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Refrigerator wont work on gas or electric - Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

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Refrigerator wont work on gas or electric - Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

... Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

I am replacing the Igniter on My RV's Dometic RM2852. I have concerns that the igniter module was hooked up wrong. The yellow lead, from the Solenoid Valve, was placed on the L terminal, Black to ground and the Electrode Lead was placed on the top lead. Nothing place on the terminal. The refrigerator works great when switched to electricity but will not ignite on gas. The Solenoid has the proper voltage and cycles correctly. No power coming from the igniter to the electrode. Thanks,

... Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

I have a Dometic Model NDR 1292 refrigerator in my motorhome. The refrigerator will work on gas but not on electric. I have check all the fuses and they are all good. When I connect the refrigerator to 120 Ac and turn on the refrigerator on the front. The AES light will come on for a brief moment and then the AC light and then the AC light will go off and the refrigerator will revert to gas. I check at the rear of the refrigerator electic outlet and I have electricity. What could be the problem

... Dometic NDR 1292 Refrigerator

We have a RM 7655L Dometic Refrigerator and although it works on both electric supplies it does not work on gas. I can see that the pilot light burning fine so I assume the gas supply is OK especially as the gas hob (which shares the same gas supply) works well. I would appreciate any input to help resolve this problem...

... Refrigerators

Dometic Americana RM2852 refrigerator does not work. Has power to it, light inside works and lights at top indicating 'AUTO' mode are illuminated, but refrig doesn't work in any mode. Gas is being supplied to unit (Oven Gas burners light 1 tank are full)

Have the same unit but experience no problems. Sounds like a freon leak has left it inert. You can of course switch from auto to gas and eliminate the auto switch over as part of the problem. You can see the gas flame in the outside access hatch, ... Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

We have a 1993 Wilderness RV with a Dometic refrigerator, brain box being of Dinosaur brand (which is ok - reaching 120 volts) Our question is on the front freezer door of the fridge is a strip plate giving you options for AC (gas or electric). It will only work on gas - not electric. What do we need?

Hi \015\012\015\012Most of these mobile refrigerators can run on gas, 120v or 12v, your gas option is obviously OK, there should be electrical connections on the back of the unit which identify which cable are 12v and 120v.\015\012 ... Dometic Refrigerators

I have a Dometic RV refrigerator Model # NDR1062 and it works with the electric power with the generator on (not on battery)but will not work on gas. The gas unit clicks like it wants to start but will not kick in and the indicator keeps going to "check." Any suggestions?

My best guess without seeing it is you are not getting gas to the unitBreak the gas supply line at the gas valve with the LP turned on and see if you are getting LP gasWithout the proper water column inch meter it is impossibl ... Dometic NDR 1062 Refrigerator

My Dometic RM2620 RV refrigerator works great with electric, but won't work with gas.

Hi there,\012There are only two main failures with gas RV refrigerators - 1. The RV refrigerator is run unleveled causing the cooling unit boiler to overheat, block and crack.2. The RV refrigerator cooling uni ... Refrigerators

I have a 1973 Dodge Jamboree that has a Dometic Refrigerator. Model # RM66 Product # 9264710 Serial # 321.1487 The electric side works but would a manual to know how to clean and get the gas side working

... Refrigerators

Dometic rm2410 camper refrigerator won't get cold on gas or electric. I have manual ignitor for gas and can get it lit and stays lite but will not get cold. worked a few weeks ago but not today. can hear girgling noises and the unit gets warm. not sure what the problem is.

... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a dometic rm 2801 will not light on gas but runs on electric getting gas to it but still wont light little red flashing light dose not work either fuse is good

... Refrigerators

Trailer is plugged in and refrigerator is on auto. Refrigerator works. But when you unplug the trailer the gas side will not light. And when the trailer is plugged in and the refrigerator is set to gas, the gas side works. But when you unplug the trailer, the gas will go out. Or to tell it another way, when the trailer is plugged in, both electric and gas modes work. When the trailer is unplugged, neither mode will work.

In order for your fridge to work when your trailer is not pluged in you need a 12 volt power source, You might have a bad battery or your positive or negative cables are not connected properly. Or a bad connection in the back of the fridge. Check the ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a Dometic fridge model number Rm66E i dont have the plastic nobs on to know if my fridge is on the electric side i know it works on the gas i figured that out but cant figure out how to get it to work on electric i turned the plastic pease on the back of the fridge to get the fridge to work on gas but cant get it to work on the electric side

... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

My Dometic Americana refrigerator has stopped cooling. The freezer is working fine. I have tried using the gas and electric setting with the same result.

... Refrigerators

My Dometic rv refrigerator will not light in gas mode. Does work in electric mode. Propane cylinders are full and turned on. Any solutions?

Mineis the same way. Have you figured out anything yet? ... Refrigerators

I just bought an RV with a Dometic RM2400 refrigerator. Seems to cool a little bit on gas (not too much so far) and doesn't work at all on 12volts or electric. Is is possible to fix this, what would I need? If it sounds like its shot what do you currently offer as a replacement that is the same size that will fit in my cabinetry. I've looked and poked around but I can't really figure out how this thing comes out of there. Thank you Tom 858-610-5043

... Dometic Refrigerators

My Dometic 2352 refrigerator works fine on AC but doesn't work well on gas. On gas it keeps the feeeze frozen but can barely keep the lower compartment below 50 on a hot day. I have checked the bu

... Dometic Refrigerators

The refrigerator works fine on electric, and on gas when a/c power is not present. If you have a/c power connected and then push the "gas" button to run the refrigerator on gas, the burner won't light. The gas solenoid valve opens but there is no spark (ignition), and it eventually locks out and the "check" light comes on. If I unplug the refrigerator, the gas burner lights almost immediately. What's going on? How do I run it on gas when I'm plugged in?

Turn of you power to refrigerator this will allow this will allow gas circuit to take over ... Dometic NDR 1062 Refrigerator

I have a Dometic RM2820. The refrigerator does not cool on electric or gas. When put on electric the freezer cools but the refrigerator does not cool. I replaced the control board. When on gas the burner ignites runs for a minute and then shuts off and the check light comes on? What can I do?

... Refrigerators

I have a 'Dometic' refrigerator/freezer, Model RM-2611, in my 1993 Wilderness RV. I have (2) options, gas or electric. It is only working on gas and we need it to work on electric. We have checked the 'Dinosaur' brain box, micro #P-711 to make sure we were getting the 120 Volts and we were, so that wasn't the problem. What do we need to do next? Is there a part that fixes this or what?

... Dometic Refrigerators

My dometic rv refrig is not working on electricity. when it is cut on, the light comes on as if it is working. after about 30 sec the gas igniter starts clicking. with the gas off the check light comes on. if the gas is on the refrig works fine.

Check to make sure your getting 120 volts to the unitBreaker tripped ? ... Dometic RM2193 Compact Refrigerator With Ice Box

Help! In 2006 I purchased a used RV with a dometic model 2408 refrigerator that did not work. After reading up on Absorption refrigerators and repair facilities I had it rebuilt by RV Mobile in Everett, Washington. I re-installed the unit in our RV and turned it on (we use the gas side). I checked it the next day and both the freezer compartment and the refrigerator portion were working well. The next day we arrived for a three week trip and with food for the unit and found it not working. The

The evaporator coil is usually located in the freezer compartment, and there are ducts with dampers that send cool air to the refrigerator. It sounds to me like that may be your problem. It seems that if you move the appliance around a little, (cle ... Refrigerators

Dometic fridge - Micro P-711 board. Was working and went out. Now the gas will turn on for a second or two and goes out. Doesn't work on electric at all. Was working fine a day or so ago.

... Dometic Refrigerators

I installed a new cooling unit in my Dometic 2501. This included re-aataching the wires for 12v and 120. Tests have shown that the 120 is hot at connection to fridge and gas is at at valve. However, the electronic ignition light is not working on front of fridge for gas is not working and fridge is not working on electric. Where should I start trouble shooting?

... Dometic Refrigerators

Our Dometic RM2193 cools on gas but does not work on electric

It could be as simple as a blown fuse at the fridge. Also check to make sure you have turned on the electric switch that allows the fridge to run on AC. Note, you can only operate the fridge on EITHER gas OR electric, but not both sources at the same ... Dometic RM2193 Compact Refrigerator With Ice Box

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