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Hi ,The frig. was working good. The door let opened for 24 hrs. running, got hot. now the frig. runs yet wont cool down. And yes I now have the door shut.

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Hi ,The frig. was working good. The door let opened for 24 hrs. running, got hot. now the frig. runs yet wont cool down. And yes I now have the door shut.

... Avanti BD6000 Stainless Steel

We have a side by side GE. The freezer freezes solid and then the cool air can not travel up the back side to the frig and the frig get really warm. Can we shut off the freezer and still have the frig work? We have had the computer panel on the back, the ice maker arm motor and the defroster coil all replaced. I will not put any more money into it. Could it be that the flap on the front of the door to dispense ice doesn't seal completely?

Hello,Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel ,\015\012 is the main control board . Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug \015\012from the board , with 3 larger wires going to it . Looking at the blue \0 ... GE Refrigerators

I purchased my whirlpool frig May 2009, it suddenly is not keeping the frig part cold and I have lost all my groceries. The freezer is making ice and is cool. This is too soon for this machine to be shutting down. Is there some type of recall or defect in this unit? I have a black model ER2CHMXP805 series EY1503479. I am very upset with this situation, whirlpool is a name that one should be able to trust as a good product, yet it has let me down and I feel as though my $900 could have gone to a

The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper) between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air through it. Make sure this fan is running. You may have to hold the door switch in for it to run. There is a flap y ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

My double door frig gets its air passage blocked again and again with ice and it stops cooling. When the ice is cleared either opening the freezer back, or shutting it down, frig starts working, but in a weeks time again get blocked with ice. Called mechanic thrice, but not able to find fault despite changing Timer & another part. Please help.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Let's try this:\015\012\015\012Check temp. settings the freezer knob controls thermostat settings, set it about one third of the scale.\015\012\015\012The fridge knob, (set it half way) controls ... GE GSL22JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana side by side model ARS2664BW. The unit is about 8 years old. The water dispenser on the freezer door quit working and the cooling units inside the freezer and frig are not working proper. There appears to be two cooling units in the freezer and two in the frig. The two bottom cooling units appear to be working but the top two cooling units are not working. Can anyone me with some guidance. Don't know if this is a DIY job or if I need to call the pros. Thank you.

I did a search on Amana.com's knowledge base and didn't find anything useful regarding your two top cooling units not working.\015\012---\015\012At amana.com, I tried to download the manual, but the service was unavailable until 8/9/2010 ... Amana ARS2464B Side by Side Refrigerator

It would seem that the fan that circulates air inside both the freezer and frig aren't working. The freezer is very cold at the bottom of the unit, and the frig is cool down by the bottom crispers. The top shelves aren't getting the temps. I have a fan output vent that feeds cool air to a crisper on located on my frig door. There is no air coming out of it.

I did it without spending a dime! I found a REAL site that directed me to the problem and sure enough that was it. Nice SCAM you got going here. I'm unsubscribed from you, and any further scams you may try to bait me on! ... Amana Refrigerators

Had the timer replaced today in the refridgerator because it wasn't cooling properly and time was sticking in defrost mode. Now the fridge is cooling fine but it doesnt seem to shut off. we havent put food back in it yet as the repairman said to give it 24 hrs to cool. How long should it continue to run before shutting off?

Good day,24 to 48 hours would be a normal time to wait for proper cycling.Important thru this time period to avoid haunting the machine by opening the doors a lot. That will just drag out the time. ... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

Double Door WP - Freezer has stopped cooling, I cleaned out and now frig side has started to not keep constant cool temp. But it's running - I vaccumed the coil under the front behind the grill, pulled it from soffit noticed on back at bottom there is a piece of cardboard screwed to frig, pulled corner down and there is like an insulation lining behind the cardboard and it has black "sut" on the insulation HELP....whats the problem? The frig is about 9 yrs old. msfixitherself!

Check if interior fans work too ... Refrigerators

I have a kenmore frig 10653502300 cooling is fine all fans and compressor works. but when cooling cycle is to start neither compressor , condensing fan, or evaporation fan comes on, until either door is closed and seemingly the jolt of the door begins the cycle, i need a electrical schematic to determine which component is common to all three on start up. thanks [email protected]

\015\012The diagram above is the electrical wiring circuit schematics of kenmore frig 10653502300/ kenmore ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Samsung Model RS2555Sll refrig. The lights on the electronic panel (outside of freezer door) went out. i.e the temp readout for the frig and freezer do not light up (only one line of one number is lite up green) Inside lights, Ice and water dispenser work...I've had doors opened...and the frig has yet to kick on. Big problem?

The wirings are located at the top in the back side of the freezer compartment internally.And if the lights are not working then you will require the light switch and the light controlling module.\015\012To get required part click on the link directl ... Samsung RS2556 Side by Side Refrigerator

I bought a used GE GSS25JFMB WW and the frig side is cooling but it is freezing my food in the bottom of it. The freezer is cool but not freezing. The person I bought it from came back and looked and said he would get a new circuit board as it was damaged upon moving it in but I have yet to hear back from him and would like to get my frig fixed. What might the problem be?

... GE GSS25JF Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool refrigerator model number ET8WTEXVQ 02 when I unscrew the light and set the therostat to off the refrigerator gets cool again with door open but when I shut door there is a ticking type noice and it stops cooling

Must be on a shunt circuit. The light controls how much amperage the thermostat gets ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Westinghouse virtuoso fridge door wont shut. it is hitting at the bottom. model number RJ525V-R. You have to lift the door to shut it.

SPACER WASHER ON PIN HINGE GON AWOL/REPLACE IT..if can lay unit over to get to screws on bottom hinge of unit underside, awkward/heavy, not on your own please ,this mother is heavy......... ... Refrigerators

LG GR431SCA fridge will not cool properly and top half of freezer and ice maker section will not freeze. The bottom half of the freezer (below the shelf) freezes well, but above the shelf and the ice cube making section will not freeze food at all. The fridge does not cool properly, it is coolish, but far from normal. I noticed that the vent in the fridge (that leads from the freezer) does not blow out any cold air when I have the fridge door open, yet when I open the freezer door at the same

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator model # 253.52322200. It starts up and cools fine for awhile, maybe 4 to 5 hours. Then it stops cooling. I think it runs until it reaches the correct temperature then the compressor shuts off and wont restart. There is a loud buzz, which I guess is the overload relay, that buzzes for about 10 seconds then stops. Then it will do it again about 10 minutes later. At this point I have to shut the freezer off and wait about 4 hours before the compressor wil

First, you need to determine what the problem is. Remove the rear cover\015\012in the freezer, and check for COMPLETE coil coverage (of ice). If so,\015\012the defrost system has failed. If not, then problem is in the sealed\015\012system, and should ... Refrigerators

I have a commercial freezer and I just replaced the gasket. Its the exact fit for this model and didnt have any problems installing it. When I close the door it wont stay shut in other words the gasket wont will not press into the door. Can someone help? Thanks in advance

This is happening because of the new gaskets, what you do is lay something against the door or doors overnight and tomorrow they will be great. hopw this helps. ... Turbo Air TSR-49SD Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerator

The freezer (left side) is not closing all the way and I can't seem to figure out how to put the side detachable baskets back into the freezer door. any help? I made sure to clear out any food that would refrain the door from closing but when I do close it, the door wont hook shut. Like when I open and close the right door the freezer immediatley opens up.

GE has a design defect where the latches fall off, so the doors won't stay closed. http://www.repairclinic.com/GE-Refrigerator-Parts ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 7.8 cu ft danby lp gas refrigerator and last summer it started not cooling as before, it was a gradual process, first lower end of frig then the freezer would not cool, now it is not cooling anywhere. I cleaned out the orifice and air intake at orifice(it has lint in it). I scubbed the tube with the brush provided. The flame now is a good 2 to 3 inch blue flame going up in the tube but it still wont cool. This unit is about 5 years old but only used periodically in the summer time (ab

Good day,\015\012Looks like you've covered the normal problem.\015\012One trick, assuming the gases did not leak out when you where away, is to invert the machine(turn it upside down) and leave it like that overnight. Rig ... Danby DCR34 Compact Refrigerator

Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer. freezer works great, fridge isnt cold('50) the vent between the fridge and the freezer at the top left rear keeps getting clogged with frost, and the ice door in the freezer door makes a moaning sound when freezer door is closed. also, the fridge door becomes extremely difficult to reopen after initially closing(vacuum lock?) please help, the thing seems to run an awful long time yet shuts down from time to time so i think the defrost timer's working

Good day,\015\012The vacuum lock effect is normal. Indication of a tight box.\015\012The thermostat would cause the machine to run for a long time, since that area isn't cold enough. \015\012This is my sugges ... Master Bilt Indoor Step In Cooler 70""W x 70""D x 92 and three quarters""H med

My LG refrigerator is not working. The interior lights come on when the door is open but the unit does not cool or operate. Thre in door water does not work. The freezer does not freeze. The display panel on the door does not illuminate. The unit was working perfectly before the power to the house was shut off by an electrician to replace the service panel on the outside of the house.

Keep it plugged in it might start working after it reset itself. ... LG LRFD25850 Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

I have a MFI2568AEW Maytag refrigerator that started flashing the door alarm today even though the doors are shut. After 3-4 minutes, the lights on the inside of the refrigerator stop working. Everything but the lights appears to be working fine for now i.e. it still appears to be cooling, etc. A reset of the power on the refrigerator resets the door alarm but 5 minutes later, it starts flashing/beeping again. Can someone tell me what the problem might be and how I might resolve it?

Sounds like the switch that activates the light on and off is either out of adjustment or broken. ... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

The compressor will not shut off even though the unit has reached and gone well below the desired set temperature. The thermometer works because it shows the actual temperature. But, the unit continues to cool to freezing temperatures ruining our wine. Then the orange light cones on, but the green light stays on as well as the unit continues to cool. It is both trying to cool and heat at the same time. Please help! Why wont the compressor stop running? We have a Eurocave comfort 260 with

Hi,\015\012\015\012With that unit having a digital temperature control... the problem is probably the sensor....\015\012\015\012Did a quick search on the internet for parts for them and there seems to be nothing...\015\0 ... EuroCave Comfort 260 - Black Solid Door

Kenmore SxS 106.9545711, The top portion of frig is warm, the defrost timer has been replaced and the thermocouple checks fine. The door lights don't come on when the door is opened, and the cooling fan does not run when the door is closed. The coils are cold but not frozen over with ice. I checked the switches and there is power to them. I jumped the switch to get the light to glow but that didn't work. What should I check next?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

The seals on the doors need replaced. They leak cold air and when you shut the freezer door the frig door pops open.How do I replace the seals?

You can peel back the seal looking behind it and there should be screws all the way around it.\015\012Or you problem could be caused by-\015\012The lower hinge on each door\015\012may have a door closing cam. It raises the door up ¼ inch ... Refrigerators

GE frig model TBX18CHB SER # TT569881, made in 1986. The seal on the bottom door of frig is tearing, not affecting the air flow yet. If i want to replace, doing the work myself, where do i get another seal, and how do i proceed. Older frig- parts available where? Also, in maintaining, vacuum coils on back of fridge. anything else i should be doing? thanks!

Maintaining condenser coils - just keep them clean with a condense coil brush.Replacing an older seal can be done with a replacement kit. or do-it-yourself generic size gasket.Any appliance repair shop will have a one-size-fi ... Refrigerators

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