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How much current does an Engel MT45F-G4-S fridge draw when it is running on 12 volts? I want to work out how long a 55 amp hour battery will keep the fridge running.

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How much current does an Engel MT45F-G4-S fridge draw when it is running on 12 volts? I want to work out how long a 55 amp hour battery will keep the fridge running.

... Engel MT45F 43 Quart Portable Refrigerator & Freezer

Zanussi zx99 fridge fault - freeze working fine, but fridge hs stopped keeping thing cool. If we switch off and leave for 24 hours - works fine. I heard something about a pipe that allows recirc. air into the fridge can get frozen and have this impact - what do you think and how can we fix long term??

The problem is very common full out the plastic cover inside the fridge, check the heater glass heater or allominume heater check the continuity of the said heater if ok, check the thermal fuse conecting the wire of the heater, very small thermal fus ... Zanussi ZX99 / 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I am searching for the start up current on Fridge/Freezer WR122S. As I am planing to run the Fridge on a sola system. So I need the start up current or amps and running current & amps. As I need this to work out my invertor sizes. I have been unable to find any info on the Whirlpool wed sites in regards to AMPS or Current. Only 15AMPS 60Hz 120 Volts. I dont think this is for Australia electrical equipment I could be wrong. Could you please help in any way Thank you Peter

I think that your power is 50 cycle as in the us it's 60 cycle . the current is 120 in us and i belive your's will be 220 . so the amps will be 1/2 of the value on 220 than 110 volts so 15 amps at 110 would be 1/2 ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer. freezer works great, fridge isnt cold('50) the vent between the fridge and the freezer at the top left rear keeps getting clogged with frost, and the ice door in the freezer door makes a moaning sound when freezer door is closed. also, the fridge door becomes extremely difficult to reopen after initially closing(vacuum lock?) please help, the thing seems to run an awful long time yet shuts down from time to time so i think the defrost timer's working

Good day,\015\012The vacuum lock effect is normal. Indication of a tight box.\015\012The thermostat would cause the machine to run for a long time, since that area isn't cold enough. \015\012This is my sugges ... Master Bilt Indoor Step In Cooler 70""W x 70""D x 92 and three quarters""H med

I have a Sub Zero 650. The fan on top runs all the time. The temperature inside both Freezer and Fridge are fine and will respond to the changes I do to the settings. The fridge had been off for a move and I felt it too long for it ot get temp down (over night) where as the empty freezer droppped in hours. As I work by I check the fan by felling for the motion of air. A few times I have put my hand on hte small compressor and it has been warm toe the touch and running. Low on coolant? control b

Hi,\012\012If either compressor is running the fan is always on to cool both compressors. As they cycle it is possible the both compressor cycle at the same time and the fan turns off. But it is rare to see this happen. So yes the fans for th ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel Fridge E522B (5 years old) has just started playing up. The fridge compartment is not keeping cool. The freezer compartment seems to be working fine. The motor/fan just doesn't seem to be running long enough to keep the top compartment cool.

Probably needs new fan. Most likely broken wire. Others have soldered if break easy to get to. ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My fridge is about 9 yrs. old, and I'm having problems keeping things cold all the time. It works fine for awhile and then it's like someone has unplugged it. The contents are not cold anymore, but after a couple hours it starts working again and runs just fine. This is happening more and more lately. What would be causing that problem? Kenmore Fridge: Model # 253.72242201 Ser. # LA 23625060

... Kenmore 73852 / 72854 Top Freezer Refrigerator

My 700TC has always run very cold.. I keep the equiptment underneath very clean, but things still usaually freeze in the bottom of the fridge. I have no control over temp or setting in the control panel, and never have. The unit came with the house. It only monitors temp and the alarm works. In the past 24 hours the entire unit has been slowly warming up, the freezer is above 33 degrees and the fridge is abouve 55. It sounds like it is working but to no avail. seems like both compressor and

Hi,\012If bothe the compressor and fan are running and you are not cooling then you probably have developed a refrigerant leak...\012\012To fix that you will need to have a tech. install gauges on the unit and find/fix the leak then ... Sub-Zero 700TC Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We have just bought a 2004 A van and fridge will work on 12v d/c and not on 240v a/c. Can the fridge stay on 12v as long as we are plugged into 240v mains to keep the battery under the bed charged. The serial no is34100468 model no RM2350. regards sue

Look on the back and you should see a switch like alight switch it well have a.c or d.c on it ... Dometic Refrigerators

Last year my dometic rv fridge would run fine on propane then up and quit cooling, the freezer would warm up and the pilot light was still on. When I turned it off for 1/2 hour it started to cool with no flame on, then restarted and it worked, worked for months after than. Now I can't keep the pilot on, thermostat? cooling unit?

Here is an interesting possible problem to look in toFirst a bit of background on LP gasYour LP system operates on 1/2 lb of pressure Not much more than a breath of air. Keep this in mind for a minute.A lot of RV's ... Dometic RM2620 Refrigerator

1 yr old Kenmore fridge (18 cu ft top freezer mdl 970-41924) has very long defrost cycle - freezer contents partially melt, fridge warms to 50-55 F. (Normally runs at 38-40 F.) We keep several litres of water/ice in closed containers in the freezer to act as ''thermal ballast'' to reduce temperature fluctuations. Is defrost timer not working correctly?

Either the defrost timer is going out or it could be your defrost bimetal thermostat that is located behind the back wall in your freezer. Both parts are cheap and easy to install. I would replace both. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

What if this happens over and over? The bottom half of the freezer is always working, the top half (and then fridge) shut down because the fan isn't running. The water stops dispensing and then for no reason, a few hours later, everything starts up again and resumes normal functioning... and then it happens again. It shuts off long enough for my ice in the ice maker to melt and items in the top portion of my freezer to thaw. The defrost timer has been replaced and solved nothing. I have the

\012Hi,Check\012out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong\012with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Amana Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore bottom fridge model #596.69274991. Although things are cold and frozen, the room temp is only 70 degree but it seem to run for well over an hour although there has not been much opening of the fridge. Seems like it is running long than I normally notice. Coils are reasonably clean(just did it--not too dirty). I have read that fridges now run longer but seems too long. Any other things to check(seals appear OK, 5 inch clearance in back). thanks Tom

Tom, you pretty much have it all covered. Make sure both the freezer fan and the fan under the fridge are both running and keep your eye on the inside back wall of the freezer compartment fro any signs of frost build up (possible defrost problem). ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

I have a Sub Zero 632 Dual Refrigeration System. The fridge side is not getting cold and the unit condensor fan runs continuously. The vacuum condensor light comes back on within 24 hours of cleaning the coil. Both circulation fans are working. There was a glob of ice on the pipe and sensor on the upper left corner of the fridge coil which I removed and after 24 hours the fridge got down to the mid 40's which is better than the low 50's it was running at previously. Suggestions?

This has a sealed system issue- you need a servicer to make the repair. There is nothing you can do yourself. ... Refrigerators

The fridge is blowing the 12 volt fuse as soon as I power up the motor home, The fridge is turned off and it still blows the fuse, I tried to undo the 2 wires that go to the 12 volt block on the fridge and turned the power on to the motor home and it does not blow the fuse and eveything workes fine that is on the fuse example, the stove light,fan,outside light are all on the same fuse, And everything works as long as I have those 2 wires disconnected as soon as I hook up those 2 wires it just bl

Unplug the wire located at terminal J4 (12v positive) on the control board, and see if you are still popping fuses. If so, then the fault lies between the wire you just removed and the fuse that keeps blowing. If the fuse holds, and blo ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

My NDR 1292 Unit was working fine but I parked my motorhome on a 15 degree uphill for about 4 hours with the fridge running on gas. After that it would not cool. It does not work on gas or electric and I had a serviceman look at it and he feels unit overheated and now particles are in the orifice and only solution is to replace complete fridge. All piping remains at ambient, elect and gas systems appear fully functional and the evaporator temp is ambient. I understand now that one should not run

Short answer NO! I have 2 fridges one in the RV 4WD and one in the caravan. Grantede the units will not light unless they are on level ground. However once alight they will work OK. But most times i use a leveler to check angle and can adjust the hei ... Dometic NDR 1292 Refrigerator

We recently moved to a house with a Bosch KGV28V01GB fridge freezer outside but it doesn't seem to be working. Its plugged in and the light comes on when the door is opened. The switch is set to ON but the compressor doesn't seem to be working. The fridge freezer is outside and its been below zero lately at night. I'm not sure its an outdoor model so perhaps that has affected performance though I assumed it should keep working. Its cold enough that we don't need to have the fridge running b

Good day,\015\012Refrigerators are designed for indoor use only. The lowest temperature they will perform normally is 55 degrees.\015\012As the temperature drops below that it degades to the point of not working at all.\015\012P.S. ... Bosch Classixx KGV28323 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Dometic fridge freezer amber light keeps flashing Not working on gas but works ok on 230 volte Also works on 12 volts

... Dometic Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerater Hi i have this mayteag refrigerater that seems to run a very long time. It seems to keep the temperature at the proper temps but i do not think it shuts off at the right time.Let say that it atarts cooling when the refrgerater temp reaches 38 and runs for abaut 45 minutes to sometimes 2 hour or more and then shuts off for about a half hour. Then it repeats the cycle all over again but this time it runs for about 45 minutes and then shuts off. What is the proper running time o

If you have an ice maker in the freezer compartment try raising the bail arm and shutting it off. It is possible that an ice maker will increase your run time. ... Maytag Refrigerators

Our Kenmore Pro side by side is still stuck. The service tech came out and replaced the control panel located in the fridge and that didn't solve the problem. There only thing working is a small fan in the back that is facing the coils. No compressor or fridge fan operating and the temp keeps rising. Also, the water dispenser does not work when this happens. It turns out the water line in the fridge freezes during this time. If I unplug the fridge it seems to reset it or if I leave it long enou

... Kenmore 60721 Refrigerator

Not cooling I have a kenmore 363599522996 that is not cooling in the fridge section. The fan is running, compressor runs, there was a ton of ice frost on coils and i defrosted all that, timer and heater seem to be working fine but fridge is still not cooling. I can feel air coming out of vent in fridge but fairly weak perhaps. (I don't know how strpong it should be). THere is no obstruction in vent, How long should it take for fridge to cool down after it has been off? I appreciate any help! tha

Hi Thanks For The Question. The Problem You Are Having Is With The Defrost Thermostat. Replace It that's What Caused The Ice Build Up. A Fridge Will Take 24 Hrs To Work Properly. Also Clean The Coils AT The Back. Thanks The ... Kenmore 5553 / 655532 / 55534 / 55539 Side by Side Refrigerator

Bottom Freezer Profile fridge does not cool properly in the fridge portion. Freezer works. Compressor works draws 1.1 Amps at 120 Volts. Evaporator Working fine Condensor coils clean Condensor Fan Works No Visible leaks Suspect Evaporator Fan

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Coo ... GE Profile 22.2 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

The fridge keeps blowing the circuit breaker when it is turned on. We left if for a few hours and it started working again. Turned it off for 24 hours in case it was frosted up. It then worked for 24 hours before blowing the circuit breaker again.

... Fisher and Paykel E522B Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a FRS26LH5DSO with several problems. First it just shuts down for 4-6 hours. Before that started happening the drawers in the frig would freeze and the water dispensor would stop working. Sometimes the ice and water stop working but it still keeps running. Other times it just stops working for hours.

... Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator 26 Cu. Ft. FRS266ZDSB

Wont stay cold coil keeps freezing it is clean and fan is running fridge does not shut off stays running even when cooling properly have defrosted coil worked for a short time did not shut off and froze again fridge is 2 years old bought from a frind no warnty

Usually the defrost timer or the defrost thermostat is at fault and has failed. Without having to test anything, you can order both from repairclinic.com and then return which ever one that doesn't need to be replaced within 30 days which is the eas ... Frigidaire FRS6R5ESB

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