drain holes (make sure no ice in bottom of freezer or in fridge unit)i.e. a total defrost.then check door seals all okay(no air leaks) if unit was trying to defrost itself and you reset to colder it will nee ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE GSS22 UFMB CC refrigerator. The ice maker does not appear to be working properly as the ice seems to be melting then re-freezing in big clumps. When you try to get the ice the auger turns and little pieces of PVC get stripped off and get dispensed into your glass. I have tried many different temp settings. On 7 nothing is cold enough and on 8 everything freezes solid. The clumps are so big they will nt dispense anymore. What could cause this to happen?

... GE GSS22SGM Side by Side Refrigerator

I got two problems with my Maytag Plus side by side with thru diir ice and water. First one is for a few months now it has been creating a large puddle of water that is coming out from underneath of it. Second problem is that the freezer has stopped freezing food, it is keeping food cool but not getting cold enough to freeze food. Are there any simple solutions to these problems, or are these signs of imminent failure of the unit? Thanks..

This sounds like a problem I had a while back. The drain line was clogged and ice formed restricting the air flow inside. This also resulted in the water leak. The drain hose is located below the refrigerator, above the catch pan. I used a chennile c ... Maytag 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White

I have the Sub Zero 550 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Just recently, the Freezer section started getting warmer and the ice maker stopped working...all at roughly the same time. It had been set to "5" regularly. I turned the freezer to 0, vaccuumed out the coils/air intake up top, made sure the fan at the top was running (which it is), set the freezer temp back to 5 and am waiting to see what happens. The freezer only gets cold enough to freeze ice when I set it to 10 now. And the ice make

Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... Refrigerators

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