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Hi there, I have a 60 liter engel in which I used for a freezer. I recently used in my car for a day and ir worked fine all day.I got home and plugged back in 240v and there was no compressor sound.I tried again next day and the compressor started up but it got louder and sounded like it was groaning so I turned it off. Can you advise on what the problem is. Regards Phil

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Hi there, I have a 60 liter engel in which I used for a freezer. I recently used in my car for a day and ir worked fine all day.I got home and plugged back in 240v and there was no compressor sound.I tried again next day and the compressor started up but it got louder and sounded like it was groaning so I turned it off. Can you advise on what the problem is. Regards Phil

... Engel 43 Qt.Portable Freezer.

Freezer fan starts sounding like its rubbing louder and louder on a french door model 79577312600. if I unplug it clean out the food and use a hair dryer to defrost behind the inner skin at the center vent openings at the rear it will start again and run a few days quitely. sears thinks the part #4681jk1004c a fan assembly will solve the problem. if the fan is icing up from a frost build up how is that the fan?

You are correct. it is not the fan causing your troubles.you have water getting into the fan blade and freezing next to the blade causing the noise.the ice maker is the most common problem. it maybe leaking behind the panels and causing w ... Refrigerators

Replaced relay and got buzzing sound but still no compressor. Tapped on compressor and finally came on. Ran for 2 hours and frig cooled before i turned it off.It was hot as fire. tried to turn it back on but could not. This frig is 2005 almost never used smells like new. Could i have a bad relay still or thermostat.


Humid day and sounds like compressor making louder than usual noise

... GE Profile 22.2 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel

KSRS25ILWH83, Kitchenaid manufacturered 10/03. Is hs been making clicking sounds for about 5 days. They are not constant and may be many hours apart. When they happen they click, click again and then click a short time after that. Seems like a fan is running before even happens. Seems ilke the compressor is working fine. Would this be something to do with the defrost cycle? I'm not able to find a manual on your site. Is there a diagnositics chart which one could use to determine the problem? Saw

Sounds like the relay on the defrost timer pcb is going bad. do something with it before it freezes up the evap coil. good catch :) ... KitchenAid KSRS25IL Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana Distinctions Freezer on the bottom refrigerator. It is making louder and louder clunks, thunks, and a variety of noises. The freezer constantly has to be cleaned out as a sheet of ice forms in the bottom that is so thick I have to tap it to break it to take the ice out in CHUNKS regularly. I noticed it used to sound like it was "breathing", now it sounds like it's breaking into pieces.

It sounds like your defrost heating element may not be working and you should ck the drain line that takes defrosted water to the underside of the fridge. The defrost element is in the back of the fridge where your cooling coils are it will be a a bl ... Refrigerators

I am having big issues and the tech can't come out till next week. This morning my fridge was making a louder than normal sound. When I opened it up.....the crisper at the bottom was freezing my meat. The last hour, my freezer temperature has gone up 2 degrees and sounds like the fan is blowing air into the crisper area. Also, my water dispenser is now not working. Sounds like my fridge is working overtime. I am afraid my fridge will blow up (literally).

When did you last do a total manual defrost/clean vents and drain holes.if after, you still have problems call tech.this way is cheaper....also check door seal is touching frame all around ... GE Monogram® ZISS420DMSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Clicking sound coming from the main control board, constant click sometimes for several hours, the compressor is trying to come on but with each click from the control board it does not engage. Somtimes it engages and the refrigerator will run fine for a few hours, then back to the clicking sound again for another 10 to 12 hours. Then sometimes it just won't work at all no sounds nothing and everything in the freezer melts., then another day it's working fine, then the next day the clicking agai

There is a stuck relay on the control board.The control board will have to be replaced. ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Hi, my Hotpoint ff200e fridge freezer is cooling but not freezing, compressor wires are warm and compressor itself is quite warm, top fridge is not cooling enough, then the lights on control panel start going off and on ,fridge sounds and behaves like everything is normal, but food in the fridge is not cold enough even I set the highest setting. What shall I do?Our fridge is about 3 years old and only just started behaving like this in last 4 days. Please help if you can.Thanks.My fridge is rui

... Hotpoint HTM17BBSSA Top Freezer Refrigerator

Troubleshoting my ge refrigerator gss25kgmc. Last week the freezer did not seem to be working well (stuff melting) so i cleaned the compressor (the parts that i could reach) -it was very dirty. Afterwards it seemed like maybe that fixed it but later the next day my refrigerator wasn't (we had a power outage in between the times). i could not hear any noise like a compressor working so i unplugged. I now have the frig unplugged for several and have just plugged it in. i hear a light humming noise

Hi there,\015\012\015\012To know if the compressor is running you should also feel a sudden vibration once it kicks in. The fan should run once the compressor is on. If it cools after 20 minutes it means that the compressor is running but not o ... GE Refrigerators

I have a Haier refrigerator, 4.6 cu ft model HNSEO5SS in the basement apartment that i rent. My renter says she left town and left the refrigerator door open for several days. When she returned the refrigerator or freezer would no longer cool. It apparently has been like this for more than a month. I just looked at it. The compressor is making a humming sound like one might expect. The compressor was hot so I unplugged to let cool down. The refrigerator is approx. two years old. Is the c

Seem like the gas has leaked out from the compressor, as mention by you in the question you can hear a humming sound and compressor heating this happens when the compressor is running without gas or the bearing is worn out. One think is clear t ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator and freezer sides are worm. Fan is running. When I plug it in to power outlet, it makes a click sound like a relay, then sound like ?bzzzzzz? for about 5-8 seconds, then clicks again and that?s it. It cycles every 1-1.5 minutes. So basically CLICK ? BZZZZ (5 seconds) ? CLICK ? 2 minutes quiet and so on. I heir that clicking somewhere next to black round compressor at the bottom of refrigerator, on the back side of it. If anybody knows what?s wrong with it, please help. I have my foo

Your problem is probably the "relay" attached to the compressor. \015\012\015\012Contact an appliance service company. ... Electrolux Refrigerators

Noises Last winter we lost power for days, ever since, our two years old refrig started making noises often, we are not sure where exactly, but it does sound like it has something to do with the water going into the ice makers. I understand it's normal for some degrees of noise when the water is filling up, but this happens very often and honestly, I don't remember the refrig. used to make so much sound and often throughout the day. Is it normal? or this is something that I can fix it myself?

Hi , small fan motor inside the infeller was touch to the build up of ice., it need to manual defrost to lesser the ice inside . ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

I have had the GE top frezer a little over 2 months...Afew weeks ago I noticed a noise starting , a kind of weird noise....(its not the ice maker....I turned that off a week ago and it still does it....the ice maker is off for days sometimes and it has not stopped)that sounds like a rumbling/or something hard to explain. I had a new GE a few years at my other house and nothing like this...I know what the fan, ice falling sounds make etc.its not that.. this has gotten louder over the past 2 weeks

Your refrig is under warranty . Call GE , and they will come out , at no charge , to repair the problem . ... GE Refrigerators

Model # FRS23LH5DS2: There is a knocking sound in the compressor. The sound comes approximately every 4 to 5 hours. It has been doing this for some time. In the last few days the sound is getting louder. We pulled the frig from the wall and removed the cover at the bottom. We have vaccumed it out and the sound is not as loud as it was before. Any idea what could be causing the knocking sound? Thanks for your reply. Linda O.

Http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/check/compmounts.php ... Frigidaire 22.6 Cu. Ft. Side By Side Counter Depth Refrigerator, FSC23F7DSB

While my model 632 cools fine, it does make a low frequency surging sound. This sound resonates throughout the house and is quite noticeable in some rooms while not heard at all in others. One time the compressor made a loud roaring sound...I turned it off and then back on the next day. The loud noise was gone, but the surging sound remained. Is this a mechanical problem or a coolant level problem?

This is not a problem with the unit but the unit AND your floor,the resonance is amplified by your flooring and can be reduced by putting sound deadening pads under the feet.foam/felt work best.\012Did you load up the unit prior to the loud roa ... Sub-Zero 632 / S

My kenmore side by side refrig model 53602 is not cooling. When i open up the back cardboard panel I noticed the compressor is almost to hot to touch. Every few minutes I hear a clicking sound. It feels like the compressor is working or at least I feel a small vibration. The cooling fan next to the compressor is running but does not appear to be at a very high speed. I purchased the unit in December 2003. Thanks

... Kenmore 53602 / 53604 / 53609 Side by Side Refrigerator

Emerson cr500 I just bought this from a friend at a resale shop who said it was cooling when removed the day before I got it. He even said the fridge was still cool inside when he picked it up, however after I cleaned it all up and plugged it in I only get the light to come on. I do here a small hum and a click like it is triggering the compressor to come on or something. Am I out of luck and is the compressor dead all of a sudden??

... Emerson Cr500 Refrigerators & Freezers

My Amana refrigerator with bottom freezer thaws intermittently, every 5 days or so. When it thaws there is a buzzing sound from the fridge that lasts a couple of seconds and recurs every 30-60 seconds. This continues for about a day by which time everything in the freezer is thawed. Then it refreezes until the next occurance. Appliance repair people I have asked think it is probably the compressor.

The techs are correct. The sound you hear is the compressor trying to start.\015\012Most appliance parts companies sell what is called a \015\012start kit or hard start kit. I personally use the "ic13".\015\012It has given me the be ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The dispenser doesn't work and cooling controls don't though. My refrigerator cools and freezes fine. If I try to use the water/ice dispenser(pushing the paddle) or even try using the panel in the refrigerator side, the unit loses power and restarts. Also, every other day or so, the refrigerator clicks and sounds like the fan is having a tough time starting up. It eventually runs though. What is my problem?

Did it work before or you just got it installed to a new location (just bought it) and it behaves like this? ... Refrigerators

A few days ago when i used the ice dispenser the light dimmed then it stopped working. It worked again once then not again. About two days later I noticed that the freezer was not cooling properly. Last night I touched the ice lever and the whole fridge shut off but the lights were on flickering. Then a click about every second started on the circuit board. Sounds like a I need a new circuit board?

Hi, from the detailed explanation you posted here, it's quite obvious that you need a new circuit board as you already know yourself.\015\012R ... GE 25.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Black-on-Black

The relay for my whirpool refrigerator got hot and smoked the wire tire, and the white wires melted off the terminal. I don't know in what order. but have removed the relay. Is that the most likely problem, or is the compressor dead. before it smoked the compressor would go on for a short time and sound fine, but was somewhat hot to the touch. Would replacing the relay be a waste of money?

Replace the overload / relay kit . If you had given a model number , I would have given you the correct part number . ... Refrigerators

A few days ago we heard a noise in the kitchen. It Sounded like gas. But my mother said it was the water felteration system. Next day my dad said the refrigerator is leaking. Now my mom wants to unplug the system. How do we do that? I need help fast!

... Refrigerators

Repair person has replaced compressor twice in last 30 days. Now the frig works but it sounds like a toilet running. Nothing leaks out, it is within the compressor. Authorized dealer told us too expensive to fix--just buy a new one. Why should we? Should a frig last longer than 5 years? What can we do?

First of all, if you had service performed on your appliance, the company that did it should stand behind it. You are the customer and have the right to expect competent and appropriate service.\015\012\015\012Five years is not a long li ... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool Conquest I have a similar problem, the fridge compressor sounds like it starts to short cycle. Starting and running for 3 seconds and stopping for 3 seconds and if this continues it does not cool the freezer or refrigerator the refrigerator light is out, the controls are off. the freezer light is on. Now if I unplug the refrigerator, this works resets everything. It may last for several days not having the problem or 3 times a day.

Hi thanks for the question when you say it short cycles that's the compressor relay trying to start the compressor i would replace the relay & overload at the compressor thanks the appliance doc ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

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