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Daewoo frs-u20ics fridge problems - Daewoo Refrigerators

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Daewoo frs-u20ics fridge problems - Daewoo Refrigerators

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Daewoo frs-u20ics fridge manuals - Daewoo Refrigerators

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Hi I have a problem with my Daewoo FRS-U20DCB fridge freezer. The problem is that the Freezer compartment is not getting cold enough to freeze the food. I have noticed that if you turn the appliance off for a while then back on it seems to get colder for a little while but then goes back to not freezomg again.

\015\012Check the temperature setting \015\012Assure that there is enough roo ... Daewoo Refrigerators

My Daewoo FRS-2021IAL Side by side fridge freezer is working fine on the freezer side but the fridge side is not cold enough,even when set at the coldest setting and when the super refrigerator button is set

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Daewoo fridge keeps beeping model FRS-UZ0DAL - Daewoo Refrigerators

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My Daewoo FRS-2011IAL side by side fridge freezer ice cube tray rotates normally, but the cubes do not fall out. Is this a sensor problem?

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Daewoo frs-u20dai fridge freezer bleeping - Zanussi ZX97 / 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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I have a Daewoo Fridge / Freezer and the Refrigerator light just turned red - what is the problem?

Freezer thermistor are faulty pleas replce ... Refrigerators

I have Ge monogram refrigerator side by side door. The fridge came with the house we bought. The fridge shuts off (displays "off" on both freezer and refrigerator side) every few hours. When I touch the temperature increase or decrease control, the fridge switches on. It is not an electric problem. I have a Appliance warranty from American Home. Technician can not figure out the problem. Any help would be highly appreciate.

I have the same problem with my same fridge. Has there been any resolution? Thanks in advance. ... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

I purchased a GE refrigerator in 2002, I have always had problems with the ice maker, and technicians came and overlooked problem now initial problem escalated into lots more, affecting the damper system in fridge area. This device does not open and shut automatically. The technician said that I should not keep my fridge and freezer at 5 and 5 that 2 and 3 is sufficient. I checked my manual and it indicates medium settings at 5 and 5. I was under impression that fridge should maintain full f

Hi All\015\012finally Sears accepted the fact they cannot repair my problem with this lemon and decided to buy out. My question is when they offer the buy out they will depraciate the fridge. I paid in 2002 2800 tax included. Are they going ... GE Refrigerators

Amana SBDE520N I have amana side by side refrigerator Model SBDE 520N (13years old) It was working fine up to septenber 2008 when problem starts with alarm for fridge parts showing us the temperature in side fridge is high. Other freezer side working no problems. Engineer has found the faults: In side a fridge top left corner has a box with thermostat and small door fix on chanel for regulating cold air from freezer in fridge side.That thermostat no working and cold air not coming in fridge part


I have a WestPoint WNT 6291.K no frost refrigerator. Off late we have had a lot of low/high voltage issues. While there is a stabiliser connected to the refrigerator, we have noticed that the sides of the refrigerator getting warm and the fridge not cooling enough. The temperature inside the fridge is 60F. Would you be kind enough to educate me on this problem and also please recommend a stabiliser for the refrigerator. A 1kva one? Kind regards Lisa Khan

I have a westpoint no frost refreg model NF 16Pcapacity 450 litersrefrigerant R=12it is not cooling ... Refrigerators

Ok i have a daewoo refridgerator. model no FR-291S. I bought it about 2 years ago. My problem is that 2 days ago it just stopped working. I checked the powercord thats not the problem. I have it in a guard and the guard is still working. Matter of fact so is the fridge to a point. The problem is the light in the bottom comes on but the fridge is not cooling and at the top part the fan that is suppose to spin nd freese stuff is not freezing. So its not preserving any thing. at the it feels like h

... Daewoo Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool refrigerator Model: ET18HPXHW0 0 Ser. EK0425816 Type: C18TFA00 My problem: I have had a lot of water pooling in the bottom of my fridge and on shelves - big mess! I located the problem - water is dripping from an opening in the top of the fridge which I am assuming is coming from the freezer. This has been happening for quite some time now and I am collecting a glass full of water of few days or so. Could you please tell me what the problem may be and how I myself can f

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool Conquest I have a similar problem, the fridge compressor sounds like it starts to short cycle. Starting and running for 3 seconds and stopping for 3 seconds and if this continues it does not cool the freezer or refrigerator the refrigerator light is out, the controls are off. the freezer light is on. Now if I unplug the refrigerator, this works resets everything. It may last for several days not having the problem or 3 times a day.

Hi thanks for the question when you say it short cycles that's the compressor relay trying to start the compressor i would replace the relay & overload at the compressor thanks the appliance doc ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I am having a problem with a GE GSH22JSRE refrigerator. Serial Number ZH203908 Over 5 day period it started to get warmer and warmer until the freezer did not freeze and food spoiled. I read on line as to what the problem might have been and thought it needed a new circuit board. Fridge was thawed out and dumped a lot of water which indicated to me a defrost problem. So I bought a board here and it worked great for about 10 days and now the same thing is happening. I am guessing the fridge is

Do you have any frost on the wall of the freezer?\015\012and do you still have your old control board?\015\012if yes check in the back of the board if there are any burned connections black connections, and feel free to put your nose on it and smell ... GE GSH22JSRSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Eo2B Serial no; MAF209695R Last February we spent $328.80 on this refrigerator as the fridge compartment was not cooling, but the freezer was okay. Got McKay Electrical here in Whangarei to check it out. Found it had a blocked PC duct, faulty door bearing & chassis kit, they replaced the parts. Now we are having problems again with the fridge compartment not cooling. Iwont spend anymore money on it, as it seems this could be an on going problem & with a fridge of this age ,you w

The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper) between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air through it. Make sure this fan is running. You may have to hold the door switch in for it to run. There is a flap y ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator I've got a side by side refrigerator in which the freezer has frost buildup and the fridge does not get cool. I've tried unplugging the refrigerator for roughly 4 hours and pluggin it back in and the problem persists. Is there something else that I can try to fix this problem?

\015\0124 hours is not enough to defrost it. also it will just frost back up if it has a bad heater, defrost timer or thermal switch.\015\012 it is not\015\012defrosting as it should. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

2001 GE side by side refrigerator model TGX26KRDA WW Beginning about a month ago the refrigerator temperature rose to 60 deg. F. Freezer remained well below 0 deg F. Checked baffle which was open and checked evaporator coils which were not iced. Cleaned condenser coils which were only mildly dusty. Reset freezer control to 5 (mid range of temp) and refrigerator to 9 (coldest). In about 24 hours temp in fridge side was 40 deg F. Now same problem with 60 deg Fridge. Checked baffle betwee

... Refrigerators

We have a 795.77306600 refrigerator, 3.5 yrs old. For past 2 months it would make a humming sound, off-n-on, but we never noticed anything failing. Looked online for similar problems and emptied freezer to take a look at icemaker thinking that was the problem. No visible problems so we left it alone. Two days ago the fridge stopped cooling and we got the ER FF code on the digital display. Fridge was warm but freezer still working. Called a repair person who said we need a new frost panel th

Hi. On Kenmore refrigerators Er FF is an error caused by evaporator fan malfunction.The humming noise was probably coming from the evaporator fanYou get Err FFbecause the fan motor is faulty, because the fan wiring is br ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My daughter has a Bottom Freezer Maytag fridge. Model# PBF2253HEW , Serial # 11366421GR. She has had the refrigerator replaced ounce while under the 1 year warranty due to defrost problems that were not resolvable seems this Model # fridge has gang plugs and wireing harness problems from what i understand. She is now having problems again with the same problem.I checked defrost heater it is good and the defrost thermostat it checks out good. So i replaced the circuit board assuming that it was n

Cannot usually be done to trigger defrost. best you can do is to try to trace which edge connector goes to heater and with everything disconnected, apply mains to the edge connector ... Maytag Refrigerators

Refrigeration problem My temp readings on the front of my fridge read -18 and +3 but the temps inside both are not what it says, If I switch the fridge on and off the compressor kicks in and the true readings come up, once the temps come back down to -18 and +3 the fridge and freezer starts to become warm again but the temps for both stay the same -18 and +3. I have the same problem and I keep turning it off and on now I'm worried something else happens to the fridge.Could you help me solve the

Sounds like a main board problem cause the temp should not be accurate one minute, then way off the next. I would have someone look at this cause it would be difficult to figure this out without being there to troubleshoot it ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator LG Model GR-T452G freezer works but fridge doesnt due to airflow between freezer to fridge blocking up with ice. I am having to pour boiling water down the back of the freezer to get the fridge to work each day. I assume it is a problem with the cyclic defrost, but I have no idea how to reapir or at least identify the problem. Can anyone help?

Locate your defrost timer, they are either in the buttom front of the refrigerator, in back of the refrigerator, or inside compartment behind the plastic covers. On the defrost timer there is a slot were it can be turned using a screwdriver, or there ... LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator w/ Swing Freezer Door 22 Cu. Ft. - LRBN22514

Both the refrigerator and freezer has stopped cooling, with the refrigerator going out first and then the freezer getting noticeably warmer a few days later. The refrigerator still seems to be working. This problem started around christmas and the repairman replaced the entire circuit board stating that it was the problem. After that it worked fine until about 3 weeks later it started exhibiting the same behavior. The fridge still sounds the same, nothing different except that it no longer cools

Hello woolcocky - Do you hear anything running in the machine compartment? Does the compressor kick on and off? If it is not, contact a certified technician immediately, sounds like the refrigerator may be experiencing a coolant leak or an issue w ... Frigidaire FRS6R5ESB

It is a Samsung 2 Door Fridge - Model SRS615DP, bought around 2003. The cooling fan in the refrigerator compartments gets noisy as a result of ice build up. 3 Days ago the refrigerator stopped working whilst we were away for the weekend. Three times now I have dismantled the inside of the fridge to thaw the ice from the condensor and fan. Reading peoples blogs on Samsung fridges it appears that the problem may be the insulation surrounding the polystyrene compartment on which the fan is attache

... Refrigerators

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