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Amana refrigerator SQD23VW

\015 The freezer isn't freezing at all . It's an amana side by side model # :sqd23vw.any ideas what to look at?\015

Answers :

If the freezer is not freezing. I am guessing that the refrigerator is not cold also. Here is link to an Amana Refrigerator Not Freezing. You will need to narrow down parts that are working and are not working. I would first pull the refrigerator out to make sure that the compressor and the condenser fan are running(the condencer fan motor runs to cool the compressor down). This is a link to a GE refrigerator condenser fan motor problem. The compressor and condenser fan motor are in the same place. This can give an idea at least where it is at. Make sure that the evaporator fan motor in the freezer is running also. Make sure that the rear freezer wall is not iced over. This can be a defrost problem. See what a defrost problem is HERE. If your unit is sitting there with the lights on but you hear no noise from any fan motor or your compressor. Your unit may be in a defrost mode. Locate your defrost timer. It looks as tho it is either located in the front behind the kick plate or in the back by the compressor. Here is a link to your units diagrams http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Amana-Parts/Refrigerator-Parts/Model-SQD23VW-P1315302WW/1268/0165000/P9060266/00011?componentDescription=&brandDescription=&searchTerm= or http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Amana-Parts/Refrigerator-Parts/Model-SQD23VWP1315302WW/1268/0165000?searchedModel=sqd23vw&blt=11 . Hope this helps a little. This is my Appliance repair Contact. You can get a hold of me at http://www.apcoapplianceandair.com/contact.php anytime.

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I am trying to disconnect a copper water feed line from the back of an Amana SQD23VW refrigerator. The brass nut connecting the copper line to the outside, lower back corner of the refigerator will not turn. The pressure also causes the entire assembly inside the refrigerator to start to twist. I am afraid it is going to break something. Is there any way to get this nut loose, or will it break anything inside the assemby if I continue to apply more pressure with my wrench to try and loosen it

Do not force it, you need two wrenches or a wrench and a good pliers to hold it in place. ... Refrigerators

Amana refrigerator SQD23VW

If the freezer is not freezing. I am guessing that the refrigerator is not cold also. Here is link to an Amana Refriger ... Amana Refrigerators

My Amana refrigerator (model SQD22NBW) freezer section is set @ No. 4 and not cold enought to keep food frozen. The refrigerator section is set @ No. 6 and running below 40 degree F. but sometimes goes up to 50 degree F.. I have done my best to clean the codenser located under the refrigerator. My Amana is 16 years old. Is my compressor going-out or refrigerant leaks ? Please advise--------Jim Fong-----------

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We have a Amana refrigerator Model # SXD22SW2 and need to replace the water filter. We don't have the owner's/service manual for the refrigerator and I have looked everywhere on-line, including the Amana website and cannot find it. Where can I get an online manual for the refrigerator? Alternatively, what filter do I need to by and where is the filter located within the refrigerator?

Removing a water filter from the base grill of your Amana brand \015\012refrigerator:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Removing and replacing a water \015\012filter - base grill location \015\012Filter ... Amana SXD524VW Side by Side Refrigerator

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You are right! Air is leaking in. ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Amana Refrigerator I have an Amana - DRS2662AW Refrigerator, and I noticed that it isn't cooling anymore. When I turn the cooling controls off then back on it sounds like it wants to come on, but then clicks off. What could be the problem and is this a DIY?

It sounds like a bad:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012start switch (on the side of the compressor) or\015\012compressor itselfthe start switch clicks  o ... Refrigerators

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Alexandra, this might be way to late a solution for you but I had a similar problem & to solve it I reduced the temperature of the freezer which was set too high. Try a setting of round 3.5 on the freeze temp dial..may take a little tweaking to g ... Amana Refrigerators


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Amana defrost My Amana arb2259cs refrigerator is not staying cold. The freezer works fine. If I unplug it for a few hours and then plug it in the refrigerator works fine for about 5 days then it slowly warms up. Can you tell me what might cause this (defrost control?) and how to fix it? (The fan is free of debris and working)

Hold the door switch closed like the door is closed for testing an\015\012inside fan. The fan could be so quiet you might not hear it. Wet your\015\012finger and feel for air movement. Like a Washington politician, you\015\012might be able to feel i ... Amana ARB2259CS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Amana refrigerator came home this evening and found freezer had thawed and melted onto floor. also refrigerator is no longer cold. amana freezer on bottom style-and is six years old.

Sounds like it has either a bad compressor relay or if the brand name of the compressor is Tecumseh, it will need to be retrofit to a more reliable longer lasting Embraco compressor. ... Amana ARB8057CSL Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I bought an Amana refrigerator a couple of weeks ago. Just hooked the water up today for the ice maker and water dispenser. However there is no water coming from the water dispenser. Not sure about the ice machine. Water is getting to the refrigerator. I am not sure if there is something I need to turn on or what. Its an Amana Model ASD2522WRS03 25.5 side by side. Thanks

Yes, it sounds like one of your plastic tubing water lines cracked and \015\012is leaking water on the floor.\015\012 \015\012You'll need to pull the refrigerator out from the wall, take the lower \015\012back access panel off and get a f ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Anyone else have a Amana refrigerator AFD2535FES develop a refrigerant leak in the sealed cabinet?

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Amana refrigerator, Model SZD23VW purchased 10/02/1999 stopped cooling. The contents have been moved to another refrigerator. It turns out that the beverage chiller control had been inadvertently turned to the coolest setting. We turned the control back to the middle position, the refrigerator started to work again. Without my knowledge, the beverage chiller control was turned to the warmest setting and the refrigerator stopped cooling again. I have cleaned all the coils and the entire ref

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Our amana refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom and the coils keep freezing up and then the refrigerator gets warm. We are told this is a common problem and my husband every week has to take the hair dryer and unfreeze the coils to get the refrigerator to work. What else can we do short of buying a new refrigerator?

Hi,There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not cool...here are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the ref ... Amana SXD524VW Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana Model TC 22 refrigerator, with frost-free freezer on top. It's about 18 years old. Inside the refrigerator, top left (the underside of the freezer floor), there is an opening with a few slats. Lately, ice cold water has been dripping from that opening into the refrigerator. It's as though the water that should be channeled from the freezer to the catch basin near the floor is emptying into the refrigerator instead. What do I need to do?

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I have an Amana Refrigerator. It is a double door on top and a pull out freezer on the bottom. The freezer is working fine. The refrigerator light comes on but it is not cold and my fresh food is fading fast. I'e already had to start throwing things away. Both refrigerator and freezer were set at 4 when it was delivered 3 years ago and they told me to keep it there. I just kicked up the refrigerator to 6 but nothing is happening. HELP - I can't afford a new one and I can't afford repair.

Either the evaporator fan in the damper vent door isnt running to push cold air from the freezer up into the refrige compartment or the damper vent door between the freezer and refrige section is frozen shut and cannot open to allow cold air flow,you ... Amana Refrigerators

Proper refrigerant levels for Amana Side by Side refrigerator

Hi, normally the suction pressure on a refrigerant -22 system will be between 60 pounds gauge pressure (which keeps it above freezing point) and about 80 pounds. This depends on the temperature condition.Make sure that the superheat and subcooling ar ... Amana 22.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with FrontFill Ice and Water

Noisy refrigerator We have a six year old Amana bottom-freezer refrigerator. A few times per day we hear a "knocking" sound from the refrigerator. Just a single knock each time. Is this the compressor, and is it fixable? Thanks in advance for any advice. Doug

Hi doug,\015\012 with the amana of that age there are several weird noises, be glad you have only one. that aside\015\012 ill tell you all of em...\015\012a clear pop..... usually after defrost its the compressor starting cold a ... Amana ARB2557CSR / ARB2557CSL Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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