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Evaporator fan doesn't run

\015 I had changed electric motor unit but, It does\302\264not run. Previously our fridge had a 2940 RPM, 4.6W, 115V (ADL-5846AMEA). It Looks like an electronic induction motor. We had changed for a new one with similar characteristics, but with a regular design, not isolated in plastic box,etc. Is There something that I am doing wrong? All other refrigerator function ocurrs normally. PLease help me !!!!\015

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Refridgerator evaporator freezing up. internal fan doesnt work. Thawed ice from evap core and switches, disconnected power, shut all controls off, Repowered fridge, turned on controls. Still no internal fan. sounds like external fan and pump are running.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigeratornot Cool ... Refrigerators

I have a GE refrig. model GTS22ZCMARCC. The evaporator fan has been pulsing up and down forever. Then the freezer stopped getting cold and the refrig. part was not as cold. I check the evaporator fan and it was not running but the evaporator coil was cold and the compressor was running continuos. I replaced the fan motor and it still does not run (same problem). Is the only other thing that could be causing the problem be the control board on the back of the refrig. (AP4436216)?? Thanks, Ri

It's the board,also change out the sensor that's on top of the coil,it looks like a white bullet,the part number for the temp. sensor is wr55x10025 and the board is WR55X10942.everything runs through the board,i've seen when you call for water the co ... GE GTS18SHPBS Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a GE Profile LSS 25XSTB SS about 4 years old. I have been having trouble with it not cooling sufficiently. It will go for several days and be OK with temps running 0 and 37 degrees in the freezer and food side. Then it starts to warm up to 35 and 55 degrees. The compressor and compressor fan is running but the evaporator fans do not run. Then after a day, or day and a half, the evaporator fans start again and everything cools off. Then I?m good for another week or so before it start

I would say you have a main board problem. \015\012\015\012There are test on this page to confirm http://www.appliance-repair-it.com/ ... GE Refrigerators

Kitchenaide side by side, model # ksra25fk---freezer too cold (-10 to -15) & fridge side sometimes gets above 48 setting of the "overtemp" alarm. I ran the internal diagnostics test and everything checks out ok except during the air baffle test the baffles open and close, but the evaporator fan does not run. However, the evaporator fan runs during test 03 for the evaporator fan motor. I dismantled the back panel of the freezer--there is no frost buildup and the defrost coil heats properly. Both

You said it yourself, the 'air door' or baffles as you called them aren't not opening up to let some air out of the freezer, into the fridge. That's why the freezer sis so cold and the fridge is warm. The door is controlled by a thermistor. You will ... Refrigerators

Model GTS18DBMRWW Refrigerator. Smells like a burnt motor. Condenser running and fan next to condenser running. Smell is strong at top side, maybe evaporator fan. Is there anything else this could be? I am repair most of everything I own, but never did a refrigerator. If it is the evaporator fan, I think I could change it out, but I want to know if there is anything else it could be. Thanks!

Http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/check/evapfan.php ... GE 18.2 Cu. Ft. Frost-Free Top-Mount Refrigerator - White-on-White

I have a Hotpoint HSS25GFPEWW side by side.....initially the ice maker stopped crushing and dispensing ice....then the freezer started to warm. I cleaned the condenser coils and confirmed the condenser fan and compressor were running....checked evaporator coils and they were frosted up, although the fan was running....cleaned out unit and defrosted evaporator coils with hair dryer...plugged in and evaporator coils iced up again....replaced defrost heater....unit would not cool at all....replace

Dead if the compressor is running and theres no cooling or frost on the evaporator you have leaked out all your freon only way to fix is call a pro about 600$ to fix ... Hotpoint HSS25GFP Side by Side Refrigerator

Evaporator fan my fan that blows on the evaporator coil seems to be running all of the time. I noticed that I had water in the drain pan so I cleaned it and while I was doing that I cleaned the vacuumed the dust and such off the coils. Now the drain pan is empty but I have a fan running all of the time. Any suggestions?

Check and make sure that you didn't knock a piece of insulation down onto the condenser fan when you were vacuuming off the coil. When the fan is blocked it can cause the compressor to what is called short cycle and the refer will never get up to tem ... Kenmore 53642 / 53644 Side by Side Refrigerator

Compressor runs, evaporator fan does not run but has voltage at both terminals. New evaporator fan does not run, same voltage

You need to check your wiring it sounds like the neutral has been lost somewhere ... Refrigerators

WRS6R3EW8 Refrigerator and freezer not cooling. Evaporator coil 60 deg. only. Compressor, evaporator fan and condenser fan running. Some frost on the tubing coming from condenser at the evaporator. running

Where is it frosting, condenser or evaporator? If you mean frosting on evaporator line to compressor, probably iced up evaporator. If you mean frosting after condenser by capillary, unit short of gas/ blocked. ... Refrigerators

LG LFD22860ST- Frig is running ok, both refri and freezer cold enough, when it reach to defrost time all fan and compressor stop, after 30 minute condensor fan and evaporator fan start running again, but compressor never running again. Unplug the frig for 30 minute and then plug in again, all fan and compressor start running well, but when it reach to defrost time it repeat to happen: compressor stop forever. What's wrong?, control board? defrost thermostat? Any help. Thanks.

... LG Refrigerators

GE refrigerator Model No. GBS22KBSAWW A relay on the control board was clicking and the evaporator fan would try to start with each click. With the evaporator fan disconected the compressor runs, etc. I replaced the evaporator fan motor, and before I installed it, I pluged it in and the motor turned, but when I put the fan blade on, it would not turn, like the old one. Also, the condensor fan does not turn, but does not make the control board click.

This normally could be a bad start relay and over load for the compressor, dirty condenser coils need cleaning, condenser fan motor is not running or the compressor itself. The Relay needs to be replaced and checked.But if the problem is sa ... GE Refrigerators

I have a Figidaire side by side FRS26H5ASBA freezer side is not cold enough to freeze and the refrig side is too warm. The compressor fan is not running the compressor is not vibrating and cool to the touch and there is no frost or ice on the evaporator coils and the evaporator fan is running. Can you give me some guidance in this case?

... Frigidaire FRS26H5AS Side by Side Refrigerator

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 KSSC48QMS01 control lights flashing with beeping sound. Solution # 1: Main control board is over temperature. Look for blocked condenser air flow or inoperative condenser fan motor. Refrigerator over 48°F or freezer over 15°F for 3 hours. Run diagnostics and test operation of all components. Both thermistors failed. Run diagnostics and test thermistors and thermistor leads. No feedback from evaporator fan motor. Run diagnostics and test fan motor and/or wiring. UPDATE: Che

... KitchenAid KSSC48QMS Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung side by side. Model nr Rs22dcms. The evaporator fan motors at fridge and freezer doesnt always work. The voltage tests 17v and the fans kicks in just when the want. Sometimes it doesnt work for hours and then it works for 2 days. The fans was tested. No loose wires and fans are not faulty. Diagnostics shows nothing wrong.

... Refrigerators

I have Maytag MTB2156GEQ. The freeze is working fine, but not refrigerator. The evaporator fan did not run even when compressor was on. I tried to remove the fan out, but was not able to remove the panel coved the evaporator fan. Please kindly give advice or instructions how to take the fan out.

... Maytag MTB2156GES Top Freezer Refrigerator

My GE model GSS25WGMD CC is not cooling properly. The condensor fan is not running. I have replaced the fan motor and have voltage going to the fan. The compressor is running and evaporator fan is working. Am I overlooking something else?

Try and see if a small fan ,pluged into the wall aimed at the condenser will let the frige start cooling.How many volts are at the fan?Is this a new fan?Is the fan humming,or making a noise?If you have voltage at the fan,then the new fan is defective ... Refrigerators

I have samsung side by side. The fan behind the evaporator cover was making a grating noise and now doesn't seem to run and fridege not so cold. Took cover off and evaporator and fan completely iced up. Does this mean I have a leak or is this normal and just need a new fan?

IT means that you have not fully defrosted the fridge in sometime.(should be done every 6 months max).switch it off,let it fully defrost for 12 hours,then restart,should work fine(i hope). ... Samsung Refrigerators

I have an Amana side by side refridgerator. The fridge side is not cooling, the freezer side is still a little cold but not cold enough. I see frost in the back of the freezer at the vents, but no air flowing. It seems that the fan is not blowing air at all. The compressor seems to be fine, the evaporator fan is running in the back and the thermostat switches seem to be working (when I turn it off, it turns off the evaporator fan in the back). Any ideas?

I'm sending you a You Tube link and all the answers are on that page. Hope this helps, Sea Breeze\015\012\015\012http://www.youtube.c ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Hi,\012Many times a freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of\012a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go\012wrong. \012\012\012\012If\012you are he ... Refrigerators

Amana SRD27S4W side by side, 13 years old. Freezer temp hovers around 20 to 30 degrees . . . Refrig temp hovers around 40 degrees. Evaporator fan runs constantly -- no ice buildup on evap -- condenser fan runs constantly -- thermostat dials set to max on freezer and refrig -- vacuumed codenser coils to no avail -- compressor seems to run continuously, except when defrost cycle is active and optimal cooling is never achieved. What could be the culprit? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Drink

... Amana Refrigerators

My refrigerator is running but the fresh food part doesn't get cold. The freezer still freezes. I did turn it off and let the frost melt, but the evaporator fan doesn't turn on. I think I narrowed it down to the evaporator fan or the sensor that trigger the fan. Not sure. I don't know how to tell what the problem is for sure. Please help. Thanks.

The evap fan should run when you open the freezer door,if it doesn't you have a bad evap fan motor.read it out with a meter,unplug it.get to the fan,remove the wires and stick the connectors from the meter onto where the wires were.if the meter stays ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

On a Jenn-Air JRT192 fridge/freezer, should the fans run continously? We have one that seems to hum continously, but when we pulled the fridge out, the condenser fan wasn't running. Don't know about the evaporator fan as I can't see it. Pulled it out to clean the coils, as the sides and top of freezer, and sides of fridge are sometimes very warm to hot (only notice in the front 1/4 of unit). Wondering if we have a problem. Can't find a manual online.

Replace or, reset your frost control; your schematic on the back of the refrigerator will show you the location. ... Refrigerators

Amana sxd22s2w p1190416ww refrigerator. The Evaporator fan isnt running (compressor and condensor fan running fine) How can I tell if the problem is the fan motor itself, or something else, like temp control for instance

Remove the cover to the fan, then remove the plug from the back of the fan. Connect a voltmeter to the 2 leads. Close the door switch and turn the fresh food thermostat to the coldest setting. This will call for cold and the fan should have 120 volts ... Amana Refrigerators

Evaporator fan did not start running when condenser fan started.

I don't know why there would be much of a delay between the condenser and evaporator fans coming on. If you have diagnosed it as a bad motor, that's probably correct. \015\012\015\012But the motor could just need cleaning and lubricati ... Kenmore Refrigerators

GE refrigerator (GBU20KBRWW) evaporator fan not running

... Refrigerators

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