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Hello, We just purchased the Electrolux side by side counter depth fridge (E23CS78HSS) a week ago. This past weekend the power failure light can on and the temperatures began to rise in the fridge and freezer. What would be the cause of this?

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A week ago sounds like it is still under warranty. Check the manual for a troubleshooting chart and see if there is anything power failure. If you find nothing, return the fridge for another one.

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Hello, We just purchased the Electrolux side by side counter depth fridge (E23CS78HSS) a week ago. This past weekend the power failure light can on and the temperatures began to rise in the fridge and freezer. What would be the cause of this?

A week ago sounds like it is still under warranty. Check the manual for a troubleshooting chart and see if there is anything power failure. If you find nothing, return the fridge for another one. ... Electrolux E23CS78HSS Side by Side Refrigerator

We have the Samsung SR5615DP side by side, and for some reason the fridge temperature indicator keeps beeping and at the same time the temperature figure changes! What would cause this to happen?

... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a Frigidaire Side by Side refridgerator, Model No. GLHS65EHSB6 The problem is the fridge side was not cooling, the freezer side would reach it's lowest temperature of -6F & the fridge would display a flashing "4", then after a period of 8 to 10 hours, the freezer would thaw out. When the fridge is turned off, unplugged & then restarted, the freezer would start cooling again & then the flashing "4" would appear again. What are the possible reasons & remedies for these problems? Please

... Frigidaire Model: GLHS65EHSB

Hi Side by Side Fridge freezer is not working. Unit is on and power coming to interior light etc. However cooling process is not kicking in (the fridge is almost at room temperature so it should be running). I'm guessing thermostat has packed it in??? Have pulled panel off behind temperature dials to endeavour to 'short' thermostat out to see of theory is correct. I have found 5 wires - two of which bring in power for the light and the other three I'm guessing have some connection in deliv

Re:" I\\'m guessing thermostat has packed it in???Have pulled panel off \015\012behind temperature dials to endeavour to \\'short\\' thermostat out to see\015\012 of theory is correct. I have found 5 wires - two of which bring in \015\012power for ... Refrigerators

For a few weeks the fridge was making a strange noise whereas it would sound like a small but power fan would start rotating. The sound would last for an hour or longer. Strangely, it would stop any time you open the door of the fridge part or simply push the button that controls the light on the fridge. Yesterday the sound would not longer start at all, but the fridge is getting warm, and the temperature sensor shows FF for the freezer (that is still holding the freeze) and ERR for the fridge p

... LG LRDC22744 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Bosch Fridge Freezer Model No: KGS72320GB/01 has a problem on the Fridge section. With the temp set at 4 the light flashes almost continuously and the fridge remains above temperature for most of the time. Sometimes it does get down to nearly the right temperature and the light becomes steady, but this is now infrequent. Would buying and fitting a new control panel put this right. The freezer is working correctly.

Hi thanks for the question. I would pull fridge away from the wall . remove back panel . clean all coils . thanks the appliance doc ... Bosch Refrigerators

Ever since I've owned my fridge (coming up on 4 years), the freezer would build up into a big chunk of ice causing the freezer temp to drop and the fridge temp to rise. I would melt the chunk of ice and then drain the water from the back of the fridge. It would work properly for a few months and then start happening again. Now, its happening with more frequency. Currently, the freezer temp is holding around 0 and the fridge temp is up around 55-60.

Your defrost thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced.\015\012Here is a link.. your freezer is located differently but you can still use this video. ... GE Energy Star PDS22SIS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung SG5DUMH side by side refrigerator has developed a fishy smell during the past week and it is only just one year old. I have cleaned the fridge thoroughly but the smell persists. Please can you tell me what could be causing this and how to fix it? I assume that it would not be possible for any rodents to get inside as it looks totally enclosed so I assume that this is unlikely to be the cause. Haven't seen any sign of this anyway but just thought I would ask.

You may have had something drip and somehow get under the fridge. I know blood dripping from meat will smell. It could have dripped down through the defrost drain tube to the pan underneath. You can access the pan from the rear by removing the cardbo ... Refrigerators

We have a GE Profile side by side Model PSF26PG and lately the temperature has started fluctuating up and down from -10 degrees to 0 degrees in the freezer side. This causes the ice in our icemaker to melt and run down the back of the freezer and refreeze. The refrigerator part also fluctuates the same way. Ice has accumulated on the inside wall of the fridge between the freezer and fridge. We have pulled fridge away from the wall and cleaned the fins on the back. Do you have any other sugge

... GE Profile PSF26PGS

I have Ge monogram refrigerator side by side door. The fridge came with the house we bought. The fridge shuts off (displays "off" on both freezer and refrigerator side) every few hours. When I touch the temperature increase or decrease control, the fridge switches on. It is not an electric problem. I have a Appliance warranty from American Home. Technician can not figure out the problem. Any help would be highly appreciate.

I have the same problem with my same fridge. Has there been any resolution? Thanks in advance. ... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a samsung side by side fridge freezer dispenser model and the fridge side has stopped working but the freezer does appear to still be functioning. The fridge temp control keeps restting itself to 18 after a few seconds even though try and put it down to the lowest temperature and it was making a dreadful fan noise for a few days which would stop if you opened the door, now there is no fan noise and it is not cold.

Hi. If you remove the light unit ond the lower casing which has four screws two of which are under the small vent covers that unclip. The light unit by the way has two screws under the difuser and that unclips. Mark the top before removeing with tape ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung side by side refrigerator RS265TDRS started making loud propeller like noise on the cooler side half way up. Notice bunch of ice around the lights on the back wall of it. I unplugged the fridge for a little while and plugged it back in. Also cleaned up the mid section so it can breathe. The noise slowly reduced and the fridge seemed to be working fine for a couple of days. This morning I get up and the temperature on the coooler side was flashing at 36'F and there was water on the fl


I have a hotpoint ffu00 side by side fridge freezer. The fridge temperature indicator located on the front of the freezer by the water dispenser has been ringing and the indicator lights up to the top then reverts back to the bottom and starts all over again. This happens frequently, and the fridge is getting too cold. It started a few days ago, when the fridge was very full.

... Hotpoint FFU00 Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, my ge PSC23SGRCSS water / ice dispenser is not working, the lights go on when pushed and you hear a click but notthing comes out, the temperature light display in the fridge side are gone out and the ice is melting and so is the freezer contents and the fridge is not cold. could you tell me if i need a mother board or a new fridge? Thanks

New motherboard G.E. part# WR55X10942 ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a SRS626HNSS bought 19/7/2008. The fridge side stopped working, showing the temperature to be 14degrees and it would not cool down. The freezer side was working normally.When I checked there was ice in a few of the hollows in the back of the fridge. So I turned off the whole machine at the power point and let it stand overnight. The ice in the fridge area (in the little holes at the back) has now melted. So I turned on the whole machine at the power point. The freezer appears to be

... Samsung RS2630WW Side by Side Refrigerator

LG LFC25760TT fridge/freezer french door; 3 years old. No problems until this week. We returned from vacation to find the freezer working fine but the fridge light would not turn on and the fridge was room temperature. The digital display numbers were still showing (35 degrees and -1 degrees). I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. The fridge then started cooling again and the light works. My questions: Is this a fluke? Is this problem likely to happen again? Just wondering how to best pro

Hi Stephen.The problem was either a defective defrost thermostat, or a frozen damper fan.Problem is fixed by defrosting the unit completely. If problem was the defrost thermostat, or a problem concerning the defrost system (th ... LG LFC25760TT Titanium Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The interior lights on my side-by-side GE fridge come on while the doors are open, but the compressor is no longer running (items are no longer frozen), and the indicator lights on the ice maker panel are off and the ice maker light does not come on. Any idea what the cause is?

... GE GSS22JEM Side by Side Refrigerator

Water dispenser I recently made a post saying my ice maker was overflowing on my westinghouse side by side fridge. Initailly i thought that it was the fridge scheduling too much water to the ice maker and it overflowing. Now i have discovered that it is not really that. What is happening is that when i get cold water out of the water dispenser water also flows into the ice maker causing it to overflow. It seems to get in to the ice maker from the usual way it would when the fridge makes ice but

Wow that's agood one!!!! theres a short for sure, just a matter of where. somehow your energizing both sides of water valve at once, sounds as if it would be behind the dispensor, at the switches. would remove the dispensor cover and have a look for ... Refrigerators

Fridge temperature is rising and indicator light is flashing

... Samsung Refrigerators

The temp. indicator went off on our side by side whirlpool fridge. The fridge is still running cold, but there's no light in it. I thought it was the bulb, but i tested and it was fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

Only light i could find is the filter light . and the main light 40 w appl globe the control does not use a light . the main light reflects in the control panel to give back light . the filter light is ... Whirlpool GC5SHEXNS Side by Side Refrigerator

My Fridge is running Hot on the freezer side and the temperature is rising. Ice cream is melting etc. Fridge side seems OK but also not really cold. Which of the the settings on the internal dials 1 to 9 is for cooling, des 9 mean maximium cooling. Dials seem ambiguous. Thanks.

It sounds like the condenser is dirty. It's under the refrigerator.This is easy to do. Just get all the dust out of the condenser and things should start cooling down.I hope this helps. Please leave feedback.Thank You. ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an LG LFX25970 side by side, bottom freezer refridgerator. The light is on sometimes and off sometimes. We find that when the light is off, the top part of the fridge is not as cool as it should be. What could be causing this?

... Refrigerators

My side by side hotpoint hss25gfp fridge would not function when ice, crushed ice or water was selected. when lever was pressed the indicator light on the selected option would dim as if loosing power. now freezer fan will not kick on and relay on circuit panel on back is clicking trying to engage fan.

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. This has happened due to a faulty relay on the control board. Please replace the relay, then check for wiring on the control board. \015\012\015\012Check fo ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Hello there - my maytag side by side fridge/freezer fan and motor now only seem to work when the fridge door is left open, as soon as i shut it the cooling fan switches off and the fridge rises in temperature with the freezer defrosting model number GZ2626GEKB any suggestions much appreciated

... Maytag ZigZagW / B Side by Side Refrigerator

My GE Profile side by side will not dispense ice or water. Also, when the door to the fridge was opened the temperature setting lights were out but then came back on The fridge and the freezer seem to be operating normally.

The contol board on the back of the unit may have a low voltage problem not sending power to the dispensor or display lights properly. Is it still making ice just not dipensing? That's been the most common problem I've seen on these units. ... GE Refrigerators

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