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Refrigerator leaking water from front of freezer to refrigerator

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Check to see that the drain line is clear in the back of the freezer.

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My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator is leaking water from the freezer side. It is coming from under the front leg on the unit, not the door itself. I noticed that there is puddle of water frozen on the bottom of the freezer. thast was not there until it started to show signs of leaking. I took the bottom front cover off and there was no leaks from the plastic hose going to the water dispencer on the door. I beleive it is the Ice maker or maybe the drain is clogged based upon what I read in

... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator is leaking water from the freezer side. It is coming from under the front leg on the unit, not the door itself. I noticed that there is puddle of water frozen on the bottom of the freezer. thast was not there until it started to show signs of leaking. I took the bottom front cover off and there was no leaks from the plastic hose going to the water dispencer on the door. I beleive it is the Ice maker or maybe the drain is clogged based upon what I read in


Refrigerator leak I have an intermittent leak from the left front of my Maytag side by side refrigerator freezer. it appears that the leak is coming from the tubing from the water line to the ice maker. The tubing can be pulled out from below the left freezer door. When I pull it out, there is a coupling? apparently joining the tube from the water line and from the ice maker. The male ends of the tubes seem to have small holes where they enter the coupling. Why would the tube be leaking fro

The water fill tube for i/m is on the back of ref. the tube you have is to the water dispenser. look in freezer floor, is it full of ice? if so, remove all ice and clear drain hole for evap. if not, reassemble what you took apart and inspect tube und ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an older 363.9552414. Water appears periodically on the floor in front of the refrigerator. It is hard to see just where it is coming from. There does not seem to be a drain hole in the refrigerator part, but there is a drain hole in the freezer section. There is a buildup of ice around the drain hole, and a thin sheet of ice on the floor of the freezer section. So my guess is the freezer drain hole is blocked, perhaps by ice, and water is building up and then leaking out the front p

You are pretty good at diag the problem . want a job? mm the ice build up on the bottom of freezer floor is because it didn't go down the drain because it's full of ice. ( you did good . ) so you need to deice the ... Refrigerators

This is a side by side refrigerator/freezer with water freezing on the bottom of the freezer as well as water pooling under the freezer area & seeping out the side and front of the freezer on the floor. We pulled out the refrigerator and saw no leaks where the tubing is connected. Is thare a pan under this refrigerator or some other area that this water is coming from. The ice maker is working well as is the in-door water service. How do I identify the problem? I have never emptied a water tray

Defrost wiring problem, defroster stuck on or timer not working properly , eventually wires may short out. Had this problem on my whirlpool ... Refrigerators

Ff1102ss leak Every so often the top freezer seems to leak water that trails down the front door and onto the floor. If I look up "inside the slots" under the freezer (from the refrigerator section) it almost looks like there is packing foam plastic in there but on the right side it is broken out while it solid across to the left side. The water leaks from this right side. If I dry up the water it usually doesn't leak again for several days. any idea what might be happening? Joe

... Avanti FF1102SS Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a side by side Profile and I this weekend I had a leak from the freezer which I discovered was due to the water tube to the ice maker being dislodged. I had a quite a bit of ice at the bottom of the freezer and water was flowing over this and coming out in front of the refrigerator. I fixed this and got the ice from the bottom removed. Leak is now gone but the next day I noticed the items in the refrigerator itself were not longer that cold. I can here the fan blowing but it is not ge

If it has been a big spill then definitely the remaining ice on the coils could have acted as a blanket shielding the coils and preventing them from extracting the heat. Defrosting the entire unit is the exact way of dealing with that and it should b ... GE Profile 23.1 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - High-Gloss White

Leaking water from the bottom on the freezer side. It's a side by side refrigerator and is set up for water/ice on the front left(freezer) side but this has been disconnected and is not in use. Water seems to come from the bottom left and out onto the floor, about every 2 days. Ice builds up in the very bottom of the freezer and when removed-the water stops leaking but builds up again and the process starts all over again.

Check this website repairclinic.com they are talking about a clogged drain plug for the defrost cycle. seems we have exactly the same situation. see if this helps ... Kenmore Refrigerators

My Admiral refrigerator leaks water about once a month. The leak is under the front, right-hand side of the refrigerator when facing it. I don't know where this water is coming from. It is not a constant leak. This is not a side by side model but rather freezer on top. The ice maker hasn't worked for years either.

Not sure if you fixed, but mine was having the same problem. Take a flash light & check for ice in the back vent underneath the very bottom shelf in the freezer. If you see ice in there, completely defrost until the ice is gone & the plastic ... Refrigerators

I know this is strange but here goes. I have a Kenmore Coldspot side by side Refrigerator. This past summer, it was leaking water out the front freezer door. We turned off the water and called a repair man. When he came, it would not repeat the problem. Slowly, a strange smell has arisen in the Fridge and freezer and has tainted the ice and water taste too. It is not my cleanliness! I have cleaned out both sides to no avail. Could there by a leak or a hose problem or something else? Thanks.

Turn off the fridge. Remove the freezer bins in the bottom. Defrost the drain line with a hair dryer.It is on the lower back portion of the freezer. Break up the ice on the freezer floor and dispose of it.Discard any old freezer food. Change ou ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Once a day my refrigerator has water that comes out the front door of the freezer and pours onto my floor. The bottom of the freezer is full of water, and it does not matter if my ice maker is on or off, it still happens. Also occasionally the water dispenser will not dispense water, almost as if it is frozen but then eventually it begons working again. What do I need to do (especially for the water leak) before major damage is done?

This is caused by a defrost Drain Blockage. Click here=> Sea Breeze Tip'sHope this helps, Thanks, Sea Breeze ... GE GSL25JFPBS Side by Side Refrigerator

My Hotpoint refrigerator (model HSM25GFTA SA) leaks out of the back, right corner when we push the water dispenser in front. It may be important that a couple days someone pushed the temperature setting for the freezer up to "9" for an unknown period of time. The freezer has been set to "5" for the last two days. Oddly the icemaker works normally. Yesterday I replaced the water filter. Is the water-supply line frozen, or is there a worse problem? TIA

... Hotpoint Refrigerators

I have a Jenn-Aire refrigerator -- Model JCB2388GR. Approximately every other day I find a small puddle of water in front of the appliance on the floor in front of the freezer (left hand side) which seems to be leaking down through the freezer compartment. Any ideas what the cause of this could be and what it would take to remedy the problem? Thanks.

... Jenn-Air JCB2388G Side by Side Refrigerator

There is water building up inside of the freezer at the bottom and freezing. Some of it leaked out the front onto the floor. The water hoses are all intact and well connected. The refrigerator fan comes on ok. The freezer is staying cold and making ice. Is it possible that there is some kind of restriction in the defrost line hose. If so where is that line located and could I defrost it with heat (i.e. hair blower)?

Clean the drain tray and drain line in the back of the freezer section, located\012 behind \012the back cover and underneath the evaporator coil. (hint: use turkey \01 ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Model 795.75193401 Kenmore Trio french door refrigerator with ice maker in freezer compartment. Water is leaking into the freezer and onto the floor from the left front corner under the bottom of the refrigerator

... Kenmore 24.8 cu. ft. Trio French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Our Jenn-Air refrigerator appears to be leaking, as evidenced by buckling floor boards in front of and behind the refrigerator in the next room. This double door fridge (top), freezer bottom was new in Oct. 2007: it has a cold water delivery system with a filter (upper right) and a push-button faucet on the left panel. Can the water be turned off? Have you a local specialist repair person in Louisville, KY? David Mann ([email protected]) or (502) 896-1751.

The water can be off and not use it tell you find the leak. I am checking now with Jenn-Air dealer for best repair facilities close to you so you can pick one. Let me know if you need to go further with it. Please do not forget to rate our servic ... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

My Kenmore upright refrigerator-freezer, Model 55771, leaks water ocassionally out the left hand lower front corner of the freezer compartment as you face the doors. I already changed out the heating coils in the back of the freezer compartment that deice the cooling coils. A layer of ice forms on the bottom of the freezer, so I assume that things aren't draining properly during the defrosting cycle. The problem is so persistent that it has warped the plywood under the floor tiles. The unit

Remove rear bottom panel of unit. You will see the drain pan built on top of compressor. There should be water in here. If not, then the drain is plugged ... Refrigerators

Leak we have a leak in the front of our freezer part of the refrigerator. This leak is intermittent, about 1/4 cup when it leaks. It comes from the hindge where the wires and water supply goes into the door.

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012I have the fault with inside the freezer, so I will do as above.\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for the advice ... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

My Refrigerator leaks water now and then. It seems to be leaking inside the refrigerator portion below the freezer portion. The whole unit seems to work fine and there is no ice buildup in the freezer portion. It leaks water maybe once a week onto the floor. I dry all the water under the vegetable crisper, and wait again till it begins to leak. Ideas?

Take the back wall of your freezer out open it and clean the drain hole in the bottom you can clean it with turkey pump :) ez job good luck ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have an LG refrigerator model#LRTN19320BQ and a lot of water builds up in the freezer and freezes to a solid block....also water leaks from the front bottom left into a big puddle on the floor. What could be the problem?

... LG LRB-P1031 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Maytag side by side refrigerator model MSD2356AEA purchased April 1999. Recently is has been leaking a small amount of water twice a day from the front of the freezer at the bottom. I am wondering if it has something to do with the defrost cycle and the water is not making it to the pan for evaporation - perhaps a clog/blockage of some sort. If so, how do I clear out the blockage? Thanks!

30 years Experience in Home Refrigerator,Washer,Dryer, RepairI would love to help you find a solution.Leo [email protected] ... Maytag Refrigerators

I have a maytag MSD2756GEW model side by side refrig. water started to leak onto the floor from the front freezer door. Now the freezer and refrigerator section is not cooling at all

Water leak-The evaporator coils frost up in normal use and every eight hours or so the entire unit shuts down and the defrost heater comes on to melt the frost. This cycle last about 20 minutes. The melted frost drips into a drain pan and through a d ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Water is leaking from the freezer down into the refrigerator at the front, but freezer is freezing.

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.It seems your drain tube from the freezer is clogged or frozen. this tube is used during defrosting.since the unit cant drain, it drains into the refrigerator.I ... Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with Factory Installed Ice Maker

I have a Samsung Refrigerator SRS535NW it has water leaking from the front freezer side and there is ice build up on the bottom in front of the door.

Read this. it might be of help\015\012http://techie-doc.blogspot.com/2010/09/fixing-refrigerator-problem-frosting-in.html ... Samsung Refrigerators

Why is water collecting under the crisper drawers of my Kenmore 73834 Top Freezer Refrigerator and leaking out the front door? I have vacuumed under the front.

Most likely and commonly, the water tube in the back bottom gets clogged up and won't drip into the drip pan/evaporator pan. ... Kenmore 73832 / 73834 Top Freezer Refrigerator

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