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My beverage air MT45 is freezing all the cooler drinks, even with the thermostat set to the off position.

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If the door is not cloosing properly and need to be adjustment how do u adjust it
Bad thermostat sound like its not shutting off.

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My beverage air MT45 is freezing all the cooler drinks, even with the thermostat set to the off position.

If the door is not cloosing properly and need to be adjustment how do u adjust it ... Beverage-Air MT45 Beverage Cooler Commercial

Ice maker is in off position. ice in hoper is melting and then freezing to everything below it. Air balance is set to almost 3 and thermostat is set to 3 1/2 witch make things in bottom of refrigerator freeze. these settings have been this way for many years with no issues.

Its sounds that you may need to buy a new frige. trying to repair it part by part will have you spent more. well this is just me, i would rather not risk things if there are alternatives :) thats the lesson i learned from my p.c, its obsulette ... Refrigerators

I have LG refrigerator model GN-M602YLQ made in Indonesia sold by LG Pakistani dealership. The freezer section is set to dial "1" position while the refrigerator section is set to 1 degC, even then the brand new refrigerator is not cooling properly and food items like milk and juices are rotten in the refrigerator section. The freezer section is working OK but the refrigerator section is not cooling even as low as 0 degC setting. Refrigerator is located to allow air circulation around it. Please

... LG Refrigerators

I have a Sears Kenmore model 10651582200 side by side refrigerator that is freezing everything in the refrigerator. The damper seems OK. The Freezer setting is set at the lowest and I have the refrigerator (thermostat) set to the off position, yet it still runs and the refrigerator temperature is still in the freezer range. Is it the thermostat or is there another component that might cause this problem?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Many items in the refrigerator compartment have been freezing for the past several months. We have tried just about every temp setting for both freezer and refrigerator side which make no difference. Currently, the levels are set to "5" for both sides. From research I've found on line, a common problem might be a broken air damper, stuck in the open position, resulting in cold air from the freezer coming into the fridge. I saw this to be the case in an article about the GE Artica, which I'm assu

Hi,Before you Proceed, let me ask you few Details :-1. So you see any Ice on the Rear of the Freezer?2.Is it Always High or sometimes it is Cooling less?3. Is it Freezing only the Freezer or the complete unit? ... GE Adora DSS25KSTSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I recently cleaned the jet on my Dometic RM2310. Before that it wouldn't cool enough, even on the highest setting. Now, after cleaning the jet, the main compartment freezes, even on the lowest setting. Any ideas? Thermostat control?

... Dometic RM2193 Compact Refrigerator With Ice Box

Thermostat is tuned up all the way but cooler will only get to about 50 degrees. Compressor does not run all the time so it is like the thermostat is set too high, even on setting of maximum. Can you help?

I need to be gas ... Danby DBC128BLS Beverage Centre

After 1.5 years without problems it now works fine for 3 or 4 weeks then thermostat jumps down to lowest setting on it's own. i drink red wine so keep cooler at 7 or 8 preset setting on farenheit. out of the blue it goes to the default setting of 7 degrees celcius. so i unplug it for a while and the same thing starts over ??????

The temperature probe has gone bad and will need replaced. ... Cuisinart Private Reserve CWC-600 Wine Cooler

Hussmann dsrp-12 open air merchandiser is freezing the product. Is there a thermostat setting somewhere?

... Refrigerators

My freezer is freezing too much even on the lowest setting. The fast freeze button is not active so this is not the cause.. what is likely to be the matter. could it be a faulty thermostat

Hi,\012There can be many reasons why your refrigerator is freezingyour food. To see what could be happening and to figure out how to possibly fixyour problem. Take a look at this tip which contains many of the causes andsolutions to fix the problems. ... Refrigerators

I have a GE Monogram ZDB24A under-counter drink refrigerator. Recently, it started freezing all the drinks we keep in it. Even on lowest setting (1), the compressor will continue running and cool the temperature down to 25 degrees or colder. If I turn the temperature knob toward "off" it will click off the compressor. Resetting the dial to "1" makes the refrigerator behave normally, increasing the temperature up above 40 degrees or so before it clicks back on. I'm assuming this is a bad therm

Hi Rich\015\012\015\012Sounds like it needs a new thermostat. \015\012If you are competent with electrics its a fairly easy repair, only 2 wires and the ground. \015\012See your local fridge wholesaler and ask for a thermostat ... GE ZDB24A Wine Cooler

Hi, I don't know the model number of my Amana Side by Side fridge. Do you know where that information might be located on the fridge? The problem is that it runs all the time even when both dials are set to their lowest settings. The freezer is consistently -20 degrees F. and the fresh food in my fridge freezes. Does that sound like a thermostat problem?

Good day,\015\012Yes, it's the thermostat. On Amana's it's usually the freezer control. The fresh food control was usually a damper. It will be the one that if you turn it to the off position, the machine will stop runnin ... Amana Refrigerators

I have a Jenn aire JRS229 model. It is about 15yrs old. The refrigerator side is not getting that cold anymore even when set on the coldest setting. The freezer still freezes, but not as cold as it used to. Any ideas and is it easy to do it yourself? Please help if anyone can. Thanks.

... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

Norcold DR0051 refrigerator freezing drinks on lowest setting. Any setting is full blast -maybe the thermostat is broke? Is there a part that can be replaced? Thanks!

... Thetford Norcold DE0051 Refrigerator

Hi. I have a Fogel FLP - 27 - 8 sandwich prep fridge. It has started getting colder all of a sudden and is freezing. The temp gets down to 25 or so even tho I have the setting set on 1 now in an attempt to get it back up to 41. It will fluctuate though and is causing food loss. Is this a simple thermostat problem or could there be a larger problem. Also where can I get parts for this model?

... Fogel FLP-278 Commercial Refrigerator

G'Day. Our Fisher & Paykel E372B firdge/freezer is freezing everything inside both compartments. We have set it to various warmer settings to no avail. Support tell us it could be thermostat but it cost too much jsut to get someone to even look at it. Anyone have a technical specification manual for the fridge showing where is the thermostat/feedback assembly so I can investigate myself? Thanks.

... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

I have a kenmore mini-fridge which is only a few years old. It works fine other than the fact that it freezes my food in the refrigerator section even when I have the thermostat set on the lowest possible temperature. It has a freezer which works fine but I would rather not freeze the food in the fridge section. Is this a problem I can get fixed?

They do that when they are on the way to the big kitchen in the sky. sorry, but mini fridges do not typically last very long. ... Refrigerators

Have a Zanussi ZCF132 Chest freezer. In normal mode the freezer has ceased to freeze even with setting to highest position i.e. 7. However when the super freeze switch is pressed it does as described, however I dread to think how much the electricity meter is whizzing round. I am based in croydon surrey

Sounds like the thermostat.when you engage the super freeze button you merely bypass the thermostat to enable full time running of the freezer this is all the superfreeze button does ... Refrigerators

My beverage cooler freezes all my drinks no matter what the temp setting is set to.

... Viking DUAR150R Beverage Cooler

Maytag refrigerator with freezer on bottom (MFF2557HE) Ice maker quit working. Refrigerator freezes food placed in the back and in the drawers even thought thermostat is set to a low setting. Freezer appears to perform normally except for the ice maker.

... Maytag MTB2456G Top Freezer Refrigerator

The refrigerator is freezing even at lowest setting. It's running at 20 to 22 degrees on lowest setting. the refrigerator is about 5 years old. Is it the thermostat?

Yes chang stat.. also sensors if it has any .. ... Maytag MCD2257HES Side by Side Refrigerator

Two issues Ice maker makes loud crashing sounds but makes almost no ice. I thought someone was breaking in once evening, it's that loud! The upper compartment freezes soda cans,it freezes just about everything even set at 40. The deli tray is OK it hasn't frozen food so far, sometimes the veggie crispers freeze also. Frig started out not cooling enough even when set at 34, that was 14 months ago. It freezes almost all the time now. Any ideas? This is a French door RF265AABP, purchased in July 07

Well here is How I fixed My French Door Ice Maker, It made the same loud crashing sounds, and seldom put out much ice. To the point that it made no ice at all. First, Make sure you can get water out of the front, if not, your water l ... Samsung RF265AA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My GE side by side fridge model GSH22JFTA BB stopped making ice a few months ago. Water is fine. Haven't had a chance to get it fixed, but now both freezer and fridge side do not get cold even on highest setting. This started about a week ago. Doesn't seem like the fan is blowing any air around either. There is some frost on the back of the freezer wall, but it is not cold enough to freeze any food. Bottom drawer of fridge is the only really cold area. It's only 2 years old - is this an ex

Find a parts supplier (usually service providers can order or may stock the part you need) and get a defrost heater assembly, part number WR51X10101 for your refrigerator. Unload the freezer and unplug refrigerator from power. Take out the fr ... Refrigerators

My fridge keeps freezing everything even on the lowest setting - does it need a new thermostat?

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Hotpoint RLA30 Compact Refrigerator

I have a hotpoint ice diamond fridge which has begun to freeze its contents, even on lowest setting. I replaced the thermostat 3 years ago and again 18 months ago due to the opposite problem of not cooling and all has been fine until now. Is this the thermo again or should i look elsewhere? Regards Bibz

It is the thermostat . the problem occurs when installing the thermostat the small pipe must not bend more than 45degrees. the point of application on the evaparator plate that makes cold is it tight fitted there ... Refrigerators

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