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Hi, I have a Danby DWC440 wine cooler that is no longer cooling. The compressor kicks on for about 30 sec. and then I hear a click and it goes off.The compressor gets hot, but I don't know if that's normal or not. Do you have any ideas?

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Hi, I have a Danby DWC440 wine cooler that is no longer cooling. The compressor kicks on for about 30 sec. and then I hear a click and it goes off.The compressor gets hot, but I don't know if that's normal or not. Do you have any ideas?

... Danby DWC440 Wine Cooler

Hi i have a ge fridge,about 3 years old model #gdl20kcsabs it started making a clicking sound and started defrosting everything. it has also been getting very hot on the outside bottom freezer panel to the point that it burns. i have checked the manuel, thats of no help! dont even know where to start. its the weekend and GE offers no emergency repair service. can you guide me. thanks

Clicking sounds (not immediately preceeded by a power loss) indicate a bad relay on the mother board. Replace the mother board, WR55X10942) ... Refrigerators

The mini fridge does not cool. This fridge doesnt use any fans so nothing to check there. The compressor seems to be awfully hot (although I dont know if thats normal) you wont born your hand but it would be fairly unpleasant to keep touching it. none of the tubes are cool to the touch. everything seems to be warm. Do i need to add new refrigerant and if so can I do it my self - i.e. can I buy the container and fill it up?

Hi, it's possible,your motor overlay relay has switch off motor, if your days are hot, or if room temp get high, that could happened,unplug ref. let motor cool down for about an hour, if compressor is running, but not cooling, it's possible you got a ... Sanyo SR-4911M Compact Refrigerator

I have a samsung rs2555sl side by side - fridge nor freezer is getting cold. what i know: 1.cleaned coils in back with vacuum, 2. fan is blowing on (hot)compressor, but no noise is coming from compressor, 3. every few minutesthere's a clicking noise coming from the back near the compressor followed by a very low hum?, as if it's supposed to start something(i don't know) . freezer temp on front of door has been 70 F for the past hour. don't know if cleaning the coils were the issue...

See http://www.fixya.com/support/t1191678-samsung_rs2555sl_not_cooling_compressor ... Samsung 24.8 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Platinum... Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi woke up this morning and the divider between the freezer and refridge compartments was very hot. Kitchenaid model ksbp25fkss. opened back panel, and compressor was also very hot. also seemed to be louder than normal. Unplugged it and Cleaned every thing. Fan is running. still seems hot and excessively loud. any ideas. can i continue to run it? also how the heck can you get to all the coils to clean them. Thanks

If it is making a lot of noise then your compressor is going out, if it is full of dirt dust or debree vacume it, or if you have a air compressor, then blow it out, but unplug your fridge to let the compressor cool down, if it is cold outside and you ... KitchenAid KSBP25FKSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Neither fan nor compressor will work. At first, it was just the fan. Took it off, hooked it up outside of the fridge and it workes. Cleaned it, put it back on, and now neither one works. The compressor was working when the fan wasn't, but was getting very hot to the touch. any ideas?? Ann

Hi,\015\012\015\012Had a same problem last year, the heat exchanger was iced over, took a hair dryer and melted ice. The defrost heater element had gone bad, had to replace it lately.\015\012\015\012However, assuming that we h ... Frigidaire FRT21H8 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Amana side by side 11- 12 years old freezer not getting cold enough! vaccumed dust which was heavy from condenser at bottom of refrig ,compressor runing and copper lines from compressor one fairly hot and the other fairly cold, fan in freezer runs and cold air is blowing from fan vents only i belive its not cold enough, refrigerator side seems to be cold enough,ice maker not working water not coming in and not freezing. Need help- any ideas of what the problem may be?? yohojoe

... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

My frig. is not cooling in upper areas of both compartments. I can here the compressor kick on, I cleaned all debris from condensor, its fan motor is working, but removed the panel on freezer side and noticed evaporator looking icy, also the evaporator fan hasn't kicked on. Do I need to replace both evaporator fan motor & t-stat. Or do i have other issues? Also, the damper is making a little noise like its trying to click on, dont know if thats normal. Please let me know if you have any solutio

Sorry to hear about your problem. Sounds like you have a defrost issue. Hence your unit is not defrosting. All of this apply's if your freezer side has ice on it. If not. you have other issuesHere is a list of some things that can go wrong. ... Refrigerators

The compressor is getting very hot but the cooler wont get cool the temp goes up not down any ideas thanks

... Baumatic BWE41BL Wine Cooler

The refrigerator has power but the compressor, motor and ice maker do not work. the lights are on and the pump is providing water. I know it is an electrical problem but dont know how to solve it. i would like to have a printout of the refrigerator to find the troubleshooting or any other idea for me to check the refrigerator as soon as possible.

On the side of the compressor there is a relay switch. To check if the switch is bad. Unplug the fridge remove the switch and shake it if it rattles it needs to be replaced.Hope this helps if not repost your ? thanks ... Refrigerators

I have just noticed the compressor on my fridge is very hot, iv only had the fridge 3yrs, i dont have any problems with it and only noticed how hot it is because iv just pulled it out to clean behind, this has really worried me in case its safe, can it set on fire???.... il be worried to go to bed tonight!!! please let me know, thankyou.

Usually compressors are fairly hot but to reduce the temperature, cleaning the black coils will help more heat escape and allow the unit to run more efficiently.\015\012Use a long coil cleaning brush to clean the coils, and get all the dust of ... Refrigerators

We have just had to replace an integrated fridge with freezer compartment with a freestanding one. It sits under an integrated electric hob. There was some stuff on top of the removed integrated item to stop it from getting hot etc but we do not know what it was. We need to put a sheet of somethingon top of new fridge to stop heating/melting of plastic etc. Any ideas where to get something from?

Try a sheet of aluminium foil/rockwool/ali foil/rockwool/ali foil (3 layers of ali)max 3"thick slightly compressed.that will do the trick and cheap.....(or fibreglass if rockwool not available) ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have a Daewoo ERF-364M Multiflo Nofrost Fridge Freezer. The drip tray (plastic pan) at the rear of the freezer (above the compressor) is filling to the brim with water and not evaporating away. I have to remove it and empty it manually once every three days to stop it leaking all over the floor. The compressor underneath is warm but not overly hot. Any ideas as to what the problem is or which component needs to be changed. I would like to know whether it is worth fixing myself, boo

... Refrigerators

Kenmore Side by side is HOT between fridge and freezer. I know there are alot of comments on how to check the coils but I don't understand how... I checked the toe kick area and I don't even see coils... so I looked in the back and only thing back there is a cardboard backing that i don't know how to get off unless I rip it off... How do I check the coils or fan or compressor. Can someone give me a little more clear advice? Kenmore Model # 253.52349303 HELP!!!


Baumatic BWE41BL Wine Cooler help needed my wine cooler isn,t getting cool i can have it on for 6 hour and the temperature wont go below 20 degrees c but the compressor is working but gets really hot any ideas guys thanks

... Baumatic BWE41BL Wine Cooler

GE Profile tnx22pa---top frezzer---Ice maker leaked and froze up what sounded like a fan. Made a noise like fan was hitting ice and then fan stopped. Defrosted entire freezer and fixed filler tube. Frig off for 6 hrs and used hot water pans and hair dryer. Turned frig/freezer back on and neither section will get very cold. NO FAN NOISE at all. It would seen that fan is broken. Don't have repair manual so I don't know if fan is serviceable. any ideas??? Thanks--Bill G

The fan is at the bottom of the refrigerator beside the compressor.and you can see it easily be revoing the four screws out of the bach flap.\015\012for help as what part is located where click the link\015\012.if the fan is faulty get it ... Refrigerators

I have a Fisher & Paykel fridge/freezer model N500B a CFC model with the freezer below the fridge. We have started to get a frost biuld up at the top of the back wall of the fridge compartment. A registered repair man has suggested it is a know Fisher and Paykel problem and can only be temporarily addressed by melting the ice build up with hot water and/or a hair dryer. The build up seems to be increasing and i don't like the idea of using a hair dryer..doesn't seem to be a fully safe thing t

Using a hairdryer is ok. don't let water drip on it and don't point too close to plastics\015\012ice build up on fridge wall can be due to:\015\012short of gas\015\012partial blockage in sealed system\015\012compressor startin ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side that is not cooling the way it was yesterday. The fan & compressor are working but its not blowing the cold air into the fridge or freezer. In the freezer, I hear as the water drips from my food melting what sounds like water dripping onto a hot iron. Any idea where I start to fix this? It all started when I was trying to figure out why my ice maker wasn't getting water.

It sounds like you are refering to the defrost cycle. This would make the noise you hear. Try cleaning the condensor coils and the fan that is in the bottom where the compressor is. This may help. let me know. have a great day. ... GE J Series 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer No-Frost Refrigerator TBX18AABWW

Hi my refrigirators model is frigidaire FPD520T. the compressors sound becam very low and the refrigirator performance becam unsuffecient in the freezer and also in the coolar .i put my hand on the rear yubes and i found it hot in the top of it and also in the botom i think this is an evedent that the cooler gas is good and there is no leakage .i dont know what is happend with the refrigirator.

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a TRU GDM-23F display freezer. The defrost timer quit, so I'm replacing it with a Paragon 8143 which is what came out of it. The new timer came with a warning to check for feedback voltage at the solenoid terminals. I did this and get 19 volts AC so I shut it off immediately. I dont know where this feefback voltage is coming from. Any ideas?

... True GDM-23 Refrigerator

Just got back from vacation opened fridge door and wow, was greeted with god awful smell everything hot, i noticed the freezer temp was on zero, possible due to my four yr old but know cant get the compressor to kick back on any suggestions would help. thks phill

If the freezer is at o then the compressor is working and frost buildup in freezer back panel check to make sure the cooling fan is working on the compressor area ... GE Refrigerators

Have fridge freezer 5 years old freezer defrosting feels hot to touch fridge at same temp but milk gone of this morning Appliances are integrated dont know if that is a good idea

Hi there,Even if evaporator coil works fine , the defrost system can still be faulty. Ensure that the evaporator fan is starting, or you may have a faulty defrost thermostat or a faulty evaporator fan motor.If the problem is not the ... Zanussi Refrigerators

Fridge issues im having a fridge issue, plugged it in worked great next day nothing. freezer melted fridge went bad and now its blowing out air but its not cold or hot air...and i dont know how to tell if a compressor is shot or anything else. i took the back panel off and when i put my ear to the computer board i hear a humming sound and the board is warm...also is there supposed to be a green wire with a metal ring at the end just dangling?

Hi adamvovo.\015\012It sounds like the compressor isn't running. The way you can tell if it is or not, is to pull the back off of the refrigerator, and listen, or put your hand on the compressor. It's the small black thing at the bottom, with t ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Maytag msd2652keu side by side compressor gets hot shuts off and unthaws freezer i unplug 4 a few hours plug in and works 4 a couple weeks any idea

There are several possibilities. Start Capacitor, start relay or the compressor winding or compressor is defective. I would have someone have a look at these soon. Sea Breeze ... Refrigerators

Compressor will kick on and off after 30-45 secs and repeat over and over , and smell hot rubber. The refrigerator will not get cold Any ideas ? I think it might be a relay switch

It most likely is the relay on the compressor , they will go out if the unit short cycles , it is worth replacing this part , easy and not expensive , sometimes when this happens the compressor locks up and the new part will do the same exact thing , ... Refrigerators

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