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Breezaire wkce 1060 does not cool my wine cabinet adequately unit worked OK (but not great when new). Now the unit is 4 years old and will not cool the cabinet more than 11 degrees below room temperature

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I'm not familiar with your unit, but sounds like condenser problems. Check for a dirty coil on the backside or underneath the unit. Also, if it has a fan for that coil, make sure it's running when the compressor is running and that the blades are clean. Other than that, it could have developed a refrigerant leak.

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Breezaire wkce 1060 does not cool my wine cabinet adequately unit worked OK (but not great when new). Now the unit is 4 years old and will not cool the cabinet more than 11 degrees below room temperature

I'm not familiar with your unit, but sounds like condenser problems. Check for a dirty coil on the backside or underneath the unit. Also, if it has a fan for that coil, make sure it's running when the compressor is running and that the blades are cl ... Breezaire Refrigerators

I have the Tuscany 250 Model. The temperature has maintained a consistent 57 degrees for years but now it is fluctuating between 56 and 64 degrees. I replaced the original cooling unit about 6 years ago (I have the Nuvo Cooling unit upgrade by Koolspace). I've tried lowering the temperature to 54 degrees but the inconsisitency remains. Any suggestions or do I need to replace, again, the cooling unit? Thanks for any help you can provide! FYI, the room temperature runs anywhere from 21 to 26 degre

... Vintage Keeper 250 Plus Wine Cellar

LG LFC25760TT fridge/freezer french door; 3 years old. No problems until this week. We returned from vacation to find the freezer working fine but the fridge light would not turn on and the fridge was room temperature. The digital display numbers were still showing (35 degrees and -1 degrees). I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. The fridge then started cooling again and the light works. My questions: Is this a fluke? Is this problem likely to happen again? Just wondering how to best pro

Hi Stephen.The problem was either a defective defrost thermostat, or a frozen damper fan.Problem is fixed by defrosting the unit completely. If problem was the defrost thermostat, or a problem concerning the defrost system (th ... LG LFC25760TT Titanium Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid top-mount refrigerator/freezer KTRS19KKBT02 - my 6 year old unit freezes solid even when the freezer control is turned to only 2, but the temperature in the refrigerator portion barely cools at all, even when I turn that temperature control to 7. I moved food away from the vents, and vacuumed out the coil compartment underneath the fridge. Any help out there? Thanks.

Defrost coils freezing up, possibly a bad defrost timer. Usually a $10 to $15 part. ... Refrigerators

GE PTS25SHSARSS refrigerator no longer cooling. Only four years old. Lights, fans (freezer circulating and compressor) work ok. Compressor comes on intermittently. Can set (adjust the display) temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer and the indicator reverts to actual (room) temperature. Compressor/freon circuit? Control Board? How do I troubleshoot further to pinpoint cause?

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing thencheck out the last two tips. ... Refrigerators

I have a Bosch b20cs51sns that has two problems. First, the ice maker struggled then died. I haven't seen or heard the fan behind the ice maker running in quite a while. Does that directly affect ice making? Second, the refrigerator side randomly doesn't stay cool. It will work fine for a while and then it will start to warm. It doesn't get to room temp but pretty close. But as I said it will then start cooling again. Are these problems related? The unit is two years old.

Hi,Yes these problems could all be interrelated, but the actual problem could be tough to find...I would first check for power at the fan and see if that is the problem....if you have power and it is not running then, Bingo!! ... Bosch Evolution 500 B20CS50SNS

Traulsen g22010 two door upright freezer 5 years old. Cleaned out caked dust from front of compressor. Plugged in running and cooling. On Microprocessor display it reads 239 Red dot on left side (F). Not sure what this number is It states in Manual that parameter C6 is cabinet temp But could not of been had only been running for a minute. Reviewed all parameters and nothing talks about where the temp of actual inside????? Unit has Eng service parameter area too but no codes in owners manual. P

... Traulsen TRN-G22010 Freezer Reach in Two Section Self Contained Ref

Woke up this morning and the refrigerator was running, but not cooling. I can hear the fan running, but the temp of the freezer continued going up to room temperature. It's only three years old, so I have a hard time believing the compressor is already shot.

We have a GE side by side that was only 4 years old before it starting giving us problems. The warranty period was only one year on all parts, including the compressor. Through our research we learned that profile appliances have or did have ... GE Profile 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

I have an Amana(BB120) refer with the freezer on the bottom. The unit is ten years old. The refer is working fine. The freezer, however, won't lower the temperature below 31-32 degrees regardless of the setting of the coldness control. Since it is cooling to some extent, I'm confused as to what the problem may be.

There may be different causes when the freezer is not reaching to the low themperature it should get to.Check that the doors are closing properly and the gaskets are ok.A common cause can be related to evaporator coil proble ... Refrigerators

My fridge is not cold. Freezer isn't cold either. They're both almost room-temperature now. The compressor is running. Its about 5 or 6 years old. Its a middle of the road model. Sears is scheduled for two days from now. They want $70 for the estimate. If i have them do work then the $70 is forgiven. OR.... if I give them a $250 guarantee they will repair or replace the entire unit.

Your fridge probaply have a serius techical problem as below:Problematic thermostat, can not be fixed must be replaced.Freon leak for which, authorised techician with licence can only deal with freon gas.Evaporator fan, temper ... Refrigerators

I have a 19-year-old Kenmore top freezer refrigerator (model #1069610513). The freezer seems fine, but the fridge is warm. It was fine last night but when I opened it this morning the milk felt like room temperature and items were covered in condensation. I changed the setting to the coldest one, and let it closed up for a few more hours, but it is just barely cooling (butter doesn't even firm up).

You might be developing an ice dam in the bottom tray of thr freezer that is obstucting the flow of cold air to the refigerater part of the unit. remove frozen items so you can see the bottom tray and see if you notice an exccesive amount of frosting ... Kenmore Refrigerators

KoolR Plus unit - stopped working (no cooling) just over 1 year old (of course). This is the third unit I have had and all have worked great for 1-2 years and then they simply stop working. The fact that they work perfectly for a couple of years and then simply stop cooling or stop working altogether would indicate to me that this is an incredibly poorly constructed unit!

... Vintage Keeper chillR 300 Wine Cooler

I have an Amana side by side model ARS2664BW. The unit is about 8 years old. The water dispenser on the freezer door quit working and the cooling units inside the freezer and frig are not working proper. There appears to be two cooling units in the freezer and two in the frig. The two bottom cooling units appear to be working but the top two cooling units are not working. Can anyone me with some guidance. Don't know if this is a DIY job or if I need to call the pros. Thank you.

I did a search on Amana.com's knowledge base and didn't find anything useful regarding your two top cooling units not working.\015\012---\015\012At amana.com, I tried to download the manual, but the service was unavailable until 8/9/2010 ... Amana ARS2464B Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrig cooling Unit loosing cooling in freezer and most likely main compartment too. No iceing up, coils were dirty, cleaned them. It does cool correctly for a while then stops blowing cold air before everything is frozen. Compressor seems to be ok. I think is may be a temp sensor. Old unit, maybe 15 years old, used in the garage for extra storage. Unless it's a cheap part I don't see the use in repairing it. Your thoughts?

Suggest turn off, defrost overnight with the doors open restart following day should work within 24hrs, if not possible refrigerant gas leaked out and probably not worth re-gassing at that age of unit.\015\012Regards\015\012Advisor ... Refrigerators

HP15WS My HP15WS Wine refridge is cooling about 10 degrees lower than the set point. I have tried various settings, turned the unit off for 24 hours and back on, still about 10 degrees below the set point, 64 set point is 53.6 degrees actual. The unit is 2 1/2 years old and used to work fine. I clean the cooling fins several times a year. What could be wrong and how do I fix this?

I think you need a new thermostat.\012 \012 I have this Perlick wine cooler: http://smartitbuy.com/s/?p=43735 for 4 years and haven't had any issues with it so far ... Perlick HP15WS Commercial Refrigerator

Samsung RS2578SH Refrigerator stopped cooling, but freezer is fine, It is 6 yrs old and just bought it used, the guy said it worked fine, I plugged it in 5 days ago and everything cooled, then last night the digital temperature guage started blinking that it was catching up to the temperature. so in the manual it says to unplug unit for 9 minutes to reset, but it will not cool

... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

Lost cooling in refer and freezer. Heard a buzzing every few seconds from the lower right. After a day the unit again cooled. Had the Sears tech out today and was told that the compressor had locked up, cool down and was not working again. Said that the compressor needs replacing. Unit is 3 1/2 years old. I was questioning is a relay was bad. No it could not be that. What is the warranty on the compressor? Thanks Dale

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.your type can carry a 2 to 5 year warranty...it is easy to check comp for start up....so if the tech says locked up its locked up....I tried to help you. Please ... Kenmore 24.8 cu. ft. TRIO Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Temperature showing on door indicates freezer is +19 degrees (currently set for 0) . Cannot adjust temperature to recommended + 6 degrees and when it is set there it goes to +25 degrees). Refrigerator section also had temp problem but with frozen food and ice in and under fruit and veg drawers. We cured that with a good cleaning of the back and underneath of Samsung unit but that did not fix freezer. Unit is 3 years old.

Un plug the fridge and remove the top plastic hinge cover...There is a connector there that is for the control panel. Disconnect and reseat that connector...If there is a glob of hot glue there it may keep the connector from totally seating together ... Samsung RB215LASH

Refrigerator seemed to run quite often and at max temp kept things cool at best. The refrigerator (refrigerator only no freezer in unit) is 2 years old and it stopped cooling all together yesterday after we emptied it, cleaned the inside and then went shopping for groceries. I wasn't until we restocked the unit that I realized it was only making noise, so I unpluged it and then plugged it back in. When plugged back in the compressor did not seem to be working and it just clicked when initially p

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Kenmore 60721 Refrigerator

Frig and freezer has quit cooling. This unit is only 7 years old and has been cleaned of lint and dust every 3-4 months. I am not very pleased with Whirpool, I bought 5 appliances at the same time 7 years ago and have had problems with 4!!!!. The relay on the condenser clicks on the off about every 4-5 minutes,condenser is quit warm to the touch ,and I have pulled the unit out to the middle of the floor so as to let more air get around it. My question is would it be the relay? Or is it somethi

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Refrigerators

Hotpoint refrig/frezzer on top. Model #HTS22GBMBRWW. Appx. 7 years old. Unit is running and blowing cool air in the freezer compartment. Unit is not freezing and the refrigonly gets cool.

Hi\015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012 \015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012for using FixYa. The most common fridge ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

We have a 2 year old RV with Dometic RDR 1292 refridgerator/freezer with icemaker. @ months agao after moving the RV from Illinois to California we had a dead refridgerator. We are the 2nd owners and have an extended warranty and call for Service. This was in April. The service man has replaced the cooling unit and the unit still did not cool. The fridge temp stayed at 54 degrees and the freezer at about 30 degrees. He thn came out and rplaced the heating element which had a burned area. Still d

After reading and diagnosis of the detail you provided we reach to a solution that.yes it sounds the thermostat problem for sure.\015\012and yes for your unit the thermostat is inside the icemaker.\015\012replacing the thermostat ... Refrigerators

I Have a kenmore side by side model# 596.51672100. Freezer side is right temperature. Refrigerator side is 60 degrees no matter what I set controls at. Tried manually defrosting both sides and cleaned all areas under and behind unit. Freezer side had large build up of ice on coils before defrosting. This problem happened 2 years ago and manually defrosting solved problem but not this time. Unit is about 9 years old. Thanks

... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 7.8 cu ft danby lp gas refrigerator and last summer it started not cooling as before, it was a gradual process, first lower end of frig then the freezer would not cool, now it is not cooling anywhere. I cleaned out the orifice and air intake at orifice(it has lint in it). I scubbed the tube with the brush provided. The flame now is a good 2 to 3 inch blue flame going up in the tube but it still wont cool. This unit is about 5 years old but only used periodically in the summer time (ab

Good day,\015\012Looks like you've covered the normal problem.\015\012One trick, assuming the gases did not leak out when you where away, is to invert the machine(turn it upside down) and leave it like that overnight. Rig ... Danby DCR34 Compact Refrigerator

This refridgerator is only two years old and power is going to unit and the thermostat is turned up and does not work. Does not cool. All I hear is a humming sound. Is there a warranty on this refridgerator. Store warranty is only 12 montrhs. Do we just through it out. It is only a small unit used in a small bedroom unit in a retirement residence.

The manual and documentation for the DAR0488W is available here: http://www.danby.com/product/DAR0488W/1 . The manufacturer's warranty was a 12 months limited warra ... Danby DAR0488W Refrigerator

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