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What is the temperature for the thermostat settings?

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I usually set mine at 38 or 40 that way things wont freeze but stay cold.

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I have a Sears Kenmore model 10651582200 side by side refrigerator that is freezing everything in the refrigerator. The damper seems OK. The Freezer setting is set at the lowest and I have the refrigerator (thermostat) set to the off position, yet it still runs and the refrigerator temperature is still in the freezer range. Is it the thermostat or is there another component that might cause this problem?

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50/50 split Tower fridge/freezer. The top fridge compartment runs fine, but the freezer compartment is'nt working properly. Only the top two shelves seem to be able to freeze food. The bottom of the freezer is barely able to freeze. The freezer thermostat is set to 6 out of 7 settings and the motor/compressor runs continuously as dictated by the thermostat, but just can't get the temperature down further than -5. So basically, the top of the freezer compartment is freezing but gets warmer neare

... Refrigerators

Temperature control we have a randell pizza prep table, model dpm102r...the problem we are having is that the temperature is fluctuating significantly. It has been filled with freon 2x, they checked for leaks and none were found. We have been told that changing the thermostat might take care of the problem or maybe put in a timer. Is there any way we can adjust the thermostat ourselves? what setting would we need to put it on. At what PSI level should it be?...In the part where the coils are(is

Http://www.randell.com/assets/docs/randell/Custom_OM_DPM.pdf\012go to this web site and check out the manual. It has some general info th ... Randell (84111NPCB)

My samsung refrigerator model RB1855SL is experiencing a temperature sensor issue. The freezer target temp is set to zero degrees and the refrigerator to 38. The unit cools itself down to the target temperatures however as the temperature inside the unit increases the temperature sensors do not register that the temperature is rising. The externally facing temperature gauges still read 0 and 38. I flip the breaker and then the digital thermostat changes to the refrigerator being at 51 and the fr

Hey Luckydawg70, did you ever get the issue worked out? I'm experiencing the same thing with mine. I've been unplugging and replugging it in to keep it cold. ... Samsung Refrigerators

My Miele K9757 iD has started freezing everything I put into the three perfect fresh compartments.The top half is fine and the temperature is set to 5C. There doesn't seem to be any way to regulate the temperature in the perfect fresh compartments? Has the thermostat gone bananas? How could this have spontaneously happened when the top fridge is still fine?

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The printed circuit board is a rather expensive item and I would check or have checked the defrost heaters and defrost thermostat first to find if the problem is there. If there is no problem in the heaters or thermostat then go to the next step. ... Refrigerators

I have a Danby Silhouette wine cooler, model # DWC612BLP. It will not hold @ a certain temperature. U can set the digital thermostat reading @ certain temp, it will cool down to that temp, but once the temp starts to climb, it will not kick the compressor & fan in to cool back to the set temp unless u unplug the unit, wait few minutes then plug back in. then it will run & cool down & then when needs to cool again, have to do the same thing all over again. What would be the problem??

The device works like a refrigerator ..and there for the thermostat is to blame that it do not kick in the compressor once that the temperature exceeds the one that you preset ..So the action to do is to change the thermostat and will work fine .. ... Danby DWC612BLP Wine Cooler

My wife cleaned our Maytag refrigerator (MZD2666KEW) the other day. She started it up with the same temperature setting she had, but everything in the refigerator compartment froze. Now its on the lowest thermostat settings and seems to be working ok, but I'm concerned because we have no downside adjustment available. What could be the problem?

There is a rod like thermometer. You might check it and make sure that it is clear. Take a damp rag and clean it again. It could have cleaning solution. ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE Model# GSS22WGMA BB refrigerator. The condenser coil was stopped up so i cleaned it. It worked great for 24 hours. Now it will not maintain temperature in the freezer or in the refrigerator even though i have both thermostat settings turned down to the coldest settings(9). It appears it might be going into defrost and staying in defrost too long. Help!!!

Hi\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Kindly check it could be because of any of the\015\012following reasons:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Freezer\015\012may not be cold enough. Temperature must ... GE Refrigerators

GE Refrigerator Model TBX18QPNL [Serial SG509659] freezer or refrigerated sections are pulling down to required temperatures for either. This despite moving thermostat throughout entire range one setting at a time and waiting 24 hours in between each setting change. What is the most likely cause (s) of this anomaly and the corrective action (s) necessary to resolve same?

. Cut everything off for a few minutes then turn it back on and listen for a click from the compressor relay as the compressor tries to start.Is the compressor motor running.If no check starter/overload relay. Check to see if ... Refrigerators

Thermostat replacement thermostat in freezer seems to fail - that is freeze box temperature rises despite trying to set it to -11

... Prestige Appliances PRT295FFCS (9.3 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Thermostat after setting the thermostat at the desired temperature i.e. 36f the indicator then goes to 48f. There is nothing in the manual that describes this problem Help rock729

It's the Danby "auto-defrost" feature. It cycles off every 24 hrs to defrost, at which time the temp rises (as the unit isn't running!). Not much you can do.\015\012\015\012By the way, the blue LED temp display isn't accurate. It NEVER gets 36 (li ... Danby DKC645BLS Compact Beverage Cooler

Bought a side by side Frigidaire Model GLRS64ZEB7 and cannot bring the refirgerator temp below 40 degrees. Had the thermostat replaced, but to no avail. When we were told to put the setting back to factory setting the temperature climbed to 60 degrees within 2 hours without once opening the doors. What could be the problem?

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have an Electrolux Fridge Freezer Model Number ER2940B, which is probably about 12 years old. The fridge no longer keeps things cool enough although the temperature control in the fridge has been set to the coolest setting. Is it likely that the thermostat is faulty and needs replaced? Can a theromstat usually be fitted by someone with very limited technical knowledge/practical skills (like myself) or am I likely to need to call a tradesman in? I'm wondering whether it's worth the time and tr

... Electrolux Refrigerators

The thermostat does not hold the temperature which was set up (+37). The temperature drops gradually much below recommended +37.

... GE Refrigerators

We have an older Kelvinator Deluxe refrigerator purchased in 1974. The freezer part works. The bottom barely cools regardless of the temperature setting. It has survived three hurricanes Rita, Gustav, and Ike, and we have no idea where the manual is. Due to sitting 37 days with the power off after Rita, much scrubbing with bleach was required, and we can find no identifying numbers. We had the same problem about 20 years ago, and the thermostat was replaced. This part was difficult to find

Problem solved,and another preventive maintenance trick was learned. For $19.95, I'll  spill the beans.  Your nick name is Schmutsky and your password is 4-15-forever.  to change your name and password to something you can more easily ... Gladiator GAFZ21XXMK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Maytag bottom freezer, Model MBF2256HEW. It is running too cold in the freezer (ice cream, for example, is hard as a rock), and not cold enough up top in the refrigerator. It does not seem to respond to adjustments using the temperature settings. What is going on? Just a thermostat?

First of all reset both of your settings to the middle. If there is a problem, adjusting the settings will not make any difference in temperature. Check to see if the fans are running both in the freezer section and by the compressor at t ... Refrigerators

I've had this unot for a few years and just this past week the refrigerator side is acting more like a freezer as everything is frozen... ( The temperature setting is only at 46 degrees) What could be the problem? (Bad thermostat??) Thanks

What is the make and model # ... Refrigerators

My GE Refrigerator Model No. GSS25WGPA BB is warmer than usual. Temperature is set at coldest for the refrigerator and freezer. There is frost build up on the back panel inside the freezer. Icemaker is working, but the ice cubes are not completely solid. Water dispenser is working. I am suspecting that there may be a faulty defrost system -- timer, heater or thermostat.

Yes any one of these ... GE Refrigerators

Refrigerator Freezing I have a Sear's Side by Side Refrigerator 106.50542001 made by Whirlpool. The Refrigerator side has been freezing since replacing the Condenser fan unit with a universal motor. I then replaced the Thermostat control unit. The Refrigerator compartment unit is still freezing. The Freezer section goes below -27 and the Refrigerator section goes to 10 to 18 degrees very quickly. I have to shut the unit off to warm it up. Changing the Temperature settings in any direction

The damper is stuck in the open position that freezes the top compartment and freezes the water lines and filter on the top shelf and will crack it. Move things down lower and shut off water till you fix. ... Refrigerators

Frig freezer bosch kgv3120gb/01 with the thermostat set at no 5 the temperature in the freezer compartment is only minus 5

Hello button7Welcome,How old is your unit?\015\012\015\012Check if your freezer is packed so full that you have articles covering the air vents found in the rear of most freezers.\015\012 ... Bosch Refrigerators

We have an Admiral American style fridge freezer. The thermostat appears to be broken as even when turned down to the minimum temperature setting items are frozen in the fridge compartment.

We phoned an engineer and he will be arriving in 5 minutes! Let's hope he has the parts needed to sort this one out! ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire plru1778es0 temperature does not go below 48 deg even when thermostat dial is set to max position 7 food is spoiling quickly

... Refrigerators

I was attempting to put the temperature dial to the very warmest setting possible. I turned the dial to off and attempted to move it ever so slightly to stop the moment it kicked on. I heard some arching and now it will not kick on at all. I am not sure if i messed up the thermostat or what.

If the arching came from the thermostat area it is possible to unplug and just replace the thermostat. Thermostats are easy to go out. If it's just a typical thermostat unplug the refrigerator and reinstall a new one. Now if it's digital you may have ... GE Refrigerators

I have a kenmore mini-fridge which is only a few years old. It works fine other than the fact that it freezes my food in the refrigerator section even when I have the thermostat set on the lowest possible temperature. It has a freezer which works fine but I would rather not freeze the food in the fridge section. Is this a problem I can get fixed?

They do that when they are on the way to the big kitchen in the sky. sorry, but mini fridges do not typically last very long. ... Refrigerators

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