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Shut water off did not shut off ice maker- now ice maker no longer making ice.

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\015\012Assuming the water has been turned back on for a while, and your sure it's getting to the valve on the rear, follow this guide.
\015\012It should cover your problem. The freezer must be cold enough. 10 degrees or colder.
\015\012First step is to take a small paper cup of water and fill the cavity until it is near full. With the ice maker turned on, close freezer door and wait 3 hours to see if it harvests. If not, the ice maker is bad, and must be replaced. If the cubes harvest then.......
Three possibilities.
1. The water supply from the house is not delivering water to the water valve. Shut off the house at the meter, disconnect the line going to the water valve, and with the line pointed into a bucket, have someone turn the valve back on for a 15 second count. The water should come out smartly. If not, the line and it's fittings will have to be replaced.
2. The fill tube from the back of the machine that feeds water into the back of the ice maker is frozen up. You will have to remove the ice maker to visually inspect that tube. If blocked, it needs to be defrosted, but use caution. Too much heat too fast will start to melt plastic and vinyl parts you don't want melted.
If this is the case, then once cleaned out, you will have to change the water valve located in the back bottom rear of the machine because it is leaking during the off cycle.
3. If everything checks O.K. up to this point, you will have to purchase and install a new water valve, and install it.
\015\012P.S. Under very rare occasions the electric circuity in the ice maker will fail to send a signal to the water valve. Although rare, it can happen, in which case the best option is to replace the ice maker and water valve.

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Shut water off did not shut off ice maker- now ice maker no longer making ice.

Good day,\015\012Assuming the water has been turned back on for a while, and your sure it's getting to the valve on the rear, follow this guide.\015\012It should cover your problem. The freezer must be cold enough. 10 degrees or colder. ... Amana ASD2622HR Side by Side Refrigerator

-My Maytag RSW22A side by side Refer/Freezer stopped making ice. The water still works, the tines still turn every hour or so as if there were cubes there but the tray no longer fills up with water. Just prior to this happening, we had to shut off the water to the house for a day for some repairs. Is there some kind of priming I have to do to get the water flowing into the ice maker again? Could a valve to the icemaker be bad even though the valve to the water dispenser still works? Thanks.

Hi, I am wondering if when you had the water turned of the fill tube may have frozen over. Try switching the unit of for an hour and see if the water returns to the icemaker.regardsGraeme ... Refrigerators

Water was shut off due to a leak. When water was turned back on, ice maker no longer working. Water in door works but water not going in to make ice.

Cycle several large glasses of water through the dispenser to rid lines of air ... Frigidaire FRS6R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

The automatic ice maker quit working, but first the water control valve hung up open [the refill cycle did not end]. Fortunately, I was nearby and when I looked into the ice maker I saw a slow flow of water going into the ice bucker so I raised the ice maker shutoff arm, and shut off the water valve at the wall. I also unplugged the fridge and then plugged it back in, then opened the water valve and lowered the ice maker shutoff arm to restart the ice maker. Nothing happened. I left the ice make

I removed the wiring connectors from the two water control valves and when I reconnected the wires for the ice maker I heard the unit cycle. When I checked the ice maker, the ice maker shutoff arm was now completely down, operational position. Prev ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE side by side fridge (psc23mgpcww). My ice maker wont make ice. Temp is OK. Water is coming out of dispenser and I even used a blow dryer to defrost any ice that maybe in spout that leads into the mold. I also added 4oz of water into mold and shut switch to ice maker off for 15sec and turned back on and then pressed paddle 3 times and saw rake rotate but next morning still no other ice cubes formed. Could it be my water inlet valve vs water shut off valve or maybe even the spring on m

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check that the water inlet valve is open all the way. The ice machine needs more pressure than the water dispenser to work. In your Fridge owners manual says that if the filter is dirty, the unit will dispense water ... Refrigerators

I have an amana model AFD253DEW refrigerator. The ice maker recently stopped working. I shut it off while on vacation. When I returned and turned it back on it has yet to make ice. water dispenser on frig works. Ice maker will make and eject ice if I poor water in unit. I can hear hum of unit trying to receive water but none is being let in. What can I check and how do I check it?

The control arm on ice maker broke off ... Amana AFD2535DES French Door Refrigerator

First, items in refrigerator started to freeze, finally noticed ice maker was making too much ice and water was dripping into frige and down into freezer and onto floor. Emptied ice and saw that ice had blocked the ice maker shut off from rising. Now, we get water through the dispensor, it does not make ice anymore, and things are still freezing in the refrigerator even after adjusting digital temp settings on door.

... Maytag Ice2O 19.8 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - White

Whirlpool icemagic Hi there. I had filter problems so I shut off the water to the Icemaker. We pulled the bar up, so it wouldn't try to make ice cubes. It was down for about 6 months (?) Problem w/ filter resolved, turned the water back on and now water pours out of the tube into the ice maker and overflows onto freezer bottom. I suspect the tube to the ice maker may have been jarred out of place, but I don't see where the tube attaches to the ice maker. It seems to just lay on the gear. Do you

Fill cup of the icemaker is frozen, take your finger and feel in the little white square cup at the rear of the ice maker, if you feel ice in it then thaw it out wit a hair drier and you are good to go ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

When ice maker makes ice the water keeps flowing and does not shut off unless I manualy shut ice maker off. Any ideas ? I was told the cap-water valve needed to be changed; so I did that but that did not solve the problem. Mike.

... Kenmore 54662 / 54664 / 54669 Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice Maker The ice maker stopped working it is no longer making Ice I checked the switch th make sure it's on and I know the water line is on because I can still dispense water but the tray isn't filling up anymore is there any other things I can check to see what the problem might be?

The water valve appears to be the problem. The water valve ,located on rear of ref. at bottom has two (2) sides to it. One side feeds the water to the water dispensor and the other side feeds the ice maker.. ... Maytag MSD2434GE Side by Side Refrigerator

Amana ice-maker The ice-maker is no longer making ice. I pulled out the fridge and the tube that leads to the ice maker was disconnected. (I'm wondering why this has happened - what would cause it to pop off?) I reattached the tube and now the water is not getting through - there seems to be a blockage. I tried unplugging the fridge for 2 hours - then put the hair dryer to the area (in case there was ice blocking the tube?) but to no avail - the water still isn't getting through. I don't know ho

Very curious. When you say the tube to the ice maker was disconnected I am unsure as to which tube you are refering to. However hopefully a few pointers might help a damsel. Most units have the water supply enter into the cabinet through a two way wa ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Water just started draining out of the ice maker area and then it no longer would make ice. The water port outside still lets you get drinking water. Inside the ice maker has not filled with water since. No kinks in tubing.

... KitchenAid KSRK25IL Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker isn't making the ice, but the water supply is working to make water? does not seem like the water is coming into the ice chamber it was frozen at the end of the spicet, so I took everything out of freezer and shut it off to defrost it, also using my steam cleaner. Then I'll turn back on to see if the ice machine works or not. The motor was replaced last yr. under the warranty but now it's expired, should'nt the motor still be working? it has been about 1 yr. of life of it.

Check to see whether the ice maker has been turned\012 off. Here's how to check. Look for a wire along the right side of the \012ice maker that looks a bit like a coat hanger. If this wire is in the \012raised position, the ice maker is turned ... Kenmore 53542 / 53544 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a U-Line model bi-98 ice maker which stopped making ice. I found it with a ice bin full of water and not running one day. I cleaned ti up and shut it down because I didn't need it for a couple of months. I just tried to start it up again to no avail. After turning the water on and pushing the power switch to the on position the compressor and condenser fan do not come on. The ice maker fills with water and the cube ejector mechinism starts turning and the mold heater comes on. It does

Look at the thermostat and at the programmer/control board - they are the ones that control the power to the compressor. Check first that the power is transmitted to the compressor, then if it's received. If it's received you can do one more check of ... U-Line Refrigerator Ice Maker

I have a Whirlpool Gold side by side Model GD5SHAXNS00. Two days ago after the ice cubes emptied into the cube holder on door, the water did not shut off, and ran for about 30-45 seconds until I shut off the icemaker. A friend said the problem may be in a selinoid switch the turns the water on and off. Since then I have turned the maker back on, but it seems to have overfilled and now is frozen solid so that the ice maker no longer even recycles. What do you think the problem is? I would l

The water inlet valve may be staying open too long and slow to close because of wear.. You can swap the wires on the dual water inlet valve and disconnect the water line at the valve which goes to the ice maker. When you try the water dispenser the w ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

The Ice Maker on my GESL25JFXLB is frozen over at the opening to the shoot. The water dispenser works fine, except that when you push the paddle back to get water, you have to pull it back towards you manually to shut it off. The ice maker makes ice just fine. The ice just cant get through the shoot because of the block of ice that builds there (typically within 3 days). It gets so iced up its hard to pull open at times. I break it apart and it just keeps coming back. What can I do?

... GE GSL25JFXLB (250 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire refrigerator, model # FRS26R2AW8. Ice maker model # M! SA8868. The ice maker is taking longer to make ice, the freezer is very cold, but the ice maker when it cycles leaves all the ice cubes sitting on top of the ice maker. Sometimes I feel water in the ice maker and others it seems dry.

... Refrigerators

I have recently purchased a Brand New LG 2 Door Fridge/Freezer Model No: GR-P227STG. I have noticed that it no longers makes ice. I have tried different freezer Temp', there is still water flow from the water dispenser. It appears that there is no water flow to the Ice maker and there is nil sign of frost on the ice maker itself. Could you please steer me in the right direction as to the possible problem. Steve L

Replace the optics board ... Refrigerators

Ice maker no longer makes ice; water still comes for the filered water outlet but there appears to be no water going to the ice maker;


My ice maker has stopped making ice. We had to shut down the main water valve to the house and after returning the water to the house is when the ice maker stopped working. We have established that water is being fed to the refrigerator.

Good day,\015\012For all reasons it is best to do a step by step procedure to get the ice maker up and running.\015\012\015\012First step is to take a small paper cup of water and fill the cavity until it is near full. With the ice ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Mdl# RFG297/AARS french door refrig. ice maker only makes ice when IT wants too. Ice maker area temp is about 13 deg, freezer is at -2 and frig is at 34. water supply is good, doors stay shut (just myself and wife) but won't make enough ice to even cover the augar. Any suggestions? Thanks

... Samsung Refrigerators

My refrigerator is a Maytag purchased in 2002 Model MSD2456GEQ Serial 16167744AN The ice maker makes ice so the water works to the ice maker fine. Recently it will no longer dispense ice or water at the door dispenser. Any clues, Yes the dispenser is not locked off. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Joe.

HiTurn the icemaker off for more than 30 seconds, then turn it back on\015\012and press in on the white lever three times. The icemaker should cycle\015\012and run water. If it does run water the first thing you should look for\015\012is ... Maytag Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side with ice maker Model 106 9552911 and water for some reason will overflow the ice maker and run ontoo the floor. If I shut off the water supply and wait a few minutes it quits and makes ice again for days and then it will happen again. Thaanks for any help I can get. Thanks Ron

Motot module on I'm is dragging. Pull the cover off I'm, 3 screws hold module in place. Should run around 75 to 90 dollars ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Repalced water valve and ice maker still not making ice regularely. Water kicks on to fill ice maker but shuts off very quickly, like 1-3 seconds

... GE GSS25JEM Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker no longer making ice. A few weeks ago the water that was supposed to fill just the ice tray, didn't turn off, overflowed the ice tray and proceeded to fill the ice basket underneath. Since then there has been no water pumped into the ice tray, although the arms continue to operate. I checked the feed and water is flowing to the refrigerator. We've also turned down the temp thinking it may be frozen, no luck.

Sounds like the water flowed enough to freeze the end of the fill tube shut. Best to prepare to replace the dual water control valve on the rear and near floor of refrigerator. If it was leaking and you should thaw the tube you need to t ... Maytag MBB1954G Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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