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Motor runs on for a long time - Bosch Classixx KTR14133 Compact Refrigerator

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Motor runs on for a long time - Bosch Classixx KTR14133 Compact Refrigerator

... Bosch Classixx KTR14133 Compact Refrigerator

Fridge freezes everthing? - Bosch Classixx KTR14133 Compact Refrigerator

... Bosch Classixx KTR14133 Compact Refrigerator

Admiral refrigerator model HMG 621860 Serial no. 10751354SH had a new compressor put in june 27 and we think the refrigeratoring is running to long and are asking what the settings should be on the inside for the freezer (a-g) and the setting in the refrigerator (1-10) or do you feel there is still something else wrong with the refrigerator to make it run so long each time it comes on. edith vasco [email protected]

... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator (RB1855) runs excessively long. Down time 15 minutes and run time 20 minutes. Noise comes out from the compressor. Even raiseed the temp setting (-18 to 17 and 3 to 4) when it is running but the compressor still does not stop in quite minutes (till now). evaporator fan was replaced a couple of months ago and the fridge was running ok.

There are about four different versions of your model. If you like I will send you the manual and we will work together as this refrigerator is very complex. Let me know, Thanks, Sea Breeze ... Samsung Refrigerators

I have side by side refrigerator. It does not want to cool properly. The food will stay frozen as long as it is in the bottom of the freezer. The refrigerator stays semi cool. The fans are running the compressor seems to be running. I did notice that it doesn't look like it is defrosting like it suppose to. The freezer was over packed at one time and I think that had something to do with it. How do I reset the mechanism that will let this defrost again and get it back on it timer

You can first try shutting it down for a day and let it defrost,but i believe if you remove the rear panel inside the freezer and it has a coating of frost and ice on it now,then your going to find that the defrost thermostat or defrost heater has go ... GE Refrigerators

I have a Norcold 323 Refrigerator in a camper that will not cool when operating on AC but does work on gas, ( I cant test the DC as I dont have a 12 volt power sorce). After running in on gas for a while I whitched over to AC and it appears to be running. What could be the problem? The unit is only used a couple times a year since it was purchased in 2005 and hasent been used for the past year. Does the unit require a jump start with the gas after sitting unused for long peroids of time

... Thetford Norcold N323 1.7-cu ft 3-way Built-in Refrigerator

My G E refrigerator is not cooling. I is 60 degrees inside. The freezer part is working fine as far as freezing but the motor is running all the time and there is no cool air running into the refrigerator part.

Sounds like a defrost problem. remove back freezer panel and look for ice on coils which restricts air to the Ref.\012Take your mod number to an appliance parts store and they will sell the parts to fix the defrost system. Most all parts are in ... General Electric Refrigerators

Both the freezer and lower section of refrigerator does not get very cold even at the highest settings. The motor seems to be running all the time and is noisy. Yesterday though I noticed it not running at all and found the food in the freezer starting to thaw. After awhile the motor started again, but still doesnt get very cold. A bottle of water will freeze if left overnight and it will make ice, but ice cream does not get hard. Any ideas?

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Refrigerator runs too long at times and wont shut off

Ill tell u what it is on the machines im havin trouble is related with the incorrect air flow problem passing through the machine and its cpu with no protection from the elements the machine is breaking down very quikly ... Refrigerators

Motor on Frigidaire Gallery side by side refrigerator runs all of the time

... Frigidaire GLRS264ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer and refrigerator sides not cooling correctly. Both maintain some cooling at the bottom, but warm at the top, 50+ degrees. Refrigerator side at bottom is actually below freezing; freezer is not. Fan motor sounds as if it is running, but have not heard the compressor cycle on and off for some time, and when it does it goes off very quickly.

... Jenn-Air JCB2285HES Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator motor is on all of the time. The temperatures seem good in both the freezer and refrigerator but it never seems to shut off. I did lower the temp yesterday and then it finally shut off but this morning it is running non stop again. I am not sure if this is the exact model but it is a large, stainless steel Frigidaire with freezer at the top.

... Frigidaire FFPH31M6LM Top Freezer Refrigerator

I had a refrigerator on our patio running to see if it worked. It ran for a few days and seemed to cool well. A big wind came up and blew it over on it's front. I don't know how long it ran tipped over, but some one unplugged it and I later stood it back up. I let it sit for about 24 hours then plugged it in. It no longer cools at all. I have tried plugging it in a few times since and letting it run for a while but it never gets cold. Is there anything that might make it work again?

If u live near madison wi , i can fix ur problem $135. inclue labor and part ... Refrigerators

We have a Bosch Refrigerator, Model B20CS81SNS, 3 years old. It did run perfect for all this time. Now the freezer section will not reach the preset temperature of 0 deg F. Switched the fridge off for 36 hours to let it defrost, just in case. But it did not cure the problem. It still only reaches about 26 deg. F. Sometimes it will reach 0 deg F for a short time and than go back to 26 deg F. I placed two thermometers in the freezer compartment to check on the temperature. The regular section of t

... Bosch B20CS51SNI Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My freezer works but the refrigerator does not cool. At times if here what I think is the compressor running. There is a motor with a fan blade attached that I do not see running, would this have anything to do with the problem?

Defected DEFROST HEATER can cause frost build up on the panel at the back of the freezer,and freezer stop cooling and ice frozen on unit so air could not flow to refrigerator side.Water will coming out caused of unbalanced freezing,and causing the fl ... Refrigerators

Model ET18NK drain freezes up and water runs down in the inside of the refrigerator box when the refrigerator sits for long periods of time, unused. it is located at a vacation home and just used infrequently but we leave it on.

All refrigerators with a frost free freezer go into a deforst cycle automaticly 3 - 4 x a day. As the frost melts it drips into a pan located behind the rear panal in the freezer, ending up in a pan out side the refrigerator underneth, were it evapor ... Whirlpool 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator ET18PKXG

Should the refrigerator run about the same amount of time it is off? Believe mine runs too long when not in use and set at normal temps.

The more you keep in fridge the less it will run an empty fridge is hard to cool ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

After defrosting my kenmore compact refrigerator, it is not cold anymore. the motor sounds like it's running, the coils in the back are warm/hot to the touch, there is a small amount of cool air blowing inside the refrigerator, but it is not cold anymore.

Ok, this unit will need a recharge asap. this is the result of a low-refrigerant state. ... Kenmore 91493 Stainless Steel Compact Refrigerator

Refrigerator motor runs constantly

... Refrigerators

GE Side by Side Artica Refrigerator. PSS29NGMDWW Freezing things in the fresh food side. Sure enough the little damper was broken where the motor spline hooks on. Tried to order just the damper and fan assy. No dice. had to order the entire assembly. Tried to order the entire assembly but ended up getting a WR49X10091. Everything is different. The damper is completely different, the ducting is different, the fan is the same. Ok I install, now the freezer will never cool down. runs all the time.

We had the same problem with the damper assembly. The gap between the fridge and the freezer, where the new assembly was installed was not sealing properly. We added an additional gasket (which actually came with the assembly but we were instructed ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a Kenmore Coldspot side-by-side refrigerator we got from our son and put in last week. It won't turn on and off, just runs all the time. There is a reset button that turns it off, how long do we leave it off?

Hi,There is no rest ... just a thermostat...you can turn it off with that if you want...\012\012 Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wro ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator seems to run for long periods of time... do you know why?

Older refrigerators generally ran less time, but used much more electricity while running. Newer models run longer, but actually use much less electricity. (kind of like replacing a 100 watt light bulb with a 25 watt one. If the 100 watt one is on ... GE GSS25JEMWW Side by Side

This is for a Whirlpool EB22DKXWN bought in 1992. It's run flawlessly for all these years, but seems to be on for a very long time recently. It seems like it might be on every other hour for a period of close to an hour. Anyone know what kind of maintenance, aside from vacuuming the bottom coils, is necessary on this refrigerator? thanks, Speedyz

... Whirlpool GB2SHKRLS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Our Chefmate compact refrigerator is being used in the cab of our 18 wheeler. It is less than 3 months old. It still runs but doesn't get cold. What would cause this after such a short time?

The coils might need blowing out or it might need a tiny shot of freon ... U-Line 15R Compact Refrigerator

Ge model # tff34rvf refrigerator runs then shuts off for a long time. frezer makes ice and frezes items then things thaw agan

Run times are to long . caused by dirty cond coil or fans running too slow . clean coil first this may correct problem . if not , the the cold control may be failing so replace it next .. and clean it reg . as it wil ... Refrigerators

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