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Refrigerator area freezing up

\015 There is water to the water filter so the line is not freezing up, but the refrigerator has a temperature of around 30 degrees even though it is set at the highest setting of 47. I have no ice or water and the unit was service last week. They replaced the thermostat and an electrical panel located below the freezer. One day later we are having the same problem.\015

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The refrigerator is not cooling properly , only the bottom side of the freezer cools and the refrigerator freezes in the bottom crisper area, the top side and middle areas do not freeze or cool. Further the digital display reads under Freezer Temp , it reads ER and under Refrigerator Temp it reads FF , the model i have was manufactured in 2003 , i have never added addtional gas , could this be the problem

Hello,If your refrigerator is not cooling, the problem could be \015\012any of the following, follow the steps below one after the other to fix \015\012the problem of your refrigerator not cooling.First of al ... LG LRSC26920TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi there our LG GN-315FW refrigerator has stopped working. It is still producing some cold at freezer and chilled area. But no cold at refrigerator area for food & vegies. Freeze is just cold but not freezing the things...so all food items in freezer has soften, surprisingly it still produces ICE. Can you please provide any solution which I can fix? I appreciate all help. Thanking you in advance. LG User

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. \012 \012If you are heari ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator. It has two sets of coils inside the unit, one in the freezer and one in refrigerator so there is no air flow between the two areas. I have replaced the front PCB panel which i believe controls both temperatures and all the sensors in the refrigerator but it has not stopped the refrigerator from freezing my food. The problem comes and goes. It primarily starts freezing food after it rains (I have noticed this on several occasions). What could it be? S

... Samsung RB215LASH

I have a 3 year old Samsung RS267LBBP side-by-side refrigerator. The cooling comparment(not the freezer) has frozen up twice in the last 6 month. As the cooling comparment freezes, the water filter freeze up, cracks open and free-flows water into the refrigerator. The refrigerator is located in a kitchen area that is clean and climate controlled. Inspection of the coil showed that all was clean.

Hello,I have seen this several times, replacing the thermistor fixed it both times, let me know,http://www.appliancerepairlesson.com/ ... Samsung Refrigerators

Our refrigerator is cooling and our freezer is freezing, but there is a leak coming from the freezer area that is dripping down into the refrigerator that just keeps getting worse and worse. Appears that it may be coming from the filter area in the middle of the top of the freezer. It started small and dripped down on to the top left shelf, now I am keeping towels on every shelf to keep them somewhat dry. The freezer area appears also to be getting frost on the food as well. model gts22wcp

Hi maabjcraft,Have you tried clearing the drain tube? Your refrigerator has a drain that leads to the exterior drain pan beneath the refrigerator. Occasionally this drain can become clogged resulting in standing water inside y ... GE GTS22WCP Top Freezer Refrigerator

This is a side by side refrigerator/freezer with water freezing on the bottom of the freezer as well as water pooling under the freezer area & seeping out the side and front of the freezer on the floor. We pulled out the refrigerator and saw no leaks where the tubing is connected. Is thare a pan under this refrigerator or some other area that this water is coming from. The ice maker is working well as is the in-door water service. How do I identify the problem? I have never emptied a water tray

Defrost wiring problem, defroster stuck on or timer not working properly , eventually wires may short out. Had this problem on my whirlpool ... Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerator model 77992791 1998 Freezer on top. Freezer working fine. Refrigerator will have water on glass shelfs then it freezes. There is little ice crystals around the area of the temperature gage for freezer and refrigerator. You will at times here a loud noise such as a bang from the refrigerator.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a ge gss23wsta ss side by side refrigerator and it is 3 years old i think and it keeps freezing up.Inside the freezer area and around the coils freezes up until the whole back of freezer is iced up. i have change out the mother board already.I take a blow dryer and unthaw it and it is froze up again in a few days.

The defrost heating element or defrost timer may be bad. Have them looked at and/or replaced ... Refrigerators

At times, there is water that freezes under the vegetable/fruit drawers that are at the bottom of the refrigerator. Also, at times there may be a thin layer of ice on the floor of the top freezer. I'm thinking these are connected. (I have vacuumed the grille area that is under the refrigerator.) Please advise. (It is a Roper model RT21SKXLQ02.)

Your freezer drain is clogged or frozen up with ice blockage. Need to remove the freezer floor liner, usually 2-4 1/4" screws holding it in - slide it out. Next slowly pour hot water over ice build up and melt all ice. The drain is under the evaporat ... Roper RT21SKXLQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Maytag refrigerator Serial # 50124981GT, Model MTF2191AR is not cooling or freezing. Moisture is forming in the freezing unit and the cooling area is getting warmer. I was told this could be a compressor problem which Maytag is noted for. Any other suggestions? Thanks

Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... Maytag MTF2191AR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Ice cakes up in freezer drain and freezes up and then water drips into refrigerator down below sometime reaching down into crisper area. Also stands on first shelf and freezes there.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong with your refrigerator \012 \012 ... Kenmore Refrigerators


The defrost system consist of a defrost heater, a defrost thermostat and a defrost timer or adaptive defrost control depending on the model you have. If yours didn't freeze from the start you need to see if both fans are running. One at the compresso ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore refrigerator model 106.62852101. The freezer is not cold enough to freeze and the fresh food area is not cold enough to keep liquids cold. Where can I begin? Please keep it VERY simple as I am new to this area of the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

... Kenmore 64802 Top Freezer Refrigerator

My Samsung refrigerator has a freezing problem in the lower evaporator area. Samsung refused to admit there was a design problem with the unit thus they would never fix it so it didn't freeze up again. The upper part of the fridge stays in the 50 degree range and the water/Ice feature is also frozen up. Jim Soper

HI. There are two causes here, in this situation. The most common will be a faulty defrost timer, or adaptive defrost control board. The defrost mechanism will vary form unit to unit. Most newer units will be equipped with an defrost control board. T ... Refrigerators

GE 2005 or 06 GSS25XSRE side by side refregerator The refrigerator was purchased and installed in early 2006. About 2008 we started having problems with items in the fresh food crisper freezing while the top area of the freezer, ice maker, thaws. Turning the power off and back on resets the situation the first time. That (reset) was good for about four months but then the problem reoccurs and the refrigerator has to be defrosted to get it to work correctly. (There is no notable frost or ice,

... Refrigerators

My samsung RB2115lash is set for 42 refrigerator and -2 for the freezer. The power in our area goes out occassionaly and the refrigerator compartment defaults back to 48 degrees on the digital read out but the food in the compartment freezes

... Samsung RB215LASH

Amana refrigerator I have a side by side and it is not freezing and the frig is not cool. It is contantly running. A gentalman was out fixing my tv, also fixes refrigerators but could not diagnose anything without a work order, but still looked at it. We cleaned the coils. He said the front coil area was warm, but not hot, and the back was hotter. What could this mean?

Check to see if your condeser fan is runnig properly you may need a fan motor. ... Avanti FF1101W Top Freezer Refrigerator

My Whirlpool Gold refrigerator freezes everything in the refrigerator area, but won't make ice.

... Refrigerators

My goldstar refrigerator wideluxe GR-412AVS freezer not functioning at the ice tray and quick freeze area but ok at the area below that level

... Refrigerators

I have a Jenn Air side by side refrigerator with water and ice dispenser, which I bought new about nine years ago. I have three problems with it that may be related: The ice maker makes very small, hollow pieces of ice and seems to be intermittent, The water comes out very slow and sometimes stops completely and lastly, certain areas of the refrigerator side get so cold that they freeze my food - partciularly food in the middle/rear of the fridge, cheese/meat drawer etc. I was thinking they t

Hi,Your three problems are interconnected to each one so solving one problem will solve all the issues.Lets discuss about the first problem Ice maker makes hallow ice.1)For every 6 moths or 1 year you have to replace the ... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerator with freezer on top leaks water into refrigerator area. My appliance repair man said it is due to the discharge line freezing and is a common problem with that model. I need to unplug and defrost it EVERY WEEK to keep water out of the crispers and shelving

The drain line that comes through the casing may be plugged or the trap at the bottom of the hose where it drains into the drain pan under the refrigerator may be plugged. If water is freezing it is because it is being held back by a restriction. ... Refrigerators

Freezing problem. Kenmore Elite Items freeze in bottom drawer below vegetable/fruit drawers in main compartment when temp is set at 37 degrees. Any temp below that does not work for me for other areas of refrigerator. Can not use the bottom drawer.........what a waste. Please advise. Thanks, David

Hi,\015\012\015\012For this problem you need to set the temperature a bit down.If that is the problem that the temperature is not getting down….then the unit has a cooling problem…please check the bellow site to have a detai ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Refrigerator area is freezing, frost forms in the back (not visible) Visible only if you take it apart. temperature goes from 34 to 46 in temperature on a RS257BARB. We took it apart and defrosted back area and it began to work about 1 week 1/2 and it did it again. Fan is working.

The defrost heater under the evaporator in the freezer or if in the refrige section which is a heater grid in front of the evaporator is bad,or the defrost thermostats in either case near the evaps could be bad,or the adaptive defrost controls in the ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My goldstar refrigerator WIDELUXE GR-412AVS freezer not functioning at the ice tray and quick freeze area but OK at the area below that level

... Goldstar Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore refrigerator. Top Freezer area working fine, but lower area NOT freezing.

The freezer back wall need to be open and check the heat element and the thermostat , also make sure the fan is working in the freezer. if the frost on the coils are not even then it is sealsystem that is bad news, but if it is just ... Kenmore Refrigerators

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