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My ice maker tube from supply fills up to the valve, but not to the ice maker. We replaced the valve to no avail.

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Before repacing the ice maker (which operates that new valve) try to do a cleaning underneath to insure a good air flow for better ferormance and that may drop the temp sufficiently in the freezer for ice production to begin. Other than that the ice fill and harvest all originates from the ice maker.

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My ice maker tube from supply fills up to the valve, but not to the ice maker. We replaced the valve to no avail.

Before repacing the ice maker (which operates that new valve) try to do a cleaning underneath to insure a good air flow for better ferormance and that may drop the temp sufficiently in the freezer for ice production to begin. Other than that the ice ... Amana Refrigerators

We have an Amana AFI2538AEW we have had two techs. out already and we have replaced the fill valve. But still we have no ice. What happened is it started leaking water out of the fill cup in the ice maker and through the ice despencer. It kept making ice but at a slow rate and that is when we turned the maker off. The first tech took the ice maker out and couldn't put it back in and the second put it back and said it was the fill valve and my husband and I replaced it ourselves. Unfortunat

There should be a float connected to this valve that tells the valve when to open and when to close it kinda works like the float valve in your toilet (check this float),as far as the water leaking out of the cup in the ice maker the float probably b ... Amana Refrigerators

Icemaker My ice maker quit on me probably a year ago - obviously, not a big concern. However, recently I decided to try a repair. My first thought was that the water supply was insufficient (I had originally installed a saddle valve with a 3/8's line to the icemaker). I assumed that the puncture made by the needle valve wasn't allowing enough water to supply both water dispenser and ice maker. To that end, I replaced the needle valve with a 1/2" gate valve with a reducer to the 3/8's supply line

There is a water fill adjustment on your ice maker the normal fill time is 7.5 seconds...\015\012\015\012the adjustment screw is on the side and in the middle of the head..\015\012•Turning the water level adjustment screw ... Maytag MSD2732GR Side by Side Refrigerator

Jfd2589kes Ice maker quit making ice, no water in tray. Freezer is drawer type below fridge. Cold water maker inside fridge works fine, so I know water supply and valve are okay. Supply line to ice maker comes from line at bottom of back of fridge; don't know where it goes or how to access whatever it comes from. Should I just replace entire icemaker unit inside the drawer and is it accessible to replace completely from inside the drawer ?

... Refrigerators

Whirlpool ed22tqxfw00...Ice maker not getting water to make ice... valves have been checked and are working, ice maker has been replaced with a new unit and is operating. All water supply lines checked and are clear of any blockage. Water supply is running to Valves. freezer is at a good operating temperature to make ice. I'm out of ideas other than trying to find electrical schematics for a possible bad connection?

... Refrigerators

Ice maker not making ice. Arm on ice maker is down. I removed the bottom panel at the bottom of the back of the fridge and removed the supply lines from the valve in the panel (both the one coming from the wall and the one going up to the freezer)....water is flowing to the valve under the back of the appliance, no water is coming out the other side of the valve. Is this valve malfunctioning or is it electrical? Is this a part that I can order and replace? Thanks, ED

... Maytag Top Mount Refrigerator w/Cool Flow Factory Ice - MTF2193AR - W/Q/B/S

I have a Whirlpool GD5SHAXLQ02 side by side refrigerator which is 7 1/2 years old. I replaced a kitchen faucet and in doing so, needed to shut off the water supply to the refrigerator. When turning the water back on to the unit, the ice maker suddenly stopped working. It wouldn't fill with water. First, I checked for a frozen inlet tube in the freezer which seemed fine. Next, I tested the continuity on both sides of the inlet valve. I've never used a multimeter before and am not sure if I used i

I wonder if there is a blockage or an air lock in the water feed. Can you disconnect the feed and get someone to blow down the end of the tube connected to the fridge as you press the switch?While disconnected also make sure that there is a flowing s ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator


Try this; remove the front cover off the icemaker. On the front of the icemaker you should see holes marked with letters. Make a jumper wire about six inches long skin it about ½ inch on each end (make sure the wire is well insulated). P ... Refrigerators

I have a Maytag MZD2752GR refrigerator. The ice maker is not getting water. I replaced the valve that feeds the ice maker and door dispenser. It did not work after the replacement. A week later it started working and worked fine for a week. It has now stopped again. Checked fill tube and it is not frozen.

... Maytag MZD2752G Side by Side Refrigerator

Our LG fridge had an issue where the water supply was cut off, so the ice cube maker stopped working as well as the water dispenser in the front. The water valve was replaced, and the ice maker started working, but not the water dispenser. It was at this point that the motherboard was replaced(located at the top), and this did not fix the issue. Any ideas as to what else could be the problem?

It could be a frozen water tank inside freezer door. if so, door will need to be replaced; as, there was maybe a spot where the foam inside door wasn't sprayed properly. disconnect water line fitting under door behind kick plate; close door and try ... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a kenmore coldspot. 106.8750681. i was not getting water past the valve so i replaced it. still no water to ice maker. Can not tell if ice maker is cycling. do i need to fill ice maker first?

... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore 106.55536400, My ice maker is no making ice. The water valve was not working and I replace it but it still is not making ice. The rotating mechanism works, i can see and hear it moving around. It seem to make the call for the water. How do you test for this? I can switch the water valve terminals and push the dispenser arm down and fill the ice tray with water, then the rotating arms get frozen in the ice.

... Refrigerators

The ice maker in our refrigerator does not make ice. There is no water in the tray. Water is available from the in-door dispenser. The wire to turn the ice maker is down in the ice-making position. Is there a sensor or valve to be replaced or what?

There are a couple of things that can cause this problem. the firt thing is a frozen fill tube,the second is a faulty ice maker and the third is a faulty fill valve, ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool fridge model WF-NL300 ice maker not working. No water in icemaker. Black water supply tube that fills icemaker was frozed solid with ice. I thawed it in a cup of hot water. Unsure if line could be/is frozen above this point. Still no ice 24 hours later. Hear intermittent buzzing that sounds like water valve opening up too fill icemaker, but no water in icemaker.

Turn ice maker off for 24 hours to thaw out any additional frozen lines.\015\012Make sure that you do have water from source to unit. Water valve grit screen may be clogged with debrie or water valve is bad. ... Refrigerators

Fridgedair R134a ice maker water wont fill. Solenoids & valves are good & water supply lines good. Im works fine. So, where does the signal to the IM solenoid & valve originate from. I already crossed the water dispenser with the IM refill wiring at each solenoid & water dispenser then filled the IM tray. I'm thinking a switch exists somewhere that activates the solenoid to fill the IM tray. Where & what is it called??? IM numbers behind the front cover are #M1 LRSA8868 0417021. My wife removed

Your icemaker send the voltage to the water valve as it cycles through its ice drop. Pull your icemaker out, and test the wiring it was plugged into for continuity to the water valve, usually you will only have one colored wire that has continuity. ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

New water valve not filling the ice maker.

Take the supply line to water valve and blow into ityou will feel it if it is clear if blocked remove tube and clean ... Refrigerators

GE PROFILE PSS26msrd Ice maker not working water dispensor ok new water valve new filter fill tube seems clear Does anybody have any sugestions before i replace the ice maker unit?

If the water dispenser is working normally and ice is not producing, take thr water filter out rinse it with hot water and put it back, this is the important thing to do after you put the water filter back you must hold the water filter reset button ... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I Have a FRS22ZRGD1 Double door fridge freezer combo , the ice does not get any water . I have water to door to fill glass. I replaced water filter a pure souce type. I replaced solinoid valve still no water. Ice maker runs its cycle but no water

For all of you having problem of not getting any water to ice maker the water line running from solinoid valve to ice maker , mine was plugged solid with ice- try blowing through it once you have line removed from solinoid valve. I know they say you ... Frigidaire FRS26ZSG

Ice maker not working on whirlpool ED22DQ. Water supply to solenoid valve good. Water supply on front of refrig works fine. What keys to solenoid to open & fill the ice tray?

... Whirlpool ED2FHEXN Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 1997 kenmore side by side fridge that was given to me . looked real nice but sat for a long time.I have replaced the temp. control,ice maker,water fill valve and all water lines due to freeze damage. ran fine for two weeks in garage .In house now and seems to run constantly.Freezer is fine ,ice maker fine,fridge at 45 degrees. it it normal for this unit to run and not cycle every hour or two and if not any suggestions

It is not necessary to cycle each hour if the fridge can retain its temperature. Have a temperature check just before it starts having a cycle and at the end of it. ... Refrigerators

How can I find the water valve in the ice maker? I'm pretty sure it needs to be replaced, the tube that fills the ice maker keeps freezing up.

Trace the water line on the back of the unit where it goes into the freezer compartment. It chould be a 1/4" plastic line. The water valve is usually at the bottom of the unit. Make sure you turn off the water if you plan to work on it. ... Refrigerators

I had a leak in the tubing so we replaced the tubing and fitting going from main supply to fridge after that ice maker stoped getting water but all lines have water its just not getting into the ice maker. the solution was to swap the wires on the dual water inlet valve which I don't know where to find as I do not have a schematic

The water inlet valve is on the back where the water supply connects. You may need to remove part of the cardboard backing to see it. There are two wires on each valve. If they are the same size you can swap the wires on each valve and try the dispen ... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

I have a whirlpool frig. with in the door water and ice, model # ED5JHEXTB00. Here is my problem the ice maker has stop making ice and this is what I have done so far I have bypassed terminal V and L on the modular / motor to activate the water valve, which it did activate and fill the ice tray ,ice formed in tray but does not eject out of mold, so I replaced the modular/motor and thermostat, still no ice. water from the door works fine, what next any help would be greatly appreciated.

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I own a Kenmore Coldspot, Model 10657572790, Manuf. 7-97: I recently replace the dual-Valve Water Valve. Before I replaced the valve, the water function in the don't work, but it did make ice. Now, the water works, but it don't make ice now? I call the company where I purchased the valve, and the told me that I needed to bleed the line and still water travels through the tubing for the ice maker. I can pure water in the ice maker and it works great, but water isn't pumping from the new valve to

... Kenmore Refrigerators

GE Profile Refrigerator side by side with icemaker TFX22PRBWW - ice maker does not work replaced water valve assemply which fixed water dispenser issue, but still no ice when I fill icemaker with water by manually pouring water into mold, ice forms but does not dump into container i see air bubbles in waterline to icemaker

Did you happen to hit the on/off switch inside the freezer on the icemaker itself? There is a power switch to the ice maker on the right side of the maker, near the front. There is also a green indicator light on the right side lower than the switch. ... GE Refrigerators

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